“American Sniper” Born Killer Chris Kyle and Eddie Ray Routh – The Real Undiluted Story!


“American Sniper” author Chris Kyle dedicated much time to helping fellow veterans transition back to normal life. The struggle consumed him in many ways — and helped lead to his death.

Dear readers;

As of February 8, 2015 the worldwide Box Office for  “American Sniper”  movie  brought a gross of  $362 millions. Do you really think it is an accident for Kyle to be born April 8, 1974 under the sign of Aries and became the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history with 160 confirmed kills? Should Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse keep trashing Divine Astrology or pay more attention to Dr. Turi’s cosmic teachings?

Born April 8, 1974


Mars Governs the Aggressive – Warlike and Impatient Constellation Of Aries

All will hear my views and voice
Trial and error is my school of choice
Like a dragon, dashing and daring I appear
Fighting for those and all that I hold dear
I am ARIES, child of Mars ruled by Mars “The Lord of War.”

On February 2, 2013, Kyle was shot and killed at a shooting range near Chalk Mountain Texas, along with friend Chad Littlefield. The man accused of killing them Eddie Ray Routh  is awaiting trial for murder. But is he really guilty?

Let me explain why “American Sniper” became the most watched war movie ever!  Its because the “Lord of War” or Mars, the ruler of Aries is in charge of the world affairs. Our students will easily assimilate my words, but knowing 99.999% of today’s world is cosmic unconscious, I am not sure how many people will be able to relate to the factuality of my claim.

Indeed, Director Clint Eastwood, the writers, actors and producers creative  UCI  were  “subconsciously” lead by the 2015 Arian Draconis war like cosmic wind, to imagine and produce “American Sniper movie along with the anniversary of  Chris Kyle’s death!” But my perceptive, intuitive talent may not be understood or appreciated just yet, just because my own karmic UCI is about 50 years ahead of the norm.

In a more gloomy and realistic side,  Mars “The Lord of War” gave life to ISIS radical extremist group and its despicable acts *American hostage Kayla Mueller dead, family says. May God bless her soul! Kayla was indeed at the wrong place at the wrong time and was victimized by both, the 2015 deadly Arian Draconis and ISIS deadly Martial spirit…

Indeed there is no way for anyone reading my predictions to deny the warnings posted in  “Germany “Heil Hitler” 2014 Arian Draconis World Predictions” well before ISIS made such crude international news and Vladimir Putin annexed Ukraine! Indeed the spirit of Hitler at work!

“The Lord of War” will rule the world, danger, conflicts, large accidents  and will induce dramatic news of death and aggression. This dragon is also aiming for the children,  the soldiers, the Army and the Navy.” 

ISIS ‘BARBARITY’: Terrorist video shows Jordanian pilot burned alive

 Aries rules the human brain/head and many innocent souls were decapitated by ISIS.

Prediction #3 – A new  BLACK AND WHITE negative energy will birth from Germany and grow dramatically All over Europe, South Africa and the world. A strong sense of black and white self identity will worry many minority races during serious internal trouble with some youth battling the police

Heidi Squavier Kraft, a former Navy Clinical Psychologist took care of Chris upon his return from Afghanistan but, without cosmic consciousness, she could never really understand Chris’ psyche, his drive to kill others and his aptitude not to feel any remorse doing so, including his ability to beat mental degeneration.

Chris was Born April 8, 1974 with the Moon (emotions) in the deadly sign of Scorpio, right in his 8th house of death! Here is the answer to why he could kill anyone easily and suffer no remorse. Something only my students will comprehend because they took the time to learn all about Scorpio and the dynamics of Astroforensics and Astropsychology!

This is the perfect position of a “born killer” many investigators, cops and criminals own a strong Scorpionic element, all buried in their natal UCI, all easily and accurately provided by Astrophysics!

Girl, 11, charged with murder

I am a very educated judge, however, I do not understand why this child killed another child! 

January 5, 1975

Note also, its not an accident for Bradley Charles Cooper, to share the same Sun sign Capricorn as Mel Gibson, and my nephew  Mathieu Turi another very successful movie producer director from France.

In Chris’ dramatic case, the Army was a perfect platform for him to make a good use of his killer instinct / talents and destroy the enemy from distance.  But there is much more about Chris only my VIP’s will learn because the majority of my readers of non cosmic conscious and may find difficult to assimilate my cosmic work.

Knowing you are reading the very last of my educational newsletters, I am sure many “above intelligent” readers will join our Cosmic Code Cyber University for more!

Chris Kyle is an American hero, he was also a man who was neurotically / subconsciously lead by the cosmic code to become a sniper! Much like Michael Jackson became a singer or Schwarzenegger an actor  and Dr. Turi A Soul Doctor!

You are a child of the Universe, and there is very specific karmic reasons for your existence, aware or not, this is factuality! Something that took my entire life to uncover.

Human are all fated “characterised robots” of their UCI/stars and will naturally attract certain professions.  Brandon Webb a former Navy Seal, trained Chris and was always looking for the right type of person able to concentrate and calculate using all sorts of mathematical equations to hit the target.

What made Chris Kyle become a sniper and why was he able to beat  PTSD  and why he ended up being killed by someone he was helping was all written in the cosmic code.  Both Heidi Squavier Kraft and Mr. Brandon do not know anything about Astroforensics and the human inborn UCI and never taught to decipher the cosmic hieroglyphs. This does not make those people less skilled in their particular profession, simply inefficient in any diagnosis  and prognostics of their patients!

While both are dedicated to help our soldiers and well intended, trying to shine some light on PTSD is indeed an impractical dream! Their traditional education prevent them to do just that and make it impossible to produce the accurate understanding of Chris Kyle’s and  Eddie Ray Routh psyches. Today’ scientists will never be able to comprehend nor stop the ravage of  “predicted suicides” currently plaguing the Army, the Navy and all soldiers returning home from war zones.

The statistics report every day, 22 veterans take their own lives. That’s a suicide every 65 minutes. As shocking as the number are, it is purposely kept well below the actual figures by the scientific and pharmaceutical matrix and close to 1 suicide every 25 minutes.

The figure, released by the Department of Veterans Affairs in February, is based on the agency’s own data and numbers reported by 21 states from 1999 through 2011 and we are now in 2015. Mine are based upon the facts and the cosmic code jurisdictions something a born logical “educated”  OCG generation is oblivious of.

But while many ask what produces this wave of endless suicides and what can be done to stop it, so far there is no understanding to the phenomenon, no real scientific reasons or accurate  answers available to the public.

But I can assure you the various medical treatments offered by all medical “experts” is slowly poisoning the mind of all our soldiers. In fact science and religion is making the situation much worse and (as predicted) the suicides rate will explode within the next few months.  Every year the pharmaceutical corporations must pay millions in damages but who care when they make billions in profit?

  • 37,485 people died from drugs, a rate fueled by overdoses on prescription pain and anxiety medications, versus 36,284 from traffic accidents
  • Drug fatalities more than doubled among teens and young adults between 2000 and 2008, and more than tripled among people aged 50 to 69. But you will not find the right statistics in 2015 because it would scare the hell out of you!

02/02/2013  Explaining why Army/Navy suicides hit record level

PTSD, ADD, ADHD are new “scientific” names used by infantile science to rationalize on those mysterious diseases as science gives a new name for anything they don’t want to admit the real reason for. But I know it to be more of a regular poisoning of the subconscious mind leading to a steady mental depletion induced by legal and illegal drugs.

The only way to beat PTSD is to allow the spirit to regenerate through the Plutonic and Scorpionic houses.  This is exactly what Chris Kyle “naturally” did by helping others and keep “killing” only targets on the range. Then again, one may ask how do you regenerate a killer who wants to kill anyone and everyone? You can’t because the damage has been done and why it’s important as parents to do their jobs well. But science has yet to acknowledge the human UCI (astropsychology) and Astroforensics and in no way will the pharmaceutical corporations spend time or money in my 45 years of my homeopathic, safe and independent researches on the real working of the human psyche.

PTSD is the findings produced by a generation of well educated doctors who have absolutely no spiritual conception and nor awareness whatsoever of Astropsychology and Astroforensics. While you are reading the very last of my educational cosmic code newsletters I feel the importance of helping our Vets and pointing out facts only my VIP’s will get from the cosmic code website.

Thus if you know someone,  have a family members, or if you are are in the Armed Forces and need help beating any mental dysfunction, I am here to help our brave soldiers at a very serious discount. What could be against you to benefit from my gift is; the assumption that I am a psychic, Astropsychology is a pseudoscience and your religious or scientific convictions.

I am an efficient, cosmic conscious Soul Doctor and never, misdiagnosed or killed a single veteran by prescribing a regiment of nefarious drugs.


Eddie Ray Routh accused by fellow Marines of history of violence MUST be made responsible by the scientific matrix when he is the very victim of their “educated” ignorance.  SEAL sniper shooting suspect had 2 mental hospital stays thus how much medical junk do you think he was he forced to ingest during this time?

Why in God’s name the innocent victims of science have to pay the price for actions they are not responsible for? But how can society and the Jury fight a system that is designed to “dispose” of his vulnerable victims? If the 12 members of the jury was made of Dr. Turi and his students we would point out the real responsables and create a revolution, but the doctors names and career MUST be protected!  Because they are all part of the scientific matrix  making billions by killing you slowly!

Eddie was born in 1988 with the most addictive, sensitive Pisces Dragon in the zodiac! As a rule Pisces Draconis and Pisces souls are extraordinary susceptible to any form of drugs i.e. Bobbi Kristina also a Pisces! The chances for Bobbi to return to a normal life are extraordinary thin and someone must be found guilty, and not the famous doctors who took care of her for years!

Joan Rivers Was Killed By Her Doctors!

Michael Jackson was killed by his doctors dr.turi  (Google) 

In the medical aspect of Astroforensics, Pisces rules the subconscious and any planets, natal or hidden dragon found there will seriously influence the subject memory and mental process if legal or illegal drugs are used/abused. Explaining all about ‘Ghost Boy’ Trapped in His Body Using Astropsychology.

Serial killer dahmer inherited a Pisces dragon and used tons of drugs, and you wonder why he was consuming human flesh? The UCI of the most notorious killers ever are compiled in my book “The Power of the Dragon”  a book that all medical students, psychologists, psychiatrists, Neuroscientists, including  Heidi Squavier Kraft and Brandon Webb should read.

While this book can only become a bestseller after my death, its values can not be yet judged nor assimilated by today science and a religiously poisoned society. The religious, entertaining, scientific and sport matrixes are designed to stop you upgrading your psychical perception of the world you are living in. A world built upon lies, manipulations, deception, abuses, misinformation, educational control where my cosmic ingeniousness is ridicule and my voice muted!

Again readers, please help to warn more curious people on the  the upcoming Neptunius  depressive, addictive Draconis. This depletive cosmic wind will make the current unstoppable wave of veterans suicides situation much worse.

In reality science can not be made totally responsible because, today’s educated kids were taught to dismiss and ridicule the spirit and to them all, the Soul of the Cosmos is just a joke!

No one taught them about the deceptive luring power of  “Nirvanic” Neptune cursing humanity and the corporated illuminati are not about to divulge the truth to anyone.  Thus if you know a Vet who show signs of mental depletion claimed as PTSD or ADHD by science, medications will send them to a mental institution. More medications will turn them into zombies suicidal or sleeping killers like Eddie Ray Routh.

I know a few living very healthy WW2  Veterans mentally and physically active today! In fact one of them come regularly in my house when my old duplicator needs service. But like me, those nefarious drugs were not available to poison the mind of those vets who experienced both wars…  This phenomenon was created by a cosmic unconscious science who still refuse to investigate the cosmic code jurisdictions and ridicule the spirit and Divine Astrology.

All human were born with an healthy subconscious, but dramatic experiences and the use of drugs stimulate an irreversible process made critical by ingesting more drugs regularly.  Young ill informed mothers and their children are the first victims of a gullible humanity who lost its spirit and fully trust science…


Continued Rise in Autism Diagnoses Puzzles Researchers but not Dr. Turi!

Scientists link 60 RIDICULOUS genes to autism

 STOP the Epidemic of autism in the United States

 If you know a Vet in trouble,  a child suffering ADD, or if you need to beat depressions, start with me while you can! My services and live consultations  are much cheaper, much safer and my services are not feeding a fat abusive insurance company who could not care less about your spiritual health.

 I know how your subconscious works, I can with Astropsychology or Astroforensics depict the poisoning elements, remove them and replace with a great dose of spiritual regeneration.  Our medical kids do not know themselves, they can not auto analyze themselves accurately and know nothing of the spiritual world they are in. They have been conditioned by the scientific matrix to fix everything with chemicals…

A true efficient Soul Doctor deals with the spirit only, understands the subconscious complex mechanics, the cosmic code rules and knows how to provide real spiritual regeneration. Remember there is a big difference between education and intelligence and the statistics are quite obvious, traditional doctors are part of a drastic suicide problem they do not understand and will become a pandemic.

For the sake of all our dedicated, courageous Veteran, manu “Orgs’ are today in place offering all sorts of help. This is honorable but do our soldiers get the right help?  My work is designed to make you think hard, to use critical thinking appropriately, to challenge your perception of reality and offer you the undiluted truth.

 With this in mind, unless you start donating to the right people, to the right organizations I can guarantee you that my 02/02/2013 vision of “A serious upsurge in suicides” will get much worse.

I may not the president, have the national stage, or  the funds needed to fix the problem and while we have a powerful evil against me we need your help to save our Veterans and the public from Science financial masquerades and the atheists!

This does not mean I do not endorse science, just the opposite…  I admire the marvelous PHYSICAL incredible accomplishments of various scientists, but I resent a stubborn science unwilling to explore the mysterious, miraculous human spirit equally…


“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

Donate for the Universal cause  and the war veterans’ mental welfare.  Like all other public servants facing death regularly, our  brave Soldiers need to get back to their healthy spirit and a vibrant family.  In all modesty I can assure you readers, I am a big part, even their ONLY chance to survive the curse of the stars messing up their subconscious. Something all my students and I can only perceive, and something that will be erroneously perceived as egocentrism infuriating all non cosmic conscious sensitive souls…

Blessings to all my readers

Dr. Turi


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