911 calls, video detail boy’s shooting was predicted for 11/27/2014 on radio and preventable


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Boy shot seconds after cops arrive


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On November 27, 2014 CNN’s George Howell detailed the events that led to the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old boy by Cleveland Police. I am sorry I was not allowed by  the system to reach the latest victim of the police, his parents and the world at large with my crucial warnings. Those warnings were offered on radio show with Christina George, and posted on all social media  but who’s really paying attention? 

Thanks to the police and their lack of investigative power and thanks to the US Department of Education for stopping our work reaching all the children of the world. Humanity is on a collision course with the cosmos himself, something no one wants to hear but fast approaching,  if the hard core scientific and religious monopolizing educational matrixes refuse to acknowledge and heed God’s cosmic divinity.  

All I can do is to keep warning my VIP’s  on the Cosmic Code website and control my frustration each time one my “visions” turn into another avoidable tragic fatality… This 12 year old did not have to die but he did maybe because the police and society  large believe my work is only a wasteful pseudo science or the work of evil black magic.

Do not think for a second this could not happen to YOUR child because this is exactly what the parents of this kid thought before being killed like an animal because the cops’ incomplete training. And do not tell me their instruction is efficacy and outright, for if it was, countless young people would be still alive today!

While manifestations and burning it all never worked, its just a matter of time before another unlucky soul fall victim of the police!  I can only propose something I know will work but will never be accepted as a solid remedy to, once and for all, fix a seriously messed up world!

But why wasting my time even mentioning the police embarrassment if it is a dead end? Because I refuse to believe all my readers are sub-human animals born stubborn, incurious morons! Is this a good excuse for me to carry on  feeding you for free every Sunday? It is and my cosmic work is just for you, hopefully a different, smart above average human being!

Realize that; cops are risking their lives everyday and they will take no chances with anyone pointing a real or fake gun at anyone! They have families they must support, see, enjoy and love after their shift.

Cops are human too and like anyone else, in the battle between emotions (fears)  and logic (control), emotions or fears will always win and you will always lose!  There is NO amount of traditional police training that will change this human factor!

But if the cops were trained “cosmically” and anticipate such behaviors with the public, it might make a world of difference. There is no doubt in my mind this accident or “act of God” is the direct result of one of the participants 2014 Cosmic Biorhythms. Indeed there is such a thing as at the right time at the right place, or being at the wrong time at the wrong place, but rare is the one reader wanting to learn more about this undeniable phenomenon.

The blame can only be directed at the 911 operator who supposedly did not mention it was a toy gun. I can guarantee my readers that;  had the cops knew about the possibility of dealing with a toy gun, nothing would have changed because of their reckless training.  As much as the kid was responding neurotically and subconsciously  to the “weird” stars above, so were the cops! But they will not be taught this fact at the police Academy!

Its all in a “code” both the public and the police are oblivious of, and such a subtle effect on the brain is more than obvious to any of my Astroforensic students. Since 1991 and with the billions of dollars wasted in endless legal pursuits against the police, maybe I could have build enough Astroforensics / Astropsychology schools to reach everyone and build enough psychical consciousness to make a very significant difference. Then of course there are over 875 different religions to break through in the world and our work is online and for those who want to pursue it.

Not that I did try to reach the police matrix since 1991 asking them to consider reading “Police Requiem” and join my cosmic code website for FREE! But my very best to educate them and save lives has never been enough for the police and an apathetic society…

Quotation from Matthew 7:6 in Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount: “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

This is why, on November 17, 2014, I posted my very last Public SOS To The World Window and my last public article. Here is a sample for you to investigate because the police are largely made of inefficient, uncurious “detectives” and the public servants we pay to supposedly serve and protect  us WILL kill more innocent people in the long run. They must really like it that way, because after all this is hell.

From  last cosmic code newsletter sample.

This last article is designed to reach and teach the sensible reader how to read and interpret my quatrains using obvious keywords producing the news on CNN.

Not only did I warn the public of what type of news CNN is posting today in my latest radio show with Christina George, but this cosmic energy for November 2014 was published last year in my 2014 Moon Power book and posted for my VIP’s in the cosmic code website in November 2014 SOS To The World Windows!

I also mentioned to expect quakes above 6.0 on those dates and if you take the time read  the results of the dates of  November 20/21/22  and  26/27/28 I gave on the air on November 12 and published  on my very last Public SOS To The World Window and my last public cosmic code newsletter sample, who can deny such obvious facts? Police: Man shoots woman, then himself at Nordstrom store in Chicago

Another victim’s fiancée speaks on Michael Brown case

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin talks to Nicole Paultre whose fiancé, Sean Bell, was shot and killed by The New York Police in 2006. Paultre says it’s time for the federal government to step in and help resolve the issues.

‘All I know is the police were involved’

But how can  a greedy, supposed cosmic unconscious Federal government step in to resolve  the issue when all political leaders and the God fearing police elites and racists alike are unwilling or unable to enter the archetypal realm of supra cosmic consciousness? Regardless of my endless “harassment’s” to reach the police, FBI, CIA, DIA, DSS, USMS, CID, USSS and the NSA on their personal websites, it never brought any new results! I will do so again today for the last time then retire for good because they are unreachable…

Indeed you very hard earned past, present and future tax dollar will be going straight to waste trying to punish or change the police.

Since 1991, or 21 years of wasteful efforts, its time for me to give up and sit back to watch more of your children turning killers or being assassinated by the police and the mass of moronic “educated” experts making up today’ scientific society!

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine GPS? NONSENSE!

How can the police, the  FBI, CIA, DIA, DSS, USMS, CID, USSS and the NSA protect and serve us properly when they are the first ones to BREAK a set of cosmic laws they know nothing about and worse, ridicule?

Feed the earthy matrix or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

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While I am totally dedicated to help the world, genius itself has it limit….


From November  2014 SOS To The World Windows

November 5th, 2014

Dear VIP’s;

This section is dedicated to point out the utmost destructive cosmic energy for each month of the year 2014. The quatrains and keywords I use will color the news ahead and depending on your own Personal Cosmic Biorhythms those days could be extremely significant even deadly for some, if the moon is waning (negative) or waxing (positive.)

Unless you ordered this service, those “SOS To The World” windows should be interpreted as Universal only.  I usually offer my VIP’s with the seriousness and proof of those windows by inserting my quatrains and keywords depicting the news as they unfold.

Please be always very alert during those Universal Cosmic Biorhythms.  You may refer to April 2014 SOS to the World  results!

“The future has and will always be my utmost faithful witness…God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretations so you may lead a safer more productive life.’


November 10/11/12

Nature Men To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many

Beginning / Ending of War / Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation / Forced Actions/ Destructive Actions/ Weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned Life For Many.

November 5/6/7/ 20/21/22

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign

Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Secrets / Scandals / Terrorism / Abduction / Finances / Super wealth / Sex / Serial Killers / wake up Call.

Please read Plutonic Deadly Window – THE DO’s AND DON’Ts.


November 16/26/27/28

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind  Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


Cosmos News / Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Space / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / Stunning / Incredible / lightning / Unusual / Humanitarianism /  Unrest / Discovery / Science / Earthquakes (always above 6.0) / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Technology / Television / UFO.

November 26/2014 

  Legend of science will sell his Nobel Prize – Science

 Protests in more than 170 U.S. cities – Crowd tries to block highway  Humanitarianism /  Unrest

3- to 6-hour backups at some airports – Aeronautics

Make $100K as a drone pilot – See laser shoot drone from sky  – Technology

Man shows off double-arm transplant  –  Black Friday deals aren’t really deals  – Shocking

‘CSI’ surprise: George Eads to exit – Surprise

Putin’s tiger attacks goat herd – Unusual

November 27/28/2014

Region: MOLUCCA SEA Magnitude:  6.8 – Earthquakes  – Quake above 6.0

Boy shot seconds after cops arrive – Shocking

Man shoots woman, self at Nordstrom – Shocking

NASA stages ‘Black Hole Friday’ – NASA

Egypt’s ex-leader cleared in deaths of hundreds – Stunning reversal – Stunning

Man in werewolf mask barges in, shoots – Weird news

Watch laser shoot drone from the sky – Technology

Your green commute is finally here – Technology

Gravity-defying surfing is here – Technology

Shoppers brawl over Black Friday deals – Shocking

First video of elusive Black Seadevil – Weird

Family finds rare fossil while fishing  – Unusual

4 killed in knife, bomb attack in China – Shocking

Burger King worker’s shocking find – Shocking

‘Crazy’ bikers swarm police, post video – Shocking

Video of boys trapped in snow pile – Shocking

Anti-rape video blames victims? – Shocking

Homeless boy’s flute taken by police – Shocking

 Taiwan’s premier resigns – Shocking – Shocking

Chris Christie vetoes pig crate ban – Shocking

Patients who wake up during surgery – Shocking

The future of driving looks like this – Technology

Blood Moon Results  

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