AI and the reptilius effect could lead to human extinction!


DSC106[1]“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but Supreme wisdom.” Paracelsus

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity… I’m offering its secrets before I die. The purpose of all my struggles was to build cosmic wisdom and offer universal guidance and strengths to others” Dr. Turi

AI could lead to human extinction

Dear reader;

If you carefully read “June 1,2,3,4 – 2023 SOS to the world deadly windows” my quatrain and obvious keywords reflect today’s dramatic news with Bill Cosby and Jamie Foxx ‘Paralyzed and Blind’ From Blood Clot in the Brain.

Pay attention, return often to read and keep up on my warnings and please share with others to help me save precious lives! Thank you  DT

Open to the public on the Cosmic code private website 

Elizabeth Holmes’s biggest error was not to listen to the wise words of successful bilionaires like J.P Morgan!

I do not expect the young immature earthy infected souls to comprehend or even accept the critical extraterrestrial information I am about to divulge in this newsletter.

To them the “reptilius effect” is non existent and my “Havana Syndrome” explanation is ridiculous!

Only those born with an advanced, spiritually inclined UCI “Unique Celstial Identity,” will make a good use of my cosmic work or, what seems to others, impossible to digest and believe!

Not a single human being will evolve and learn at the same cosmic speed, since not a single human on the planet was born with the same stars…

This is why your closest familly members are strangers and friends who do not think, talk or behave the way you do are sometime misunderstood!

Yet, to a moronic young soul, this simple and obvious fact is also too hard to accept and assimilate!

The unevolved, religious or atheist souls, will assume Divine Astrology is only a wasteful pseudo-science and UFO’s are the product of a fertile imagination!

But do not ask any of them to bypass their ignorance and stupidity by suggesting to study the subjects! 

“Show me a reader, I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

While advanced technology can serio usly help humanity in countless areas, (thanks to the Draconis) the reptilius will make sure this technology is wrongly applied, in order to destroy humanity and inherit earth!

Its a matter of survival for those nasty ETs, they also need its precious human cargo and  with it, another reptilius base made of slaving infected human beings creating an endless chaos made of misinformation, lies, war and death.

The reptilius are like vampires, this rogue group of ET’s can only survive in black matter using humans’s negative psychical flux as critical fuel since they are the children of Satan or a representation of the forces of evil dedicated to abolish the future, progress, peace, security,  light and love.

They already own the far away planet Pluto located at the verge of our solar system, but the battle for new grounds does not stop there!

It is also taking place on this dense phsyical world between the reptilius, or Russia and infected Putin, invadin Ukraine against the Draconis or the US and its Europeans allies! And all was fully predicted months before unfolding if you care to check my claims in Russia, Putin’s fate – SOS TO THE WORLD WAR July 18, 2023!”

The reptilius who owns China, NK and Russia’s elites are also trying to contaminate our oceans, our forests stimulating lost souls to star fires and through endless, shocking natural disasters nevger experienced before to contaminate and stop the production of our food supply!

The endless benevolent Draconis’s war is raging above and below earth but the majority of religiously and scientifically indoctrinated/poisoned humans are oblivious of this cosmic fact and would rather ignore me than to share my warnings! 

Alarm spreads as a Russian floating Arctic-bound nuclear station is launched.

But how will this artificial intelligence curse your life at a personal level, you may ask? Children and teens are growing up/forced into using technology and they are the most vulnerable members of our society.

Popular websites and AI target good kids’ interests through powerful and complex algorisms, not realizing infected teens subconsciously slaving for the reptilius are targetting them. Horrific stories leading to teens’ suicide are much too common!

Responsible, concerned parents are working overtime to make a living and can not always supervise their children wich are slowly becoming responsive and succumb to the “reptilius effect.” 

The very large majority of parents, teachers including the earthy US Dep of education are somehow indoctrinated to refuse or ridicule my cosmic work, Divine Astrology and UFO’s.

It took centuries for the Iluminati who became infected with power and greed, to take control of today’ society and impose their will through all the news medias and politically oriented churches in charge of your limited, rational, scientific or religious education and destiny! 

And all infected corporations without exception, including “the Church Inc.” use AI making impossible for the misinformed conditioned, indoctrinated souls to avoid the pit!

“Jesus Initial Cosmic Ministry”
Pope Francis Astrology UFO’S Centuries of lies!
Christianity Judaism Islam Astrology & The Dead Sea Scrolls

What is the reptilus effect and how does it work?

The good news is; AI can also be used positively when the Draconis stimulate the mind of progressive scientists inventors…

AI technology catches cancer before symptoms with a full-body MRI scanner

Yet, without full understanding of the “good and bad” ET’s therories and agendas exposed in my UFOs movie, your perception of AI could be limited! Humans are not doomed since knowledge is power and ignorance is evil!

There is no day without a night, no up without down, no male without a female, no positive without negative, no knowledge without ignorance, no God without a devil and the list goes on and on…

Yet the part of God in each one of us or our will to survive and the light itself (the Sun)  is much stronger since it is naturally progressive, positive, loving, warn, nurturing and necessary for maintening life on earth.

r/QuotesPorn - "Sometimes it's not the light ahead that guides us, but the darkness behind that pushes" - /u/tralfaz66 [400x600] 

The light will and has always dominated the darkness as there is always light at the end of the tunnel and both needs each others as opposites to create and maintain life itself!

 The Draconis use the light generated by the life giver itself the Sun, it is also much stronger than the pitiful pit of fear, ignorance and darkness, nothingness making up dark matter or the black holes the reptilus must maintain to stay alive in the endless vastness of the universe. 

 in the endless galaxies making up the universe, every stars you see are suns that supports endless varieties of life, something your five limited, rational human senses could never perceive nor comprehend!

And as much as new stars and suns are eternally born another star or a sun dies! And the countless varieties of an unimaginable life is born or disapear in time and space. 

In those far away solar systems, the Draconis did not get the positive psychical support needed by the inhabitants of countless planets similar to earth and the reptilius swiched off the sunlight (death of a star) and for ever aneliated, its precious cargo…

Tyson and aliens

In no way can educated idiots from all walks of life relate spiritually to such deep cosmic reality, but no one should doubt the depth of the formidable ignorance emanating from the academical pride of an earthy human ego.

While the rational scientific wisdom of Infected De Grasse Tyson (born a Libra) is formidable and intertaining, never forget that; those who are experts on their particular field are, at an opposite level of perception, the least knowledgeable of the field they teach and pretend to be master of!

The universal “transmutation” from humans to dignified robots, is fulfilling the devastating reptilius agenda, all at the peril of the spirit.

Consequently, AI will target those born  neptunians and will classify them in the category of the impractical, the dreamers, the undesirable members of our society. Much like Hitler did with the Jews, the gypsies, the sicks and mentally disable.

Religious people, spiritualists, psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, original artists’s work will be rejected and so will souls born with physical or mental disabilities/deformities. 

Keep in mind that; AI does not feel nor compromise, its a machine dedicated to create perfection, speed and accuracy!

Unlike humans, AI does not think not react like us, it does not delegate with life using deep feelings or emotions, the technology was build by very cold, rational, extraordinary earthy mathematicians born Saturnians. 

Capricorn’s symbol is the Goat or the head of the Satan, evil, the devil, it is cold, calculated and non emotional, disciplined, traditional, conservative and dedicated! Hitler was born with the negative tail of the dragon in thwe sign o Capricorn ruled by Saturn, the great karmic malefic!

All scientists own a very strong Saturn in their astrological chart, as a rule they are dry, non-spiritual souls cursed with a formidable creative scientific logic.

Their details oriented creativity lack the critical objectivity needed to appreciate and assimilate the spiritual values imposed by God’s cosmic design and the aptitude to assimilate Divine Astrology symbolisms.

At their current stage of spiritual evolution, all those Saturnians born are forbiden by God himself to enter the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousness and can only perceive life and matter through their five, limited rational “educated” human senses.  

AI is nothing else than a very dangerous technological achievement, a very dangerous scientific marvel  reflecting the spiritual limitation imposed by the reptilius on atheists, skeptics, agnostics and “educated idiots nerds.”

A perfect recipe for unlishing a jusdgemental, cold, calculated tool that could end civilization as we know it today! Saturnian born are unable to perceive the Divine in action and linit the creative values of the human spirit.

The Age of Pisces (deception/religations) is the negative results of the reptilius hijacking the body, mind and soul of souls born Neptunians.

The Burgeoning Age of Aquarius is on its way to explore and imposes its own negativity by putting AI and science first as the new and only world’s reality.

The battle between those two ages extremes convictions and teachings ares plain to see with religion and AI or the atheists who are convinced they know better than a 73 year-old wise men like me and God himself…

Back in 1991 following my first  radio show on Art Bell talking about both astrology and my UFO’s experiences, I began to experience awful battles on various public platforms with infected souls! 

Infested souls can not communicate intelligently, nor read or investigate anything I produce! Their goal is to do as much damage as possible and hurt the name and integrety of their victims or those who do not adhere to their beliefs, conspiracies and vile actions.

Intimidating, lying and bullying is all they know subconsciously serving their reptilius masters sucking their negative psychical vibrations!  Over the years, those battles have intensified, and even my life was threatened!

Incidentally, those spiritless, soulless cold nefarious entities have; like the very large majority of rational traditionally educated scientists, agnostics, and atheists alike, lost the essence and the spirit of God.

Those “young souls” were born with an underdeveloped UCI  and won’t dare to explore the old art and science of Astrology, or even  try to under*stand (stand under the stars) God’s universal cosmic design and the reality of various groups of ET’s.

The heavy use of robotics will also diminish ordinary physical activity, and the human body will lose muscles density and with time, atrophy. Indeed, hard physical work will be a story of the past.

With an unchecked AI dominated by the reptilius effect, the caring, responsible human spirit will decay rapidly while the worse and ugly traits of certain humans will become dangerously proeminent!

I warned society for years “10/19/2016 Predictions for a reptilius infested planet” but as mentioned so many times before, who’s paying attention?

Unconsciously infected humans are turning into a malefic group of ET’s, who like fleas on a dog, must suck the blood of their victims or the very life force they need to survive on earth. Those dramatic physiological changes will become more obvious  with time.

Stimulated by the benevolent Draconis, scientists working on AI technology can drastically help TECHNOLOGICAL” space travel especially on Mars and all other planets making up our local solar system, since man  will never set foot on the red planet!

AI technology can drastically help TECHNOLOGICAL medical wonders and offer humanity better health and longetivity.

AI technology can drastically help TECHNOLOGICAl solutions to extreme weather and climate-related questions.

AI technology can drastically help TECHNOLOGICAl solutions to reach, listen and communicate and even work in harmony with our benevolent space brothers and help fight the reptilius agenda.

AI technology is like a razor blade or a scapel that can be used to cut off a cancerous tumor or kill the patient by unwisely mishandling such powerful technology. 

Lastly, the Draconis need your psychical positive thoughts, your hopes for the future and faith in the human spirit!

Without your help and sharing my cosmic wisdom, the very real potential of the reptilius effect, accidendally or purposely for AI to use/misuse such scary smart technology the wrong way (nukes) can still become a real possibility!

With Pluto (death/drama) in Aquarius (AI) the option for you to chose between good or bad, being positive or negative are endless and could also enunciate the explosive Age of Aquarius as being the last age experienced by humanity!

Some people nurture a fear of death, decay or fear of the future, fear of never be mentally, physically or financially secure!

Your response and healing process depend on the location of the planet Uranus (AI/reptilius/future) and Saturn (fear principle/building) in your chart. Knowing all about the location of those planets will become a major contribution for you to fight fear AI the future and Saturn the past!

You may contact to discuss your options on any of my services to start your healing process and start working with the benevolent Draconis.

On to the good news side, I do not foresee a nuke war or the “biblical” end of time since the benevolent Draconis are also responding to the positive thoughts of the many stronger people sharing and supporting my mission.

All I am doing is asking for your help to warn and educate others so we can all stop the reptilius destroying humanity and remove them from our solar system.

And to accomplish this goal, all we need is love, faith, cosmic education and the will to fight with all our hearts for our psychical, spiritual and mental freedom.

03/23/23 – Pluto in Aquarius SOS to the world-A SERIOUS WARNING TO ALL EARTHLINGS!

“God created the stars and the heavens fort more than the sake of beauty (or for science to marvel). He gave them to us for interpretation (Astrology) so that we may live a safer more productive life!”  Paracelsus 




“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life!” Paracelsus 


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