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“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.”– Matthew 13.13

Police warn of astrology and psychic fraud

Maria Duval CNN and French Psychic Astrologer Dr. Turi

Citing complaints and information received by investigators since April 2015, police say that vulnerable persons in the Edmonton area were lead to believe they were cursed with black magic and/or witchcraft and asked to pay for healing rituals. The fraudsters are difficult to track down, say police, as they are often in Canada on a visitor visa and quickly disappear when they believe they could get caught.

Is this “warning” a clever move, a paid advertisement generated for a famous medium TV host or is the gullible mass being deceived again? If you take the time to watch the video very little “warnings” are offered to the viewers while 90% of the program is all about promotion.

Do you use astrologers, psychics or fortune tellers to guide major life decisions?

The question is; did the police report come before or after the famous TV host’ show production? And why a pool is added at the bottom? Who is interested in knowing how many people use intuitive people like me?  

First realize that for centuries the Church Inc. has used the human natural instinct of preservation and fears of evil for its own agenda and still performs “new rituals.” 

Exorcism in the Catholic Church is the use of exorcism in the Roman Catholic faith for those who are believed to be the victims of demonic possession! But was the Church of England mentioned in the article or blamed by the police performing those demonology updated now accepted rituals?

While the words have changed it is still a ritual!  Jan 5, 2014 – The Church of England is introducing a christening ceremony that removes the requirement on parents and godparents to “repent sins” and “reject the devil.”

Are all the millions of victims of Satan undergoing exorcism daily all over the world the same type of older gullible, mentally sick, desperate people? Are they paying for the exorcists “services” or lured to give all their possessions to be “cleaned off by the devil” and finally own their place in paradise? Are all the practicing exorcists perceived as fraudsters too? 

But no one can or will challenge the powerful, established authority of the religious matrix and all that I mentioned above will never be questioned nor sought about by the subhumans. Are you ready for the truth reader? Who’s against us, against God cosmic Divinity, astrology, the spiritualists? The religious or the scientific matrixes or both?

If you are a VIP you must recall this warning posted in this article ” Atheism, the world new deadly mental plague!” where I spoke of the growing atheist movement lead by the “OCD / scientific generation” or what a rational science refer as the Millennials…

Science and atheism kill ingeniousness  If this evil is allowed to grow it will destroy the world within 50 years and and all spiritual gifted people will have no voice or sought as mentally inferior!” Dr. Turi 

My warnings, like my predictions are undeniable and the future has and will always be my utmost faithful witness…  When the police warn of astrology and psychic fraud, Christian exorcists are omitted and the subhumans and idiots alike can only rejoice because it reinforce their religious or scientific/atheist stubborn convictions.

Idiots from all walks of life lack the critical thinking to read something like “police warn of crooked cops and investigative frauds, or police warn of credit card fraud and internet scams!”

I could add “police warn about Christian minister John Hagee Four Blood Moons predictions” but any junk coming from the religious or scientific matrixes is apparently not a laughing matter and can not be challenged!

There really isn’t almost anything, anyone or any service nowadays that can be fully trusted when even I myself suffered con artists all my life.

Furthermore, when I use the word “subhuman” the sensitive soul cursed with an inferiority complex and a pea brain can not help to take the anecdotal word personally. These people are incapable of thinking deeper and associate the word “subhuman” with the criminals, the rapists, the con artists, the abusers, the child molesters and cold killers!

The same psychically unevolved people can only assume all astrologers and psychics are fraud and many dedicate themselves to hurt my work and my integrity. Ripoff Report “Dr.” Louis Turi False Complaint  –

Amazing how one can promote my work as divine and real then turn around and become another Internet enemy! It doesn’t seem like the unevolved dry souls even realize they could learn something very valuable from a 65 year old man like me.

What do they know about me, the lies of another vexed immature young soul on the Internet? My book “Beyond the Secret”  would bring them so much, but it is only when the student is ready that the real teacher will appear! Yet while I am there to offer the golden keys to life mystery they can not see me and probably never will…

“A moving account of the hardships endured during post W.W. II, which helped the author develop a steel spine combined with compassion, while growing up in France. England, too, was a challenge, yet rewarding via humble employment and his graduation from the Royal School of Music. His success in America speaks for itself as he continues his goal of enlightening his readers with astrological information and the reasons behind the data. Beyond the Secret is the fascinating autobiography of Dr. Louis Turi. It recounts his unusual life starting at birth in the Provence region of France, to his life in England and America. His experiences range from tragic to euphoric, mundane and miraculous, all of which have given him great compassion for his fellow humans. He explains metaphysical principles that apply to the different chapters of his life. There is much more in this life than the Law of Attraction. Other laws include metaphysical and cosmological aspects. It is an engaging read you will not be able to set down.”

 Incidentally the “young souls” challenging my cosmic wisdom and the true power of talismans are the ones who need help the most because ignorance is evil and legitimate wisdom offer the real power to establish the emotional, financial and spiritual stability Terania and I enjoy everyday.

I tell people I am not a psychic, I am a soul doctor, an Astropsychologist using a software I designed to forecasts the future, natural disasters and large earthquakes on radio and television that is impossible to deny if you take the time to investigate my claims.

  • George Noory Coast to Coast am national radio  August 4, 2015 – Some of you may recall my words to George Noory on Coast To Coast am, ” I see a lot of problems with water and poisoning…“ 

August 11, 2015  a few days later EPA spill turns Animas River in Colorado a toxic orange

In this show  I finally realize there are no reason for me to offer more proofs of my work to the public or the skeptics. Read more  in Coast to Coast Predictions and Draco Phase Three


July 10 –14 – 18 – 23 – 30 – A crazy person will kill innocent people, expect dramatic deadly shocking news.”

I practice since 1991 and never ever killed anyone and while I teach doctors from all walks of life the subhuman can not differentiate education from intelligence…

 “physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician” Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC). 

Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US, Killing 225,000 People Every Year!

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.” ~ Paracelsus

Even in 2015 there is no “FDA” assuring you that you will not suffer a “psychic accident” or end up psychically poisoned by those reptilius infected “Neptunius psychics.” All you have to avoid the con artists subhuman abusers is your critical thinking!  

But I can dance on my head and give you TONS of undeniable proofs of my claims, but who’s got the time to listen one single radio show or spend hours reading and investigating all my previous hits? Or even take the time to read years of accumulated endorsements from my previous smart students, patients and clients?

The majority of those victimized “lost souls” are using or abusing legal or illegal drugs, they are over medicated folks and so mentally degenerated that it is simply impossible for them to perform any form of logical work! They are all sitting ducks! 

The older deprimed souls are the perfect target for the con artists and lack the curiosity or the perceptive power to recognize the values of legitimate psychics or gifted Astropsychologists like me.

Thus “to protect” them against astrologers and psychics, the OCD secular spiritless generation can only perceive us all as; worthless abusive “Gypsies” and they are already working to eliminate all spirituals endeavors from the work force.

Indeed my predictions always come to pass and all I can do is, to remind you that what is going on in Europe with all refugees from the Middle East was fully predicted.

 From  Prediction MONTHS OF CHAOS AND CAUTION March and September 2015

Thousands of jubilant migrants arrive in Austria from Hungary

2015/2017 Neptunius Draconis Predictions (public)

Note: Those Predictions were created in the month of October and posted on the Cosmic Code website for my VIP’s November 7th, 2014

Jul 14, 2015 The Middle East is about to change in 3 major ways

  • Prediction #4 New STD and new diseases will plague humanity in some parts of the world. Africa and the Middle East are Neptunian countries where total restructures are to be expected. The deception and reality involving Ebola will come to light.  New drugs and medical discoveries will bless some and  a pandemic will curse humanity and kill many. 

If you heard my last radio show on Coast To Coast I clearly mentioned to George Noory that the deceptive religious Age of Pisces was dying and being replaced by the humanitarian technological Age of Aquarius. The Middle East is ruled by Pisces and must endure a total very painful restructure.

What you are witnessing now in Europe and the Middle East is the tip of the iceberg of the drama to come and only when the world learn to synchronize and use the Supra-conscious productively will humanity see a serious improvement.

That is if ISIS does not get access to the nukes within the next few years!  I will talk more about it on September 7th on the Bob Charles radio show  Monday 7th, 2015 at 6:00 PM ET.

I received also some requests from VIP’s to answer ‘End times’ or just blood moon? 

Draco the Draconis ET  already gave me plenty information about the night of September 27-28I  – I will generate all the predictions soon for our VIP’s for those dates. I am also asking all the readers to use critical thinking because those non cosmic conscious and God fearing Christian minister John Hagee has never offered any plausible, verifiable predictions to anyone in his lifetime and he is promoting his 2013 book “Four Blood Moons.”

“The coming four blood moons points to a world-shaking event that will happen between April 2014 and October 2015,” he said. The difference between us is; when I give a prediction I give a 48 hours window, quatrains, keywords and very specific dates, something only Dr. Turi does… 

Stay with a legitimate commissioned MJ12, check the latest on Draco’s Facebook page and show your support by becoming a VIP!

All Christian ministers are not only mentally reptilius infected (religiously poisoned)  but working for the abusive religious matrix and many before him claimed their own apocalyptic visions was a signal being sent by God. Maintaining religious fears, skepticism and universal chaos is the reptilius agenda you must help the fight by acknowledging and sharing God cosmic Divinity! 

Become cosmic conscious, acknowledge and control your stars and your destiny!

When humanity is able to recognize and use the supra-conscious appropriately, hope for a better, safer future will become a reality!

I am offering a Super deal for Labor Day!

But before investing in your spirit and your future, I want to prove to you that I am legit and real! Pick a topic below, something you want me to elaborate on and listen to what I have to say! You will then realize my outstanding perceptive gifts and why you should trust my priceless wisdom.

ALL PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS, SPIRITUALISTS, TAROT READERS AND LEGITIMATE PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGERS SHOULD DO THE SAME and offer proofs of predictions to their clients before asking for renumeration!  This is why my work is always recorded. 

Email Terania at teraniapromodir@gmail.com, give her your telephone number and a good time to reach you! DO NOT CALL the office, Terania will call you to set up FREE your mini reading “test drive.”


And when you decide to proceed with a Full Life Reading, this is what I will answer for you, there won’t be nothing I will not talk about, discuss or teach you!

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  • I will tell you the top gift God blessed you with at birth  and how to assimilate it easily.
  • I will tell you what type of energy is in your home and cleanse it for you and where you and your family can live and feel secure.
  • I will explain your best shot at creativity and fame assuring success for your children.
  • I will point out the type of man/woman and what type of love you will attract and, if you are looking for love how to build more magnetism to become more attractive to the opposite sex.
  • I will make you aware of the type of ailments/diseases you are prone to endure and the correct natural healing methods to enjoy a healthier life.
  • I will tell you what type of long lasting partners you are fated to attract and when/where to go to find your soulmate.
  • I will divulge your soul”s age  and how much mystical power you were born with and if you are a white Witch and a medicine woman.
  • I will tell you where is your best shot at higher education and what to expect with foreigners or in foreign lands. I will expose some of your past lives, where you were, what you were doing and your inherited spiritual gifts. 
  • I will lead you to the best career God has set for you and the real possibility for you to become famous.
  • I will point out the type of friends you will attract and those that will help you reach all your dreams.
  • I will make you aware of your worse weaknesses, your hidden enemies and clean off any form of possession by low entities. I will also tutor you on how to make the most of your super-conscious creative forces.
  • Now to the utmost crucial information: You must acknowledge the current dramatic Scorpius Dragon Head and Tail and how, apathetically speaking it will force you to experience a total  rebirth on some areas I mentioned above. There is no chances to escape its power period. The question is; will you suffer ignorance and pay the price of ignorance or will you be prepared to make the most of this Dragon?

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