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6/14/2010 Watch “ALIEN CONTACTEE”

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Due to the extreme activity and great endorsements Director, Jeremy Norrie and producer J. Horton have decided to translate the UFO’s movie in various languages starting with Spanish, Japanese, and French! By popular demand, a new movie on Nostradamus’ Astrology has been released and another one is in progress!

Amazon Prime new documentary: Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology

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 I have decided to elaborate more on some of the responses I got from those people and offer them some explanations on their comments which might help them to auto analyze themselves and hopefully, free themselves from those negative entities.  Some will succeed, some never will!

Ty Parker – Hello Dr. Turi, I just watched your movie on Amazon Prime, Alien Contactee. I heard that you mentioned this girl dying and that she was a Capricorn. I too am a Capricorn (January 17th, same as Muhammad Ali as you mentioned) and have been struggling with chemical addictions that I cannot seem to rid of. Everything else comes extremely easy in my life. Money, relationships, etc. I wanted to thank you for making me realize the downfall that Capricorn’s can have with addictions. I will not be another statistic and have decided to stop right now. I’m going to do more research on the moon cycles and how that can affect my mood. Interestingly enough, I began contacting ETs a couple of months ago, however, I felt nothing but evil energy since I continued to use the drugs while attempting to contact. Again, thank you for introducing me to this, ultimately saving my life. You have gained another follower 💙
Check the endless chain of great endorsements! 

As a rule, a negative hijacked infected mind means also a deteriorating, unhealthy addicted body using legal or illegal drugs. Those who “subconsciously” slave for the reptilius can only regenerate with negativity and will go a long way to make sure their intellectual  “droppings” do as much damage as possible! 

Trying to “save” a petrified, infested mind is like fighting terminal cancer. Your chances of beating the reptilius mental poisoning are minim and in some cases, simply impossible.  

You may take the donkey to the water this does not mean it can or will drink at the source of all wisdom!

I took those examples below because each one of those lost souls could never get the very essence of my cosmic teachings about the reptilius and catch the rope of hopes to free their body, mind, and souls from those nasty entities. 

As a rule, reptilius infected people are negative, depressed, unhealthy, envious, greedy, and do not have many friends so support their wishes and constantly battle with close family members. They become repellent physically and mentally to all the people they come in contact with and offer no much but heavy, misplaced criticism to society or their products! 

They blame others for the bad decisions they made during their life forcing them to endure a pitiful, non-productive, hopeless life. They follow the same type of infected, religious, atheist, or racist, destructive people in power and could never assimilate my cosmic work when I explain the stars and fate of politicians i.e. President Trump or people from all walks of life. Hopes to build a better life are often non-existent and they are all oblivious of the reptilius’ effects cursing their destiny!   

  Thanks again my friends and supporters for taking some of your precious time to help Dr. Turi and keep my record high and clean.  As you read those negative comments please reflect on the state of mind of those immature, unevolved, non-spiritual negative and highly critical “young souls.’ If some of those comments offend you please go back to Amazon Prime ALIEN CONTACTEE” movie and click on Report abuse.
If enough complaints reach the moderators, negative comments have and will be removed! Thank you.
Blessings to all
Dr. Turi

Sharing emails;

MyAmazon?As a rule, truly infected cowards do not publish their names!
Very poorly executed and even less credible. I despise the fact that my curiosity determined me to waste my precious time with watching this documentary, which sadly seems to be nothing more than propaganda for Lous Turi’s “business”. Hence I’m investing another minute into helping you with not doing the same mistake I did. After watching it for about 10 minutes I simply turned it off. However, I turned it back on, hoping throughout the documentary that something more concrete or of substance would be revealed. If Lous Turi is not a sad fraud, then why would he accept a doctor’s title without earning it and then flaunt it with no shame?


Dr. Turi Rebuttal: Well by popular demand a new Amazon Prime Divine Astrology movie has been taped and will be soon available in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese.  This is another young, unevolved envious soul who suffers a serious inferiority complex! Those who need me the most to fight the reptilius negative mental infestation are unable to perceive this very fact~! Sad…

DT Rebuttal; Medical errors kill almost 100000 Americans a yearNCBI – An expert panel from the Institute of Medicine, part of the National Academy of Sciences, found that medical errors kill from 44000 to 98000 Americans each year. So much for spending years in school studying, conducting research, and earning your PhDs Paratopia! 

And this does not include medical prescriptions or opioids. I am a “Soul. Doctor” I never killed anyone since I started using and teaching Nostradamus’ safe homeopathic natural medicine back in 1991.  

DT Rebuttal: Let’ see how much good memory you will own when you get 70, my friend. Aging backward is what keeps me looking much younger I may add… Like you never screwed up Mr. perfect! 


Liz Robbins – 1.0 out of 5 stars The guy is mental.

I hadn’t watched nonsense like that in a while. The guy is trying really hard to convince you how special and important he is. No proof of anything, just words, words, words, mystical words, magical words, more and more words.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal: Another young, unevolved envious soul who suffers a serious inferiority complex! Those who need me the most to fight the reptilius negative mental infestation are unable to perceive this very fact~! Sad…


lack of facts and proves, his loss of memory , hallucination and distorted sense of time are all signs of mental disease.
Dr. Turi Rebuttal: My family and I will pray and wish for your angels to help you free your infected spirit from the reptilius so you do not end up in darkness feeding the forces of evil for eternity my friend! 


Rick Naquin – Tinfoil Hat Time
Yes aliens are very real as are some of the claims of abductions. The astrology, ehhh not so much. His story’s are fragmented broken up and hard to follow with details left out. The longer I listened the less I believe.
Dr. Turi Rebuttal: No much to say on Rick’s conflicting comments apart from that he has a lot of growing up to do! 
I am not sure how he got so many great reviews, maybe he has a big family that love to hear him RAMBLE. He was so awful, I had to turn it off. That is a huge statement because normally I adore hearing about alien encounters, but this man, just rambles and rambles. Please do not waste a minute of your time!
Dr. Turi Rebuttal: As a rule, a reptilius negative infected mind’s owner will never divulge his name. This is another obvious example of someone who is very envious and has nothing to offer humanity but unproductive “rambles”


waveonthesea – couldn’t give it zero
Watched the movie. He is a bit self absorbed. Got curious enough to look into his website and bought a forecast. Can’t even find the forecast in all the sales pitch, bragging, self-promotion and pleading for people to come give him a good review. He might have a legit ability but there is too much BS to wade through to appreciate it.






I can’t understand much of what he is saying. And what little I can understand, it’s all jumbled because it sounds like he’s jumping all over the place. I just can’t follow it. This is not well done at all.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal: Amazing excuse, 200.000 people watched this movie last month and he doesn’t understand my English? This a typical case of someone born visual, not audible who can only assimilate information slowly by reading. His mercury (the mind/assimilation/communication) must be located in a slow earth sign… Indeed I am a bit too fast and too smart for another slow brain! 


What nonsense. Sorta like listening to a TV preacher interpreting the Book of Revelations. This Turi character is a total phony, an astrology nut, and a (marginal) motivational speaker. He calls himself a doctor but his only legitimate piece of paper is a certificate in welding. WELDING! He claims a doctorate in metaphysics which he bought from a diploma mill in Sacramento.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal: Sakulin like Tom below falls in the category of skeptical “educated idiots”  who knows better than us all and where God, the divine, and spirituality have no place in 2020. Science only is to be veneered and respected. These people would never accept that modern medicine kills hundreds of thousands of people each year.  Sakulin nurtures a very strong inferiority and/or superiority complex and he is very jealous of the immense success I benefit from my UFO’s experiences.

He has had alien encounters? Consider that the only people who claim such encounters are yokels who always relate that the aliens primary interest is in their private parts. It’s similar to medieval claims of seeing the Virgin Mary with the claims always made by ignorant young country girls. Do we ever hear of aliens making contacts with professors at universities? 

Dr. Turi Rebuttal: Sakulin’s natal UCI seen quite “puritanical” and judgemental with an obvious problem with sexuality. With such an attitude I am convinced he could never get a date if his life depended on it! Women, as a rule, are very spiritual and this type of repellent idiots have no much to offer the opposite sex I may add. As mentioned in the movie, ET’s are not picking humans because of their academic accomplishments or position in the chain of power, just the opposite but he did not get that! 

Turi claims his first encounter is with some “big” aliens in a bar late at night. Any society capable of space travel would be, intellectually, far superior to those of us on Earth. Why would they be in a bar late at night waiting for teenage Turi and asking him if he wanted to play cards?

Reading other reviews on here it appears that this guy has a cult following. How naive can you all be? In my local newspaper the astrology forecasts are appropriately on the same page as the comics.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal: Exactly my point, why me and not him? Sakulin‘s ego is hurting because never in a million years could he attract such mind-boggling experiences. The cards playing is the “lure” the excuse used by the ET’s to perform and support a much deeper mystical purpose he could never accept.

Religious and deceptive Neptunians are cult leaders and like my smart students, patients, and supporters alike, one has to be part of a very spiritual group of humans to vibrate at my advanced cosmic speed. Lastly, anyone of those “Superhumans” intellect and accomplishments is well above this envious idiot who never investigated my well documented, dated, and published predictions. 



This man has a vivid imagination but offers no proof at least here. I’ve never heard of him, but his “credentials” are very bogus. I just don’t believe any of it. If you choose to pursue his fantasies further, try to be objective, not credulous. We all want easy, fast, cosmic answers to our problems, something to lift us up and out of the mundane to heavenly heights. But don’t drink the Kool-Aid; it is hypnotic wherever you find it. It’s why we have uncountable religions, fairy tales, cults, and spiritual groups; you’ll never go broke underestimating the naivete of people: They so want to believe in something larger than themselves. It probably has to do with our feelings of helplessness; bad things happen, and we can’t stop them. And we know that death is coming, so we frantically search for a reprieve. Maybe UFOs can do that for us, eh? Or some witches’ coven. Or a new metaphysical group. Unfortunately, perhaps, those just mislead us; however, they may offer us hope, which, even if false, helps us temporarily, which is what booze and drugs do for millions of people. Life is often hard, but using a false belief system will fail you in the end. There is no magic to be had; that way madness lies.  Report abuse
DT Rebuttal:Jim’s rigid UCI enunciates a born atheist or an “educated idiots” who’s unevolved spirit vibrates at a very low dense earthy level! His immature, rational, skeptical natal UCI is in part to blame here! My credentials are generated by very educated spiritually advanced people who took the time to study and assimilate my cosmic work! But as a rule, an infested mind only assume and never investigate facts!  Jim knows better than all the people involved in this phenomenon and those who support my cosmic work and can relate to my UFO’s experiences!  In no way will the power of the Divine, or God bless such a young soul and he is totally oblivious of his own reptilius mental infestation stopping him to investigate further. Another idiot who thinks he is better than all of us and God himself!
To those who know me and my cosmic work, no explanation is necessary, to those who don’t, none will ever suffice! Dr. Turi.


Eva – The moon has craters because there is no atmosphere –It’s a wild ride, that’s for sure.

DT Rebuttal: Eva with all our sophisticated technology and scientists watching the moon closely every day, when is the last time an object crashed on the moon and created a new crater? At least your title depicts you enjoyed the movie even if the reptilius stopped you rewarding my efforts to entertain and educate you. 


Jenia – Rambling nonsense – Look above. Look below to understand why society is falling apart.
DT Rebuttal: Your unevolved, rational natal UCIis forbidden by God himself to look above and enter the archetypal realm of Supra-Cosmic consciousness and accept the reality of UFOs and ET’s various agendas… Luckily for society and the world at large, you are a minority and the numbers of my smart supporters endorsing my cosmic work do not lie! What did you offer society today Jenia?  Your droppings benefit no one but help the reptilius you unconsciously slave for! Report abuse


Luis Rosante – 1.0 out of 5 stars so much cra…Another lunatic trying to control our minds…
DT Rebuttal:  A reptilius infected mind is unable to realize his mind has already been hijacked and the lost soul is under the full CONTROL  of those nasty entities… 


David Jordan – There needs to be Clinical Study of these People –  At the “believer level there’s nothing wrong with UFO religion People. there are many Faiths accepted in the World and if someone wants to believe in UFOs and Aliens there’s no harm. Even when People like this Nut starts telling the Lie’s that they tell, for whatever reason they probably know they are lying, and there still is a mental path back to normal. But at some stage they have told the lie so often, and have so much invested into that lie … they start to believe it, have become pathological, there is no pathway back to normal. It is at this point they are clinically suffering a mental disorder, and should be observed to insure they pose no threat to themselves or others. Their access to thing like guns, vehicles, anything that an irrational person might do damage with should be limited, and routine check ups should be done on them to ensure their condition has not gotten worse.

Both your fear of UFO’s and guns including driving makes it impossible for your infected spirit to perceive the truth I represent David.  STOP feeding the reptilius with your unfounded fears and refuse to slave for them! So millions of people like me who experienced UFO’s abductions and all the spiritual, sensitive, smart people who gave me 5 stars are nut cases and only you know better?  Note I safely drive a 80.000 pounds truck for FedEx to the East coast regularly to fight Covid 19 something an infected mind could never do! You my friend, need serious help and I suggest you call one of my psychiatrist or psychologist students and get checked.  Astro-Forensic Students Public Endorsements 


Johnny M – A Truth Seeker I am. Perhaps Turis believes what he states however it feels like a SCAM. This is a man talking about his multiple UFO contacts. Three of which were in the company of other people. We never hear from any of those people. The entire film is Turis speaking in a motivational yet vague way, while preaching his story. His predictions are general not specific. He is somewhat likable. Perhaps in his mind, he believes he is right in all he shares. I will meditate a bit more but in this moment it seems like a bunch of baloney.
I’ll be glad to connect you with my siblings’ johnny but as a rule, an infested mind is not progressive or discerning and consequently, I do not think you are smart enough to converse in French and get the requested confirmation! IF you take the time to investigate you will acknowledge that my well documented, dated, and published predictions are far from being vague (check next idiot comments about my predictions!) Yes, meditation is a good start to upgrade your lack of perceptiveness providing you stay clear from smoking pot! 

My LinkedIn page from a skeptic: Thomas Hawksblood Well if your earthquake prediction doesn’t happen then- Then what you will disappear or just make another prediction.  OH, what about the 7.4  in Mexico and the 5.6 in CA?

From Facebook – Dr. Turi your earthquake predictions came true today, California had a 5.6, you are making me a true believer!  Jennifer

Thanks for your great support Jennifer, appreciated!  DT


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June 2020, daily guidance and predictions… Posted by Dr. Turi on June 2, 2020, at 7:25 am in VIP universal – daily forecasts…

SAT., SUN., MON., TUE., WED. — May 23,24,25,26,27: RULERS — Mercury (information) and the Moon (new beginning):

Environment: The Moon’s waxing energy could induce stress on the faults so that many people will be forced to relocate soon following natural disasters. It’s time for her to stretch herself and restructure her inside. *earthquakes?

Events: Expect the military to make the news or perform deeds that will aid the general public and provide relief from disasters or war areas.


06/25/20 – 6.4 magnitude earthquake 279 km from HotanXinjiang Uygur ZizhiquChina
06/23/20 – 7.4 magnitude earthquake 11 km from Santa María ZapotitlánOaxacaMexico

Sharing emails with my readers is also an option to thanks my supporters and also reach and try one more time to “save” all those lost negative souls… 


Vincent  Don’t forget your tin hat – It’s sad, but there are people who want to believe in something so bad, they refuse to scrutinize even the possibility that what they’re presented with is complete b/s. Louis is just seeking attention, probably didn’t get enough being one of many children. He really reaches hard to connect random dots. Here’s a tip, if someone has to repeatedly say “You have to believe what I am telling you, what I am saying is real” over and over again, they’re usually not telling you the truth because they know what is coming out of their mouth is garbage.

DT Rebuttal: What is really sad is that; Vincent’s mind is so infected that it is impossible for him to distinguish truth from fiction and worse for him to miss the entire essence of my cosmic teachings warning him of generating negativity for the reptilius he unconsciously slaves for.  Indeed Vincent also suffers an enormous inferiority complex which makes him jealous of my success… All my supporters can do is to Report abuse and keep giving me 5 stars.
Mind candy –The left hemisphere of my brain is dominate in my thinking, so someone whose thinking is right brain dominate is going to view this differently. This program starts out slow with the speakers historical background…life story for about 20+ minutes.and.then works into the interest of the program.
ArrowRoot – 2.0 out of 5 stars

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