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Just a few days ago I was watching Larry King on CNN and the famous host asked a pertinent question to both his guests, his Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet and Christian speaker Joel Osteen. The question was, " Why did God allowed Hurricane Katrina to take place and kill so many innocent people".

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Joel Osteen displayed a total lack of plausible answer.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama said "It is karma for the world" and Joel Osteen said "Its an act of god". So much for an explanation but it fit the stupid mass I guess.

For the sake of the human race I often wonder why such preeminent and powerful people are so ignorant of the Universal rules and its impact on human affairs via destructive weather. But again knowing that 99% of the human population is not directly "connected" with Einstein genius (sarcasm!) I understand why an uneducated God fearing mass would endorse, follow financially support and believe in those badly informed religious leaders. But again ignorance is bliss for what seems to be the majority of people in position of power.

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." (Albert Einstein)

But don't think only religious leaders are obviously ignorant…

Study: Powerful hurricanes more common

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hurricanes like Katrina -- the most destructive such storm ever to hit the United States -- are becoming more common, according to a new study sure to fuel debate over whether global warming is to blame.
In the 1970s there was an average of about 11 storms of the powerful category 4 and 5 range. Since 1990 that has climbed to an average of 18 per year worldwide, researchers led by Peter J. Webster at the Georgia Institute of Technology report in Friday's issue of the journal Science.

This satellite image shows Hurricane Katrina on August 28.

Like ALL major governmental organizations including NASA, The NWS, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the climate center's monthly analysis and ALL Institutes of Technology DO NOT possess cosmic consciousness and have absolutely NO clue of the why or when nature's devastative forces are at play and build such powerful storms and hurricanes.

I do not expect any of those mental snobs to ever acknowledge my wisdom and hope for them to honor the word science and investigate my work. Realize also that those "educated" scientists may not be able to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness due to their own natal limited UCI. Even with the solid proofs in hand I failed to make the FBI aware of the values of Astropsychology following a TV show on the Discovery channel (check this up at and I also miserably failed for many years to reach NASA trying to avoid them killing another seven courageous astronauts.

As Einstein says, the epodemic of stupidity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results and this is what NASA' scientists have to learn, that is to take a different approach and investigate anything and everything under the stars even if its coming from a French astrologer without an official doctorate from a highly accredited American University.

But again regardless of my constant efforts and giving my book for free people would rather queue for days and spend lots of money on fictional books or watch for hours a dysfunctional television overloaded with entertainments and sports. Where is mankind brain gone? I wonder where this world is going sometime for if you measure people's intelligence by what they say, do, eat, believe, invest their money in and act, 99% needs to wake up and begin to grow up.

These are the people that will blame god for the disasters (the Dalai Lama and Joel Osteen and thousands of other religious lunatics out there from all walks of life) and will still support and endorse ignorance because of their perception, education and intelligence, while the "mental snobs/scientists) will blame the ozone layer or Earth Changes promoters imbeciles and rely on their "educated" mind. The religious lunatics will see the apocalyptic time slowing taking place where we will all perish because of a mad god about to unleash its punishment on humans.

PLEASE PEOPLE GROW UP! This archaic belief was established by a politically, power hungry and still financially oriented church. With all the respect I own the Institution I still think it is a shame for the Pope himself to finish his sermon in Germany in front of thousands of uninformed lambs by saying.

"Do not follow any other new age religion". The old trick of using the natural human instinct of preservation (you will go to hell) has worked for century but cannot be used nowadays but that will not stop any of those manipulators to try to insert fears in you and bring your support (wallet) to them.

Sad enough I can only repeat myself and make you aware by repetition of what is really going on so that you do not let anyone make you believe in their own religious or scientific erroneous findings.

Remember EVERY religiously or academically oriented institution can only give you what they know and they don't know that much as there is a BIG difference between education and intelligence. Impressive academicals or religious titles and position do not mean possessing true wisdom.

It's all about the moon and the stars, it's as simple as that and both men and nature are simply responding the pull of those stars. Your government, your churches, your religious and/or scientific teachings and findings are destitute of the true power of the divine.

Once the planet Uranus (sudden release of energy) move out of Pisces (water/oceans) the "wrath" of God will cease. Do your own research, be independent, be smart, investigate, use common sense and critical thinking and most of all let me help you build your cosmic consciousness.

You will in time rise to a much higher level of awareness and perceive the language of God, the hieroglyphs of the universe, the true celestial tools of God and perceive the Divine in action much better than your local priest, your minister and even his Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet and Christian speaker Joel Osteen. Be sure that their positions and fame does not make them better or wiser than you.

Now checking the power of the stars:

First check the dates given to George Noory on Coast To Coast on August 29, 2005 (the day my prediction of Katrina unfolded.)

I gave the dates of

Sept 7/8/9
Sept 16/17/18
Sept 25/26/27

RESULTS September 16, 2005 - Tropical Storm Ophelia drench North Carolina.

RESULTS September 17, 2005 - Tropical Storm Ophelia accelerated toward New England Saturday after drenching North Carolina's Outer Banks.

RESULTS September 17, 2005 -I mentioned Natalee Holloway case for September 17 to George Noory.- Aruba court lifts curbs on three suspects. The three suspects in the disappearance of a U.S. teenager can remain free without conditions.

RESULTS September 18, 2005 - Lower Florida Keys ordered evacuated Tropical Storm Rita heads toward southern Florida, Bahamas.

Now some of you may say "but Dr. Turi you never mentioned anything about hurricane or storms on those dates... NOT SO FAST!

Read the following email sent to Lex (webmaster) after the show then judge for yourself (dont be afraid to mention this to George and Lex too).


----- Original Message -----
To: "Dr. Turi" ; "George Noory" ; "Dark"
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 6:17 PM
Subject: Re: Predictions - you may edit as fit

> Hi Dr. Turi,
> I did post the predictions you gave last night:
> You did not mention ocean dangers for the dates of Sept 16-18. Is this
> new information you just received?
> So you understand, what I typically do on the Coast to Coast website is
> to record, summarize or highlight what the guests say in their on-air
> presentation-- not post frequent updates or predictions that they email
> to me personally.
> Lex
> Dr. Turi wrote:
>> Hi Lex:
>> I was wondering if you could add this or update your site with the
>> predictions and dates I gave Georges last night
>> Thank you
>> Dr. Turi
>> negative energy that produced all major hurricanes, earthquakes
>> tornadoes and tsunamis is hovering above the earth and will take more
>> lives. I am giving you the concentrated dates of its destructive power
>> for the month of September. I have proven to be right many times over
>> and I am expecting more trouble with water damages on these days with
>> all affairs ruled by Neptune "Poseidon, the Lord of the Seas". The
>> worse case scenario is another tsunami following a large earthquake.
>> Stay clear from the ocean on these days and PLEASE pass on my
>> prediction to all the people you know! Be a participant of true
>> knowledge and help me to save lives. Those dates were broadcasted on
>> the George Noory show Coast To Coast on august 29, 2005.
>> *Sept 7/8/9
>> Sept 16/17/18
>> Sept 25/26/27*

Now did I mention it? YES I DID and check the dates email too).

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