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Dear Prospective Star Student,

Often people ask us how one is able to learn secret of the stars. Well let’s be practical and in the process you will save precious time and a lot of money. There are many good reasons why you should take the course by mail, mostly because you do not need to be present for me to bring forth your cosmic consciousness. Taking the live course means taking off from work and flying to where I’d  be teaching. This is not only time consuming but very costly and often impossible for many of you as well. Thus Terania and I came up with the simple idea to always record my very last advanced class and make it available to students living far away or outside the US. Many of you may think, but I would rather be present at the class and I am sure I could learn faster and better.

Wrong! There are too many different UCI’s and the questions would go on and on. Again many of the questions you may have for me have already been asked by some of my smart students. Any student of the stars received my answers and you will learn much more by listening to the sixteen CD’s in your own time. For those of you who are visual; the simple but elaborate astrological symbols in the printed material, books and videos are designed to help you to assimilate my teachings to the highest level. Taking the physical course is also much more expensive than the significant deal by mail and time is the essence for all of us. Also, if your natal Mercury (assimilation of information/learning process) is in a slow sign, you will need much more time to assimilate the information and you can always play the tape back as many times as needed. Other advanced students are also there to give you a hand by email if needed. In the physical course, you will be left behind if you can not grasp something right away as time is the essence and mastering the Universal Mind in a few days could be stressing because it is quite a lot of study.

You can do all that in the privacy and security of your home and take all the time you need to learn at your own pace. Your exam questionnaire requires also a specific time and after a few hours that’s it; you must remit the paper work for grading. At home you can take all the time you need and no one will rush you, you can also review your tapes if you are not sure of a question. The best part is that; we are constantly learning more and more as the months go by and with your help, you may be able to assist me to come to you. Note also that many of my best students want to keep up with my latest astrological information. Then in time, and with your assistance, I may decide to  teach one last course and you can still take the course again for a fraction of the price.

Thus you would get the famous two for one deal and you do not waste precious time. If you are serious about mastering the secret of the Universal time you do not want to waste away your inner drive and make a commitment to learn all about the divine as soon as possible. The stars naturally will induce a strong urge to do so and this is when the same stars will assist you to master the secret of the Universal clock. The quicker you start your study, the faster your new life and inner mission will take shape. Being a promoter of the future and help the children of tomorrow to live a more secure and productive life. Your contribution as a light worker will also bring an incredible karma for your next reincarnation. It an honor for me to teach you all that I know about the universal mind and point out the marvel of the stars” impact upon mankind on earth. I will also thank you for electing me to do so and lead the way to your new life and consciousness.


Dr. Turi


Hello, my name is Terania Turi, Startheme Publications LLC. Promotional Director.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to thank you in consideration for your interest in my husband Dr. Turi”s  gift.

 He has always given a true and fascinating educational experience. Rest assured, people have gained much delight and care from Dr. Turi”s healing qualities. Dr. Turi still continues to put people in a safe light trance and open the door to the incredible subconscious creative forces accordingly.

Dr. Turi was recognized in the 2003 Marquis “Who”s Who in America” as an accomplished leading Clinical Hypnotherapist, Astropsychologist and Cabalistic Healer. Dr. Turi continues to be featured in several newspapers, magazines, a special guest with George Noory on Coast-To-Coast radio and has appeared on numerous television programs worldwide. He spent the last 25 years mastering and teaching the mighty secrets of the Super-conscious in time and space and its interaction with the “Universal Code”. The inserted suggestion will undoubtedly bring about one of your most cherished wishes and open the gate to “Beyond The Secret”.

All feedback is appreciated. You may reach me directly at or by calling our Phoenix office – 602-265-7667