Archaeologists find ancient ASTROLOGICAL floor mosaic!



“If you make people think they will love you but if you really make them think the way I do then they will hate you”  Take a chance on your spirit, claim the undiluted truth, reclaim God’s cosmic Divinity,  think outside of the controlling religious, scientific and news-media matrixes in charge of the media!

Archeologists find ancient floor mosaic

Time to expose the truth about a cosmic God! 

Secrets of the Dead Sea Scroll – Dr. Turi MDUS

Archeologists uncovered a large floor mosaic near the recently-discovered tomb of Macedonian king, Philip the Second.

But how can the well read non cosmic conscious Archeologists offer the true answers or real meaning behind those ancient mosaics when all have lost the spirit and when all societies of the world are owned by the numerous religious and scientific matrixes?

The above discovery is a representation of “Hermes” the God of communication or Mercury ruling the sign of Gemini! 

“Indeed those who pretend to be the experts are the least informed on the topic they are all cursed to uncover!” Dr. Turi


tRANSLATED IN PLAIN eNGLISH  –   oCTOBER 2914 Mercury Retrograde Explanations

Messenger of the gods, God of trade, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, guide to the Underworld or Gemini!  My Cyber Cosmic University is dedicated to bring back the true identities of all antiquity cosmic Gods to humanity.
Hermes Ingenui Pio-Clementino Inv544.jpg

Hermes Ingenui (Vatican Museums). Roman copy of the 2nd century BC after a Greek original of the 5th century BC. Hermes wears his usual attributes: kerykeion, kithara, petasus(round hat), traveller’s cloak and winged temples.

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ADAPT OR DIE? The ultimate cosmic order  has been passed by God himself!

Read more about the direct connection between ALL religions and Astrology, the mother of all modern sciences. My work will serve the children of tomorrow and put an end to the ongoing battle between the pious Christians and the dry Atheists which are both oblivious of God’s practical cosmic Divinity!

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Life is a constant process of changes that affect everything, including science deplorable perception of the divine. Little do they know of the power of the supra-conscious forces altering the atomic structure of the human physical/spiritual body and the marvels of magic and the true power of Talismans!

The Magical Power of Talismans!

WARNING! A talisman is an object created for the purpose of adding and using specific cosmic energies in respect of the soul’s Unique Celestial Identity. The cosmic code eternal rules and universal ceremonies are  “trapped/casted” in the periapt and contain magical cosmic sacramental properties providing good luck for the possessor and offer protection from evil or harm.

 A full awareness of judicial divine / medical astrology must be acknowledged and respected by anyone making talismans. Any talisman casted or purchased during the “Blood Moon” period of October 8th, 2014 or under any other negative astrological auspices will induce drastic repercussions on the owner. Consequently, purchasing or making talismans without proper cosmic awareness is not only a waste of time and money but will prompt negative consequences on its owner. 

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