April 2016 Forecast & Predictions by Dr. Turi Part 3


“If we use astrology for entertainment purposes only … how can the average person possibly distinguish the Divine science of Astrology from pseudoscience?Dr. Turi

4/9/16 – Will Smith died April 9, 2016, Lower Garden District, New Orleans, LA

On April 9, 2016, in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, Smith was involved in a traffic collision in which another vehicle rammed his SUV, causing a chain reaction with the vehicle in front of him. Smith was subsequently involved in a dispute with the driver, who became agitated, pulled out a handgun and shot into Smith’s vehicle, killing him and wounding his wife, Racquel, in the leg. Smith was pronounced dead at the scene and his wife was taken to the hospital.

And what if I could prove to you that; I “predicted” Will Smith’s untimely death and wrote all about it March 30th, 2016?  All you have to do is to check March 9, 2016 predictions below…

Born July 4, 1981 – RIP. May God bless your lost soul…

Will Smith was rich, famous but cosmic unconscious. He died on one of my April SOS to the world deadly window and right on one of his 2016 negative cosmic biorhythms. (Links are provided for you to click on if you do not understand a word or a sentence!)

Will was at the wrong time at the wrong place! Had he know, read and heed my explicit warnings (below) for that day, Smith would be alive today!

Sad enough millions of others cosmic unconscious, religious or atheist people died and will suffer the same fate just because of their skeptical or “educated” idiocy.   And fear, combined with an inferiority complex will be your biggest challenges to keep an open mind to what you may consider as ridiculous…

Lelia Jeffries “God told me to warn others that you are actually just insane and not to take any advice from you. The word “god” is nothing more than the product and expression of human fear” Albert Einstein

Indeed in her sentence above, Lelia just confirmed my wise words with her own spiritual immaturity.  Lelia is nothing else than a young victim of the scientific matrix, but who’s to blame an immature kid who grew up with technology and science?

Little does she knows like she does,  I passionately refute all man made religious folly but, like all immature souls cruising the Internet, she never read pass the title of my article or clicked on any provided links!

She may also have had bad experiences with religion and as a critical Millennials (Links are provided for you to click on if you do not understand a word or a sentence!)

She behave like a robot of her natal atheist stars. But she is much too young and obviously not aware of her inherited rational, idiosyncrasy just yet.

Amazing how an insecure young soul would assume to know better and ignore the wise words of a 66 year-old wiser man?  But she is not the only one and certainly not the last! “Paranormal Central Atheist Little Brat | Dr. Turi M.D.U.S.

And this is where acidic comes to play, because at this low stage of the human psychical evolution, idiots have nothing else but mental dirt to offer humanity!

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

Meantime, if time could be turned back, how much of his fortune Will Smith or his family would give me today to save his life, now that he is gone? Unlike you readers, those families did not know about my cosmic work and my warnings came much too late to save his life…  

My cosmic ingeniousness is not only extremely rare but very real and available! It is not once you die prematurely that you will need my daily guidance and predictions! The sample offered below will serve you well if you realize I am trying my best to help you assimilate the real identity of a Cosmic God speaking to me through his Universal design… 

But is a subscription to my work worth your and your loved one lives? Ask Will Smith family this question now that he is gone and the pain in their wounded hearts can never be alleviated or erased!  My younger brother died at the age of 15 years, the pain is still ravaging my heart and it is because of this dramatic experience that I wanted to know why a “loving” god took him away from us!

I dedicated myself to find out who god was and why he would not hesitate killing even a child in a natural disaster. This is WHY I worked so hard all my life, to bring you the clarification to what God truly is and the creator is far from what religions or the bible teach you…

And this is quite upsetting for all the born Pious Neptunians (Links are provided for you to click on if you do not understand a word or a sentence!) who are unable to exit their inserted religious poisoning! Introducing a New God to humanity is a monumental challenge God himself cursed me with, and battling two thousands years of misinformation is not an easy task! But when I tell you and offer you the proof that all the Popes were taught by the Vatican council all about God Cosmic Divinity, it becomes too much to accept the truth!

Christianity Judaism Islam Astrology & The Dead Sea Scrolls
Killing Jesus “Les Prophecies” | Dr. Turi M.D.U.S.


But there are a few steps any intelligent person must take before investing in my God given predictive gift!  First you must acknowledge the difference between a real legitimate Prophet and a “Sunday psychic” who may need more help than you do!

But why investing in Dr. Turi when, like millions of gullible people you can read your FREE daily horoscope created by an “Internet International psychic corporation?” But ignoring the phrase “For Entertainment Purposes Only!” does not speak of real intelligence or a wise investment of your time and money from your part!

It is important for any critical readers to make the difference between a legitimate cosmic gift and “entertainment only,” by taking the time to investigate my work! But this can not be done if you do not click on the provided links or never by-pass the title of my bulletins. “Maria Duval CNN and French Psychic Astrologer Dr. Turi.” 

This article is dedicated to all the wise souls willing to heed a God Cosmic Will I translate daily and avoid a premature death. Humans were born with “intuition” and this little voice will never lie to you! Once you read the forecast below,  the choice is given to you to apply your will following “your own little voice” and no one else!

You may not know but reading me today is FAR from being an accident, knowing the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought. Indeed only a  Cosmic God will hear and answer your prayers and all your questions, that is if you ask hard enough… And you just did!

Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

Your next smart step is to join thousands of other souls who were; like you are today lost, but finally found God Cosmic Light!  

“Let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code ceremonies for a cosmic God does not speak to fools…” Dr. Turi.

Small sample of one of the many forecasts posted every months on the Cosmic Code website for my VIP’s. Join us today!

SAT., SUN., MON., TUE. — APRIL 9,  10, 11, 12:

RULERS —  Venus (cherished) Mercury (traveling) and Mars (hazard/danger)

Work, Career and Business: Mars is still active, so emotional reactions at home and the office should be avoided. Use patience and diplomacy with who ever is around, and good progress will be made.  Make plans for the future and act upon them while the moon is new.  Money and communication will play an important part of this trend.

Partnerships: Some interesting news may come your way. You have your own free will so don’t allow Mars to let anyone force his opinion on you. With Mercury’s sense of exaggeration, do not fall for all you hear, and don’t be afraid to challenge people’s information. You need to use your intuition, and sensitive Venus can help you in doing so.  Use words of love and be patient with everyone; the new moon will induce a new energy in them.   Time to proceed forward, you are protected.

Family and Friends: Venus will bring an element of love and joy.   Mercury will make us very communicative, and Mars will further a desire for action.  This trend will be an interesting one where friends and family members will try to get in touch with you all at the same time.  Make the most of those beautiful stars and enjoy life.   Listen to a young person’s needs.

Love Affairs: If you use Venus’ “savoir faire” in any situation, you will win over Mars’ argumentative temperament.  A great time to show love and affection to those you care for. Avoid depressing conversations of your past, stay in the future, and look to the bright side of life.  If you were born under the fiery sign of Leo, keep a cool head with someone born in April or November.  An Aquarius may fall in love with you.  Get going and reach your wishes now.

Travel and Communication: Don’t let this trio drive you crazy, as you will have a million things to do at the same time. The strength of Mars combined with the speed of Mercury may bring trouble in your driving, so slow down.  Use precautions and take your time if you have to travel far; don’t let accident-prone Mars create obstacles.  Be alert and slow down and nothing wrong will happen. Make your future plans to travel now. Use my cosmic wisdom for safety!


Joao Carvalho fought for Team Nobrega for his whole career.Joao Carvalho: MMA fighter dies from head injuries

 (CNN) Fighter Joao Carvalho has died in hospital after suffering head injuries during a mixed martial arts (MMA) bout in Dublin, Ireland.


Environment: Keep in mind that impatient Mars is also with us and he doesn’t care for any of your plans; he may decide to create large earthquakes 4/10/2016 6.6 magnitude earthquake near Ashkāsham, Badakhshan, Afghanistan – 7.8 magnitude earthquake near Muisne, Esmeraldas, Ecuador or produce disturbing weather such as the Iowa twisters that killed two people and injured 14 others on May 17, 1999 – News of war and the Middle East (terrorism) could be upon us again. 4/12/16 – Air Force F-22s deploy to England  4/9/16 – ‘Man in the hat’: Brussels airport suspect in custody – B-52s joining fight against ISIS

 If he wins over Venus and Mercury, his destructive power will be felt with fires and explosions.  At least 75 die in India temple fire From the past under the same stars – Feb 24th window SURPRISES AND EXPLOSIONS!!! WATCH THIS DATE.  “Mars, the Lord of War will show is power, while none suspect, the surprise of lightning will strike”– Note: Feb. 24th- Algeria train bombing kills 18- A bomb exploded Monday under a passing train, killing 18 people and injuring 25, state radio reported. It was the latest in a new wave of attacks the government blamed on Muslim militants.

Famous Personalities: This powerful threesome may take the life of an important political person. Someone famous person may also meet a sad fate.    4/12/16 MMA fighter dies from head injuries – 4/11/2016 Crash kills drag racer – 4/9/16 – Ex-NFLer killed; charges filed April 9, 2016 Reality star dies from rare cancer  Be aware and be prudent.

Events: Pluto (ultimate power/ life and death) is in the sign of  Capricorn (politics)  He will keep stimulating fights and dirty secrets between politicians and someone may pay the ultimate price in the process.  Legendary coach’s son resigns – Expect drama and death all over. 4/8/16 2 dead in Lackland air base shooting – Officer slams girl, 12, to the floor This celestial configuration will bring real spiritual leaders to the fore passing on their inborn gift of teaching the fundamental laws governing all life in the universe. I am doing my part everyday to teach the world, and I need your support!  Expect news involving terrorism – 4/11/2016 Source: Terrorists eyed Euro 2016 – 4/8/16 – Paris attacks suspect captured and sexual secret to come to light 4/9/16 – Feds: Ex-Speaker abused boys –  Arrest made after viral attack video

Shopping: Try something new while the moon is in Aries, invest in tools or anything unique, great deals await you. Be confident in spending large amounts of money on clothes or jewelry now, they will bring you luck or the magnetism you’re looking for.

Suicide attempts shock Canadian communityRead WHY! and share pls –

Your next smart step is to join thousands of other souls who were; like you are today lost, but finally found God Cosmic Light!  

“Let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code ceremonies for a cosmic God does not speak to fools…” Dr. Turi.

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