After risky spine surgery the surgeon told me not to plan any travel. Here’s what happened when I didn’t listen



After risky spine surgery the surgeon told her not to plan any travel. Here’s what happened when she didn’t listen

Dear Reader,

You may read Pamela Holt’s story above since I can relate to her traveling experiences but in my case, I took an even bigger chance and paid a severe price for it!  Here is my story!

As a popular UFO contactee, Astrologer, and motivational speaker I traveled the world and visited many foreign countries. Like Pamela, I enjoyed the culture of Thailand, Japan, Australia, and many European countries.

Following my surgery in May 2023, my French surgeon told me not to fly or even drive long distances for about 6 months. To heal faster I used to walk between 2 to 4 miles on the sandy beaches of Cannes.

After 3 months of healing at home, I felt good enough and flew back to the US a week after the 4th of July. The trip back home was fine and I foolishly thought I was ready to fulfill my dream to drive to Key West and work as a boat Captain.

I was very upset since I also knew my 53-year-old son Remy was battling brain cancer and upon spending time with him in France I knew I would never see him again. I had to occupy my mind awaiting his demise but I never thought he would go so fast!

And it was on the seven-mile-long bridge on November 16th, 2023 around 2 PM, on my way to Key West that I got the bad news…

I also knew I would not be able to fly back to France for his funeral and I felt terrible and was devastated! I had to make a choice to either drive back to Phoenix, AZ and fly back home to France or cancel a very important job meeting (and a place to stay) I worked so hard to get. 

Finding a job in Key West is quite easy but a free place to stay on a yacht is unheard of since the price to rent anything small in the keys is simply exorbitant!

God thanks I was able to say goodbye while I spent time with him in his apartment! But losing a child is simply terrible and unless you experience it you’ll never know the depth of the pain!

After meeting with the crippled owner at the Marina in Key West we discussed all the details of the work I was supposed to do. Kevin was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair thus he needed serious help to maintain his 53-foot boat and his charter business. 

The Hatteras yacht was built in 1972 and needed tons of mechanical and esthetic work and I made sure he did not know about the spine surgery I had to endure only six months before our meeting! 

The plan was to concentrate on the back of the wooden parts of the boat first because this is what the clients would see first!

It was a pitiful sight before sanding down all doors, ladder steps, and furniture, remove old paint then revarnish everything to the boat’s original floor and wood color. Even with the right tools that was weeks of some serious hard work and my eyes and lungs were full of wood dust! 

The result as expected, I became quite sick and cough for many days. Yet the fever this did not stop me fulfilling my duties…

Finished result

From changing faulty smoke alarms and fixing a leaking food processor etc., I also had to make sure all fluids, oil, water, coolant, and all in the two-engine compartments were in safe working condition.

This type of work demands me to bend a lot and carry all sorts of tools and clean, scrub the boat, something my surgeon strongly recommended me not to do!  But I had no other option but to use my will and be productive regardless of the crucifying pain. 

Kevin’s girlfriend is a very courageous young woman and a very fussy, detail-oriented Virgo. She was totally dedicated to providing him with her endless critical help with anything he needed and with the moon (emotions) in Cancer, he is a very emotional and needy man.

On top of her endless care for her boyfriend, she had also to clean the yacht and take care of all the guests ‘s linen before and after each charter booked by Kevin.

My days were very long and full of work on the boat and also as a mate helping the captain in every aspect of safety function during, before and after the trips! I was supposed to get free boarding for my services and get pay only when working as a mate but Kevin never kept his words!

He was a true greedy Scorpio Lizard with absolutely no appreciation for others but himself!  I met plenty Scorpios in my crazy life, it seems the Golden loyal Eagle is indeed a rarity! 

I also worked with Keith fixing the boat gearbox anchor and like me and Kevin’s girlfriend, he gave much more with his genius qualities as a mechanic than Kevin could ever afford! Another great man who like all of us used the heart instead of the head with him! Keith and I are still talking often and we became close friends with many projects for the future! 

I did give it all and some in my job but sleeping and getting up every morning became more and more painful and difficult. I cannot recall how many painkillers I had to ingest all day long to beat the endless pain which became more intense each passing day. 

A full month after starting work I had my first day off which I spent walking in Key West.  Doing so helped me a lot since I did not have to bend all day long and carry stuff around but the pain never left me.

Where ever I go I always have my tarot cards and one of my tables with me and I was thinking of getting my license and doing mini astro-tarot reading for an endless chain of holidaymakers walking the streets of Key West!

The money and the time was there to collect, I am convinced I would have made a fortune doing readings because this is what I do best! But while I was planning to do so, later on I was unable to sit or walk long distance without serious pain. A missed opportunity I should have done earlier when I arrived and had no pain! 

Instead, to make more money, Kevin allowed me to work full-time as a mate for a big charter company in the Marina and since the big jobs were done on his boat, I would work only as a mate when needed.

Since I am  loyal and very courageous, had Kevin kept his words with me he would have gain so much more! But God had a different plan for us! 

Sad enough, after a week I realized the charter company I was working for in desperate need of engineers and they did not have the people to do maintenance work on their fleet of catamaran huge boats. I ended up working much harder physically on five different vessels since the weather was not cooperating for charters.

Sad enough I could not get the rest I desperately needed and enough sleep since Kevin was constantly arguing and fighting with his girlfriend. When I first met him, I did not know he was an alcoholic, a cigar chain smoker, and a drug addict.  I took a chance with him and he was simply a great guy when straight. But the evil came at night when I neeed to rest! 

After a week of intense physical work, I was forced to quit my new job but the manager told me “We are about to start the season, please Louis do not let me down now” and he offered me a pay raise of $10 or $40 bucks an hour. This is where I told him, I am so sorry Jim, but I did not tell you that I had spine surgery only 6 months ago and, because of the pain, I could not work that hard anymore.

He knew I was a rare, always on time, great dedicated hard worker and reluctantly had to let me go.  Between the endless back pain and my deplorable environment with Kevin’s personal, emotional, self-destructive behavior with alchool and drug use I finally decided to exit the evil nest and drive back home to Phoenix AZ. 

The tiger in me helped me so many times in very difficult situations in my crazy life but I was forced to accept my limitations and extreme emotional or physical pain will do so!

Tailand trip incredible picture

When I decided to drive the 2018 mile back home, I did not know the tremendous pain and challenge I had to endure but I had no other option. God thanks I own a 470 Lexus SUV which is well-known for reliability and a very soft drive, yet I suffered hell all along.

I stopped at a gas station and bought a fluffy seat hoping for some relief but it did not work. I could only drive so much before being forced to stop on the side of the highway to release the terrible pain! 

It felt like a thousand knives stabbing me at the same time all over my back and hips and I was seriously concerned! What if I damaged my spine by not listening to my surgeon? What if this pain never goes away? What if I have to go back for another surgery and will it work again?  

So many questions were haunting my mind, in what I call today, the trip of hell and tears!  I felt guilty because I could not attend my son’s funeral and let my family down, I felt like a real loser because after so much pain and sacrifices I was right where I started but in a much worse situation! I wasted my time and at 74 time is very precious to me if I want to reach my goals and fulfil my dreams as a boat captain. 

To make my situation worse, upon my return to AZ, I learned from the Coast Guard in California that my Captain license was not good anymore because I did not follow the right procedures when I submitted it! So now I have to go back to Sea School in Alabama and take the OUVP course again!

My God, I worked so hard for weeks to get it and the dedicated teachers I had to help me pass the exams are not there any longer!  Another blow I did not expect nor need which is now seriously challenging whatever is left of my will…

 Is the universe trying to tell me something? If I go back to Alabama and redo it all again, will I pass?  I am challenged also by Terania who has always supported me but now doubts the dream of starting my charter in Florida in the future.

She does not want me to fail and suffer but she also know, I am not a quitter and if you read the story of my life in my book “Beyond the Secret” I went through hell a few times in my crazy existence and always came out on top and succeeded! 

I want to serve others and become a beacon of light and hope for so many of you who trust me! I want to be a true Role Model for the children of the future and this is why I cannot and will not quit regardless of the immense challenges facing me today!  Is God trying to build more courage and more character with me and undertsand and own the words “Role Model?”  There is no real answers  to offer you with just yet my friend but I am going to give my best shot! 

The good news about this entire tasking experience in Florida is that; I drove a yatch, I felt like a Captain and I made significant contacts with formidable people who trust me and want to work with me! All they can do is watch my YouTube videos, read my newsletters, and check my next move! And I will disappoint no one! 

Following this dramatic time and upon my surgeon’s request, I sent him new MRIs and his answer a few days later was very positive. Nothing that I did foolishly seriously hurt the surgery he performed on me and the metal plates and screws in my spine are just fine! 

This was exactly what I needed to hear to boost my will! So, I made another plan that will allow me to take the time to heal properly and save money to invest in my boat and my dream! 

As much as I have a plan of my own, I teach all my tudents that God has a plan for each one of us, all based upon  good or bad karma, but today, and I am not sure if my plan resonate with the! creator! The future will tell you and I much more!

First, I will use my CDL license and drive OTR (with a thick back belt support) This driving job pays really good money! 

Then in time, I will return to Sea School in Alabama and retake my OUVP license, with God’s help and a lot of study, I should do it in a week!  

Then I will return to drive OTR for Fed Ex as long as needed because I want a safe and beautiful expensive boat to take many of you to experience Florida sunsets, (or night sky) fishing, snorkeling, or enjoying an exotic drink on the many sunny sand bars! 

Remember I am a DUAL this is why everything in my life is (like Trump) taking place in duality! Only if you are a student of mine and took my Divine Astrology course will you understand the fate and true meaning of a person born DUAL! 

Then I will immediately submit my certificate to the US Coast Guard to avoid another costly and frustrating mishap. 


Again, this will take hard work, dedication, and time but there is always light at the end of the tunnel and I hope you will follow me all along this new journey! Once I start working I will not be able to write as much anymore but I will post videos of my progress and experiences on my Facebook page. Join now!

God bless you all



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