234 die in Egypt and Nigeria bombings – The reptilius at work!


Image result for dr.turi“If we abuse Astrology for entertainments purposes only, how can the average person distinguish the mother of all sciences from pseudoscience?” Dr. Turi

epa06347846 People walk outside a mosque that was attacked in the northern city of Arish, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, 24 November 2017. According to initial reports, dozens were killed and injured in a bombing and gunfire targeting worshipers leaving the Friday prayers in the northern city of Arish. EPA-EFE/STR BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE

After an explosion, gunmen waiting outside opened fire at fleeing worshipers, according to reports – Surprises? / Explosions?

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Nigeria bombing: 50 killed in early-morning attack on Nigerian mosque  Explosions?

Dear readers;

As usual, all I can do is offer my readers another proof  of my warnings, involving  my latest 2017 SOS to the world DEADLY windows…  Please do not assume anything yet, because some of you are not VIP’s. Had you used the current special Thanksgiving deal to join the Cosmic Code, I’m sure you would have read the following to get a glimpse of the news to come… 

Posted by Dr. Turi on November 2, 2017 at 2:25am in Cosmic Coders Only

November 24  – December  * / *  (48 hours centering the dates)

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


Japan / Asia / Cosmic News / NASA / Space News / Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Space / Rocket / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / Stunning / Baffling / Incredible / Lightning / Unusual / Humanitarianism / Children / Unrest / Discovery / Astrology /  Science / Earthquakes (always at or above 6.0) / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / Airports / Aeronautics / Technology / Electricity /Television / UFO’s /Cosmic phenomenons.

This window is still operational so be ready for more shocking news, volcanoes eruption and earthquakes above 6.0! 


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Bali volcano latest: Citizens warned to be ready to evacuate at moment’s notice after Mount Agung eruption

It shouldn’t be difficult to relate to my quatrain and OBVIOUS keywords, even though the scientific and religious matrixes have conditioned society to fear or ridicule my cosmic work! 

Those infected, greedy corporations own the medias, control all the information and YOU making it difficult for my warnings to reach you. My direct offending email  and terrorist predictions offered to dozens of police and FBI websites over the last few years never worked because they think they know better!

Though while the majority of  an indoctrinated religious or atheist society can not relate, nor assimilate my cosmic work, a tiny fraction of more spiritual people do!

From Peter Santilli radio show about the FBI and my terrorist predictions


Police Requiem


This is why you should share my articles with all. But be cautious sharing our work with friends and loved ones because today’s religiously poisoned society is not ready to handle or perceive the truth we represent. Without your support, a corrupted, infected system will keep fearing and denying God Cosmic Divinity. 

 Memo from Happy Thanks Giving…Message From The Turi’s .”National commercials produced by an advertising agency cost is averaging $350,000 or more for a 30-second spot –  With these facts in mind, you should realize where many of your donations are going… Certainly not to those in need. Only a very small fraction (or 10%) will be used for the cause and the rest will be shared between the supremely wealthy, greedy corporations who must lure you with sick children, abused animals or a dying nature to get to your pockets.  FTC: These charities are shams, help Dr. Turi instead!

Once more, I understand anyone’s difficulty to accept or assimilate my claims involving the reptilius’ universal infestation contaminating, poisoning and cursing (to a certain degree) every human being on planet earth. 

Drugged, gang banger criminals, rapist, bank robbers and killers alike are not salvageable and the corrupt system will keep using tax payers money to feed our over crowded prisons and legal systems. All along feeding an army of infected lawyers and judges to later only release the convicts to the public, where they will continually abuse drugs and kill again then return to the penitentiary or die killing more people! 

The less infected human beings are slaving for the reptilius in  many “legal and illegal” ways ignoring their detrimental acts and non existent consciences! The good news is; the benevolent Draconis are  also fighting the reptilius their own ways!   

We are ALL infected to a certain degree! 

The mass of infected subhumans in action… (video)

  The reptilius stimulate any form of gluttony and stampedes! This is your world, running to the stores or the churches, would you join this unspeakable infected herd? 

The real danger is when the reptilius infest someone in power; i.e. Hitler, Kim Jong-un,  President Trump or terrorist groups like ISIS.  Such incredible claims will vex many people from all walks of life who are unwilling and unable to heed such far fetched warnings or gain from these controversial cosmic teachings.

Can’t believe they actually truly believe Jesus or science will save the day!

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious deceptive imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”Dr. Turi

Once more without developing a large dose of  cosmic consciousness, in no way will anyone, educated or religious (or not), ever be able to understand  the Texas gunman, people like Harvey Weinstein , Stephen Paddock or  our President’s infested UCI!  

I am not here to alter your political choices or to blaspheme our President. I am only exposing subtle facts, much too disturbing for society to accept!   This is my God given  “dangerous” gift which  often a curse  by exposing  the truth, which has cost me greatly! 

A  gullible, religious poisoned and/or atheist  educated/infested crowd mute me because The subhuman is not ready to face the truth about himself and often unable to reach it.  Satan’s infected children are unconscious and will rise to destroy the truth.  

“When a true genius appears in this world you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him” –Swift

The fear of ridicule from friends and peers is very real and rules this planet!  Meantime, regardless of the challenges and endless setbacks, Terania and I will keep planting the seeds  for the future to recognize a real cosmic God and heed the signs…At least until the Galactic federation grand cosmic order orders us to stop!

The battle against the reptilius is far from over. Though exposing the truth  and offering you the dramatic results of all my SOS to the world deadly windows will always prove me right!

Be safe this shocking window is still operational!

Memo from the keywords used above… Astrology?  Science?  Make the most of those futuristic cosmic winds. 

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Learn  about the medical Aspect of Nostradamus divine strology

Blessings with Chief Sonne Reyna

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