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My name is Terania Star, Startheme Publications Inc. Promotional Director. – (602) 265-7667

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present you with Dr. Turi’s unique talents to your entertaining program. I guarantee your notable guests to gain much delight and  a fascinating educational experience with Dr. Turi’s genuine spiritual gifts and unsurpassed cosmic wisdom.

Why hire Dr. Turi?

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a charismatic captivating speaker, endowed with a profound Universal Wisdom that astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis “Who”s Who in America” as an accomplished Clinical Hypnotherapist, Astropsychologist and Natural Healer. Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities such as Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. He appeared in numerous magazines worldwide and is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London. He appeared in numerous television programs worldwide. 

Dr. Turi was recognized in the 2003 Marquis “Who”s Who in America” as an accomplished leading Clinical Hypnotherapist, Astropsychologist and Cabalistic Healer. Dr. Turi continues to be featured in several newspapers, magazines, a special guest with George Noory on Coast-To-Coast radio and has appeared on numerous television programs worldwide. He spent the last 25 years mastering and teaching the mighty secrets of the Supraconscious in time and space and its interaction with the “Universal Code”. The inserted suggestion will undoubtedly bring about one of your most cherished wishes and open the gate to “Beyond The Secret”.

A minimum of thirty people is required to the extent of your space for any lecture or workshop. The event will be advertised and read worldwide in cosmic code newsletter.


 Startheme Publications LLC.  – Dr. Turi

UFO contactee, clinical hypnotherapy, cancer survivor, natural healer, Astropsychologist.

Hello, my name is Terania. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce you to this phenomenal man. Please read more on one of his many UFO articles listen to one of his many UFO radio shows and check on a few other lecture topics mentioned below. If you have any questions about interviewing Dr. Turi here are some answers for you. 

Born and raise in Provence France, Dr. Turi also lecture on the reality of extraterrestrials, natural healing, the cosmic code, the Supra-conscious and how to combat trauma, depressions, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. In fact he is a Cancer survivor and as incredible as it may sound only forty days after his colon cancer surgery he was on top of our house cutting trees branches, working his garden and running with his dogs. 

He survived the disease and healed so fast because of his “Natural Blood Transfusion” he created and teach in all his public appearances. While his story is indeed very dramatic his courage and wisdom is unsurpassed. When in Asia teaching Nostradamus’ 16th century Natural Cabalistic Healing and the reality of UFO he was admitted for surgery at Bangkok Hospital, where he was hospitalized for over a month thousands miles away from his wife, close friends and family members. 

His story is unusual and you may get a glimpse of his moving experience on this TV show Dr Turi authored many books and his rare wisdom is exceptional. His assurance to educate other people is unmatched but do not take my words for it without checking the endless chain “of from the heart” endorsements we received from patients, students and clients from all over the world. I can assure you a phenomenal response having Dr. Turi as a natural healer lecturer, his handling of the physical and spiritual ancient cosmic healing arts is uncanny and lights up not only the room but also the body mind and soul of those blessed from his rare Supra conscious  wisdom

Since 1991 Dr. Turi built a worldwide audience where he is indeed considered as one of the most accurate mentalist predictor of events and endlessly endorsed by famous  Coast to Coast host George Noory. Like the great Prophet Nostradamus. Dr. Turi was also born in Provence France. He has been a regular guest on many radio and television programs and spent the last 40 years of his life rekindling the great Seer’s 16th century natural methodology and his talents will astound all your patrons. Dr. Turi has performed and taught natural healing and the cosmic code jurisdictions around the globe, from extended engagements in resorts and spas to various cruises and one thing is certain… Dr. Turi’s lecture presentation and natural healing workshop is one to remember.

You may also find more information on one of his UFO’s lecture presentations in Canada or watch his previous discovery Channel show titled from William Shatner’s “Weird or What” show”

Let me know if you need more information and thank you for your consideration of having him educating and healing your patrons. 

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Terania Turi Promotional Director

Startheme Publications Inc.

Phoenix, AZ

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 Dr. Louis Turi Top Presentations


Like the great Prophet Nostradamus Dr. Turi was born and raised in Provence France. He spent the last 35 years rekindling the Seer’s rare natural Healing secrets , rare disciplines and it’s incredible spiritual therapeutic values. It is crucial to immediately make a distinction between Dr. Turi”s work and that of other leading “magicians”.

  “Healing The Body Mind and Soul”

Lecture title: “Super-Conscious – Healing The Body Mind and Soul”  

 Important: All attendees must go through a physical/spiritual cleansing before entering the lecture room. Two crystal balls (black and white) will be placed on a small table by the door on a silver tray while incense and one white candle will be burning. You must touch the black ball first with both hands for a few seconds then repeat the process on the crystal ball. The black crystal ball acts as a “black Hole” vacuum sucking away negative collected thoughts. The white crystal ball spent days in the full hot sun of Arizona and act as a “super positive charger” and insert life force into your body mind and soul This technique  is designed to balance your chakras and cleanse your  body, mind and soul before the healing session. A 30 minutes introduction designed to open the Super-conscious with incredible examples will be offered to the attendance. 

Lights are dimmed down, soft music starts. 

While a soft soothing melody glides over in the background of the room, using safe hypnotherapy procedures, Dr. Turi will put the audience in a light trance to open the door to the subconscious’ creative forces. The dynamic suggestions used will work miracles and bring about your most cherished wishes for peace, wealth, love and health. 

This highly spiritual healing session keeps the audience semi conscious and offers a unique feeling of all-encompassing relaxation. There is no deep hypnotic trance induced and the listening assembly is totally safe and sound during the session.

Dr. Turi’s hypnotherapy expertise guide and adjust the astral body to respond to the super-conscious’ suggestive healing forces. Knowing the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought, turning your own psychic energy into a powerful laser beam to reach and use the Supra conscious in time in space will bring about emotional, financial and spiritual stability. 

The trick is to slow down the body physical atomic structure and accelerate the etheric body through consecutive progressive suggestions to make miracles happen. This 4 minute short video offers the listeners a practical understanding to what the creative power of the supra conscious’ creative forces are all about.

This lecture will change your entire conception to what it means to be human and use this wisdom for the rest of your life. 


  “Healing The Body”

All diseases are from a Spiritual and/or a physical blockage due to a lack of regeneration.

This workshop will teach the attendance how to use Nostradamus’s natural means of healing and involve pressure points to improve the immune system capacity, update the inner physical calibration regularity, build more magnetism and increase the seat of attraction with the opposite sex. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn all about Dr. Turi Universal blood transfusion while enjoying both deep spiritual and physical cleansing.   Dr. Turi professes that our infantile science do not possess the keys of what it means to be human and using the Seer’s rare methodology, rigidity, chronic headaches, back problems, even vision can be altered and ultimately restored to health. This simple and safe procedure should benefit your patrons who will take it all home to their loved ones.   Bring a large towel or a blanket at the event for the foot healing session.

2012/2014 – Universal world and Personal Predictions

Even famous radio show host George Noory confirmed many times on Coast To Coast national radio show and in his public appearances, that Dr. Turi is the TOP guest predictor gifted with an uncanny accuracy for world events and natural disasters. Just to mention a few, the 911 NY terrorists attack, both Asia Tsunamis, hurricane Katrina, the India terrorist attack including the US economy, the US internal revolution, implosion of the Middle East and all major earthquakes were fully predicted. Join Dr. Turi for an interesting presentation on “2012 Personal and Universal Predictions.” Learn all about the implacable Cosmic Code jurisdictions and how the new Dragon’s Head and Tail will impact yourself and the world molding our destiny as a whole. Dr. Turi will also do personal predictions for each person” sign of the zodiac present in the ballroom and teach important Universal Laws. Your entire conception of life will change as you raise your own Cosmic Consciousness.

I am Alien, the final Revelation

The legacy left by those  encounters left me with an incredible ability to read the future! Sad enough by offering the exact dates of  terrorist attacks my gift brought the FBI twice in my house. 

FBI visited Dr. Turi again, following Paris Terrorists Attack Prediction

I am willing to prove to you the reality of my incredible claims on the air channeling an ET named Draco. 

 Dr. Turi will bring you back to 1967 and his 1st dramatic abduction all the way to August 11th, 2001 when he and his ex wife Brigitte; were abducted in the sky of Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Turi’s fifth kind 4 solid UFO experiences are mind boggling. All started with the “downloading” of the “Cosmic Code” inside a flying saucer which left him with an undisputed incontestable ability to read the future and make well dated and documented predictions. “Incredible experiences breed in incredible people that have incredible stories to tell.”

The Power Of The Dragon

The Year of The Dragon – Nostradamus referred to the nodes of the moon as the Mighty Dragon. There is more power to be found on the Dragon alone than the entire mathematical complexity involving a person’s astrological chart. The accumulation of all the souls’ past life residue, sins and virtues are stored on the mighty Dragon’s Tail. While the real celestial identity involving the souls’ strengths, gifts, opportunities and success lies on his fiery head. If you are interested in the human mind, psychology, parapsychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry Astropsychology and where the gold mine is located Dr. Turi  wisdom will be illustrated in this presentation. 

The Moon Goddess

There is a tide in the affairs of man, when taken at its crest, leads on to fortune. 

Bygone civilizations such as the Mayan, Incas, Sumerians, Aztec, Sumerian  and the Atlantians raised Temples in honor of the Moon and faithfully celebrated her phases. The farmers of the old days also knew and used her eternal cycles to further their crops. There is much more encompassing our closest satellite and Dr. Turi’s explanation on the moons power is the genuine interpretation of its daily touch and impact upon the world. In this lecture, Dr. Turi explains how the moon rule over women psyches and humanity at large. If you have a spiritual, loving or unexplained “connection” to the Moon chances are, during one of your past lives you worked in a Moon Goddess Temple as a Medicine woman. Dr. Turi will tell you  about your moon’s location and how to use the power at your advantage.

For more information about Dr. Turi please follow the provided links.

Please Note: As a new potential consumer and to thank you for your consideration, Dr. Turi offers his expertise for a starting fee of $1500.00  including the circumstances and travel expenses for two. Lecture topics may be altered, changed or eliminated if we decide.

Kind regards,

Terania Turi Star – Startheme Publications Inc. (602)265-7667

Previous Tentative Itinerary 

Dr. Turi M.D.U.S.


  Important: All attendees must go through a physical/spiritual cleansing before entering the lecture room. Two big crystal balls (black and white) will be placed on a small table by the door between a huge crystal pyramid on a silver tray while incense and one white candle will be burning.  You must touch the black ball first with both hands for about 10 seconds then repeat the process on the white crystal ball. The black crystal ball acts as a “black Hole” vacuum that store and sucks away negative thoughts. The white crystal ball spend days in the full hot sun of Arizona and act as a “super charger” and insert life force into your body mind and soul This technique should balance your chakras and cleanse your spirit before the session.

Nostradamus demanded ALL his clients and patients to perform this simple but authentic cabalistic healing.

Day One: Lecture – From 9:30 To 11:30 AM -Introduction to the Cosmic Code: Using his celestial artwork Dr. Turi will introduce the audience to the structure of our solar system and how the Cosmic Code and those planets affects the human psyche and shape our personal destiny.

Workshop: Opening Your Third Eye – 2:00 To 5:00 PM:  Dr. Turi will bring some people on stage and amaze the audience with his remarkable wisdom and uncanny psychic perception while offering practical guidance to those in need. The Astro-Tarot Cards will be used to tap on the subconscious offering more directions from the depth of the subconscious. A very impressive reaction from the audience is assured.

Day Two: Lecture From 9:30 To 11:30 AM  Men Are From Mars Women From Venus: This is entertaining and educational because Dr. Turi will then explain particular differences, inner fears, birth gifts and how they react, love or struggle with other’s in certain situations. Find out about your soul mate or how karma can build or spoil any relationships.

Workshop: The Moon And Women – 2:00 To 5:00 PM: The moon is much more than a dead rock hanging above our heads for the sake of beauty because she regulates all women on earth. Dr. Turi will find your  natal moon sign and explain your emotional response to life, your domesticity, your predisposed home life and feelings with children. Most importantly you will be taught to understand, respect and use “The Universal Law of The Moon” so you can enjoy a safer and more productive life.

Day Three: Lecture From 9:30 To 11:30 AM The Power Of The Dragon: Dr. Turi will find your own celestial dragon and explain why it is important to ride the protective head and stay clear of its tail. The dragon nodes hold your gifts, your sins and virtues and influence all health matters. Knowing your dragon makes the difference between a very flourishing or challenging life.   

Workshop:  All About Your Past Lives – 2:00 To 5:00 PM: Using the Dragon Dr. Turi will divulge some of your accomplished or dramatic past lives and the physical legacy produced by some of those traumatic lives.   Dr. Turi will advise to aim in the right direction while offering natural physical and spiritual health tips.

Day Four: Lecture From 9:30 To 11:30 AM Healing The Body: Dr. Turi spent the last 35 years rekindling the Seer’s rare natural Healing secrets and people will be advised of the damage produced by certain medical prescriptions and learn the use of natural healthy tips. Dr. Turi is also a clinical hypnotherapist who explain how and why the majority of humankind diseases are due to  deep-seated subconscious blockages.

Workshop:  Balancing Your Chakras  – 2:00 To 5:00 PM: Dr. Turi teaches how to heal using hands and feet to activate pressure points to improve the immune system and bring relief to rigidity, chronic headaches, back problems, even vision can be altered and ultimately restored to health. 

Day Five: Lecture From 7:00 To 9:00 PM Healing The Spirit: Ample information is given on how the subconscious can be carved with positive suggestions and reverse years of trauma, pain and suffering into healthy habits bringing back body mind and spirit health and harmony.

Workshop: The Power Of Your Subconscious 10:00 to 11:30 PM: While a soft soothing melody glides over in the background of the room, using hypnotherapy procedures Dr. Turi puts those in a light trance to open the door to the subconscious creative forces. The dynamic suggestions used will work positive miracles and unquestionably bring about your most cherished wishes for wealth, love even health. This spiritual healing session  keeps the audience semi conscious and offers a unique feeling of all-encompassing relaxation. There is no hypnotic trance induced thus no risks of insurance liability and the assembly is totally safe and sound. Dr. Turi’s hypnotherapy expertise enlightens, unify, comfort and purify the Astral body, mind and soul. An experience none of your patrons will ever forgets and enjoy to the fullest.

Day Six:  Psychic Healing: From 9:00 to 12:00 and 2 :00 To 7:00 PM: Following any lecture or workshop presentation, people usually demand personal attention to themselves. Dr. Turi can give personal consultations. The taped session takes about 30 mn where Astropsychology and the Astro-Tarot combined offers session where specific forecast and counseling oblige.

The current year Personal and Universal World Predictions: From 9:00 to 12:00: Dr. Turi end his presentation about the reality of extraterrestrials and their participation as “The gardeners of the world” and what the next year predictions will bring and means to the world at large.

Day Seven:   End of the show: From 2:00 to 4:00: Saying goodbye, Picture time.