You Have the Power To Create Your Own Blessings


The most important healing part of this global teleclass was the hypnotherapy section but over the phone the chances to succeed reaching the Supra-conscious creative forces is very limited. Thus I doubt many of you succeeded especially when you can not hear the music or if you did not read or follow the directions. *

Thus what you need now is the professionally made DVD where you will see and hear me in action. The DVD is titled “You Have the Power To Create Your Own Blessings” and you will have all the time in the world to use and enjoy it at home in your own time! You are advised to listen to it with headphones and adjust the volume as needed. Go to STAND BY FOR THE LINK (* I will make an announcement) to get this DVD in the service/cart page for $25 plus $5 S&H or you can also order directly by calling Terania at 602 265-7667.

You will also receive via email the FREE “Holistic Healing Candles Ritual” you must perform before using your DVD. This ritual is designed to cleanse your immediate physical and spiritual home environment, including your body, mind and soul to assure full psychical protection.

This DVD will come by mail but as soon as you place your order, you must email Terania at and follow the directions on how to use the “Holistic Healing Candles Ritual” to maximize the results and your protection.


Note my Book “Beyond The Secretis a serious complement to achieve your goals and I very strongly advise you to order and read it before listening to your DVD. The incredible amount of vital information generated on the working of the Supra-Conscious creative forces in time and space can only help you assimilate, direct and control the power you were born to discover and use during the course of this earthy reincarnation.

Why you should own it? Because its just a matter of time before one of your own ”Unlucky Personal Dragon Dates” hits you and brings you down to your knees imposing a lack of mental and physical energy, loss of faith, deep fears and total depression. Then you will be very happy to have me near you, at your disposition, at your convenience and ready to recharge your spiritual depleted batteries. A very cheap price to pay for a priceless teaching and I have more goodies for you.


$25 plus $5 S&H


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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi