What will a reptilius infected Taliban do to the world!


“Universal Laws are written in light through the signs – Cosmic Consciousness is… the awareness of God’s celestial divinity and uses the power wisely to read the future and help others build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!” – Dr. Turi

Posted by Dr. Turi on August 2, 2021, at 7:15pm

9155023081?profile=RESIZE_710x URANIC WINDOW

August 7 / 21 (Starting on the given date, will last all the way to the next window)

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind Water to Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception to Strike

Japan / Asia / China / France / Italy / Gold / Cosmic – Space News / NASA / Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Bizarre / Unusual / Space / Rocket / Missile / Surprises / Unexpected / Explosions / bombs / ***Shocking videos / Stunning*** / Baffling /Incredible / Strange Behavior/ Awakening / Bombshell / Mind Boggling / Crazy / Lightning / Electricity / Fire / Unusual / Unexpected / Humanitarianism / Children / Teens / Unrest / Fascinating / Genius / Discovery / Very old – Very new / Invention / Science / Discovery / *Earthquakes (always at or above 6.0 / Tsunami / Typhoon / Hurricane / Volcanoes/ Tornadoes / ****Airports**** / Airline / Aeronautics / Planes / Balloons / Helicopters / Drone / Technology / Hacking / Cyber attack / Internet / Electricity / Electronics / Television / UFO’s / Cosmic phenomenon

Next SOS to the world deadly window August 20, 2021

My windows always enunciate the high probability of earthquakes at or above 6.0

Window of August 20th!

8/21/21 6.8 in South Sandwich Islands
   8/18/21: 6.9 magnitude earthquake Sanma, Vanuatu

Read my emails to USGS


Video of Rudy Giuliani in airport grosses out internet users – Navy helicopter crash caught on video
Gunmen in Nigeria release scores of young schoolchildren abducted 3 months ago
More than 41,000 Californians under evacuation orders as state faces  wildfires

Memo: “2021/2022 Years of winds and fires, God nowhere to stop fires”

Here’s where the explosions occurred  Terrorism?

People wait to be evacuated from Afghanistan at the airport in Kabul on August 18, 2021 following the Taliban stunning takeover of the country.People wait to be evacuated from Afghanistan at the airport in Kabul on August 18, 2021, following the Taliban’sstunning takeover of the country.

The results of my vision offered to the world on August 14th, 2021 in “SOS to the world deadly window August 20, 2021speak the reality of my UFO’s predictive legacy no one can deny!  My YouTube video also posted on 08/14/21 confirms my well-documented prediction! What’s next for the world? Become a VIP to find out! 

‘I’m Ready To Die For A Cause,’ Pickup Driver With Alleged Bomb Says  – Bomb? / Explosion?

My video warnings do not lie!

Red Fire Wind Water to Dance?

Largest wildfire moves near California city, fueled by winds

Memo: 2021 a year of winds and fires

The fact is the same disrupting cosmic winds were in place when terrorists crashed two planes into the N.Y twin towers and a building collapsed in Florida killing 98 people!   And it was also fully predicted!

My July 13, SOS to the world deadly window! has once again proven to be DEADLY, dramatic, and very accurate! Cops and innocent people are dying, a monstrous 7.2 quake killed more than 1900 souls, and total death and destruction reign in Kabul where desperate people are trying to flee the country, trying to avoid a horrific death! 

The question remains, if you read the latest crazy news, horrific hatchet attack at Manhattan bank ATM caught on surveillance video; what is coming next for young men, women, and children not only in Afghanistan but in the US and the rest of the world knowing the predicted  RED Dance of Evil” full impact will start January 2022?

Memo: The reptilius are after the police, members of the government, and children” You will witness crimes against the police and the public never experienced before!

I already gave CRITICAL Information to my wise VIPs in Desperate people, latch on to moving USAF plane; at Kabul Airport – US Government exposed!” but there is so much more I have to divulge to those who are able and willing to handle the painful truth to what is ahead of us. 

After reading “SOS to the world deadly window August 20, 2021 – IMPORTANT PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT! explaining the situation, some of my readers and YouTube followers are unhappy about my decision to maintain the “natural selection.” 


The fact of the matter is; this horrific situation in Kabul airport was fully predicted if you look at the title (and the date) of my last public newsletter published 08/14/2021

SOS to the world deadly window August ***20,*** 2021 – IMPORTANT PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT!

The date of Aug 14, 2021, on my YouTube video, can not be denied either!

And all my VIPs can confirm the quatrain and keywords used to prepare them for those SHOCKING news!

Yet the general public does not pay enough attention to my cosmic work and this is why I constantly REFRESH your memory with my visions!

it is important for me to prove to you the reality of my UFO’s predictive legacy, and doing so means also trusting the source of information and all future predictions I have for you! There are millions of Astrologers, psychics, and Prophets wanna be invited to speak on major TV and radio media, yet how many are offering you well-documented dates proof of their predictions?

And that’s what makes me different and trustworthy! As mentioned in my previous note to you, I am expecting SHOCKING news about EXPLOSIONS  and I was right again! “Police responding to claim of suspected explosives in a vehicle near US Capitol.” Be ready for surprises and thank you for sharing my warnings!

Since 1991, when I first started writing and serving the general public for FREE, I realize that the more I gave the more people regenerate, and the more you give the more people take and this bad habit will never stop.

Those prospective clients need to remember, I run a business that demands a lot of work in writing, producing videos, and in some cases, sacrifices. Terania and I work 7 days a week and while you are off work during the weekend, we are still here producing articles and videos for you.

I have served thousands of people during my long and productive career as an astrologer, UFO’s speaker, natural healing teacher and with the pandemic, our working/socializing life stopped! While Covid 19 killed a lot of people and careers, a lot of people can not survive without spiritual regeneration and my business exploded with requests. 

I was totally and completely booked the last few months and just now, finally business is slowing down and Terania and I do not HAVE to work hard anymore. Terania is literally mentally and physically burned out answering an endless chain of emails to our clients, students, and patients. 

And in my case, at 71, there are days where I do not have any more strength left to write or produce a video. I have to save my intellectual power to fulfill orders to those who have invested in my cosmic wisdom through endless consultations. 

What is the point of making tons of money if I am not regenerating myself enough myself?  I must preserve my physical and mental health and be at the top of my game to properly serve those who trust me with their lives with my guidance!

As mentioned before not everyone is able or willing to pay me $350 or $700 for a live Zoom consultation and this is why we offer affordable services to those who are struggling during those very difficult pandemic times.

My new 2022 Nostradamus Forecast for all Signs will be out soon and you will be able to get it for #20. It should be ready by August 28 and available from www.drturi.com/ebooks. 

Better yet, since I am saving tons of time-serving, writing, and catering ONLY my VIPs, you can still enjoy my FULL cosmic teachings for $10 a month on the cosmic code private website. 

In other words, many of you will spend much more visiting a local psychic while you can get the best for only $30 with my new 2022 ebook and by becoming a VIP!

In fact, subscribing to my work on the Cosmic Code not only allows you to get a real Prophet cosmic work, real predictions, and real guidance throughout the year through our various horoscopes but you also have DIRECT access to Terania and me with your personal questions!

If you can not recognize a good deal or my spiritual regenerative values (cosmic wisdom)  I do not know how to help you anymore and your only option left is to find someone as real, as honest, and gifted as me and good luck with that!

If you do not know me and my work this statement will be perceived as an ego trip, but to those who truly know me and my gift, there is no exaggeration… 


Refrigerated trailers serving as makeshift morgues are pictured outside of the El Paso County Medical Examiner's office in El Paso, Texas, on November 16, 2020. (Photo by Justin HAMEL / AFP) (Photo by JUSTIN HAMEL/AFP via Getty Images)Texas requests five mortuary trailers during the Covid-19 surge Wake up call?
The lawsuit alleges Bob Dylan sexually abused a 12-year-old in 1965 Sex, secrets to light?

I am about to write again to my VIPs and expose what is coming next for young men, women, and children not only in Afghanistan but in the US and the rest of the world knowing the predicted  “Dance of Evil” full impact will start January 2022!

Next SOS to the world deadly window August 20, 2021

Remember my last publicize “SOS to the world deadly window is set for August 20, 2021, so be cautious then! If you are ready for me, I am ready for you to read “the rest of the story!”  You are in good hands with us, we are wise, legit, committed, and sincere and we will take good care of your body, mind, and soul! 

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I just ordered and read my Nostradamus 2021 Virgo Personalized Astrology Predictions (I’m probably off on the actual name but my order number is in the subject line) and I have to say I am INCREDIBLY disappointed.  What my $25 bought me was a 25-page advertisement for additional Turi products with a massive emphasis on your 2019/2020 “predictions”.  There was next to nothing in this report regarding the current year with very limited exception, notably some very vague statements on the last few pages.  90% of what was in the report were “predictions” which were essentially iterations of news stories from 2019-20.  I would very much hope that you at least consider amending the name and description of your products as to not mislead consumers.  In addition I would greatly appreciate being sent the actual 2021 version of the report I purchased.  Finally, I would like to make it known that I am not a skeptic or non-believers in this field and am writing this as I feel very cheated and disheartened because what I was sent is the reason that many people think anyone involved in this field is a nutcase at best and a charlatan/confidence man at worst.



Hello Casey;

I understand that like everyone you regenerate with my information and you are simply asking for more. Yet you must realize the big difference between an ebook generated for the masses who can not afford my prices or a full life reading or a live consultation on Zoom. This product is for people who can not afford my full expertise yet need some spiritual food… The fact is; You got what you pay for, or a $25 value!

The new 2022 version (soon out) of “Nostradamus personal and Universal Predictions For All Signs,” has been improved, yet it is important to “Go back to the future”  and provide proof of predictions of the past to those who never read previous e-books. How can you trust the new future if I do not give you the option to check on the past Casey?

Now if you spend $350 or $700 for a REAL live consultation with me your experience would be totally different and very much appreciated like all the people who have invested in me. You are also unaware of today’s moon in Scorpio that makes you more sarcastic than usual and could turn you suffering a bad headache too! Note that my top students were all born like you in September and I know what your spirit needs and all the strengths and weaknesses making up your UCI. 

Rest assured I am far from being a charlatan or deceptive and if you decided to invest in me, it is because I passed you very high critical, observing Virgo/FBI nature! It is only when the student is ready that the real teacher will appear, maybe you are now? And if you change your mind, I am! All I can do is to forfeit your $25 investment towards a real Full Life reading…



One thing is sure, investing in my cosmic wisdom is the first thing you need to do if you lost hopes for the future or if you are down because now there is only one way left, that is up! Remember there is no future in your past!

I have more answers than you have questions for me! And that is me to know and you to find out of course! 

  • Knowing about your Jupiter location (Lord of luck ) by house and sign becomes a major contribution to your success in life.
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  • Knowing about Uranus location (Freedom) by house and sign becomes a major contribution to experience UFOs, originality, and your genius in life.
  • Knowing about your Black Moon (curse) and removing it like a bad tumor by teaching you the Universal Laws of the Moon by house and sign becomes a major contribution to your success in life.
  • Knowing about your Virgo (Natural Health) by house and sign becomes a major contribution to healing ailments like Nostradamus would have prescribed you 500 years ago.

There are 10 planets, 10 signs, and 12 houses to investigate in-depth using the Great Prophet Divine Astrology methodology! This includes the ever so important dragon’s Head(your future) and your Dragon’s Tail (past lives) thus we have a lot to talk about and since I cover the 12 different departments of your life NOTHING about you, your past, and your future will be left uncovered!

All I am asking you is NOT to talk while channeling the *solar benevolent Draco, as I prepare you for the psychic very last part; of our live meeting on Zoom!

Reaching your subconscious using the Astro-Tarot symbolic powers is the goal, this is why you can’t interfere with your questions.

Doing the listening; allows me to fill your spirit, with all the spiritual food it needs…To face the tremendous difficulties we are in, with the pandemic or whatever challenges you are facing. 

And since there is no time limit in the channeling, you can talk only when I am done.

Some clients were born with an extraordinary strong Mercury (Gemini/chatterboxes) and I have to discipline them, BEFORE we start the meeting!

During the reading, I will ask you a few questions to check on your subconscious responses, so be brief with your answers so you do not alter the channeling.  You are paying me a lot of money for a vital spiritual service and I do not want you to listen to yourself when you replay the recorded reading later on! 

Don’t expect me to tell you only good things about yourself, knowing your cosmic load “sins and virtues” is what will help you not only to regenerate but also correct negative behaviors.

My goal is to rebirth you from your washed into a powerful, wise, successful, magnetic eagle, and God gifted me to do just that for you…

Since the world is loaded with deceptive “Neptunians” astrologers, psychics, and prophets wanna-be, be sure to click on the link above! Anyone must ask for proof of predictions (see below) and most of all LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION! 

This little voice will never lie to you if you pay attention to it because it’s God’s inner voice leading you to the right soul to guide and teach you all about the Divine! 

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Window of August 21st!

   *8/18/21: 6.9 magnitude earthquake Sanma, Vanuatu

Window of August 13th!

*8/15/21: 6.9 in the South Sandwich Islands
*8/14/21: 7.2 magnitude earthquake near Aquin, Sud, Haiti
*8/14/21: 6.9 magnitude earthquake, Alaska, United States
 *8/13/21: 8.1 magnitude earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands 
*8/13/21: 6.3 magnitude, South Sandwich Islands
*8/11/21: 7.1 magnitude earthquake Philippines 

You will not get real predictions, real warnings, real cosmic teachings on UFOs’ on CTC am, Gaia, Contact in the Desert, or Ancient Aliens!

The fact is; my July 13, SOS to the world deadly window produced a bunch of earthquakes well above 6.0, not a single Geologist could ever anticipate or predict! And my August 12, 2021, YouTube video and my newsletter can only confirm my predictions! Read the facts! 

Window of July 30th!

8/3/ 21: 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Port Blair, India Earthquakes?
7/30/21: 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Sullana, Piura, Peru
7/29/21: 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Sand Point, Alaska, United States
7/29/21:8.2 magnitude earthquake near Sand Point, Alaska, United States

Window of July 23rd!

 7/26/21: 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Luwuk, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
7/23/21: 6.7 magnitude earthquake near Hukay, Calabarzon, Philippines
7/22/21: 6.7 magnitude earthquake near Punta de Burica, Chiriquí, Panama
7/21/21: 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Lorengau, Manus, Papua New Guinea

Note this warning and window of July 30th were given to the publicListen to Dr. Turi on Tracie Austin radio show 7/25/21

Dr. Turi on Dr. J’s radio show giving dates of earthquakes  Enjoy the show!


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God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that you may live a safer more productive life! Paracelsus. 

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Dr. Turi has a very difficult way that he speaks and carries himself. A complete egotistical person. At first, I didn’t like or want to hear from him because of his personality. Honestly, it was me who had a bigger ego and issue, I needed to listen. A long time ago all masters used Astrology. I said all true masters used the horoscope or the stars. Call it a divine blueprint that you can get guidance from the stars. It seems it’s a lost art. Dr. Turi is right and very, very accurate!!! He is bringing back that lost art. Get a reading from him and you will see for yourself his AMAZING ACCURACY!!! Yes, he might sound a little bit or full of the ego the way he speaks but HE’S RIGHT ON DEAD ACCURATE, GIVE HIM HIS 🙌 RESPECT, HE DESERVES IT.
He is NOT, NOT for those that are not ready. In your face dead-on accuracy!!!! Be warned!!! Follow his YouTube and see for yourself. He can be wrong about some things but I assure you very, very little is he wrong. More times his accuracy is scary accurate!!! His wife works with him to disseminate his work. They work hard and honestly they don’t get the support they deserve!!! I wish one day I can learn from this amazing master. He will only help to get the most out of you!! What I mean is that we all have something special that most wish to contribute to our fellow man but we might not know how to reach it, his guidance or blueprint will help to get the most out. You might have great legs like an athlete but the right coach can help you get the best or greatest potential from excelling in your game. His guidance from the divine stars is amazing!!! Reminds me of how in sync we as a society were in ancient times because of our unbelievable connection to stars, earth, planets, and humanity. We can regain that truth and unity once again with Dr. Turi help!!!! This video is just a small doorway…



About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BX3TzPUt08 Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.