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Dr. Turi on the reign of the Dragon in Scorpius Draconis APRIL 3, 2013 BY: 

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Dr. Turi on the reign of the Dragon in Scorpius Draconis
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A pleasure to have Dr. Turi with us at Examiner. I wanted to know more about the astrological phase of Scorpius Draconis so we delved into to bring this to you to learn more about it from the good doctor. After interviewing Dr. Turi at The Church of Mabus radio show about Mabus and the Anti-Christ and so much more. It is great to have him back to share information with us further. I hope you enjoy this informative interview. Thank you.

1 – What is the Scorpius Draconis? 

The dragon is a cosmic fluid or what our infantile science can only describe as “Dark Matter” coming from the constellation of Draco which is also reflected by the Lunar South and North nodes of the Moon by signs and houses.

2 – How does the Scorpius Draconis affect human?

Human are born/programmed by a natal and hidden karmic dragon, one affecting the physical plane of the human experience the other its subconscious motivations/perception of reality. I wrote a 525 page on the natal Dragon explaining the “Scorpius Draconis” fate of many famous and infamous people that made history and international news. But it is the HIDDEN dragon which has the most power.

Scorpius Draconis
Scorpius Draconis
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Famous Dragons Charts Using Nostradamus16th century Divine Astrology Methodology

3 – How does the Scorpius Draconis affect the news? The Dragon is perceive as mythology by a cosmic unconscious humanity who has lost the spirit and God’s celestial manifestation, a rare ET’s wisdom legacy used daily by all disappeared civilizations .i.e. the Mayans and the Incas’ temples of the Sun and the Moon. Its world universal cycle last centuries down to a few months on a personal impact and affects generations psychically. “The Baby Boom Generation” and the current “Death Wish Generation” are good examples of its subtle power only my Astropsychology graduate students can assimilate. Hopefully one day, the cosmic code jurisdictions and the Dragons therapeutic values can be accepted by the entire world as solid disciplines that will benefit all the children of the future.

As of August 2012 until February 2014 the deadly Scorpius Draconus reflects the endless chain of dramatic news plaguing this world. This Dragon stimulate the mass to become more curious about metaphysics, the occult, secrets, sex and induce more than usual deaths, suicides and drama.

Read the initial prediction posted to the world August 2nd 2012 

“Warning Scorpius Dragon Has Arrived!

“The remains of more than six million people are buried in a vast network of tunnels below Paris, France. People who call themselves ‘cataphiles’ visit the catacombs illegally and occasionally hold underground parties.”

4 – How can someone control his own Scorpius Draconis? Well the part of God is much stronger than the stars and the dragons but without cosmic consciousness the soul, subconsciously, neurotically can only succumb to its extraordinary pull and can not apply the will. If this Draconus cosmic fluid is, for example affecting the 12th house, the person is forced into serious and deep psychological changes than can lead to heavy depressions and the regular use of anti depressants stimulates the evil of murder and suicidal thoughts. I tried to explain this phenomenon in a You Tube video in the Adam Lanza’s case, explaining the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YguhmdgT7oc&list=UULc83izGjmTi1gQy6l1YEkA…) but the scientific community and its forensic experts are unable to comprehend such a mystical phenomenon.

5 – What can we expect from this Scorpius Draconis impact? If you look at the news they are quite obvious with children executing other children, Mothers becoming either the victims of the perpetrators with their own children not to forget the Dragon rules sex, sexual diseases, the secret services, supreme wealth etc. and the 23 set of predictions posted at the bottom of my websitewww.drturi.com speaks for itself. One of my predictions was for the full structure of the FBI/CIA and lots of dirty secrets to come to the light and this already came to pass. This nasty cosmic fluid is aiming for the children and in one day 20 were killed in the US and 22 in China and since then we’ve lost many in so many “accidents!’ But the fact is there are no accidents, only cosmic circumstances unknown to science…

6 – Can the Scorpius Draconis be positive? Sad enough no enough people will take the chance to uncover their karmic dragon and instead of using its power positively, they suffer its Tail. If for example its challenging tail resides for a few months on the 7th house regulating partnerships, contracts and marriage, you may be forced out of an unhealthy emotional or business relationship. Knowing about it allows for less emotional damage and preparation for a new future. Some people instead suffer its full impact and with it depressions, lack of self esteem and sometime suicide. Being prepared is the key to handle and use this draconis cosmic fluid at your advantage.

7 – What is the purpose of the Scorpius Draconis? Well life is a constant process of changes and it is induced by the passage of the dragon in one of the 12 house regulating the human experience. There are some years where everything you do turns out to gold, while some years are only pain, loss and suffering. The dragon is karmic in nature and offer a badly need rebirth by bringing balance and justice in the long run. I recall this dragon in my 7th house of marriage returning after 12 years and “killing” my relationship with my ex-wife. Being cosmic conscious, I was well prepared emotionally and mentally and I can tell you today, this was the best thing that could ever happen to me as the new cosmic fluid lead me to find my new wife and soul mate Terania.

8 – Can the Scorpius Draconis affect the world at large? Indeed mostly because any and all Presidents are also under the jurisdictions of the dragon. His political decisions, emotional feelings and understanding of situations are regulated by the inner pull of his karmic dragons. But the sad reality; to this day there is not a single cosmic conscious President in the entire world aware of its subtle power and this lack of awareness leads to more misunderstanding and creates wars.

9 – Can the Scorpius Draconis affect criminals? Indeed the dragon is the sole responsible for all crimes because the deadly actions are either premeditated or based upon an upsurge of destructive emotions. Human are nothing more than unconscious robots reacting the current Scorpius Draconis stimulis and this is why there is an obvious upsurge in unthinkable criminals acts and an unstoppable increase in suicides baffling science, the AFA and the Army/Navy authorities. Looking for a responsible “gene” performing wasteful medical researches is certainly not the way to go because ingesting more drugs take away whatever little will is left for the victim to battle his dragons. This is a psychical problem in nature, unknown to a non intuitive science where guns are not responsible. I have the real answers that could put an end to this phenomenon but my 63 years of independent psychical researches is still sough as “pseudo-science only!

10 – Scorpius Draconis affect finances? Indeed especially if the dragon resides in the 2nd house of money/self-esteem or the 8th house of corporate endeavors. “Millionaire do not use astrology, billionaires do” J.P. Morgan wrote! The fact is knowledge is power, ignorance and fears equal evil and knowing where all the dragons of all the participants of a new corporation resides will endorse and promote its future or kill it in the long run. Cosmic consciousness offers the President and his associates the wisdom/power needed to control and promote its growth. And this is why many corporations cosmic unconscious President are “excused” or forced into resignation…it’s all about the dragon, but they do not know…

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2013 The Year Ahead

Explanation of the Dragon

Dragon Forecast 2013


I made this book available to the public for only $15.00 read what your natal dragon has in store for you in 2013.These are the natal Dragons yours is there, somewhere! The hidden Dragon has even more power but can only be explained in one of my taped consultations.http://www.drturi.com/store/readings/

May you always find yourself at their heads, for the tail is not a place to ride. If you are finding life a very hard toil with no hope of moving into the space of your dreams, then you are riding backward, it seems. A Dragon is no easy thing to tame, which is why we have a lifetime to learn how. Use your time wisely lest you have to do it again! Sir Isaac Newton wrote “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” if you are not happy it’s because you do not live your destiny!

Key words for a positive Aries Dragon’s Head (this is Dr. Turi’s natal Dragon.)

You are a genius, an inventor, a leader and you spent time in the military

You have plenty of desire and you were born with an adventurous spirit

You have a lot of vitality, a good self -esteem and you are lucky

You are true to yourself and with others

You are intelligent and competitive

You are a true diplomat and born a true ASTRO)-psychologist

You are magnetic and exciting

Key words for a negative Aries Dragon’s Tail

You are self centered with no valuable ideas involving others and a low self-esteem

You are afraid of new people, you are insecure and accident prone on the head

You are too impatient and demanding, you should forget the word me

You will take a chance only if there is something to gain for yourself

You run out of energy of stamina

You are jealous and unsafe

You are dictatorial

Key words for a positive Taurus Dragon’s Head

You have faith in your abilities to make million of dollars or launch any business

You are a genius with yours and other people’s money

You are willing to work harder than anyone to get there

You have plenty of great ideas to give away

You give with love and respect

You are creative and beautiful

You are financially secure

Key words for a negative Taurus Dragon’s Tail

You have a bad attitude with money, you would do anything against the law to get it

You loose all you possessions and credit cards a few times,

You are financially insecure and won’t do a thing about it

You do not want to work and expect others to provide

You want to marry an older wealthy person only

You can’t stop shopping no matter what

You will use sex for money

Key words for a positive Gemini Dragon’s Head

You know you are a “Messenger of the Gods” are a mental genius and a proficient writer

You have plenty of mental and physical energy to spare looking for the truth

You are joyful and you possess a gift of youth

You tell the truth and jokes at all the time

You like photography and music

You’re versatile and curious

You speak French

Key words for a negative Gemini Dragon’s Tail

You lie, you are continually confused and you don’t trust anyone

You avoid any and all direct and honest communication

You talk too much and don’t listen to others

You have no opinion of your own

You are a lost “Jack of all trades”

You steal all from anyone

You are indecisive

Key words for a positive Cancer Dragon’s Head

You are a great cook, caring, loving with a great family life

You are a genius in the real estate

You own a beautiful home (s)

You spend time with family

Children love you

You are a mystic

You are sensual

Key words for a negative Cancer Dragon’s Tail

You are smothering to all

You in trouble with your family.

Your over anxiety causes ulcers

You are too needy

You’re often depressed

You are afraid of a career and responsibility

You’re over emotional

Key words for a positive Leo Dragon’s Head

You have tons of physical and spiritual energy

You want to be world famous or a leader.

You are honorable and true to yourself

You have an incredible self -esteem

You’ll travel far to get opportunities

You are gifted and competitive

You’re shining and magnetic

Key words for a negative Leo Dragon’s Tail

You’ll not travel anywhere to get opportunities

You have dependency problems

You are lazy asking for heart trouble

You have a self destructive attitude

You refuse all responsibilities

You love shocking people

You are an egocentric

Key words for a positive Virgo Dragon’s Head

You are a genius with organization, a researcher

You are a real master in communication

You regenerate with plants and nature

You are a very valuable Public Relation person

You are health conscious

You are very spiritual

You are an artist

Key words for a negative Virgo Dragon’s Tail

You disclaim the values of the metaphysical

You are a traditionally educated mental snob

You know better than everyone around you

You are a fussy and picky perfectionist

You are extremely critical of others

Your working life is a mess

You are fanatical about diet

Key words for a positive Libra Dragon’s Head

You have “Savoir Faire” and are at ease with others

You attract an honorable and wealthy crowd

You are loving, refined and magnetic

You are a true diplomat born

You have a positive self image

You are lucky with the law

You are good with words

Key words for a negative Libra Dragon’s Tail

You feel you have no real strengths with groups

You provide too much aid to the wrong partner

You allow yourself to be manipulated

You attract ineffectual people

You have been married a few times

You can’t say no without guilt

You are have no regard for the law

Key words for a positive Scorpio Dragon’s Head

You work for the law or medicine and achieve a high position

You are deep, mystical, refined and magnetic

You have a wealth of residual inner power

You have a will of steel and artistic ability

You know you are the eagle of the Zodiac

You are lucky with corporate endeavors

You are an incredible investigator

Key words for a negative Scorpio Dragon’s Tail

You are often jealous, resentful and dangerous

You are a masochist with a lust for death and drama

You use your metaphysical power the wrong way

You can’t let go of people and you are secretive

You enjoy night and attract the wrong crowd

You hate the cops and you have gone to jail

You reject life

Key words for a positive Sagittarius Dragon’s Head

You are a great teacher and you travel the globe around

Your great works are published

You are lucky in gambling and with foreigners

You are a philosopher with a great love of animals

You use your inner knowledge of Indian philosophy

You know you are a real “Truth Seeker”

You are independent and courageous

Key words for a negative Sagittarius Dragon’s Tail

Your philosophy, religion or your guru is the only right one

You won’t change your mind, your views or your beliefs

You believe that animals are better than humans

You won’t challenge what has been written

You are afraid of pursuing real education

You have been religiously poisoned

You think you are above the law

Key words for a positive Capricorn Dragon’s Head

You run your own business or you are a great architect

You are practical, honest, down to earth and spiritually elevated

You have a position of power and respect in your career

You are wise, organized and your attract responsibilities

You have been working for Uncle Sam. all your life

You are gifted with politics in all it’s facets

You make time for your home life

Key words for a negative Capricorn Dragon’s Tail

You are a snob, cold and calculated

You have trouble with government

Your knees and stomach hurt

You use and abuse others

You’re often depressed

Your career is a mess

You’re self-serving

Key words for a positive Aquarius Dragon’s Head

You are an inventor, a computer genius,

You work for television , radio promoting the new age

You have a great interest in UFO as well as science and investigation

You are born an astrologer

You service the world with an important mission in your heart

You are a gifted communicator, speaker and you write unusual books

You travel the world with a considerable message

Key words for a negative Aquarius Dragon’s Tail

You are afraid of flying and enclosed places

You only dream about your wishes

You cant make a commitment with love

You attract wrong friends and weird people

You are too independent or pursue too many lost causes.

You are afraid of success and responsibilities

Key words for a positive Pisces Dragon’s Head

You are a successful actor or artist

You are gifted in astral projection (like Nostradamus)

You understand mankind’s experiences and their differences

You are compassionate, spiritual and active in charity work

You are a great care taker of the world (Edgar Cayce)

You are involved to protect the environment

You find yourself in your psychic power

Key words for a negative Pisces Dragon’s Tail

You are addicted to chemicals including Dr. prescriptions

You read too much negative material and fear the “end times” are near

You can’t stop complaining and you are afraid of everything

You are a religious fanatic or deceived by a “guru”

You spend life in your own dream world

You use sickness to avoid responsibility

You waste your precious talents and gifts

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi www.drturi.com

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