98th Holistic Doctor Found Dead! The reptilius at work!


“There is only a very thin line between imagination and reality when science, religion or conspiracies are debated!” Dr. Turi

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98th Holistic DR Found Dead! Nobody seems to be asking questions!

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of yet another holistic doctor just days ago, which makes 98 to date. Dr Winer was quite the pioneer, author, radio show host, and healer.

Dear readers;

There is group of  five top corporations luring, indoctrinating and controlling society, they are; the religious, Vatican, scientific,  NASA , sports  NFL, the  medical pharmaceutical corporations and entertainment Hollywood  reptilius infected matrixes. 

Those supremely wealthy and influential corporations, like an unstoppable cancer, have also infiltrated  and contaminated  the educational matrix since forever.

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While no one, including the Queen of England will transform into a lizard, (or eat children), do not fall for all the conspiratorial material, generated by infected famous “talking Heads!”  

The reptilius Illuminati, higher class of the social political elites and cults alike, are at the top of all branches of all corporations and keep molding the mind of you and your children to slave for them!

While  their parasitic promoters i.e, Neil Disgrace and pot heads like born Dr. Sanjay Gupta, to name a few, are protected  and have full access to all medias; this was not the case with ninety eight dead Holistic doctors!  And the carnage will never end as long as they get your financial support!

For evil to grow and survive all the good people have to do is; NOTHING! 

As long as you are kept under control, or in my case ridiculed, banned,  technologically controlled, you are safe!  But if your work attract  notoriety  or he consuming public attention, you are now infringing on their financial turf!  And this has proven to be deadly for the ninety eight  Holistic doctors.  

While people all around the world read my articles, (check my live traffic feed), I have to consider myself lucky for being on the “down low” in the US!  We shine in a different light and am alive today, thanks to my  infected Internet enemies slaving for the reptilius.

Thus if you are a truth seeker, a natural doctor or someone like me, you are not really a serious threat to those mind controlling killers! This is the reptilius infected world you are living in! 

The reptilius agenda is winning on all fronts, mostly because they own the body, mind and soul of all  political, religious leaders and their most devastating accomplishment is humanity’s religious folly! 

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“In a world where political leaders and society assign themselves to religious archaic convictions and trust its infantile scientific community and its celebrities, only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity.” Dr. Turi

Image result for For many evangelicals, Jerusalem is about prophecy, not politics

For many evangelicals, Jerusalem is about prophecy, not politics

Remember my cosmic work is not politically but spiritually geared reader. You have the right to follow or support any of the 875 religions (and counting) cursing the world today!  I am just making you aware of the danger of all man made deceptive doctrines and get you to use your critical thinking instead!

Tens of thousands of people (both soldiers and civilians) were killed in the conquest of Jerusalem. The crusaders themselves suffered; historians estimate that only one in twenty survived to even reach the so called holy land… So, it is estimated that 1.7 million people died in total. But even that number is wrong because there is no limit to human stupidity! 

Let’s try again reader and maybe you’ll make note, share and remember my vision!

President Trump’s UCI is set to bring  troubles with religion, stimulating future deadly terrorist attacks in the US. His karmic  cosmic legacy and decisions he made, particularly Jerusalem, will cost cost America dearly.


But most pious people can’t handle the truth. Many are blind, brainwashed and oblivious of the signs I translate for you.

Note: Pluto is the power of the mass (ISIS/criminals/Trump) forcing dramatic changes into the sign of Capricorn (political / governmental power structures.) It also explains why crazy people target and kill the police and why Donald Trump “political’ career is endorsed by a non-cosmic conscious mass fearing foreigner and their influences… And for good reasons if you take in consideration North Korea and Iran’s drive to build and use nukes against the US!

Remember our work has nothing to do with politics; it is designed to help our VIP’s to understand our President’s karmic UCI.

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Remember that I don’t care who you voted for! This world is a very dangerous place for us all  and for Trump to deal with hostile powers aiming for nukes! Facts are facts and I can only use realistic news to help you build more cosmic awareness… 

As a French man, I am aware of what’s going on in France with the serious foreigners invasion we all are suffering! Thus, even electing Le Pen  (predicted  political failure) wouldn’t have changed anything. Look at what’s been going on in the US  with racism and the hatred between Americans since forever! A civil war may have happened in France with Le Pen! Use your imagination on this one…   

Reptilius confine the human spirit into entertainment, vices, religions and scientific  atheism convictions designed to create confusion, nurture fears and doubts, steal your attention using technology then hijack your mind, blur your  psychical awareness and  stop  your spiritual interaction against them! 

There is no really fixing the “foreigners invasion” problem anywhere in the  free world, including the US! The “reptilius universal infestation” course is unstoppable and only a miracle (or the Draconis)  can ever save the world!

Obama invokes Nazi Germany in warning to US – YouTube

Memo Posted 6/24/2017

“Prepare Last Month of the Year
White Moon 3rd Day Speak
Evil Spirit of Hitler Legacy Challenged
Cosmic God May Grace Humanity”

But without cosmic consciousness, understandably  Trump’s unconscious supporters can only use their rational five human senses and end up hating me with passion!

Again, I am not here to tell you what to do or what to think or who to vote for! You are to me, an unconscious “robot” of your own stars and totally oblivious of your OWN cosmic design!

There is no real values to anything I write to you… Particularly my warnings because you are not a student or ours.  And to become one of them demands above average intellectual capacity!

You have been “trained” to ridicule what  you can not understand, then slave for the reptilius all your life!  It is hard  for some to accept the  facts I represent but as always time HAS and will always be my utmost faithful witness.

This does not mean I am suggesting you to take the home course because you may not have the spiritually advanced UCI to assimilate God’s cosmic design.  I don’t necessarily perceive you as an idiot incapable of growing up psychically!  This would be precisely true, if you nurture an inferiority or superiority complex like President Trump!  

I was once like any of the people I classify tody as deplorable “subhumans” but at sixty eight years old (Feb 26)  I had plenty time to evaluate my  claims. Thus if you are  a judgmental fifty two year old or younger skeptical kid, let talk again in  twenty years from today! If I am still alive!

Indeed twenty years makes a hell of difference in your life experiences and learning, if you consider what you had to digest from the day you arrived on earth all the way to your twentieth birthday!  

Thus, if you are  thirty or  part of  the Millennials generation, to me you are a baby able to see as far as  the end of your nose and you have a hell more to learn !  Paranormal Central Atheist Little Brat.

The American population believe  Jesus will be back  to lead all the Christians to Bethlehem just  as much as all the Muslims will fight to the death for their own prophet and their religious indoctrination. And the list goes on.

Indeed kids believe and await Santa Claus on December 25th and all pious Americans, the return of their Jesus! This tells you about the religious madness and the insane world you live in and how much STUPIDITY is ingrained in the mind of so many lost, unconscious human beings! 

The US is such a gullible, religiously poisoned country overloaded with gullible  god fearing people! Yet no many of them are willing or able to analyze their idiosyncratic Neptunian UCI and upgrade to a higher level of cosmic awareness and try to understand the  devastating purpose of  all man made religions.

Ultimately, life is a constant process of  changes and  there is nothing to gain with religion… The reptilius  use drugs to hijack the mind of people like Rev Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson and countless of infested lost souls to manipulate and kill (ISIS) ALL  their slaves for the reptilius agenda! 

If you are part of  a denomination or attend church regularly, you are  also an unconscious victim of the reptilius!

 Being a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim or else, is your right and as a rule, there are those which are kind and helpful! 

Once more, this article is not an attack against you or your religion, or your intelligence! Take it more as a rope sent to you because a true cosmic God is in charge of your destiny and mental development. The spirit heard your prayers and  lead you to me and the answers you are seeking! 

   End of all religions, birth of a real God 

Like anything new or “foreign,” caution is not only advised but  necessary, because new roads can be scary. Ultimately though, if fear (of foreigners/hell)  is the motivator for your decision making, it is a sure sign of  an obvious reptilius indoctrination / religious infestation.

Remember a true loving God represents cosmic wisdom, light, love, faith, success, hopes and there is absolutely no darkness in its divine essence. 

On the other hand, the reptilius live for DARKNESS and need you to endlessly generate fears, chaos, discord, ignorance, greed, insecurity, violence, vices and wars in order to survive.  A long time ago, they flew all over the world infecting human beings (starting by Moses) and all other prophets) to create religions.

Of course you have the right to be skeptical and reject anything I am trying so hard for you to acknowledge reader!  UFO’s – Roswell new Mexico Mind Boggling Secret Divulged! But I am past  the “believing,”  stage… I KNOW UFO’s and ET’s are part of our life and evolution! 

July 1987 – I am Alien The Final Revelation

What if tomorrow the UFO’s phenomenon became an indisputable reality and  end up exposed physically on all medias? Of course not everyone would still believe it! What do you think will happen to the religious and scientific matrixes? Imagine how much money and support they would lose in the process.

Do not follow the herd into the religious or scientific matrixes pit free your spirit with Dr. Turi instead!

But incredibly, be sure millions of people will still flock to their religious buildings to pray a false God!  The universal infestation (or the hole of ignorance) is a powerful magnet only a few can recognize and avoid!

Even if I was allowed to give the exact dates  (and location)  of all future earthquakes and predict accurately man made or natural disasters what would happen to science and religion? Because the timing is Universal (anytime-anywhere) and more so on ones personal dragon window dates and/or SOS to the world Deadly window dates…

And while I do so currently using my SOS to the world deadly windows through Nostradamus 16th century divine astrology methodology, only a few  people can decipher and perceive my cosmic work as undeniable!    Supermoon predictions for America and the world by Dr. Turi 

And this is why I have been muted by all and the conspiracy against us is not a product of my imagination! UFOs Conspiracy Against Dr. Turi 

But at least I am alive still working hard for FREE and for your salvation…  A cosmic God is watching, imagine  the wonderful karma blessing my next reincarnation… What did you give the world lately? 

Those who, in the past have endorsed or supported my cosmic work and I  became silent and are now strangers.  Who reached and scared them is a mystery but  the reasons are not!   I must be silenced by the reptilius because my cosmic work can only help you realize the perception of God  and the real  cosmic divinity!

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The uncomfortable truth about Gaia
Cosmic Consciousness and all unconscious famous UFO’s “Talking Heads!”

Blessings to all
Dr. Turi

My SOS deadly window dates for November and December 2017  are ready.

Posted by Dr. Turi on November 2, 2017 at 2:25am in Cosmic Coders Only

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The reptilius will be very active during the holiday season so be very careful! Also Mercury will turn retrograde on December 1st 2017 for the entire month! More critical information for you to read in the cosmic code website! “

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My cosmic work is  designed to help America first but too many are unable to handle the truth!  sight… And this is why I must stop also feeding foreign powers with such a rare and legitimate cosmic wisdom…
May a Cosmic God Have Mercy on  His  Unconscious Children….
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Blessings with Chief Sonne Reyna

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