America a world of guns and lies?


“I translate God’s universal will, this is my God given gift to serve others” Dr. Turi

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This article is the one I have chosen to share with the public and while it was published before President Obama 1/8/2016 CNN’s speech on gun control “President faces critics in rare forum” and so I updated it.

In all honesty I am more than amazed of the power of Neptune upon humanity and the deceptive glory this planet offers to all the souls trapped in its quicksands… Much like any vicious gangs also ruled by this nebulous celestial body –  once in the entertainment matrix, the only way out is through death.

David Bowie’s “shocking/anticipated” death during my SOS to the World Deadly window speaks of my ability to translate a cosmic God speaking through me!  

The many years I spent performing in a band took its toll on me and there were days I needed a lot of alcohol to sing and perform on stage for hours.

While drugs were all over and used by all, I instinctively knew to stay clear. But the abuses lead me to contract cancer later on in my life. Luckily for me I am still alive today and I can only hope this reptilius evil to stay clear from me! Read more about Cancer and what to do to avoid of fight it! 

You are a child of the Universe, there is a reason for you to be! You were made at the image of God, you own the same creative power as God because you are a God in training on this dense physical world, all is that and that is all!

Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

Bowie is a perfect example of the reptilius infestation of the body, mind and soul of the majority of all celebrities who do not always pass of old age i.e. What could have led Robin Williams to suicide?

 Artists use creativity to display their musical, acting talents, gangsters use Neptune’s “nirvanic” powers in all dark corners of Hollywood making and selling drugs and engaging in all sorts of criminal activities… Bullets fly in raid on ‘El Chapo’ lair

Hollywood is no better than the drug cartel, only a little more sophisticated  and hides the luring power of this addictive planet behind the glittering, the fame and fortune by creating, rewarding and killing many of its famous slaves…   The lucky ones ruined, in Neptune’ residences mental or jail institutions! Others drown poisoned in his transparent watery blood…  

There is much more sex, consumption of drugs, alcohol and deceptive deals in Hollywood than anywhere else on the planet. I nearly fell in its trap in 1985 when I presented my “Master Tape” and 10 years of  musical and financial sacrifices in the UK.

When EMI heard my recording, they jumped on the opportunity to hook me in a deal that would have sealed my fate for ever.  To their astonishment, I turned their luring musical contract offer down, and walked away from Los Angeles tower building straight back into the Greyhound bus which took me back to San Diego. 

While I had already a recording deal with Phonogram Philips in Paris, I wanted more, I wanted America! Had I accepted and brought all my British musicians back to record in LA’s EMI recording facility, I would be somewhere playing piano and singing on stage and probably got  fame and fortune being high and deceived…

Read more of my crazy life! But something extraordinary took over me that day and told me not to sign up my life away.

I could not really understand why, at the very last moment of truth, something I dreamed for years did not mean much anymore!  I turn down my musical career and the dream everyone who knew me well knew I could reach!    Had I would have said yes and fell for Neptune that day, you certainly would not be reading me today…  

Then on August 1991 all became very clear to me when I was abducted above the same city by a UFO and started a much more complex more spiritual new career!

My new endeavor was more of an imposed mission that finally become very clear on May 24th, 2012 when Draco changed Terania and I lives!

Neptune world is all about lies and deception… “Lying for a living, that’s what acting is.” Marlon Brando

In fact our older VIP’s must recall my own words… “Being the best actor mean also being the best liar” and knowing billions are invested daily in Neptune’s creative power is that, what makes America “the best liar country in the world?”

On to the guns and President Obama!

Doing so will clarify my position about guns and trust Terania and I love and know how to use our guns!


Terania preparing to aim and fire!

We  received enough death threats in my life and I am much more cautious of “God religiously poisoned crazy children” than God himself. And we are well prepared to use them against anyone foolish enough  to come uninvited in our property!

My new 8 slugs shotgun

Say the word America and immediately Hollywood, money, power, fame and the American dream comes to mind! At least this is how it worked for me when living in Europe, but, primarily your natal stars decides your fate!  Only if you know about your natal UCI and apply your will can you beat those stars, and 99% of human will fail because of their lack of cosmic consciousness.

A magnet will not attract a piece of wood and the richest and best liar of all will end up running America… Those who are able to lure the gullible mass trough fears (or religion) will succeed! Knowing a negative Neptune is all about believing and deception, it is not surprising that religion’s rules America and the world at large! So politicians must mention the bible or God and get elected is part of the American political game offered to those aiming to control your life!  Donald Trump President?

If you think any Presidential candidates will do better than any of  his predecessors .i.e Obama, you are indeed delusive. Without the entire world giving up their ridiculous belief systems, instead work on their own cosmic consciousness and the removal of Neptune (religions / imagination / drugs) there will never be peace, love, respect, progress and security for America (and the world.)

Progressive Hillary Clinton  was born Scorpio and the Plutonic power she owns is quite similar to the one of British prime minister  Margaret Thatcher.  Scorpio and Leo ( Bill Clinton / Obama / Schwarzenegger / Napoleon ) strive for power and usually succeed in their corrupt quests!

But Hillary Dragon’s Tail in Aries (war) also makes her impatient, aggressive and the impact on her head/brain could become a serious hindrance to her health in the long run.  In fact I predicted she would not run but what I meant was that her stars would not help America either or would also turn against her in time!

This means before or after the Presidential election!

The past and the future or the eternal battles between the conservatives and liberals aiming for power is already set in the  UCI of all the politicians and the voters.  Their fat wallets can only help in the race of course. But both are cosmic unconscious and do not know how the ever changing cosmic winds will affect all human affairs!

Sad enough the religious/atheist herd could never make a good use of my work, but, luckily for me, the world is not made only of idiots, but curious and smart people… Smart people only pls! 

 Donald Trump is a Gemini born with a Gemini Dragon’s Tail, ruled by Mercury (The Lord of the Thieves) and this is why it may seem hard for some to trust him! He didn’t make his billions by always being honest with his competitions…Then again, who always is?

But Trump can tell the herd what they want to hear and use one of his many faces to get their approval! He is also at the same time, like me; very direst and honest. Remember I am only translating his UCI and expose his DUAL celestial nature because people will invent anything to grab your attention to fulfill their ambitions…

“I like America,” this is the title of one my old recorded songs when I was into music years ago! And to those who deny every-words I type, if requested I will play this song in Terania and mines “Cosmic Code radio show” to the public! Indeed I cherish this country which I now call home and probably until God calls me in his universal cosmic residence for ever!

I like guns and I will always endorse anyone fighting for our right to own and defend myself, Terania and our family.  But the same fear tactic will be used by politicians on both side of the equation. Donald Trump predicts ‘you won’t be able to get guns’

But who’s to blame Obama for imposing  more gun control laws? Not everyone should have access to guns and use them to kill innocent people, and this does not mean the end of your liberty to own guns.  CNN to host Obama town hall on guns in America

The founders of this great country’s  guns were very different than the ones produced today and terrorism was not a problem then…  I for sure would not care at all if all the crazy people or all the terrorists were allowed to buy and use only those old guns.

 But would think twice about allowing anyone to put their hands on one of these…

Times have changed and more regulations are needed in the sales of those deadly automatic weapons. But the rules are clear, in the fight against logic and emotions (or inserted fears) emotions and fears will always win and the politicians, (like the church)  will always use your fears of power (or hell) to convince you to follow them or refuse to change the gun laws.

Update: 01/08/2915; Last night on CNN, President Obama offered his real reasons to gun control without the presence of the NRA, a corporation where all the executives have the blood of children on their hands.

I enjoyed the President’s speech and his common sense but I seriously doubt conspiracies advocates heads and conspiratorial fears could ever be changed, and I will elaborate on the reasons further down this article.


Previously, in a video titled “See a Draconis ship chasing reptilius scouts above London skies” posted on Draco’s Facebook page I clearly CAPITALIZED THE WORD SHOCKING , knowing reptilius activity increase drastically during UFO’s visitations or in one of my January 2016 SOS To The World Deadly Windows.

Memo! But one has to become a VIP to read my warnings each first of the month!

January 11 //////////

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


Japan / Cosmos News / Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Space / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / Stunning / Baffling / Incredible / Lightning / Unusual / Humanitarianism / Children / Unrest / Discovery / Science / Earthquakes (always above 6.0) / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Technology / Television / UFO.

 And anyone can surely read the dated quatrain and keywords used to prepare them for such “shocking news.” Since then the world experienced 2 large earthquakes, the surprising passing of David Bowie and the  devastating EXPLOSION in Turkey! And its not over yet!


The reptilius agenda is to keep influencing human in to distrusting the police, confusion, chaos, wars and murder humans. Once exterminated though nuke exchanges and the Draconis’ human agenda over, this world will fall in the hands of the reptilius, dedicated to serve evil.

Do not produce nor endorse any form of negativity upon the world, for the reptilius can not exist without your fears

This is another perfect example to what President Obama was talking about last night on CNN and his message to get the guns away from infected crazy souls, criminals, gangs and children.

Indeed, NOTHING will stop crimes, thus the NRA like  Obama, is right! I have offered the ONLY valuable solution for years in countless of articles and particularly this video “In Memory of The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Victims …” which should have become viral if the world was not controlled by the religious and scientific and news media monopolizing matrixes!

All are working overtime to stop my crucial messages getting to you. And soon ALL my Google articles will disappear! 

It seem my controversial, educational articles are too sensitive for the religious, blind herd who want my message banned. all they do is complain to Google because they are  offended! I’m sure our radio show will offer more answers.

Why gay people are prone to suicide

Sad enough the Stonewall 2012 Survey discovered that 3% of gay men and 5% of bisexual men had attempted to take their own life, compared to only 0.4% of men in general. In the 16- to 24-year-old age group, 6% of gay and bisexual men had attempted to take their own life compared to less than 1% of men in general. Thus guns can also be used to commit suicide especial with young people who do not know NOTHING of their karmic UCI.

 Click on the links to read more:

But what those god fearing idiots do not know  is that; life is a constant process of changes that can never be contained and the past could never stop the future…

This is why I am quite confident no one will take my guns away or the system keep you in the dark for ever! But the people fighting to the death to constrict the future and the changes own a UCI that regulates their thinking process and deeply encrusted insecurity fears. But that’s too much for them to assimilate… the bible stories are something that do not demand much grey matter to investigate as factual.

The blind “herd,” not to confuse with the subhumans criminals, rapist, serial killers are all; cosmic unconscious and traditionally educated! That’s why I use the word “herd” because they were born followers, not leaders…

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

No one taught them about Saturn power in their chart – While Neptune induces deceptions, Saturn produce the fear principle, and if you were born with Saturn in Scorpio (power) or Saturn in Capricorn (government) it will be a natural psychical reflex for you to fear your government.

People born with Saturn (fear) in Taurus (banks) will always fear the next financial stock market crash and worry endlessly about money.

Souls born with Saturn (fear) in Virgo (health) will always fear the next disease and become health fanatics or OCD! Especially those born during the OCD generation.

For example people born with Saturn (fear) in Pisces  (religion) will always fear ending up in and those god fearing lost souls are easily radicalized and feel they must join ISIS religious fanatics fighters.

And this is just the beginning, but if I ask YOU, where is your Saturn location by house and sign that produces your fears what would you say? 

And if you are cosmic unconscious how can you understand and control your fears?  Now what about the “religious or atheist herd” dedicated to silence or burn us on the stake of their ignorance and fears?

There is too much work that needs to be done before people like Donald Trump, his supporters, and all other famous talking heads who own a public stage influencing your life and decisions accept and assimilate this kind of work.

While billions are wasted on politicians, on NASA, on religions and making movies they refuse to use financial support  to fight the government to have Astropsychology accepted into the educational curriculum for the real process of healing a humanity that has lost God cosmic Divinity.

FTC: These charities are shams, Help Dr. Turi instead!


The fact is; there is no changing this world faster than the Cosmic Code ordered and countless of humans will perish before they can appreciate or assimilate my cosmic work!

 In a world where political leaders and society assign themselves to religious archaic convictions and trust its infantile scientific community and its celebrities, only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity. Dr. Turi

The gap between science and religions or the physical and spiritual manifesto is widening each passing day and the true spirit of  a cosmic God more difficult to regain.

Especially when religions and science monopolize the information and control the media.  At this point, humanity is going backwards and while my work is still at a national and international level. I  am sure when Terania and I rebroadcast our Cosmic Code radio show, more people will join the Cosmic Code.

Share my message to bring forth humanity cosmic awareness and to help avoid further self destruction which equals mass extermination.

While the majority of parents, teachers and society at large is not salvageable and comfortable in their safe accepted religious or “educated” zones, the good news is; the technological Age of Aquarius allows all the spiritual children looking for the meaning of their lives, to watch those videos and those kids are the future.

Some of them should stop taking selfies or engaging in war games and watch us on You tube or listen to our Cosmic Code radio show instead!

But the will is stronger than the stars and sometimes regardless of one’s teachings, writings or inspirations, they may never get it. And maybe those are the type of people who will, through our cosmic coaching, one day become our more curious, smart spiritual VIP’s!

Solution: Universal Cosmic awareness –

Solution: Universal Cosmic teaching –

Personal / universal psychical growth through MJ12 commissioned cosmic tuition.

Be cautious, be aware, be smart!




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