Indeed a MUST do service because your home means also the security and safety of your loved ones and this is your biggest investment. Do not relocate under a a Mars line or see your house burned to the ground. Living under such a line means also endless fighting and the chances of cutting, burning, hurting yourself or even worse getting shot with a fire arm. 

You could also  relocate under a Plutonic deadly line and get killed in a bank robbery or simply filling up  your tank at your local gas station.   You could also become the victim of desperate criminals in this locale.

Why not relocate under the protection of the SUN, improve your chances of fame and success, your health and become someone there? Or maybe pick a Venus loving line where your social life, friends and wishes will explode?

What about living under any moon line or any of the ten planets affecting your geographical location? Yes knowledge is power, ignorance is evil and those stars above have a soul you have been enslaved by God to uncover and use at your advantage.  

Find the best places for happiness in the world, don’t relocate without it – You will receive your supplemental educational tape and about 35 pages of printed materials, 5 maps (the World/USA/Europe/Asia and Australia) with this translation, it will be shipped with a 90 minute tape… Indeed do not move without it! You don’t need to be on Skype for this reading. However, after you have assimilated the information in the interpretation and on tape and still need more guidance, you may call and ask your questions; so we can explain further.

Price $210 S/H included

Price: $210.00