Moon Power Starguide

 2014 Moon Power Starguide is now FREE

While this book is a true life saver, its rare and invaluable Personal and Universal guidance and predictions content is much too real for today’ society. It will be still produced, read and used by my VIP’s only on the Cosmic Code website.

This is your best chance to test my claims and the incredible planning values found in this book.

Universal Law Explanation

DO NOT purchase a plane ticket after the full Moon
DO NOT purchase a car or enter a house after the full Moon
DO NOT purchase anything you want to last after the Full Moon
DO NOT sign important documents or get married after the full moon
DO NOT do anything you never done before after the full Moon or pay the price! 

One must plan in accordance to the Cosmic Code and the Moon Power. This book is an indispensable tool that will help you manage your personal and business life with much success by empowering you with knowledge of the Divine forces. Adapting to the gearbox of the Universe and using this publication is a sure ticket to enlightenment and a safe road to success.

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