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Dear VIP  Reader;

Earlier in the month, the Memorial Fund reported that beginning on Sunday, January 23, a tragic wave of violence against America’s law enforcement officers took place, with 11 officers shot within a 24 hour time frame. In addition, gunfire fatalities have claimed the lives of 12 officers in 2011 – a 50% increase from a year ago today.  Please Stand with the Thin Blue Line and add your name to the growing list of individuals who are tired of the violence against America”s law enforcement heroes.


First I emailed all the “big” people on my email list then TONS of people from this website http://www.lawmemorial.org/ and the sad reality it was again a total waste of my time because none of these very concerned people shown a tiny interested in helping me or joining a website Terania built for the police and our courageous cops. http://cosmiccode.ning.com/

So far we have 2 courageous souls there willing to grow and learn from me… The fact is none of these officers had to die had the Law Enforcement Administration investigated my work – http://www.nleomf.org/officers/support-law-enforcement/support-law-enforcement.html but as soon as they read the words “dragon/moon/Astropsychology” came the red flag, they immediately assumed God knows what about my work and I, especially  when their deep religious convictions or encrusted fear or “educated/accredited” attitude kicks in.

For your information Sunday, January 23, when this tragic wave of violence against America’s law enforcement officers took place, the police themselves mentioned a 24 hour time frame and this is EXACTLY THE SPAN OF MY SOS DEADLY PLUTONIC WINDOW, WRITTEN, POSTED IN ALL MAJOR WEBSITES AND THE BROADCAST TOOK PLACE ON RADIO A FEW DAYS EARLIER.

This massacre was full preventable and fully predicted but WHO heeded my warnings when I literally begged anyone working for the Law Enforcement Agency and all family members to WARN their loved ones. Did this happen? Of course not… and 11 souls were wasted. I wrote a newsletter titled “SOS To The Police” http://cosmiccode.ning.com/profiles/blogs/sos-to-the-police but here is a little sample if reading the full content is too demanding for some readers.

Dear Dr. Turi,

A tragic wave of violence against America’s law enforcement officers started this past Sunday, with 11 officers shot within a 24 hour time frame.

DT rebuttal: Yes I predicted it in my 2011 Moon Power book well over a year ago – check the bottom sample at http://cosmiccode7.ning.com/forum/topics/spate-of-police-shootings-not and I also mentioned the real possibility in many of my radio shows, well before CNN finally proved me right again – http://cosmiccode7.ning.com/forum/topics/spate-of-police-shootings-not

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Again while my special black email list involves and distributes regularly the solid proof of my warnings to a bunch of media personalities, cops, police chiefs and top FBI executives, the fact is they are ALL true cowards . They are still unwilling to take a chance on someone that has no fear or limitation when human lives are in question and none of them ever emailed me back.

After all what those  media “talking heads” I reach do  is to report the deaths and the FBI and police executives send the cops to their death without arming them with spiritual wisdom that can make the difference between life and death. Gee imagine the few billions dollars of WE the people tax dollars totally wasted in legal battles for or against the police? Imagine how many software could be generated and inserted in the trooper car or the police stations nationwide? Imagine what a tiny fraction of the next legal supremely expansive legal cost could do to teach and incorporate Astropsychology to the Police Academy? NO instead let”s feed the legal hyenas working overtime to gain more status and more money to defend  obvious killers like Jared Laughner. OMG what a waste of  large funds, precious time and efforts going to a putrefied stinky disgusting legal system  making us, the tax payers  suffering hell fighting for survival in this screwed up economy…

Gee imagine that if anyone was to find out that one of this SMART soul was actually talking to Dr. Turi or even exchanging the possibility to help me saving the cops” lives?

I know they ALL do read my newsletters and as  mentioned before they must really feel weird inside for being less than human when it comes to helping another human being. But one thing is sure God is watching them all and when guilt assail them at time  at bedtime they must feel as bad as I do…

But are they to blame and to what extend for NOT acting or behave like real “detectives” or like a considerate human being one may ask? Well, in the entire this pack of highly “sophisticated/educated” souls in position of power reading my work at least ONE of them must have some brain, some courage and enough decency to acknowledge that I have proven my claim many times already, had he/she read my work of course…

But this is why, unless they try ABSOLUTELY anything new, including Dr. Turi”s Astropsychology methodology they are all indirectly responsible for the past and future police casualties. So far a few of those “ well read” souls emailed me asking me to stop the “spamming” and this goes to tell you how mentally inferior some of those moronic cowards really are. This quote will summarized more of the deep feelings I nurture dealing with this type of less than humans that refuses to take a chance on a new way of thinking and acting that would save the lives of our courageous public servants.

”Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

– Albert Einstein

This society tends to rewards the morons, the criminals, where the low elements gain access to fame and fortune serving a tainted spiritual disgusting regular meal daily on national television. The masquerade taking place  at all levels of the human experience is so distasteful, so contaminated, so religiously deceiving where those who know less happen to entertain and lead a brainless human race in a myriad of never ending tasteless reality shows.

The chance of getting some real spiritual food offering real insights about the complexity of the human psyche and its role within the Cosmic Code regulations is considered less than attractive by those who manipulate the information. Doing so, a sure spiritual regeneration for killer born *Death Wish Generation” souls like Jared Laughner is not an option.  ET  VOILA, the result of the current educational system reader…


Jared Lee Laughner “The Mind Of A Killer”

This open the door to the unstoppable birthing of an army of future criminals  all dedicated to endlessly kill police officers and “graduate” for their gangs expectations…The vicious circle is set by the Illuminati to never end as to keep the out of order human population growth in control, especially in the absence of universal wars.

Indeed the very Law Enforcement Administration is the first one to indulge in lawless activity by rejecting, ignoring and respecting God’ signs and the Cosmic Code”s jurisdictions. So how can they protect and serve us accordingly knowing they are the first in line to reject any form of highly spiritual laws coming from God himself?

In my last radio show I gave the date of February 15th for natural disaster and warn the police again for yet another “SOS Deadly Plutonic Window” 24 to 48 hours period centered as of February 23rd 2011.  Yes this date will prove me right again with time, and yes this date was printed last year in my book and as of today 2/9/2011 the reader (and the crowd of cowards in high places in the police force and the media) will be able to judge and check on my claims as usual…


Simply make a note of those dates because I will get back to you with the solid proof soon after. Please bookmark this page – http://cosmiccode.ning.com/profiles/blogs/february-23rd-2011-sos-to-the

Please read carefully and if you are involved with the Law Enforcement Agency (or not) be very careful on these days. Feb 22nd – Feb 23rd – Feb 24th.

The same DEADLY Plutonic window of Sunday, January 23 will return. This tragic wave of violence against America’s law enforcement officers took place, with 11 officers shot within a 24 hour time frame. In addition, gunfire fatalities have claimed the lives of 12 officers so far 2011 – Be warned be smart and TELL everyone about these days and hopefully the police and the media cowards I reach regularly may finally decide to behave intelligently and help me saving future lives.


Rest assured reader, many more brave cops will have to die and sacrifice their lives in the name of fear of the ridicule, science, religions and their superior’s ignorance before my message is heard, understood taught and heeded. So stand by for yet CNN before CNN set of dramatic news involving dead cops and when it is all said and done maybe I will get the attention I need to save future precious human lives. While I counsel cops I am not a cop but I am indeed much more concerned with them and their families than the big FBI heads and BIG Media cowards reading my work.  See you all soon after Feb 23rd for more and the full proof of my God given talent.

Quatrain Sample for a (#) – Plutonic window

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light

Raw power challenges police deadly villains

Ugly face of death drama horror surface

Nature, man”s religion bloody folly reign

KEYWORDS USED to explain a (#) Plutonic window:

Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Mob / Secrets / Scandals / Wake Up Call / Terrorism / Finances / Sex / Serial Killers / Death News.

Sharing Email;

Dr. Turi I received the Dragon dates. Tested today”s date and won over $400.00 at the San Dia Resort and Casino. Thanks!!!!!! Can”t wait for my 2 special months, April and October.  Thank you for all that you do.




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Walk with me all throughout the year because your spirit is in real caring, real good hands…


Dr. Turi

Tonite I called in on the radio and Im so sad I could barely hear anything when he was reading for me. I just know I heard at the end he said I was a gifted photographer and the weird thing is tonite after that, I have had 5 people tell me I should really pursue my photography. Because I have been doing photos for people and they love it. I wished I could have heard more of what he was saying to me but it was all static. my birthday was 12.27.1966 my name was Janae thank you Dr. Turi you sound like a very nice man and very kind.


Oh Dr. Turi;

You did it to me again! Thank you so very much for heads up email about being on the radio and for taking my call. I am so excited my fingers don”t even know how to keystroke right now. You opened so many doors for me tonight..again! No wonder I”ve had to struggle all my life to be careful of my words and attitude. It all is beginning to come together like a masterful desert from the French Master of Astropsychology.  When I “feel” something, I REALLY feel it!! No wonder; Pisces MOON/Dragon tail in Scorpio! I have been into natural healing since the ”70”s; a great communicator (especially when it comes to expressing what I feel), and I was a Spiritual psychic healer at a metaphysical church in Encinitas, CA for a long time. I would dearly love to publish a book.  And yes, I”ve been trying to find the courage to move to the desert for about a year now. Again, my heart is soaring with joy and enthusiasm and I thank you with all my heart!
Love, Peace & Light,

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