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“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13


Teresita Franco – In 325, at the Council of Nicaea, Constantine the Great created the Catholic Church after a genocide of 45,000 Jews.

At the same time the religious books of all the villages of the empire are collected and thus create the Bible.

In 327, Constantine known as the emperor of Rome orders Jerome to translate the Vulgate version into Latin, changing the Hebrew proper names for pagan names such as Jehovah and Jesus and thus adulterating the scriptures.

In 431, the cult of the Virgin Mary is invented.
In 594, Purgatory is invented.
In 610, the title of Pope is invented.
In 788, worship of pagan deities is imposed.
In 995, the meaning of kadosh (set apart) was changed to ‘holy’.
In 1079, the ‘celibacy’ of the priests (a totally Catholic word) is imposed.
In 1090, the prayer of the Rosary is imposed.
In 1184, the Inquisition is perpetrated.
In 1190, the so-called indulgences are sold.
In 1215, confession is imposed on priests.
In 1311, Baptism is imposed on children.
In 1439, the nonexistent Purgatory is dogmatized.
In 1854, the Immaculate Conception was invented.
In 1870, the idea that the pope is infallible prevails.
There are more than 2500 things invented by this religion to enslave human beings with Christianity.

The Catholic religion and its infinity of saints were created as a means of manipulation and business. It is a duty to make the truth known and the truth will set you free.

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