HAARP and Age of Truth TV February 16th proof of Predictions


“For those who know me, my UFO’s predictive legacy and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!  Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

Announcement:  An old introduction to “The Cosmic Code Secrets” In preparation for my reality TV show to be taped in the streets of Hollywood, Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills California… A new version will be produced after my hip and back surgery following a bad fall in the Marshall Islands! I will be 69 on February 26th, 2019 so much to celebrate and enjoy still…

While our infantile science could never relate to the reality of  UFO’s and human abductions all they can do is to ridicule the phenomenon.  I can only offer the world the solid proof of the predictive legacy left by those  mind boggling encounters…  And this is what makes me just a bit different than other popular UFO’s speakers! 

I no way, in a million years, with such an attitude, will the skeptics, atheists, agnostic and all “educated” rational psychologists, psychiatrists and neurosciences at large be able to assimilate or attract such incredible “out of this world” experiences… Just because a magnet will never attract a piece of wood! 

A Powerful Message To The World 


Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order

Super-humans experiments Draconis Interstellar futuristic colonization agenda 

I will in time elaborate on the  “Gardeners of this world” and the Draconis’ progressive agenda but humanity is not ready just yet for such far fetched reality.   

Being “special” brings enviousness to insecure “young Souls” who dream to be part of the rare commissioned “chosen ones” group and their very attitude towards me, negatively seal their chances to attract the Divine but open the door to a reptilius infestation. 

Do not assume anything please, instead investigate and try to benefit from my life time cosmic work so you can in turn raise your own cosmic consciousness and attract the benevolent Draconis’ precious help. 

I am here to challenge your mind to the max and help you out of the religious, scientific or conspiratorial indoctrination box you fell in! You were lead by cosmic unconscious,  notorious “teachers” who never saw nor dealt with UFO’s ever.  Challenging you outside of what your have already accepted as reality is a task you alone can take and upgrade your own repertoire of wisdom in the process…

Those who pretend to be expert in their particular field are often the ones who lack the true essence of the topic they discuss…”  Dr. Turi

I know what I know to be true and it is not the product of a vivid imagination… My predictions speak the truth I represent and challenge you with!  Keep an open mind, investigate and do the mental gymnastics required to rise above misinformation and the old you. Doing so will make you aware I have much more to offer than what you could ever bargain for, and its all FREE! 

To the opposition I say! “What did you give the world lately?” 

Saw this on a Science page they trolled Astrology along side flat Earth😡Comments?

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

The reptilius at work within the “educated” scientific community!

Memo from Age of Truth TV Jan/Feb 2019 predictions: In one of our emails exchanges,  I was asked by Age of Truth Producer, Lucas Alexander if my predictions made on Joe Montaldo’s radio show came to pass… “Yes” I told him all came to pass!” We were joined later on by my good friend Dr. J radio Live where he once again confirmed my above 6.0 earthquake (s) and the December 25th 2018 deadly Asia tsunami predictions made on his own fabulous radio show!” 

Check more endorsements and my correspondence with NASA / USGS and the seismology Institute in Pasadena, CA  offering undeniable earthquakes predictions! While I do a much better work than what they could ever dream of doing, (for free) they would rather be caught dead than to learn anything from an Astrologer!

FBI visited Dr. Turi again, following Paris Terrorists Attack Prediction
Terrorism Predictions and the FBI
SOS- Phoenix AZ Police

This SOS to the world deadly window is now over after February 16th which is the centering given date. So expect more “endings and beginnings” and more importantly realize also that, somehow you WILL also undergo a form of an ending or a new beginning. The question remain, are you conscious and aware enough to assimilate and realize my cosmic teachings are real?  

Auto-analyze your life and realize if something new started or ended with you during this cycle and  it did for me tough… Today I had a very important meeting that will indeed progressively change a very important  section of my life! 


 Unconscious “young souls” will assure you, natural disasters such has volcanic eruption, tornadoes, floods and  6.0 earthquakes are happening “all the time” when they usually take place during my SOS to the world deadly windows. See example below!

All I can do is to “translate” those nasty cosmic winds manipulated by the reptilius (and no HARP or else) to produce all those calamities. Thus  using the same type of software NASA uses to launch the shuttle, I plot those cosmic winds I know those entities will manipulate to created chaos and kill humans.

Meantime it is a fact is; technology is not always reliable (plane crashes)  and can also be used to bother or kill humans i.e. NUKES, cyber attacks etc.,

But creating natural disasters or controlling the weather can only be accepted by those who have absolutely no cosmic consciousness and without any other alternatives offered to them, those rational souls can only subscribe to  conspiracy material!  Well I am here to challenge you to otherwise and dig into God cosmic design instead.

But I have a big secret to divulge to you reader…. I was wondering for a long time if I should do this or not but the truth is primordial in my world thus I have to be honest with you!

I am a part and work for “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program” and before making accurate predictions, I am always know the exact dates when we activate  this destructive technology that creates natural disasters! Or those collected news below… 

All I do is, make up a “SOS to the world deadly window” use the same “activation” dates ET VOILA! The results of my predictions becomes totally unarguable and this is what makes me so real!

But I can not keep such a secret for myself anymore and I wanted to confirm that; there is only a very fine line between pure imagination and Divine cosmic information… Thus trusting popular conspiracyTalking Heads  is the last thing you should do! Because I just made it all up and you bought it! 

Your karmic UCI (your critical thinking) or the way your process information is not “programmed” naturally to deal with  the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousnesses and to accept or assimilate my cosmic work easily.

Mostly because the majority of “well read,” down to earth human beings are unwilling or unable to do so! This does not make you an idiot though, just misinformed on the human mind reacting to an outside stimuli produced by the Universal mind and its interaction with the Super-conscious. 

My book “Beyond The Secret” will give you all the answers you need but “young souls” assume only, they do not read!

“Show me a reader, I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

I can “read the signs” because this is what God created the stars and the heavens for, to lead a safer more productive life by translating those “signs.”  In the name of religions and science humanity has lost so much over the years and infringing all those Universal laws always brings serious penalties.

This creates an endless humongous chaos,  fears, insecurity feeding the reptilius and the current, very negative state of this world!  Do you want this to change? simply change your thoughts and starve those cruel entities… 

However, trying to change your mind about religion, atheism or in this case conspiracy is simply impossible, especially if you have been “indoctrinated” for years by people who like you, have nothing else but conspiracy to delegate with… 

I have something very different and very reliable,  its called Cosmic Consciousness and this allows me to bypass the five rational, limited human senses and enter the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousnesses and make accurate predictions. That’s all, all is that and that is all…  

Image result for latest eye technology

Dr. Turi and O.N.M.T

While the nefarious reptilius group of ET’s poison the mind of greedy corporate leaders who handle this technology to destroy, the benevolent Draconis help science to use  formidable equipment to bless humanity, particularly in the eyes and heart surgery…

Soon this technological advancement will become our worse enemy, because the more humanity progress with their new toys, the more reptilius will use them against us by poisoning the mind of those who handle them.

It is just a matter of time before this formidable technological achievement curse us all and HAARP scientists becomes able to influence the weather and create natural disasters at will.  Our scientific community is working overtime to reach this goal but I can assure you they are not there yet! I can only hope this never happen because the reptilius already own the body, mind and souls of those scientists!

Meantime, like Nostradamus used to do, I use obvious quatrain and obvious keywords such has “beginning and ending of important phases of life” to offer you the main “color” or the particular energy that will produce those terrible news…

Only those who are fully cosmic conscious can “check” and forecast the movement of planets traveling through the belt of the Zodiac. And unlike NASA who assume the stars are nothing else than dead rocks hanging above their “educated” heads for the sake of beauty, our local system has a much more critical spiritual purpose  the scientific community and society at large has yet to uncover! 

And all religions created by the reptilius to induce more chaos, more pain separatism and abuses does not have the answer you seek! Vatican’s growing list of scandals and secrets. 

No readers, its not everyday that the president of the United State of America declare a national emergency, or catastrophic natural disasters kill and change the lives of thousands of people! No readers it is not everyday that a crazy infected soul decide to kill innocent people or well established businesses goes belly up and, in my case my predictions hit home, it is not every day that your mother is called back to God!  (see the list below.) 

 All you have to do is to check the endless amount of destructive news and “detect” the obvious energy (endings/beginnings) I translated for you. Most of all make sure again to auto analyze yourself and see how those cosmic winds are also affecting your own life at a personal level!

Think about it reader, may be the predicted “new beginning” mean you are starting a totally new spiritual journey with me and “ending” wasteful conspiratorial theories you were forced to accept last few years?

Sharing email:

Hi, Dr. Turi: 
My name is Dries //// and i am from South Africa. I came accross your video on youtube where you were interviewed by somebody.I listened trough it and in the end the interviewer ask if we can belief you, and you said that the listeners can test you by your predictions that you have recieved from alliens the dragconians i think, the 1st was for the 16th Febr 2019, 2nd for 24th  Febr 2019 and the 2nd March 2019. I thought to myself if that is the case i will realy believe that there are people that do get info from alliens. But the 16th came and went but nothing on earth happened, not even a large earth quake. The thing that i do not understand is WHY would you do that, or did you just hope that something would happen in this trouble times, to gain some popularity. I got all the dates that you have mentioned stored on my phone, just because i would like to think that we are in the end times, and that things are going to turn ugly for the non believers.
So i only want to know why??
Thank you

Thank you for your mail  Dries, but it seem you are misinformed, ALL my predictions came to pass… Had you left a message on the you tube video I would have email you the link to this page where all my predictions came to pass… You must never ever assume, instead be more curious – 

Blessings – DT


While this is the first explained SOS to the world deadly window, remember I gave Lucas Alexander 2 more dates (Feb 24th and March 22nd) on the original article published 02/07/2019 titled Age of Truth – UFO’s, Mystery of Death, Eternity, Karma, God, Heaven Or Illusion & Reincarnation Soul Trap” 

I will then publish “Age of Truth TV February 24th proof of Predictions” and “Age of Truth TV March 22nd proof of Predictions” for you to read and build more cosmic consciousness in the process…


Age of Truth TV Jan/Feb 16th 2019 predictions
Age of Truth TV February 24th proof of Predictions

“There is only a very thin hair between pure imagination and Divine Cosmic information” Dr. Turi

Note: If you paid careful attention to my words, I also mentioned on Lucas TV show to be ready for earthquakes above 6.0! and there is no denying the fact!

6.2 in Northern Mid Atlantic Ridge


Taken from original predictions article!

Feb 16th: Key words are: Beginning /ending of important phases of life at a personal and universal level. Natural disasters forcing relocation, earthquakes above 6.0 more details in the show!

February 16 (48 hrs centering the dates)

Nature Men To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many


America / New Beginning / Ending of War / Real Estate / Families Tragedies / Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation/ Forced Actions/Destructive Actions/ Weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned life For Many.




Our hearts are bleeding tears of love that will never dry Mother, my gift is also my curse for I saw the day God called you back home! Thank you for giving us life Mom, no words can express the love, the pain and sorrow we feel for you today… May God bless your loving eternal soul! Your son Louis

 “new beginning or ending of important phases of life,:  I never ever imagined that I was predicting the depart of my 92 year old mother! God Bless Her Loving Soul…

Image result for david icke

 David Icke Banned from the ‘Land of Freedom  Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life?

Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many?

Police officers armed with rifles stage near a commercial building where an active shooter was reported in the 600 block of Archer Avenue in Aurora, Ill., Feb. 15, 2019. (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

Image result for Aurora shooting victim's wife says he texted 'I love you' after being shot

Aurora shooting victim’s wife says he texted ‘I love you’ after being shot 

Image result for Trump declares national emergency to fund the wall

Trump declares national emergency to fund the wall New beginning?
Democrats to Trump: See you in court New beginning?

Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many

Image result for Australian flooding kills 500,000 cattle

“In my lifetime I have never seen anything like this.”Families Tragedies? Forced relocation?
Flood-affected farmers witness entire cattle herds wiped out by catastrophic deluge

Note Australia is 16 hours ahead of the US confirming my SOS to the world deadly window for 02/16/19 

The reptilius at work using the full moon (high emotions) to hijack cosmic unconscious human beings and turn them into vicious animals…  Watch the video that explain it all and share please-
State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert speaks during a briefing at the State Department in Washington, DC on November 30, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Mandel Ngan (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Image result for 3 injured after severe turbulence on Delta flight

3 injured after severe turbulence on Delta flight

AVOID flying during any of my 2019 SOS to the world deadly windowsand PURCHASE your ticket during a WAXING moon to avoid reptilius interference!  

Be safe become a VIP! 

The nefarious reptilius are cosmic conscious and uses all deadly cosmic winds (2019 SOS to the world deadly windows) to induce all sorts man made and natural disasters. They also hijack the body, mind and soul of their victims and lead them to act unwisely or commit horrible crimes against society! Knowing about your PDDor the UDD becomes a major contribution to avoid becoming a victim and lead a safer more productive life! 

Read more on this critical service PDD and UDD Cosmic Biorhythms Dates

Image result for Storm sends homes tumbling down hillsides

Men To Strike Hard

Infected Hackers Demand Over $2M After Infecting Thousands of Networks

Nature To Strike Hard

A whole generation’ of scientists mourn end of 35-year Hawaiian volcano eruption
Chile’s Planchon Peteroa volcano spews ash THREE MILES into air

With the precious help provided by the Draconis, we can starve the reptilius and refute the negative mental food those nefarious entities desperately need to survive and fulfill their agenda. The reptilius are completely and entirely harmless against any and all form of positivism and that is the “secret!” 

Not knowing the facts about the reptilius is VERY dangerous to us all because all humans, without any exception, are subject to various levels of mental, physical and spiritual infestation… In the name of addictions, religions, science, ego, power, racism and greed us all; and not only famous and influential people, could end up PSYCHICALLY infected

Furthermore, anyone promoting any form of fear mongering without offering a more progressive, positive solution or spiritual explanations,  is under the control of the reptilius! 

Man Is Suing His Parents For Giving Birth To Him Without Consent 

While I chose to use the universal negative flux to make “negative” predictions, the purpose for me doing so is because a magnet will point out north (cold/negative) and sad enough, people  tend to recall negativity more than positivism. 

Dr. Turi’s Famous 9-11 Prediction

I wrote these predictions almost 2 years before the date of 9/11/2001. The first prediction was in my Moon Power book, “Moon Power 2000 and 2001.” This prediction was also published on my website in July, 2000 and re-published By Stephen Wagner – Paranormal Phenomena Expert.

Furthermore; The  2008 global financial crisis ( and hurricane Katrina) was predicted well before it unfolded on George Noory syndicated radio show using the stars. CheckArt Bell Middle East “religious war” prediction too! 

FBI visited Dr. Turi again, following Paris Terrorists Attack Prediction

SOS – Phoenix AZ Police

But as mentioned in Lucas TV show, humans  MUST build cosmic consciousness in order to apply their will, or the part of God in each one of us which is much stronger than the stars and the reptilius combined! 


“The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought!”

We were made at the image of God and we create our reality each passing days, a reality that does not start nor stop at the boundaries of this dense physical world!  

There is a war in the heavens, the same war is taking place on earth, “as above as below” and 99,09 % of humans are oblivious of this phenomenon! I can only let you be the judge by looking, listening and watching an endless chain of negative, disruptive news…

As far as  the endless, eternal karma cycle is concerned, it is not only based upon the experiences provided by and on this world… Once you paid it all, you return to and become God and then, you alone decide if you can shut down the reincarnation principle on this earth and move on to a much higher vibrational system (and for ever!)

You may become part of creation itself by creating  all sorts of new life forms (new butterflies, new  birds, new plants and flowers,) as you immediately are able to create your own reality. The creative principle offered to you with new extraordinary senses are boundless and endless, your own imagination is your own limit!

This is why you are on earth to learn how to control your thought process, to create and and aim for love, light, progress, hopes, education, respect and all the beauty humans are capable of…

There are endless levels of existence above and below this earthy world offering much more than the five limited human rational senses can perceive. 

This level of consciousness vibrates at a very low speed and make it HELL on earth for us all until we  shut down karma (for this low level of consciousness) and move on to a much higher level of experiences with a multitude of incredible senses…  There is life on ALL planets in the universe, each Sun’s supports planetary life but not as you perceive it through the eyes  and mind of  a human being! 

Change your thoughts, let me free your spirit from the reptilius from fear and cosmic ignorance

Watch your thoughts; they become your words
Watch your words; they become your actions
Watch your actions; they become your habits
Watch your habits; they become your character
Watch your character for it will become your destiny

“Your Future Is: The Reincarnation Of Your Thoughts”.


Hello Beautiful Beings, 
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Dr. Turi 

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As soon as you become a VIP Cosmic Coder, you will enjoy more of my educational material. A real spiritual Master is a very rare thing join the world, be warned!


Dr. Turi

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Image result for uluru rock australia

Come and drink at the source of all wisdom


If you are one of those rare spiritual human beings in the ocean of life looking for my uplifting spiritual hook, and interested in learning more about the Cosmic Code, God’s cosmic divinity, Astroforensics, or Astropsychology, just ring the bell! We will open the door of a new world above for you to join our VIP’s in our Cyber Cosmic Code University! All the answers to what it means to be human and so much more is awaiting you!


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