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Dear Dr. Turi;

This is Art Bell's THIRD marriage, not second. He has a 20 something son by his first wife.

In all honesty, I found your newsletter about Art's latest marriage a bit convoluted. Perhaps I just do not understand enough the entire body of your work so as that I can better grasp the information you presented this time? After being totally horrified, & actually angered, over your previous newsletters regarding Art's part in Ramona's death, & Art now so quickly remarrying I am definitely trying to listen & learn of what you have to say about this marriage.

***At least I am mature enough to admit I made a mistake in regard to you previously.



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Dear Readers;

This material will allow you to uncover the secrets of the Universal Mind and know all you need to know about anyone born in June.

This is a very simplistic way of interpreting the stars accurately using Nostradamus methodology or Astropsychology. You may want to email this newsletter to both Art and George and let them know a bit more about themselves and their fate.


Note also that the tail of the Dragon in Virgo will enter Art's 4th house of Gemini (home/real estate/family) and will IMPOSE a relocation. Art is moving and has no clue that it is a star order imposed upon his fate. The Head of the Dragon will be moving in Pisces (Exotic places/ Phillippines?) where he will be forced to RE-structure his entire career. All will take place in June 2006.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

ďMan is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.Ē

ó Paracelcus

Important Note from Dr. Turi: Born and raised in Provence, France, I rekindled and only exercise Nostradamusí 16th-Century Divine Astrology method. This formula does not reflect the modern astrology disciplines you may use, study, or practice. Realize that over 500 years ago the famous Prophet did not use a watch or any sophisticated computers. Thus, like the great Seer, I investigate the outer space and the Universal Mind with my inborn spiritual telescope. A "microscopic attitude" will not help anyone to gain the golden key of spiritual knowledge. This limited, exploitative attitude is for "astronomers" who have long lost their cosmic consciousness with their rigid mathematical minds.

We have all heard of ďnot seeing the forest for the trees.Ē Every one of them is aware of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac; somehow it is still impossible for them to pass the limitations of their five rational senses. To penetrate the intuition, its very domain, and decode the subtle meaning behind each symbol does take more than mere numbers. Realize that Divine Astrology is an extremely old celestial art and a very complex science and must be practiced as such. Not everyone is blessed with the "gift" needed to assimilate, understand, and translate correctly the heavenly dexterity of the Creator.

That is why a section of the bible clearly mentions, "I will talk to you, but you wonít hear me! I will present myself to you, but you wonít see me!" God speaks to us within his own manifestation and through his Divine light only. Only those willing to expand their cosmic consciousness will be able to ďperceive and receive.Ē Be curious, be critical, keep an open mind and don't let induced religious fears stop you in gaining a new light. Simply "ask, and you shall receive" the understanding of God's celestial manifestation. For those born on the cusp of any zodiac sign, simply refer to the month of your birth, which reflects the exact constellation of your nativity.

Divine Astrology, as practiced by Nostradamus, is the original way at looking at the stars, as did the great Seer. My students have found it to be incredibly accurate! In all affairs involving the mind and spirit, traditionalists and scientists alike are missing the obvious. Looking down will not bring the answers they are so desperately looking for. It is above and in the Universal Mind that one will find the golden keys to what it means to be human.

The location of the Dragon's Head or Tail in any House becomes a major contribution for success or failure in the particular Houses (See the new edition of my book, The Power of the Dragon, to learn more).

Mercury Governs the Nervous and Witty Dual Constellation Of Gemini
Free-thinking and intelligent
You will not find me under rigorous management
You may think you know me well
Then my other half over you casts a spell

I am GEMINI, child of Mercury.

Characteristics For Those Born In June Important Note from Dr. Turi: Born and raised in Provence, France, I rekindled and only exercise Nostradamusí 16th-Century Divine Astrology method. This formula does not reflect the modern astrology disciplines you may use, study, or practice. For those born on the cusp of any zodiac sign, simply refer to the month of your birth, which reflects the exact constellation of your nativity. The Great Seer did not use a watch or nowadays calendars over 500 years ago, thus Divine Astrology, as practiced by Nostradamus, is the original way at looking and dealing with the stars correctly.

The planet Mercury rules the sign of Gemini. You are intellectual, nervous and adaptable. Because of your strong desire to communicate, you are classified in Greek mythology as; ďThe Messengers of the Gods.Ē You inherited a gift of youth, a double personality and a quicksilver mind enabling them to adapt easily to any situation. On a negative note Mercury ďLord of the ThievesĒ breeds volatile and unreliable people due to the dual characteristics. You are a gifted communicator and radio, language, photography, sales, movies and any type of public relations work appeals to you.

Your natural speedy for lifeís experiences makes you impatient and nervous. You must learn to focus and crystallize your powerful mind. You have the potential to become an efficient speaker and produce interesting books. Due to your strong desire for security many of you will be attracted to real estate and the food industry. Your financial potential is unlimited if you learn and make a good use of the Universal Law in charge of your Second House of income. A strong Mercury will produce an incredible amount of physical and spiritual energy which must be dissipated. Those children are classified by the unaware psychological field as ADD or suffer the ďAttention Deficit DisorderĒ.

Contrary to what scientists assume and perceive as an indisposition, it is actually a potent gift from God. The soul is simply programmed to naturally reject traditional education. Thus opening the rare genius door and with it the potential for new discovery. Incidentally, President Clinton, Einstein, and I were born with ďADD.Ē Thus if the teacher is mistaken, the Mercurial soul inborn sense of curiosity and discovery will bring about potential information leading to the facts. Impatience, nervousness, mental curiosity, and a short attention span are your characteristics.

You must not and will not follow long established dogmas. Your Mercurial spirit will open new doors to mental exploration. You are curious by nature and do always question all. Boredom is your worse enemy and you must associate with intellectual people that can stimulate your incredible mind. Saying jokes are also a part of your mental agility. A word of caution for you: Always be alert when the Moon crosses the deadly sign of Scorpio at work, especially after the Full Moon. Keep in mind to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power) as your awareness and moon planning will become a major contribution to avoid dramatic experiences reach many of your dreams.

Astropsychology Profile - Gemini Mercury (The Messenger Of The Gods) rules souls born in June.

Their conventional Sun Sign is the "Twins" or Gemini. This gives your Gemini friends the opportunity to explore a dual life. Gemini is also the sign of communications, curiosity and critical /thinking. Gemini, House Number 1 The soulís purpose of your friends born in June is to explore the duality of life. Gemini is ruled and controlled by Mercury, called in Greek mythology the "Messenger of the Gods." Gemini rules also radio.

Georger Noory and Art Bell is a good example to represent the planet Mercury.

Art and George are Gemini born in June. And what does he do? He talks all the time for a living. Gemini is the sign of communications and your male or female friend born in June was born to communicate. You may also find a quiet Gemini that is because he or she inherited at birth, an introverted moon or a Dragon position in a feminine, shy and calm sign.

As a rule, Geminiís have a double personality and it is represented by the symbol of the twins in the zodiac. The female in the sign represents Geminiís creativity, sensitivity and artistic values. The male represents a more aggressive and undisciplined side of the sign. Because the universe wants your male or female friend born in June to experience a double life, many will look much younger than they really are. This rule applies to any sign of the zodiac; hence, if you know someone not born in June but who looks younger than his or her age, you can be sure that this person was born with a Moon or a Dragonís Head or Tail in Gemini.

Thus, the numbers two, four, six, and eight will follow them throughout their lifetime. Many will have two children, have been married twice, have two homes, are from a different country, speak two languages, etc. Your male or female friend may also get confused and will try hard to finish what he or she starts. They do get bored really fast and need to discipline themselves and finish their education.

Many of them end up as "jack of all trades" but don't feel bad for them, they usually change career at least four times in their life. Change is the essence of life for a Gemini. They do get really bored with routine and need plenty of challenges. They are particularly good with their hands and many are gifted mechanics. The female side of a Gemini may also take over and lead your Gemini friend into the arts, photography, the medical field or public speaking. If they discipline themselves early enough, a Gemini can become a fantastic writer or a prominent speaker. Gemini, House Number 2 Letís look in the money area for those born in June.

So now letís look at House Number 2 in the Section Housing System and read the keywords and get more information. Remember you can also refer to the Sun Sign Characteristics and read all about this Sun Sign. Geminiís 2nd House is in the Sign of Cancer, which means that those friends of yours, or family members, born in June will always put some money away for the hard days.

Cancer rules housing, clothing, food, hotels, restaurants, and real estate. Many people born in June are natural salesmen; some also work in real estate, in hotels, and restaurants. Others work as bartenders, waiters and waitresses. The ability to disguise themselves and talk about so many different topics helps them to make new friends fast. At a restaurant clients will do all they can to sit in the section of your Gemini friend, and tend to tip them well.

A busy public place is a perfect choice for a Gemini, especially night work where smoke, noise and action reign. The speed and swift thinking they were born with is the perfect gift needed to talk and service the people around them. A really good friend of mine, Johnny was born in June. He graduated from a well known culinary school of French cuisine in Paris, and he became a fantastic pastry chef. He has been working for Hyatt Hotels for many years now. Let me give you another example of a real good friend of mine born in June, his name is Owen. He spent all his life as a contractor and built many homes. Remember Cancer rules home, family, and general security.

Other souls born in June work for Uncle Sam in the Army and the Navy and service their country. America, July 4th, 1776 is a Cancer country. The desire to travel far and fast is always present and that is why your male or female friend born in June gets bored with routine. Working for the government will give them a sense of fulfillment and will allow them to travel around the world.

Even if you think that your Gemini friend is indecisive, he or she is very responsible with money and will always stash some away for the hard days. Your male or female Gemini friend is always concerned with security and will go to a great length in helping his or her family members. Understanding and respecting the Universal Law, based upon the Moon's fluctuations will become a major contribution to establish financial security and invest wisely. More on this law is to be found in my book, Moon Power.

Gemini, House Number 3
In their 3rd House, ruling the thinking process, your friends born in June become a Leo.

So now letís look in this area for those born in June. This means an opportunity given to the Gemini soul to shine through his words. That is why you have a lot of very famous radio hosts that shine in the world of communications and get famous through the world of Leo. Again, famous radio host Art Bell is a Leo in his mind. However, on a negative aspect, the creative force of the Sun can also burn and will turn your male or female Gemini friend into a bossy Leo.

Spiritual pride could also harm their speech and many listeners may find the radio host verbally aggressive or impatient with the guest. But as a rule, your Gemini friend does mean well. The Sun or Leo rules love, romance, children, friends and the light. Also the Sun rules anything and everything that has to do with the stage and creativity. Some of the best speakers in politics or in the broadcasting industry have a strong and well-developed Leo in their Third House of communication.

President Clinton, and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, were both born with a Dragon's Head in Gemini. Thus, President Clinton addresses the country each day using the radio to bring us the ďNational Address.Ē Many famous writers, such as Salman Rushdie were also born with a Dragon's Head in Gemini. The potential to do well in the world of communication, learning, teaching, and publishing is given to them. Many souls born in June are also great translators or court reporters. The duality involving this sign will force the soul to dwell with foreigners and many will end up moving, marrying and living in foreign lands.

Your male or female friend born in June is an artist; thus, Leo will make them prone to learning and mastering the arts. Some of them will tap into their birth gift and will promote light, love, and life to others. Because Leo rules children, your Geminiís friend mind will always be concerned with giving and protecting children. Many of them travel the world and are doing a fantastic work doing so. The mind of a Gemini is a solar mind loaded with jokes and honest laughs.

Your male or female friend born in June will never really grow up, and it is this sense of life and light that makes them so popular with everybody.

Gemini, House Number 4 So now letís look in House Number 4 for those born in June.

In the home area, your male or female Gemini friend becomes a Virgo. So now letís look at House Number 4 in the Section Housing System and read the keywords and get more information. Remember you can also refer to the Sun Sign Characteristics and read all about this Sun Sign. This is the sign of perfection. Virgo means organization, paperwork and classification. So your friend born in June needs to have a very organized environment.

The opportunity to structure and organize it all will induce more creativity. Virgo rules plants, herbs and greenery in the wild, and of course, the rainforest. Those born in June need to surround themselves with the color green and plants. Meantime, if a less organized Moon or Dragon afflicts the chart, your Gemini friend is much to busy to organize his home life and can operate in a total mess. He is the only one who can find his own stuff in a pile of paperwork or toys. Like Gemini, Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury.

Thus, the opportunity to edit, write and communicate from home is given to the soul. Learning and using computers can be a very good thing for your Gemini friend. The disciplines found in the hi-tech industry (hard-drives/computers) can seriously enhance your Gemini friends' creativity right from home. Virgo also rules clothing, and many Geminiís love to own a lot clothes and to go shopping. Some of their outfits will be used to go camping and the more delicate ones will be worn when socializing.

Many Gemini writers become very productive in the wild, and many will retire themselves away from the city or the telephone to start or finish a book. Plants and greenery is a sure way for your male or female Gemini friend to regenerate. Many have green thumbs and use their inner knowledge of the plants homeopathic values to heal others. Often a body of water is also chosen, as subconsciously, Gemini is aware of the regeneration principle-taking place when walking barefoot on the dirt or by the water. The negative ions found by the water will ground the high Mercurial spirit and make your male or female friend born in June more grounded and much more productive.

Virgo rules also natural chemicals and a soul born in June is a natural and gifted photographer. The mixture of chemicals used to process the pictures is often sorted, stored and used from the base of operation in the photography studio. A word of caution: If you are into photography, make sure to dispose of those chemicals carefully and do not inhale the dangerous vapors.

Gemini, House Number 5 Let's now look at how a Gemini behaves or feels about love.

So now letís look in House Number 5 for those born in June. In the love area, your male or female Gemini friend becomes a Libra. In the 5th House of love and romance and children, your friends or acquaintances born in June will attract those born in October or February. Ramona Art ex wife was born in October...

This is also the House of Speculations. Libra rules the law. That is why many Geminiís are great attorneys because in their speculation area they are the scale; the scale is balance and harmony, also the opportunity to learn psychology or the more advanced science of Astropsychology. Those born in June are extremely creative with their hands. Remember Gemini rules the hands. Many of them love mechanics and others work in junkyards. Being a Leo in the area of love, romance and children, your male or female friend born in June will behave childlike with love.

Many of them, of course, work with children and usually this sign is gifted with photography and drawing. They also love to tell jokes and will not miss any opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. Because the 5th House is Leo and this sign rules parts of France and Italy, your male or female friend born in June will dream of going to France or learn one of those languages. Libra is the sign of balance and harmony, while Leo is creativity.

Thus, as Libra is an intellectual air sign, fire and air mix well and can help your Gemini friend accomplish miracles in the arts. As mentioned earlier, Libra rules the law, balance, harmony, Astropsychology and your friend born in June is simply loaded with creativity. Mercury rules Gemini; this planet rules also communication, writing, driving, telephones, learning and teaching.

Many of these souls are great teachers and as they are in some way childlike themselves, all the kids will love to be around them. They do not ask a child to be more than what he is, and they can adapt to them at any given time. They love the outdoors, sports, and action; and will share it all with all the children of the world.

Gemini, House Number 6 Now letís see how your male or female friend born in June behaves or feels about servicing the world. In the work area, your male or female Gemini friend becomes a powerful Scorpio.

Scorpio rules investigation metaphysics, life and death and even working at night. The kingdom of the night, of famous radio hosts George Norry and Art Bell speaks for itself. They are Gemini, and works all night long. Scorpio rules anything and everything to do with investigations, and anything and everything to do with science and metaphysics.

Now, remember, Gemini is a sign ruled by Mercury, and will drive the soul towards speaking or writing. This sign also rules fast transportation or your local emergency services. The ambulance or fire engine driver is a good example to represent the speed of Gemini, and in some way, the 6th House of work and service to the world. Now your male or female friend born in June becomes a Scorpio and Scorpio rules drama, death, the police force, etc. Thus, servicing a dangerous, even deadly world as a Scorpio, he has to practice CPR and do it fast.

Thus, the potential is right there, right now, real fast to bring back life to the victim of a road accident; and do all he can to bring the victim to the emergency room where a single minute can mean life or death. The same applies for the fire engine driver risking his precious life, speeding to save someone else's life. A cameraman/photographer (during war times); whoís job it is to bring the pictures back to his countrymen.

These are also good illustrations of Geminiís work and service to the world. Because Scorpio is a deadly sign, and this sign rules the police force, statistics have indicated the highest levels of suicides have taken place within the police force. Scorpio also rules ultimate power, the Mafia, sex, and on a very negative path could lead the soul towards an early grave by dealing with criminals or killers. Scorpio is the sign of life and death and indicates the potential for those born in June to regenerate in working in metaphysics, in the medical field, or in a dangerous or deadly environment.

In 1996, on my way back from a conference in Phoenix, Arizona, a police officer born in June stopped me for speeding. Knowing that he was a Gemini, I knew he was curious and we struck up a conversation about Astrology. After doing his stars, in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the night, he let me get away with it and thanked me for giving him my book and the information I gave him.

Gemini, House Number 7 So now letís look in House Number 7 for those born in June. In the home area, your male or female Gemini friend becomes a Sagittarius.

On the 7th House of Marriage and Business Partnerships, souls born in June will attract those born in December, or foreigners. It indicates also the potential they were born with to become teachers, philosophers and publishers. They usually travel the world and do well with foreign people, and sometimes end up marrying a foreign person. Do not be fooled, even if he or she talks a lot, your male or female friend born in June is by birth very spiritual.

This 7th House is ruled by the biggest planet in our solar system and called in Greek mythology Jupiter, the ďLord of Luck and Expansion.Ē Because Jupiter is an expansive planet, those born in June strive for philosophy and many advanced souls teach others the laws of man or those of the universe. Sagittarius rules also the Indians and animals, especially horses. Those born in June have a natural ability to deal with animals and many will work hard to enforce Indian laws. On the negative aspect, as Jupiter rules the codification of thoughts, books and traditional religious education, many young souls born in June will fall for organized religion and will cruise the world to pass on their specific biblical message.

Sagittariusí symbol is half man and half horse. The horse simply represents the constant desire to travel the world. The man, the bow and arrow, represents their constant desire to travel spiritually. The challenge is for them to realize that, what the majority has accepted as true is not necessarily so. So, the soul must aim outside of the books and aim for a much higher level of awareness. Aiming into the Universal Mind without classifying God in a man made building, way of life or doctrine, is a serious challenge to them. Thus, many change religion during the course of their lives. Understanding both the physical and spiritual values of those stars will give them the golden key to understand how God speaks to us, through his ultimate cosmic will.

Gemini, House Number 8 So now letís look in House Number 8 for those born in June. In the area of life and death, legacy, metaphysics and corporate money your male or female Gemini friend becomes a Capricorn.

Slowly but surely your Gemini friend will build up spiritual knowledge and establish financial security. Because Capricorn rules traditional education, many of your male or female friends born in June will gain recognition by educating themselves. But the world of Capricorn rules also metaphysics, politics and large religious corporations. Thus, as this House rules also managing and distributing other peoples gathered money, many of them will use their inner knowledge to get financial support to fulfill their aims. Souls born in June can and do attract Uncle Samís financial help, and many will operate within a highly structured environment.

Capricorn is very shrewd in business and many Geminiís build financial towers for themselves and those they care for. Many invest in valuable properties or get a well-deserved retirement plan from the government. The goat or Capricorn is also a representation of the head of the devil by Christian standards. Mainly because of the structuring and building power of Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn and the 8th House of Corporate Money (for those born in June).

While religious groups have an inborn fear to expand their mind outside of the past, Gemini questions everything, and will use his resources to build the new future. Capricorn rules also the upper class, structure, career, high achievement, status and metaphysics. Thus, many of your male and female friends born in June will also invest and gain in the homeopathic medical or spiritual fields. During the course of their lives, many will encounter many powerful foreign spiritual figures and will invest time and money to gain more spiritual knowledge.

The young Gemini souls may also participate in voluntary endeavors and invest his own money to promote and preach conventional teaching outside of his natal country. Nurturing religious dogmas will not fulfill their aim to teach Universal Love and respect to the children of the world but will classify and separate the spirits. These endeavors ultimately produce religious wars. Gemini, House Number 9 So now letís look in House Number 9 for those born in June. In the area of traveling, teaching, higher education and foreigners your male or female Gemini friend becomes an Aquarius.

Aquarius means total freedom, traveling the world and the potential to learn and use computers. Many of them will educate themselves in hi-tech, radio, and television. Studying electronics will be rewarding to them, and in the process your male or female friend born in June will gain a good career position. Aquarius rules UFOs, the future, astrology and everything to do with flying. Many Gemini people love to fly, physically or spiritually.

Many of them also are masters in handling cameras and photographic equipment. Being so freedom oriented and original in their House of learning, many Gemini will travel far in body, mind and spirit. Many take on studies involving the cosmos, astronomy or Astropsychology. The desire to explore the unconventional and the future is very strong to a Gemini, and some turn themselves into great explorers or inventors. You can be sure that, as Aquarius rules friends, that your male or female friend born in June will have friends all over the world.

This Mercury driven spirit likes to travel far and high, and many work for well-established airline companies. Others will follow the Aquarius impulse and may become proficient UFO researchers, speakers or famous writers. Friends born in August and February will be sharing the same desire to explore as your male or female friend born in June. Intellectual stimulation is important for them and the souls born in June will quickly lose interest with those less inquisitive than they are.

Gemini needs stimulation, action and mental challenges and many souls born in June will do all they can to avoid a boring daily routine. It is important for Gemini to concentrate and learn to finish any task. Doing so will allow them to reach a position of respect and establish the security their do strive for. As a rule, these souls will regenerate by communicating, traveling, learning and teaching the children of the world.

Gemini, House Number 10 So now letís explore House Number 10 or the area of career and of public standing for those born in June. In that section of life, your male or female Gemini friend becomes a soft Pisces.

Pisces rules the medical field, the subconscious, psychic work, painting, music, dancing, and of course, the oceans. So many people born in June are teachers of the waves and some work for Sea World or Disneyland. They do enjoy a lot of activity, and in the process, they can teach you anything and everything about the world of water or creativity. Music, dancing, skating, painting, acting, cinematography, deal with Poseidon, the Lord of the Waves.

Pisces also rules the medical field and many of those born in June have a serious commitment to heal others and many become nurses. Sometimes the desire to provide for others is so strong that many work in raising money or participate in volunteer work. Because Neptune rules photography and Gemini reporting the news, many will also work as reporters for large newspapers or famous magazines.

Male or female souls born in June will also have the opportunity to have their photography placed in magazines. Many speakers and promoters of the apocalyptic time will also serve and turn themselves into priests and further a specific organized religious purpose. The desire to help and to be on the move is so strong that many of your male or female friends born in June will travel the world providing help to those in trouble. Because Pisces is a very creative sign, many souls born in June will gain recognition in the arts. Gemini is very creative by birth and their artistic expression is quite phenomenal.

Because Pisces is a water sign, it is important for them to educate themselves and avoid daydreaming. Mercury, the ruler of the Printed Word, may also lead many of his children to work in bookstores or large telecommunication industries. Many Geminiís also work on the telephone as counselors or psychics. The worse that can happen is total confusion in choosing a career due to the duality involving this sign. But once educated, your male or female friends born in June can accomplish miracles in a very rewarding career endeavor.

Gemini, House Number 11 So now letís explore House Number 11 and see how your Gemini friends behave with their friends. In that section of life, your male or female Gemini friend becomes an impatient Aries.

In the area of wishes and Friends, those born in June attract and will get their wishes granted with those born in April or Aries. So those born in April and October have the potential to bring Gemini wishes. Aries rules the head, Aries rules the "me" and the "I" which means that once Gemini realizes his dual personality and finds himself, he will be able to reach his wishes. Aries is a very competitive sign, thus, your Gemini friend will strive to get as many friends as he can.

But don't expect him or her to stay around for long, as other friends need their help. Your male or female friend born in June loves and needs to talk. As a rule the telephone bill can get real heavy and many lose their account. It is important for you to discipline your Gemini friend and tell him to express himself fast. Many will resent them, as they are so busy with life that they also forget to nurture older friends. Chances are that your Gemini male or female friend will have friends from all over the world, but don't expect them to take the time to sit down and write long letters.

The telephone or the Internet is much faster to them. Again the location of the Moon or the Dragon's Head and Tail could intensify or diminish their gift of communication. Mars rules Aries and this sign loves speed and danger. Thus, your male or female friend may decide to become a racing driver, a stuntman or chose to enjoy an element of adventure and danger with his friends. The constant push of Mars in the House of wishes makes your Gemini friends in a hurry to get to their wishes or deal with his friends. You may also encounter a supposed to be slow Taurus born in May behaving this way.

That's because he may have inherited a fast Moon or Dragon in Gemini at birth. Thus, the same applies for anyone born under any sign of the zodiac. The position of the planet Mercury, ruler of Gemini, will also play an important part to the speed and dual personality involving a Gemini.

Gemini, House Number 12 So now letís explore House Number 12 and see how your Gemini friends behave subconsciously. In that section of the human experience, your male or female Gemini friend becomes a solid Taurus.

You may think of your Gemini friend as superficial or unstable but that is not the case. They might also appear to be jack-of-all-trades and get involved in too many projects. But being fast, inquisitive, curious changing and telling a lot of jokes is part of their character. But, don't forget, in the back of their head, in the subconscious level they are Tauruses, and they are motivated by a strong subconscious desire for security and solidity.

Taurus rules also the arts and money; thus, your male or female friend born in June might have a subconscious fear not to be able to get enough resources to survive or to be accepted by others as a great artist. This subconscious motivation is so strong and stubborn that your friend born in June will try all he can to achieve both. They do long for a super busy life, make tons of money and finally get a mansion somewhere in an exotic place. Of course any planet in the 12th House will also play an important part of its subconscious motivation.

Much more can be divulged especially in my book The Power of the Dragon. Because the subconscious is somehow deceiving, your male or female friend born in June may have a conflict between physical possession and spiritual knowledge. It is important for them to realize that there is nothing wrong with money and absolutely nothing wrong in making money with knowledge. That's why many of them service the world for free and get used and abused by religious groups.

The gift of communication, the desire for security, the inner desire to help is very real. Many will be able to get the balance, security and knowledge they are striving for.

This is a very simplistic way of doing the stars accurately using Astropsychology. You may want to email this to both Art and George an dlet them know a bit more about themselves and their fate.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi