A Virginia U.S. Navy veteran ended his life in front of a Veterans Administration clinic – SHAME!


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I am proud to have many American very close friends (Tom, Veronica, Owen etc. ) who served this great country for years and for me to read a desperate soul committed suicide by his own hands instead of the ones of the enemy is simply intolerable.

This case makes it very difficult for me to separate myself from the current VA administration, politics and the stars… Meantime, this lost soul certainly suffered one of his 2014 Personal Cosmic Biorhythms and could not handle the heaviness of depression leading to his desperate act induced by his stars!

Indeed 99.99% of human are totally oblivious of the cosmic code jurisdictions and some of those horrific celestial energy  leading to despair and suicide. Not knowing about those regular ups and downs, there is no way possible for anyone to apply the will! Instead medical prescriptions are prescribed and LEAD to those suicidal tendencies.

Indeed when the stars are aligning positively or negatively, you will land on the jackpot or  decide to kill yourself! Its as simple as that but our infantile science has lost touch with the spirit and totally oblivious of those Cosmic Biorhythms!

Once again, “Who can and will deny the undeniable values of my predictions? The end of all false Gods!” Only the young uneducated, God fearing or rigid souls victimized/indoctrinated by so many abusive religious/scientific educational matrixes will never acknowledge the veracity of God cosmic divinity!

Veterans Commits Suicide Outside of VA Clinic

A Virginia U.S. Navy veteran ended his life in front of a Veterans Administration clinic, faulting the agency in his suicide note for failing to help him with chronic pain.

Memo: “This dragon is ruthless and invasive and will directly affect souls born in October (Libra)  and April (Aries).   Mars “The Lord of War” will rule the world, imposing huge fires, danger, conflicts, large accidents  and will induce dramatic news of death and aggression. This dragon is also aiming for the soldiers, the Army and the Navy”


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“FU VA!!! Can’t take it anymore,” the note said.

Kevin Keller, 52, who served on the USS Independence in the early 1980s, shot himself in front of the clinic after apparently shooting out a window at night, South West Virginia Today reported. It was an incident that demonstrates a tragic end for a veteran frustrated with a federal agency that has been in the news for months for lack of care for veterans.

He left the letter in the home of his best friend, a man named Marty Austin, after breaking into his home and taking a gun.

“Marty sorry I broke into your house and took your gun to end the pain!” the note also said.

The local VA clinic would not comment to the newspaper about the condition of Keller.

“Salem VA Medical Center staff extends our sincere condolences to the family and friends of this veteran,” said Ann Benois, who works in customer service and public relations at the medical center.

“Due to privacy regulations, we are unable to provide any information related to the care and treatment plan of this specific veteran. Our many successes in treatment does not ease the loss of any veteran. We will continue to offer the best medical and mental health care possible.”

Wytheville, Virginia, Police Chief Rick Arnold told the newspaper someone at a store across the street from the VA clinic heard someone fire two gunshots at the clinic. The door was boarded up, but Arnold could not confirm Keller shot it out.

“The whole deal is sad,” his friend John Andres, who served with Keller on the Independence, told the newspaper. “To make a statement like that, to kill himself in the parking lot of the VA; he was basically telling them this is senseless.”

In October 2013, VA announced the Opioid Safety Initiative to reduce the use of opioids among veterans in VA care.

Austin said Keller, his friend for 30 years, suffered with chronic pain after surviving a stroke 11 years ago.

“I realize there are people in this world hooked on drugs, but he needed the pain medicine,” Austin told the newspaper.


In the Gaim TV show I did with George, I warned his audience to be ready for a full restructure of the law and President Obama to experience the lowest, most dangerous time of his presidency and nature to become very destructive on August 9/10/11.

I  also offered George’s audience my warnings to what humanity will experience before self-destructing withing the next 50 years if nothing is done urgently to salvage the psyche of our children!  I seriously think it is past due time to educate our children on their cosmic identity so they can use this wisdom to control the worse manifestation of the UCI/Stars and instead TAP of all the virtues, talents and gifts they were born with.

But if no one starts the process of re-educating the masses, all abusive matrixes will keep monopoly on the “universal” religious or scientific education where true ingeniousness is not tolerated!

In a world where political leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions and trust their infantile cosmic unconscious scientific community only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity. Dr. Turi

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Tania – 11.11 phenomenon – Hi Dr T could you please shed some light on this. In the last 7 days ive looked at the clock 3 times as it displayed 11.11. What does this mean? Thank you.

DT –

Hello Tania:

It is very easy to stimulate your subconscious (a cosmic God) in time and space to do anything you want it to do for you, even wake you up ate a certain time or lead your eyes to your clock when it says 11.11.  Terania and I always catch this phenomenon watching TV or else… It simply mean you are becoming more conscious of the supra-conscious forces at work ( a cosmic God)  and rising to a higher level of psychical perception. Again my book  “Beyond The Secret” explain much more on this topic.

Humanity has lost its connection with the divine, the cosmos and God himself and a “sign” is offered to you because you asked for it by joining the cosmic code and my teachings…

Hope that helps



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May God bless their old souls…

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