SOS TO THE WORLD – April 8 total solar eclipse full predictions for 2024



“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone” Dr. Turi

“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior  wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth using his will is a magus and  magic is not sorcery but Supreme wisdom.” Paracelsus

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity… I’m offering its secrets before I die. The purpose of all my struggles  was to build cosmic wisdom and offer universal guidance and strengths to others”  ~ Dr. Turi


 The best way for me to describe what this solar eclipse will bring to the world in THE NEAR FUTURE can only be done with a few printed words and a quatrain I wrote years ago predicting the current state of our world, today’s deplorable political fiasco and both Russia and Israel wars…

In my desperate attempt over the years to reach and save our brave public servants’s lives, today I posted another warning! Read and share pls especially if you know or are a cop! 


Watch for terrorism, police dramatic death news, mass shooting!

There is only a very fine line between legitimate cosmic wisdom and pure imagination, here is your option to judge my work and I! Make notes and re-visit this article on the given dates.

  April 9,10, 11 – April 23, 24, 25

I will post the results of my prediction in my next newsletter and YouTube video with the appropriate quatrain and obvious keywords – Join today don’t miss anything!

I did reach the FBI with those dates since you will not get real predictions anymore on Coast to Coast am anymore!


May God bless the souls of all the victims of ISIS and cosmic unconscious French & US secret services

Neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry Divine Astrology and terrorism





German/Vikings Skin Alike
Black and White Red Blood
Fire War Violence  Passions Rule
God Nowhere To Stop Fires
Hitler’s Evil spirit reborn

Posted to the world on June 12, 2013 

Monday’s total solar ecplipse will take place under a mixture of Aquarius, UFO, NUKE, SHOCKING, SURPRISING SOS window Pisces (religion, drugs, jails escape) and Aries (Germany, wars) cosmic winds.

The collected news below (and those of the future, this is why you must comeback and read the updated version) once again confirms the quatrain and keywords used to depict various disturbing cosmic winds. Note also news ” from the cosmos” took place…

Elon Musk’s Mars ambitions for Mars branded ‘dangerous illusion’ by top astronomer

If you listened to my endless chain of YouTube videos and read my newsletters, for years I warned all my readers that NO MAN WILL EVER SET FOOT ON MARS!  Once again I was well ahead of the scientific community wich must read my predictions! 

Dr. Turi
You predicted that Musk would not get to Mars a long time ago .

My windows always depict SERIOUS natural disasters and earthquakes at or above 6.0



Rare magnitude 4.7 earthquake strikes New Jersey, felt across New York region
04/03/24 – 5.9 in Balleny Islands
04/04/246.1 magnitude earthquake near Namie, Fukushima, Japan
04/04/24 – 7.4 – 18 km SSW of Hualien City, Taiwan


Communication and electricity will be cut off, miscommunication and misunderstandings will become obvious. General loss of power is to be expected. Appliances, computers, telephones, televisions, planes, trains, trucks, cars, buses, all of these “tools” will be negatively affected by this cosmic energy. Expect lost of property, pets and computer hijacking (Republican lawmaker says Russian propaganda has ‘infected a good chunk’ of GOP base) and structural damages are expected!

Predictions no one can deny! Read more

If this is not shocking, I do not know what it is! Once again, my prediction of earthquakes above 6.0 is unarguable if you pay attention to my words in the video! A dog missing for almost a year found more than 2,000 miles from home seems also to fit SHOCKING news!  How many psychics or astrologers you know do what I do repetitively?
Yet few people can appreciate or recognize my UFO’s predictive legacy as real! If you think I am real, imagine what type of guidance and predictions I can do for you in a full life reading!  Email  for information.
A bus carrying Easter worshippers fellof cliff killing 45 people in the Mamatlakala mountain pass between Mokopane and Marken, South Africa.
Why would God kill his worshippers, is he trying to tell you something? Yes God does not speak his cosmic dialect to FOOLS! 

As always NASAmust intertain you with an endless discovery of new planets  and cosmic news! They are wasting immense wealth to convince you and your kids one day man will land on the red planet Mars!

But those oblivious “educated Idiots” and religious fools have no clue of God’s cosmic design speaking his will through the stars (Divine astrology).

My visions for the rest of the year are quite gloomy but I cannot be blamed for humanity’s total lack of cosmic awareness, corporate greed, stupidity, religious beliefs, and atheism! So expect more of this type of new below…

A boat motors by as the Bidwell Bar Bridge is surrounded by fire in Lake Oroville during the Bear fire in Oroville, California on September 9, 2020. - Dangerous dry winds whipped up California's record-breaking wildfires and ignited new blazes Tuesday, as hundreds were evacuated by helicopter and tens of thousands were plunged into darkness by power outages across the western United States. (Photo by JOSH EDELSON / AFP) (Photo by JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images)
The reality is that, as far as we know, and in the natural course of events, our world has never — in its entire history — heated up as rapidly as it is doing now. Nor have greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere ever seen such a precipitous hike.
I can only prepare you for //////// UFO’s predictive legacy!And while it seems all is lost and there is no hope left, it is NOT! But if ////////////
Was Jesus a man of color, was he white or even real? 
Your perception and acceptance depends on your upbringing “religious indoctrination” induced by the country of your birth and your parents and grandparents’ stars and personal beliefs. We are all geographically “cursed” by a religion that has been imposed upon its people for centuries. 
But ultimately the questions of faith and if Jesus was a man of color, white or black and real depend on your natal inherited karmic UCI or Unique Celestial Identity.
This is your spiritual inherited karmic DNA!   But unlike Jesus, my cosmic controversial but veridical spiritual teachings are not widespread and quite misunderstood even refuted by feeble minded people! 
Remember my cosmic teachings can only benefit those who are curious, spiritually advanced, able and willing to make good use of it! And nowadays, those people are a rarity!
I was born to rebirth Jesus’s initial cosmic Ministry teaching the will of “Our Father in the Heaven,” speaking through the stars or Divine Astrology!
My reader needs to delegate the undiluted truth I own, something that has vexed many religious sensitive people in the past! I am not here to blast an oversized ego; I am not Trump! My stars are much more dignified, dedicated, honest, and honorable since, as a spiritual trusted leader, I must teach and tell only the truth.
The bible say, we have been made at the image of God!  Thus, Jesus was like you and I, a child of Our Father in the Heavens or God, with the difference he also had contact with extraterrestrials…

Jesus was imparted (downloaded) a rare cosmic wisdom he could not have built in his short thirty-three years of life on earth.

Unless “downloaded” supreme cosmic wisdom by ETs as I experienced vividly, what can such a young age with not much experience bring to anyone?
And what kind of education 2000 years ago Jesus’s followers could reach?  The fact is he was surrounded by a wild and smelly, dirty bunch of uneducated peasants that needed a spiritual leader to make sense of their pitiful hard life to survive!
And they were not exactly hard to convince of any miracle like Jesus’ cheating death and being born again “Easter.”
In reality hopes for the “sinners” to be saved, is the representation of the death of a day and the promise of another day with the sunrise (enlightenment.)
It’s all about Astrology but a bit too much to teach anyone else than his 12 disciples or the real representation of the 12 Apostles, the 12 sins, the 12 virtues, the 12 members of a jury, the 12 months of the years, the 12 sign of the Zodiac, and the 12 houses making up your natal chart!
In no way could critical thinking apply to any of those people during those dark days… 
Because of this universal lasting religious deception, it’s very much the same nowadays, and one of the reasons you chose me as your spiritual leader. The problem is that there are millions of us out there and it is up to you to realize there is only a thin hair between religious deception and Divine Cosmic Wisdom…
But in no way can a deeply religious-born Neptunian person accept any form of critical reasoning since all his/her stars and beliefs are based upon deep incrusted emotions, faith and years of deceptive visual indoctrination! 
The same apply for Jesus dying on the cross designed to create and build guilt!
In France we used “La Guillotine” to kill people, and in the name of God I wonder why religious people would wear a tool of death or a cross around their neck. I do not see many French people wearing la guillotine to glorify the death of countless of people…
As far as I am concerned, I never saw the Virgin Mary, God, or Jesus in flesh but I have had direct phsycial contact with ET’s that left me with an undeniable predictive gift and obvious cosmic wisdom…  And this alone could make insecure young souls envious! Why him and not me? 
I am 74 and it took me all those years, including those ncredible UFO experiences, to own the words “sage and cosmic consciousness!”  To me, a religious old man (including Pope Francis,) or woman is a kid, at least as far as spirituality, UFO’s and true cosmic wisdom is concerned!  
Indeed those who are supposed to be the elites and experts on the UFO’s and religion topics, are often the least knowledgeable people you trust, listen to, believe, follow and put on a pedestal! 
OMG! in what a young world did I land on!
Religiously poisoned people are taught that anything to do with Astrology is demonic, yet again they are not curious or smart enough to investigate the facts and exit the deceptive box of fear and ignorance…  
Larry DeSantis speaks during an interview.
This man was in one of his 2024 positive cosmic biorhythms and the last to make it off the Baltimore bridge before its collapse
I am a cuspy Aquarius Pisces, the last in the Zodiac, “a terminal/ karmic sign” born without fate! My future is nothing else than the reincarnation of my thoughts and my understanding and handling of the super-conscious creative forces play an important part of what’s next for me or another Pisces.
My spiritual mission is  to lead and guide others to swim upstream towards God cosmic design. Thus if you are a fish you may also realize you could also swim downstream into the codification of thoughts books/bible/Koran etc. and religion (Joel Osteen) away from God’s subtle, immaculate presence in its celestial design! 
God does not speak his cosmic langage to fools! Dr. Turi
Were you born a irrational Neptunian  or a skeptic, logical Saturnian?
The answer is quite simple but the truth has been deeply buried for centuries by the “Church Inc.” in the 75 miles of the Vatican’s secret library. This makes it a serious challenge and quite impossible for pious people to build cosmic consciousness and study the power of the stars upon their lives!
Then our infantile scientific community promoted their own rational education and created atheism which I consider a serious mental disease… Hippocrate, the Father of modern medicine has something “educated Idiots” can’t accept or rationalize with because of their own lack of cosmic education.  But not all were born blind! 
Dr. Turi, I have learned more about what it means to be human in your week-long crash course in Sedona than the 7 years I spent in an accredited college.” Dr. in Psychiatry student feedback. 
Show me a reader, I will point out a winner” Dr. Turi
This cosmic wisdom was stolen from spiritually advanced people like me (and you) through inimaginable, abominable means of torture!  Hundreds of thousands of “white witches medicine women” and SPIRITUAL men paid the ultimate price and suffered an horrific dreadful end.
But this dark, shameful chapter in the Christian’s history will not be taught to your children at the bible study meetings in your Sunday schools! 
Nor will the damage inflicted by the Christians to native people!
The Illuminati and a politically oriented Clergy are not about to divulge their metaphysical secrets to you because sharing cosmic wisdom is also losing power and control above a fearful, non-cosmic conscious moronic populace. 
The worldwide results are dreadful with over 5500 different religions and denominations, and belief systems that have, through religious wars, induced more deaths than all-natural disasters, diseases, and other wars combined. 
The irony is during Xmas holidays, children are still awaiting Santa Claus to squeeze through the chimney to reward them for their good behavior, while parents are still awaiting Jesus’s return!  
All the while enriching deceptive, reptilius infected born Neptunians like Joe Osteen and Company! While I believe in God and Jesus our Savior, I am also aware of the misplaced financial rewards indoctrinating the children you take with you at the “Church Inc.” 
They MUST be “mentally build” by the state, they MUST become supporters of the universal religious abuses, all for wealth. power and political control!
Like an unstoppable cancer, Churches and other denominations are proliferating in the wealthier areas of your cities and spiritual towns (Sedona.) There is nothing to gain in small villages yet it is still a good investment with paysants because this village and its only chuch will grow! 
A new church is nothing else than another bank where the indoctrination of your children must remain for the system to exist, grow, and control their destiny and, in time those of their own children! Its a dead well planned end… 
This diabolic pit of both ignorance and stupidity took over 2000 years to dig, yet more and more misinformed and scared people are jumping in! But they do not know better they truly believe they will be “saved” and own the truth!
And they will do all in their power to convince you to join their church to convince themselves it is the right thing to do!  Those “lost souls” are pure in heart and actions (your neighbors, friends, family members, Scientologists, Mormons, witnesses of Jehovah, etc.) yet unaware of the devil in disguise! 
Thanks to the billions generated using the state systems to avoid paying taxes anabling them to afford endless and very costly ($350 000 for 30 seconds) of advertisements on all media, TV, and radio stations.   
While, as a concerned parent you want only the best for your kids, you are not helping them to grow without guilt and fear and control of an abusive system!
Many of you have not yet realized the humongous mental manipulation and the power of Neptune and its political deceptive power! 
And given a chance, as incredible as it may sound, hard-core MAGA Christians would in 2024, enjoy watching me burning on the stake! 

“He Who Conquers the Stars Will Hold the Golden Keys to God’s Mysterious Universe And Change The World.” Dr. Turi

But how can I, in this newsletter battle 2000 years of mental manipulation and total deception about the truth of Christ’s cosmic mission?

A word of caution for those born in February: Many young religious or rational souls will not understand your genius and your advanced message to the world. Many will try hard to stop and hurt you. 

 Jesus said to his disciples “go to the town and find the man with the WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces” … Is it interesting to know, I was born February 26, 1950, in the constellation of Aquarius (The water bearer) with my Sun in the sign of Pisces.

The above biblical quote was emailed to me years ago by a devout Christian who raised his own cosmic consciousness through my cosmic work!

The symbol of Aquarius represents men born with a stellium or a Mercury (Critical Thinking) in the sign of Aquarius making it dignified (or allowed by God’s order to enter the realm of Cosmic Supra-consciousness.)

Against all odds, the older soul is blessed/cursed with supreme psychical power which he must use to learn and then transcribe the Universal hieroglyphs (or God’s cosmic will) rationally (Einstein) or spiritually (like I do) for the benefit of humanity.

How can I offer the answer of God’s cosmic design when people flock to churches with their kids and refuse to educate themselves or even read my long, educational newsletters? 
People are the victims of a smarter and more abusive religious and deceptive political system established centuries ago.
People are misinformed and scared and the majority of those MAGA supporters are not cosmic conscious or smart enough to apply critical thinking and will instead offer Trump 60 bucks instead of trying to free their spirit and their children for FREE! 
The only good news I have for you, since I will never get any form of support from a religiously poisoned society is that! The New Age of Aquarius (UFO’s/technology/Astrology/the future of humanity/the stars) is slowly but surely taking over the deceptive Age of Pisces and will in time, make all religions absolete!
A much better understanding and use of God’s celestial creation await future generations and my mission is to insert the critical mental seeds to this upcoming wonderful cosmic enlightenment. 
A Neptunian relies only on his intuition and his/her spirit to deal with the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousness to translate his/her visions and predictions. Little do they know that there is only a very thin line between Divine Cosmic information, channeling and pure imagination! 
A true Neptunian is reluctant to engage in any form of rational studies and consequently is not cosmic conscious. He/she does not use nor understand the complexity of the super-conscious in time and space and the cosmic code jurisdictions, something that can only be revealed by mastering God’s cosmic design or Divine Astrology. 
The very idea of using critical thinking and mastering new tools explain all spiritual rules (outside of traditional religion) would also make them aware of their inherited celestial Divinity but it scares them. Going out of their Neptunian comfort zone and improving their physical vibrations is not an option!
Neptunians stubbornly trust only themselves, God, the spirit, and their mystical nature not knowing that God does not speak his cosmic language to unconscious fools.
All established professions require a form of education and the use of very specific tools! Imagine a mechanic fixing your car with his hands alone or a baker making bread without a mixer! 
Imagine a boat Captain driving a boat or a pilot flying a plane without knowing all the rules of the land, water, and sea. A Neptunian is unable to recognize his or her intellectual gift and capacities and limits and trust only God and their spirit! 
This is why taking and using any of my courses will elevate their cosmic vibrations and spiritual perceptions.
I taught and offered my Divine Astrology course to those willing to put in the effort and by building cosmic awareness, they now own the golden keys to what it means to be human. 
I also thought of the born psychic and suggested taking the Atro-Tarot course because this ancient art is all about the use of cards, the superconscious, metaphors, and intuition. 
 A born psychic can flourish and grow in its spiritual element, and become much more efficient than taking on a more demanding astrological study. 
A true born psychic is loaded with objectivity and intuition yet, they also lack basic critical thinking, and regardless of my elaborate and logical explanations, many of my clients have missed the boat to cosmic awareness and spiritual enlightenment. 
Neptune rules the Middle East and the youngest and deadliest religions (Christianity/Judaism/Islam) were born there, cursing the entire population and the world at large since Neptune rules the oceans and 3/4 of the world.
The deceptiveness and poisoning of the planet Neptune (gas / drugs / alcohol / medications / cults / religions / jails) has dramatic worldwide repercussions.
The burgeoning Age of Aquarius (UFOs/technology/humanitarianism/Astrology) is already changing humanity’s psychical vibrations and awareness… In other words, humans are slowly but surely becoming more curious about the planets’s impact upon humans and the world “the true birth of all religions,” educated, and smarter!
On the other hand, a true born Saturnian (atheist, agnostic, skeptic) is forbidden by God himself access to anything spiritual, including religion. The unevolved “Young Soul” has not yet reached the level of spiritual perception needed to realize and refine his/her awareness of the world (s) he/she lives in. 

Pythagoras | Biography, Facts & Impact |

Every man has been made by God in order to acquire knowledge and contemplate but not all men where born with the same UCI/stars. Pythagoras was certainly born with a strong Saturn or Capricorn Sun, moon, rising or Dragon!

God made those souls delegate the physical manifesto alone as we need reliable engineering (bridges / gearboxes / cars / tools / mechanics, etc.) on earth.
They can only perceive the world they live in through their five limited, rational human senses. God made sure their natal karmic UCI “Unique Celestial Identity” is earthy and loaded with Saturn’s restrictive down-to-earth low vibrations. 
“A magnet will not attract a piece of wood”
Unless you vibrate at my highly spiritual and rational cosmic speed you will be naturally attracted to me and my cosmic teachings… And those “super Humans” are quite rare! 
With the current warlike, aggressive, brutal Martian dragon in charge of this world (see quatrain below) until January 2025 the current state of this world is quite scary and will get worse.


German/Vikings Skin Alike
Black and White Red Blood
Fire War Violence  Passions Rule
God Nowhere To Stop Fires
Hitler’s Evil spirit reborn

Posted to the world on June 12, 2013 

Insecurity reigns supreme while egocentric politicians tear themselves apart and high Court lawmakers impose their religious beliefs, change the laws on our backs, and abuse us all. 
Taking care of your family and your bills has never been so difficult and if you think electing another cosmic unconscious president will change your life for the better, you are in LALA land!  
In any ways shape and form, if you feel depressed, insecure and lack of directions, we are here for you! Talk to terrania if needed 
Clienty feedback,
Dear Terania,
Thank you, the session was very insightful and enjoyable and I learnt some more astrology in the process.
I can highly recommend reading with Dr Turi. If you want to understand how and why things happen to you, the way they do and how you can make the most of the changing planets and their energies, the reading is for you!
With all the things that are going on around us, why leave home without a map!
And get a progressive reading for the year!
Thank you and God bless!
The current Aries/Libra dragon axis (as of July 2023) is IMPOSING changes by houses and signs and Mercury is telling you, you are not going in the right direction! Seek the light while you can.
You may be religiously poisoned and fearful of Divine Astrology. Your UCI “Unique Celestial Identity”may be too earthy and turned you into a radical skeptic or agnostic that ridicule the idea of dealing with the future a cosmic God has in store for you.
All the while missing the great opportunity given to you by Mercury retrograde to bypass your fear and skepticism…  As a rule, it is only when the student is ready that the gifted cosmic teacher will appear and it is only when you ask that you shall receive the rewards of your curiosity!
  • Knowing where your Jupiter (luck) is located by house and sign and what your natal and hidden dragons (past lives) are predisposing you for will become a major contribution for your success in this lifetime.
  • Knowing all about your true soul’s purpose, and the planets stimulating your second house of money and self-esteem is a must if you need to invest and build long lasting financial wealth.
  • Knowing all about the Universal Law of the moon is not only a MUST but critical to make steady progress in life, because the moon is much more than a dead rock hanging above your head for the sake of beauty!
  • If you are lonely and looking for love, knowing all about the seat of attraction between human beings and your Venus’s location by house and sign is a great thing! And the planet of love will lead you to your soul mate!
  • If you are into natural healing or concerned with your health, do not fear! Knowing and using all the planets accordingly blessing your six house of health and work is a sure ticket to live a long life and regenerate at work.
  • For good or for worse, you are set to attract certain signs of the Zodiac for specific karmic, often difficult purposes, and knowing all about your partner’s stars is the only way to make a relationship work harmoniously.
  • The planet’s blessing your eleven house of groups, wishes, and friends must be acknowledged and used so all your goals can be reached. Respecting the perfect timing for socializing can only add more luck on your way.
  • What is your mission in life? what God designed you for mentally and physically to achieve on earth? What is your best career choice that will bring you the respect and position you need? Let me tell you all about the specific universal laws ruling your chart and your life!  These are the questions you must ask to succeed in a fate written in light for you.
  • Most importantly, what planets are blessing your subconscious creative forces where magic becomes a reality? Do you know enough about your subconscious potential where God resides? Are you using those formidable forces accordingly and efficiently? Let me enlighten you on this amazing process!
  • Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil, did you watch my movie on the Super-conscious? Did you read my best seller “Beyond The Secret?” 

“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that we may lead a safer more productive life!” Paracelsus

If you are ready for me, I am ready for you and I can promess you I will change your life for the best! But before meeting with me on Zoom, please read the following! 


If you did not yet, you MUST read Dr. Turi FREE Astro-Tarot Daily Celestial Guidance And Predictions For All to benefit from my regular free guidance and prediction. 

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The actual hidden truth about UFOs

I am not only offended but disgusted by such a monumental UFO cover-up, yet I do understand the government and I intend to give you real answers! That is if you are willing and able to deal with the truth I own! 
“You can only relate to someone else because of your own experiences, education, your critical thinking and your intelligence!” Dr. Turi

Kirkpatrick a retired Pentagon official, and his team investigated every US government UFO sighting going back to Roswell in the 1940s, putting the findings in a report that the Pentagon released publicly on Friday. That report debunks multiple claims of alien visitations to Earth and of any purported cover-up of those visits.

First, I saw a UFO 30ft above my head and spoke to the MIB face-to-face, following the weird, dramatic experience I lost hours and to this day I am unable to recall what happened to me.
I also suffered a headache I would never wish on my worst enemy but the predictive legacy left by those encounters is very real!  Again, that is if you followed me and investigated my claims which are dated and well-documented on You tube, on Coast to Coast am national radio and television shows.

The two visits from BFI agents following accurate predictions of terrorist attacks are not made up either! 
I have always said that the government does not know what UFOs and ET’s various agendas are all about! How can they when like popular UFO researchers and “talking heads” alike their never saw nor delegated ETs mentally and physically as I did?
While they recovered spaceships and ET’s bodies, they have NO clues and no rational explanations available to the public!
I also said many times that those interstellar entities are not interested nor will they ever try to reach government officials or popular scientists! ETs are masters of matter, supreme engineers, and after highly spiritual people like me who have something, they have lost and are interested in! 
My explanations may seem to be much too simple yet only time will prove me right when they decide purposely to “connect” with humans! 
It is a psychical, spiritual matter that I am referring to but knowing 99.9% of humans nowadays are not cosmic conscious, into sports and religions true spirituality is missing. 
Scientists know all about the composition of the stars and delegate the world they live in through their 5 limited human rational senses, yet they know nothing of our solar system and all its planet’s spiritual purposes.
Unless scientists, skeptics, agnostics, atheists, and religious fanatics alike master and understand God’s cosmic design, in no way will they remotely attract, as I did, the incredible and witness the reality of our space brothers! 
You may start by watching my UFO movie on and what happened to me a few times with an open mind. Because a magnet will never attract a piece of wood, a more positive attitude towards Ets and UFOs reality will make a big difference! 

UFO’s – Roswell new Mexico Mind Boggling Secret Divulged!

Continued – Yes, I was asked to fly today to Reno NV but if you checked the latest news United Airlines plane diverted to L.A. in air carrier’s 4th emergency in a week I chose to drive!  This window explains Nostradamus’s 16th-century Divine Astrology methodology. 

It is obvious to me that I have a special connection with UFOs and ETs, but not everyone can see it or accept it. Many people who are considered experts on the UFO phenomenon have never had any direct contact with ETs or their agenda. And those who claim to have had UFO contacts cannot provide any evidence or predictions based on their experiences.

I am very different from them because I have endless proof of my incredible encounters through my predictive legacy and today is not different!

The idea is for you to join the cosmic code private website and be aware of all 2024 SOS dangerous windows and plan your life in accordance to God’s cosmic design speaking his will through the stars…

If you do not you will experience frustrations, waste precious time and lots of money and even lose your life!  My cosmic work is designed to benefit only those who are smart, curious, able and willing to build cosmic consciousness through my teachings! 

March 2024 SOS to the world deadly windows Posted February 29, 2024 at 7:12pm



March 6, 7,  8, 9 – //,//,//

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind Water to Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception to Strike

Japan / Asia / China / France / Italy / Gold / Cosmic – Space News / NASA / Nukes / Nuclear /  Freak / Bizarre / Unusual weird behavior / Space / Rocket / Missile / Explosions / Surprises / UnexpectedShocking newsShocking videos / Stunning / Baffling / unprecedented / Suddenly / Incredible / Strange deadly Behavior / Awakening / Bombshell / Mind Boggling / Crazy / Jaw Dropping / Lightning / Electricity / Fire / Unusual / Unexpected / suddenly / Humanitarianism / Genius / Children / Teens / Unrest / Fascinating / Genius / Discovery / Very old – Very new / Discovery / Invention / Science / AI / UFO’s / Earthquakes (always at or above 6.0 / Tsunami / Typhoon / Hurricane / Volcanoes/ Tornadoes / Airports / Airline / Aeronautics / jets / Planes / Balloons / Helicopters / Drone / Technology / Hacking / Cyber-attack / Internet / Electricity / Electronics / Television / Cosmic Phenomenon 

My windows always depict SERIOUS natural disasters and earthquakes at or above 6.0



3/8/24 –  6.0 magnitude earthquake near Pondaguitan, Davao, Philippines


Update 3/9/24 – US had prepared for potential Russian nuclear strike in Ukraine

I can only wonder with such impeccable timing, an unarguable vision, and such obvious repetitive, explained methodology I am not taken seriously by more people especially those in a position to help me warn the world!

Jesus legitimate cosmic ministry is not in the bible

Once again, I understand Jesus’s quote “do not give pearls of cosmic wisdom to swine!”  If you think my cosmic work is legit please share it, be part of the solution! 





President Biden takes his message on the road after fiery Union address speech!

The fact is the President’s performance was well above the expectations of the opposition and he shocked the entire world with his speech. The conservative MAGA expected an abysmal performance and were all in shock! Remember I translate the stars and not politics!

Update 3/9/24 –  The Democratic National Committee is launching a billboard campaign in northwest Georgia Saturday attacking former President Donald Trump and his allies in Congress, such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, for blocking a bipartisan deal to secure the US-Mexico border. Note Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene like Trump is a Gemini and she was born with the same dragon head and tail! She carries the same traits and character as the former President. Indeed a magnet will not attract a piece of wood! 


This photo from the US Department of Defense shows an "unidentified aerial phenomena."
US military developing portable UFO detection kits as Pentagon says no evidence of alien tech found
A tech company is growing diamonds in the desert
Space news-volcanoe
OTD in Space – March 8: Volcanoes Spotted on Jupiter’s Moon Io

Shocking videos / Airports / Airline / Aeronautics / jets / Planes

Tire falls off plane immediately after takeoff. See the moment
United Airlines plane diverted to L.A. in air carrier’s 4th emergency in a week
How an airplane toilet works at 40,000 feet: The extraordinary science behind everyday flying
It’s been 10 years. Is the world closer to finding MH370?
Boeing is shifting its employee bonus formula from finances to safety and quality

13-year-old has eureka moment with science project that suggests Archimedes’ invention was plausible
She’s a ‘child raising a child’ after being raped on the street
At least 287 school children kidnapped by armed gunmen in northwest Nigeria

Very old
Scientists take step forward in quest to resurrect a creature that hasn’t roamed Earth in 4,000 years
‘World’s oldest bread,’ dating back 8,600 years, discovered in Turkey
Man arrested after DNA helps crack cold case killing nearly 40 years later

Shocking news
At least 5 killed after airdropped aid falls on them in Gaza
Surfside condo collapse investigators provide key insights into possible causes of the disaster

More than 500 dead seabirds wash up on French beaches
France’s favorite cheese is facing an ‘extinction’ crisis

Japan / Asia / China
Hong Kong unveils its second national security law, aligning city more closely with mainland China
The creator of one of the most popular Japanese manga and anime series has died

 EU joins US to launch maritime aid corridor to Gaza this weekend

70 million-year-old giant dinosaur skeleton found connected from skull to tail


Once again if you read “SOS to the world Feb 28, 29 – Jan 1, 2 You Have Been Warned!” all the collected news depict the reality of my quatrain and obvious keywords reflecting all the anticipated news!


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