DNA versus UCI

DNA versus UCI

A unique approach to the Universal Mind

Hello everyone,

This message is to remind/advise you that Dr. Turi will be doing a unique television show in Tucson AZ on Friday January 30, 2004 from 8:00 to 9:00 PM. If you live in Tucson, here is your chance to be on TV with Dr. Turi. If you are experiencing problems with a young adult (male/female) or if you want to know all about your child's future and potential, you are invited to participate. Call Jim Rodgers at 520-384-4266 to be a guest on the show.

Last week I did 3 television shows in Reno, Nevada, two lectures and book signing at The Book cellar in Carson City and another at the Reverse Aging Club (Wellness Center). My teachings were well received and enjoyed by many people. My next lecture and Astropsychology live course presentation will be in Lake Tahoe. (All will be announced to you in time and if you plan to participate call my Promotional Director Mike or his beautiful wife Linda at 877-250-8299.) In one of the TV shows I did in Sacramento, I was supposed to film two half-hour segments and ended up doing 3 hours; I guess people can't get enough of my wisdom! From there I did another broadcast at the Media Center on Kietzke in Reno, with the kind assistance of Dennis Grover, a great and spiritual man, an "Aquarius like me" who immensely enjoyed my presentation. I am expecting the DVD soon and if you have a problem child or teen do not hesitate to order this TV presentation, you will learn a lot.

This show was specifically designed to help mothers understand their young adults or toddlers, where I explained what UCI or Unique Celestial Identity is all about.

I explained to the viewers that the mind is like a computer with a unique celestial program inherited at birth, based upon previous past lives and karma. The physical connection between the mother and the child (or anyone of your family members) is genetically proven using DNA. DNA is short for deoxyribonucleic acid; which is present in almost every cell in your body. DNA produces a genetic blueprint, unique to each individual (except identical twins), which determines your physical make up. You inherit your genetic DNA code from your parents.

Where science has failed to recognize the obvious, Dr. Turi presents UCI or (Unique Celestial Identity). This is a new concept involving the interaction of the Universal Mind with the human psyche. I am well ahead of time in my unique research and the scientific community does not yet understand these facts. This is mostly due to their reluctance or inability to penetrate the archetypal realm of consciousness and the intuitional domain of the Universal Mind. There is no school that can produce an Einstein or a Mozart. Like myself and so many geniuses out there, these souls were born with a powerful UCI and a well-developed intuition. This gift is often missing and replaced by the scientific community who are confined to the limited systematic approach that neglects the intuition.

As I teach my students "there is a big difference between education and intelligence!"

Now I will explain in the best way I can my own conception of UCI or "Unique Celestial Identity." Again the mind is nothing more than a computer interacting with the outside stimuli provided by the stars (Universal Mind). Your very celestial program inherited at birth dictates all your strengths, weaknesses, fate, health and all that it means to be human. Now there is a big difference between a "286" computer program (that would be the young souls, skeptics, religious lunatics, scientist and imbeciles) and a "486" (the more advanced souls). Thus men are NOT born equal in mind, body and spirit. Young souls will display the worst of human behavior such as; crime, jealousy, drug addiction, lies, unproductivity, and reflect a multitude of negative behavioral expressions. The old soul will use his natal "486" hard drive and will display, love, intelligence, curiosity, compassion, practicality, spirituality and will become; as intended by his UCI, very successful in time.

Like DNA, the spiritual make up or UCI between the mother and the child (or anyone of your family members) is also unique, and will become easily understood to one who builds cosmic consciousness through Astropsychology. However, regardless of your efforts to help some young souls to perceive the facts, you may never get through. A limited UCI combined with an early upbringing of either scientific or religious nature will seriously alter the conception and perception of the UCI manifestation.

UCI is a sophisticated inner spiritual blueprint, unique to each individual (including identical twins), which determines his spiritual make up and true potential. You inherited your celestial code from the Universal Mind and your karma. All the combined experiences in one's life will lead the soul towards the positive or negative manifestation of those stars in your housing system. To the erudite man, those stars are much more than dead rocks hanging there for the sake of beauty. 99.9% of the general population does not possess cosmic consciousness and are robots of the stars. They are unable to apply their will because they are ignorant to the ultimate celestial order above. The purpose is real and in time, science will come to acknowledge this fact. Thanks to all my faithful students, they are furthering the Age of Aquarius and helping me providing cosmic consciousness to the badly informed religiously poisoned masses.

You can order those shows and learn all about UCI. Simply make your request to dr.turi@cox.net

If you live in Los Angeles be ready for another lecture on Saturday 31st from 5.00 to 9.00 PM. I will discuss the power of the subconscious and how to use the creative forces in the Supraconscious in time and space as to reach all your wishes.

I will also do private taped reading thus call Jordan ASAP.

To Make reservations, call Jordan Maxwell

If you have questions or need additional information, just let me know. Website: www.drturi.com

My experience with famous actor Billy McNamara

I was outside of the television station in Reno when my cell rang. "Hi Dr. Turi, this is Jordan, how are you?"

Jordan Maxwell is a famous speaker and a very good friend of mine who made it his mission to introduce me to all the famous people in Los Angeles.

"Great" I replied, "What's going on my friend?"

"Well I have someone driving through New Mexico on the way to Phoenix, and he is about to give you a call" he said.

"OK, is it a friend of yours?" I asked.

"Well I can't tell you any more," Jordan replied, "Just be ready to do what you do best," he added.

I knew someone quite famous was to call and that is all I knew. I did the stars of Peter Fonda, the young actors of "Days of our lives," and also Gary Bussey. I spent quite a long time talking to those people on the telephone following their readings and I am to meet them again and other famous names soon in Los Angeles.

Billy called and we spent a few minutes talking. My first impression was great, the man is very spiritual and we both felt instantly that we would soon become good friends. We arranged to meet at my new house in Phoenix the next day. Born in March, Billy was as expected open, spiritual and totally friendly. With so many movies and television series (current Law and Order) and such fame, anyone would expect to be dealing with an egocentric self-centered man. However, Billy is definitely exceptionally simple and gentle, see his site: www.williammcnamara.com

His first words at my door were, "Dr. Turi I head a lot about you and I was strongly recommended by Mr. Maxwell to meet with you." I though of him to be a bit shy and very respectful while I noticed his deep hypnotic blue eyes reinforcing his outstanding attractive physical appearance. I invited him in my house and we both felt an instant familiar rapport. Billy showed me the same mutual respect and diligence, as his curious mind never stopped picking my brain about everything under the sun. We spent a couple of days together, talking stars, spirit, UFO's and dining out. It took him a while to call me by my first name Louis and not Dr. Turi. He sat at my tarot table and I did his reading. I told him what I saw of his fate; part of it has to do with his involvement with animals. His facial expression changed and totally amazed said to me, "You are amazing, Dr. Turi, I have invested so much time all my life supporting animals, especially marine life!" He kept explaining his new project involving dolphins and asked me to get to my computer to see his new website. See him swimming with dolphins and whales at www.dolphindreamcatchers.com

Billy was totally amazed even mesmerized by my abilities to perceive his life and his fate in general and loaded me with compliments…I told him all he needed to know and guided him the best way I could. Louis he said, I have a lot of famous friends and I will indeed and honestly talk about you and refer your services and I will also get you on my websites.

I took Billy out to my favorite places and many people recognized him from his movies and asked for his autograph. I am myself very popular every where I go, but what an experience… A mixture of fame and good looks drove many pretty girls insane. They were literally throwing their telephone number at him. But like me, Billy is human and also very vulnerable suffering a huge broken heart. In some ways, like I did, he realized that popularity, wisdom, or fame, money or even incredible physical attraction do not guarantee success in love.

As he left Phoenix for LA we hugged each other in the anticipation to meet again in my lecture next Saturday.

What an impressive soul. Born late March he reflects all the wisdom and gentleness of a true Pisces spirit ruled by Neptune (acting/movies), at least this is what he learnt from me, as he thought himself an Aries!

Best wishes to you all,

Dr. Turi

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