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Dr. Turi latest DVD''s

  • "2012 Cosmic Activation"
  • "Death of a Dream, Birth of Reality" 
Price: $25.00

George Noory 11/11/11 – 2012 Panel

Price: $25.00

Cosmic Code and UFO DVD – 90 Min

Now you can watch Dr. Turi at work on youtube – and enjoy his last two televised appearances including his philosophy and his 4 incredible UFO experiences stories. The last Hypnotic healing part of this video is missing but available to you by ordering it today.(Two for one) – You will also receive a FREE 90 mn Hypnotherapy Audiotape to help you fall asleep and use the creative forces of your subconscious accordingly.

Price: $25.00

Hypnotherapy Lecture CD – San Francisco – Live Hypnotherapy Session

"The Power of your Subconscious". Understand the importance of handling the creative forces of the subconscious at your advantage and get rid of phobias, fears, depressions, insecurity, low self esteem and build a very powerful body mind and spirit. Yes " Your Future is Nothing Else Than the Reincarnation of Your Thoughts."

Price: $25.00

Nostradamus Natural Healings – DVD – San Francisco Lecture

Get a DVD of my latest workshop on “Nostradamus Natural Healings” methodology and if you suffer backaches headaches or need rare tips on magnetism, health, longevity Universal Laws etc. watch me live in action, interacting with people showing them how to use hands and feet to heal themselves and others. Listen to the specific diet and food suggested leading to a healthy happy life.

Price: $25.00

Cabalistic Healing (filmed in Tucson, AZ) – DVD

This show is a live demonstration of Cabalistic Healing on two patients, along with an explanation of the power of the subconscious and healing values of stones and natural crystals. Dr. Turi also uses the Cabalistic tarot, and makes predictions for the Middle East and 2012.

If you are into natural healing this is your DVD.

Price: $25.00

Fate of the World # 1, 2 & 3 – DVD

This is Dr. Turi''s lecture and television program, investigating the future of this planet and its inhabitants following the year 2012. An explanation of the dying and deceptive Age of Pisces giving its place for the next 2000 years to the advanced Age of Aquarius, and how this will also bring about the reality of extraterrestrials and will transform the entire Middle East region. Information on nuclear deals, religions, greedy oil and pharmaceutical corporations, and much more is dealt with the usual passion and directness involving Dr. Turi''s advanced teachings. Dr. Turi also emphasizes how the Dragon''s Head and Tail will affect each sign of the zodiac personally. Great sound and clear DVD indeed a great production of Dr. Turi''s lecture and television show with famous Coast To Coast radio host George Noory.
(3) DVDs, (3) hours

Price: $75.00

Celestial Mechanics – DVD

More information on the Universal Mind interacting with the human psyche. This show explain in great detail how and why Astrology unarguably works. This DVD is for anyone interested in the Divine and offers a deeper understanding on the effects produced by the celestial order upon mankind.

(3) DVDs, (3) hours

Price: $75.00

Divine Astrology and Astropsychology – DVD

Watch this incredible 2-part DVD of Dr. Turi on Let''s Talk Paranormal. Dr Louis Turi is well known for the hundreds of accurate predictions that he makes. The hurricane Katrina, Rita, Elma, the Asia Tsunami, and 911 to name a few. See the "Modern day Nostradamus" at work and learn all about our relationship with the Universe.

Watch Dr Turi educating the audience on the power of Universe and how its affect mankind''s fate. World predictions and more incredible information from the Universal Mind! Enjoy those shows and bring forth your own cosmic consciousness.

2 DVDs, 2 hour presentation.

Price: $50.00