A Galactic Tidal Wave Of Divine Light – Deceptive Reptilius Ordination!

February 20, 2019

A Galactic Tidal Wave Of Divine Light Is Raising The Frequency Of Earth, Ending The Old Reality

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 “If you make people think they will love you, but if you really make them think hard out of the conspiracy “box” the way I do, they will hate you with passion” Dr. Turi

Important note: Age of Truth TV does not endorse or agree with my cosmic findings and does not associate nor support any of my articles or comments involving other UFO’s speakers.  Thank you readers… 

Dear readers;
Accepting new challenging theories is something indoctrinated people can never accomplish because of the deep encrusted conspiratorial or religious beliefs and the powerful emotional association to the person they trust who vibrates at the same low cosmic speed. 
I am not here to tell you what you already know and already accepted as facts!  But the undiluted cosmic truth I represent is mine alone and not designed to please anyone else, but the spiritually advanced Super-humans who share the same cosmic “DNA”! 
“Young souls can only assume, they do not read and are “forbidden” access or perception of the Divine.” Dr.Turi
Infested souls have nothing to offer the world but their own negative dissatisfaction with new proposed information and what is worse, they are unable to auto-analyze their insecure personalities,  What did you give the world lately (for free?) I may add… 
Any and all forms of expressed negativity is a sure sign of a reptilius infestation while the Draconis offer a more positive, relaxing, educational, blessings experience. Where do you stand with my cosmic teachings will vex many and challenge you to the max! And it is NOT an accident for any of you to land on my cosmic work and delegate this challenge! 
Furthermore,  an infected soul can never assimilate or even accept the undeniable record of predictions offered on ” Age of truth TV” and such a person will not either investigate, nor confirm or talk about the results!  Blame it all on their limited karmic UCI and the reptilius manipulating it! 
Indeed you can only love me and my cosmic teachings  provided by Draco (the Draconis) or hate me with passion, (the reptilius) because there is no middle with Dr. Turi and the undiluted truth!
I landed on this article produced by As usual as you go through it I will use my famous rebuttals and help you not only to understand rationally what is taking place in the heavens but also provide you another platform to upgrade your own psychical vibrations.
First and foremost, this little video is very uplifting and seem positive yet, Draco’s channeling point out a malicious, deceptive reptilius manipulation. Like “the Secret” Elizabeth’s video is incomplete and mostly designed to uplift the degenerated spirit of a religious misinformed, indoctrinated mass.
If you listen carefully, Elizabeth mentioned “Cosmic Christ energy” twice in her production and this depict her own deep encrusted religious beliefs. The reptilius are cunning and extraordinary smart and will hijack the body, mind and souls of pious people to create endless deceptive messages to maintain their agenda and survive with your fears in Dark Matter!
I gave solid emotional explanations pertaining to “The Secret’s” incomplete production on “Age of Truth TV,”  and I will do the same here through my rebuttals below.
Incidentally some people would rather stay in the “nirvanic” hypnotic deception than to accept the fact that: if the cosmic winds are NOT in your favor, you can use the “secret” technics, think and pray for hours every days for months! Yet, it is ONLY when those  changing cosmic winds are filling the sails of your personal ship, that your wishes will finally be granted! 
So be practical, refuse deception and find out how the stars will bless your life in 2019  because you are in real good hands with me…
Elizabeth, like 99.9% of the world’s population is obviously, not Cosmic Conscious and  lack the vital information needed to correctly delegate with the Cosmic code jurisdictions.  Her work is mainly based upon imagination, intuition and a subconscious drive to seek answers through her own critical thinking and inner religious indoctrination.
Keep reading…

Over time, our world will undergo a number of different changes and energetic shifts, some are so slight that we don’t even realize that they have occurred while others are significantly larger and more noticeable. One such major shift is currently underway providing us with an important shift towards the ending of our old reality and the ascension to that which is next to come.

Dr. Turi’s rebuttal:  Life is an endless process of changes produced by the ever changing/moving planets above!  As explained in “Age of Thruth TV”  last 2000 years, the world was under the control of a planet called Neptune or the “Age of Pisces” and this lead the reptilius to create a multitude of religions designed to produce chaos, separatism and fear (of hell.


The legacy left by this Piscean age is deception, abuses, “Vatican’s growing list of scandals and secrets” misinformation, greed, war, ISIS, death  and the creation of billions of indoctrinated “Neptunians.” 

Continued:  In order for the world to continue in its path of ascension, it must first experience a re-calibration of its electromagnetic fields. Experts in this area have witnessed significant changes, reporting that the magnetic fields, as we know them, are in fact dissolving and reforming in a higher frequency.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal:  Also mentioned in “Age of Truth TV”  “Since 1945 humanity has made more discoveries and accomplished an incredible technological advancements in less than 50 years under the “Age of Aquarius” than the 2000 years spent under the pious, deceptive “Age of Pisces!

Obviously not only we are currently experiencing the burgeoning “Aquarius Age” but a cosmic unconscious Elizabeth can only use rational words such as “experience a re-calibration of its electromagnetic fields” to represent this ever changing cosmic phenomenon. 

The earth and humanity are both subjected to those incredible physical and spiritual “cosmic upgrades”  and those cosmic winds have nothing to do with Elizabeth’s   “Cosmic Christ energy.”    This gives plenty room for numerous apocalyptic unconscious  infested “Talking Heads” .i.e “David Icke the infected human slave.”  to operate. Doing so create more fears, more chaos and more questions that could never be answered but efficiently supports the reptilius’ agenda! 

Born in February 26, 1950, with a stellium (4 planets) in Aquarius I naturally “vibrate” at a much higher cosmic speed! This allows me to delegate with the stars, attract UFO’s, deal with Astrology, make accurate predictions and be well ahead of time!

Holder of knowledge of the dimensions
The spark of all the inventions
Lover of all things in simplicity
Charged with the power of ingenuity
I am AQUARIUS, child of Uranus.

 Jesus said to his disciples “go to the town and find the man with the WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces”… Is it interesting to know that; I was born February 26, 1950 in the constellation of Aquarius (The water bearer) with my Sun in the sign of Pisces? 

The above biblical quote was emailed to me years ago by a devout Christian who raised his own cosmic consciousness through my cosmic work!

The symbol of Aquarius represent men/women born with a stellium or a Mercury (critical Thinking) in the sign of Aquarius making it dignified  (or allowed by God’s order to enter the realm of Supra-Cosmic consciousness.)

Against all odds, the older soul is blessed/cursed with supreme psychical power which he must use to learn then transcribe the Universal hieroglyphs/The Cosmic Code (or the signs, God’s cosmic will) rationally (Einstein & Tesla math) or spiritually (Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Madame Vladasky, Dr. Turi)  all working the universal spirit for the benefit of guiding humanity.

Continued: Source: The Big Riddle As the electromagnetic fields on the Earth shift, so to do our auras as the two are deeply connected. This journey to ascension can be difficult to navigate, bringing with it a number of different symptoms including:

Dr. Turi’s rebuttals: 

Related image

A need for alone time and for personal space If you natal UCI is Neptunian you will want to live in silence in a cave like my good friend Yogi Zen does in Hawaii. Note Neptune rules islands, confinement, all exotic places, man made religious buildings, churches, synagogues, temples, legal and illegal drugs, the subconscious etc.

The reptilius invade the body, mind and souls of born Neptunians easily.  Yet the Draconis always help those puritanical, health oriented loving and peaceful “monk” souls. If your natal UCI vibrates at my friends’ cosmic speed, you can only enjoy Zen’s teachings (video)  and  his unique philosophy and I learned a few spiritual truths from him!

Heightened sense of smell – That can only happen if your nasal cavities are not congested regardless of what the cosmic code does to humanity! 

A deep longing to go ‘home’ without knowing where ‘home’ is – This sentence is quite scary and enunciate the typical degenerated infected “lost soul” nurturing suicidal tendencies… 

Increased feelings of static electricity in the body- Static electricity can be induced from many sources, especially if you spend a lot of time away from mother earth walking on tiles, carpets, concrete, in your car and never walk barefoot on the grass or by the beach!

Come to one of my lectures (see www.drturi.com banners) and I will  teach how to build a tremendous amount of positive “prana” to boost your immune system and build tons of magnetism that can only benefit your 5th house or the seat of attraction between human beings!

A distorted sense of time, feeling as though it is slowing down or speeding up – Depending on the moon’s passage through the belt of the Zodiac affecting your own natal moon positively or negatively, you will feel the cosmic moon energy in your being and your life. The food and drink you consume will also play a part of  your conception of time… 

Sinus and allergy issues – If you were born in September chances are you will suffer “Sinus and allergy issues,”  sad enough I can not teach you the medical aspect of Divine Astrology today! Note also the environment and air quality becomes a major contribution to any ailments! Critical thinking applied! 

Unexplained body aches, pains, tension and soreness

There is always an explanation to “ body aches, pains, tension and soreness” In my case its the result of a bad fall experienced last August which may require surgery! Again critical thinking applied and many of those sentences have nothing to do with “A Galactic Tidal Wave Of Divine Light” which contradict healing and enunciate a reptilius deception.  

Intense, detailed dreams that may be prophetic, or may be ‘odd’ or bizarre in nature

I can only and strongly advise Elizabeth and all truth seekers to EDUCATE themselves on the Subconscious and the Super-conscious messages! I divulged a few in “Age of Truth TV show, but you will get real answers from the “secret” in my book titled “Beyond The Secret.” I can only warn you again readers, there is a tiny hair between Divine Cosmic information I provide you with and Elizabeth’s pure imagination. Get my book or watch this short video explaining more about the subconscious! 


Sudden, unexplained changes in body temperature – I wonder how more idiotic those “affirmations” are! They are a multitudes of rational reasons to why this would take place like if you are battling an infectious organism induced by the reptilius or if you are excited because the Draconis filled you up with hopes and joy about a situation… 

Changes in both vision and perception – I will be 69 on February 26, indeed my vision has changed over the years, if you need to know about those changes read O.N.M.T by Dr. Turi. 

UFO, ET’s Contacts and the 12 MJ’s Draconis’ Mission

Unless you build more Cosmic Consciousness and understand how those “Uranic/Aquarius age” expanding/quickening cosmic winds are (cursing or blessing) your natal UCI, you can only get more of this reptilius inserted deceptiveness. And this is how you do it!

Increased psychic awareness, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and intuition- Again this increase of awareness can only take place if your natal UCI is receiving various beneficial planets effects by house and sign.

For example if Jupiter ( Higher learning/foreigners/ the expansion principle) bless your 8th house of metaphysical secrets researches, you will feel the urge to do so and foreigners will be opening doors for you to do so.

Or if Neptune (intuition/the subconscious) makes a positive aspect to Uranus ( astrology/genius) chances are you will benefit from “Increased psychic awareness, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and intuition.”  Again, unless you are educated on the cosmic code ever changing  applications and their blessings, you can only be feed by people like Elizabeth’s deceptive but creative imagination… There is no good reasons for me to repeat myself, thus my rebuttals offering all the answers you need and also apply for the rest of the nonsense below…

“Clumsiness and lack of coordination – A deep intuition or sense that something is wrong or changing – Cold or flu-like symptoms that come and go suddenly – Issues involving the stomach or digestive tracts such as IBS or unexplained nausea- Changes in diet, appetite and eating habits – Sudden development of allergies and intolerance to certain foods – Sensitivity to sound – Frequent headaches and/or feelings of pressure in the head – Changes in sleep patterns or feelings of extreme fatigue- Increase in daydreaming and fantasizing”

This is why the title fit such negativity conflicting with the expectation for positiveness, hopes, light, faith, ” Galactic Tidal Wave Of Divine Light becomes a Deceptive Reptilius Ordination!” 

“Indeed there is a very thin hair between Divine Cosmic teachings and pure imagination!” Dr. Turi

Continued: This process of re-calibrating our body is not only a surface shift, but one that reaches right down to our DNA – reforming and redefining every part of our very being. This process may sound alarming, but rest assured that it will bring great benefits.

As we move forward in this process we will be presented with a great deal of new, exciting information, new impulses and sensations, new perceptions and a new understanding of the world around us. This will allow us to address life’s challenges and difficulties with fresh eyes, accepting our new, improved reality.

 Dr. Turi’s rebuttal: This is not a physical but a spiritual cosmic manifesto and transcending the human spirit and  not his physical physiology (DNA) alone! This process should not be alarming and can not be controlled and with the benevolent Draconis on our side, those imposed cosmic changes can only further humanity’s progressive  psychical welfare .

Continued: This new version of Earth will be an incredible place free from fear, greed, violence, deception and war. As we feel the new, higher frequency radiate throughout the human population we will feel a renewed sense of hope, love, light, joy and happiness. It will require an open-heart and an open mind, but the benefits will far outweigh the cost!

Dr. Turi’s rebuttal: The is the promise of the “Age of Aquarius” taking over the deceptive “Age of Pisces…”  But humanity has yet to learn to synchronize with the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, abolish all religions of the past and recognize God’s unifying cosmic Divinity. 

As mentioned in “Age of Truth TV show, “ “it does not matter what religion you were geographically cursed with, you own a sun sign, a natal and hidden dragon and it is through A UNIFYING Astrology THAT God can speak to ALL HIS CHILDREN. 

This mean Jesus’ initial “Cosmic Ministry” was designed, through the 12 disciples, the 12 months of the year, the 12 hours of the day, the twelve sins and virtues, the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 signs of the Zodiac to introduce “OUR FATHER IN THE HEAVEN” or humanity to God cosmic Divinity. 

But Jesus was killed by the Romans, his ministry became altered  then later promoted by the infected minds of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great (AD 306–337) who made Christianity the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. The deadly, greedy infested Roman empire then brought their  false religion to all the countries they invaded! 

Image result for paul of tarsus

Then through  the Paul of Tarsus’ manipulated, infected spirit,  the Apostle taught the gospel of Christ to the first-century world and Christianity became a universal religion.  People during days were not exactly smart, yet no much progress has been accomplished to further man’s psychical vibrations since then, but this is about to change drastically.  

Image result for reptilius
But this will change with the accelerating New Age of Aquarius by slowly eradicating the remaining of the deceptive Age of Pisces within the next few years. But the reptilius are also manipulating the rational mind of “young souls” by creating a new form of religion or atheism. 

Science and atheism kill spiritual ingeniousness 

 If this evil is allowed to grow it will destroy the world within 50 years and and all spiritual gifted people or religious souls will become a voiceless target and sought as mentally inferior!” Dr. Turi

The reptilius can only be beaten by using the same POSITIVE “psychical” armament to chase them away from our solar system. You must join the progressive Draconis and accept their reality in your own reality. Doing so you will naturally upgrade your own psychical vibrational awareness and benefit from their creativity. 

The Draconis (The Gardeners of this solar system, not to be confused with David Icke’sdraconians shape shifter ridiculousness!)Those benevolent ET’s are our precious ally, but they can not interfere with the human race and its progress. The reptilius are “Horslaloi or outlaw in French and could not care less of the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order!

Once more watch and share this TV show, leave Lucas and I your comments  by joining  the hot feedback there and check my predictions.  


While I am still healing from a bad fall in the Marshal Island last August and may undergo surgery, I  should be able to attend all my future conferences. Please join us and have a blast in the process…

Lastly the reptilius are working overtime through my Internet enemies (religious fanatics, conspiracy heads & “educated” atheists.) Thus if you vibrate at my cosmic speed and support my work, please share it widely! Thank you all.

Blessings to my world wide reading audience.

Dr. Turi

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