Children Characterology Report

 Did you give birth to a genius or a karmic soul set to experience hell on earth? Guess what, as far as the stars are concerned a karmic soul can also become a genius if the parents understand his fate and guide the child accordingly to adulthood. Is your child a Plutonic soul? Is he Capricornus, Scorpius,  Moonic, Uranic? and this is what will make the difference between a formidable future or a wasted life! Does your child mean enough to you to give him/her the best of the best in both traditional and nontraditional wisdom? 

Every responsible Mothers should invest in the Astropsychological report of their children cosmic psyche before maturity. If not watch the Cosmic Code maul your progeny into the pit of addictions, depressions in a life of crimes that will end in jail.  

Note the 25/30 pages sent to you via email do not reflect Dr. Turi reading and will not answer anything mentioned above.  This is a computerized file generated by a software to serve the public objectively only. Find out what God gifted your child with and understand any troubled teens. 30 pages of printed materials via email or invest on a reading for much deeper and valuable information. Call Terania at 602-265-7667 if you need more information on this service. 

Price: $25.95 (internet service only)

Price: $25.95