Are ‘Lucky Streaks’ Real? Science Says Yes and Dr. Turi Explains


Are ‘Lucky Streaks’ Real? Science Says Yes

Dear reader;

I say, I make my own luck and built my own American Dream because I invested physically and spiritually in the right profitable directions! But there is so much more at play the struggling soul is unaware of…

First read this interesting “scientific” article and if you are a professional gambler, by following my advice, your chances to win regularly will improve drastically… If you never gambled anything in your life, you have now the opportunity to gamble on Dr. Turi’s cosmic wisdom and be the sole  judge of my claims.

 I am only requesting you to make a decent donation for my cause each time you win. First to build good karma and keep the lucky cosmic juice going, second to build my first Astropsychology school for the children of the future.

First, read  Are ‘Lucky Streaks’ Real? Science Says Yes entirely and let me offer you more of my cosmic wisdom… The researchers, Juemin Xu and Nigel Harvey at University College, London, conducted the study by examining the online betting activities of people on sports such as horse racing and soccer.

As always the dilemma I face is; all the people involved in this researches are non-cosmic conscious and, as a rule, assume immediately I should be discarded because I practice  a “pseudo-science.” Right there, the very crucial answers I own and the 45 years of my own independent cosmic research is ridicule and my claims rejected.

How in the name of God can any scientist assimilate my cosmic wisdom if it is immediately rejected? The attitude of all the scientists/atheists I came across is not only very predictable but deplorable at best! The mathematical oriented mind of all the scientists’ UCI does not “vibrate” at the spiritual perceptive curiosity needed for them to assimilate my cosmic wisdom and immediate rejection does not help!

Astrology in Asia

But by-passing the enormous spiritual pride or their “educated/accredited academical ego” is in itself a huge challenge, especially when the soul is totally oblivious of its own mental short comings and unable to auto-analyze or unwilling to recognize oneself as such!

Even with the use as the most simplistic explanations, no progress has been done to remotely make a scientist or an atheist born acknowledge the following…

How can I speak French (or the cosmic language) to you, if you still refuse learning about the language itself?  It feels like trying to show something to a blind person or warn a deaf person crossing the street of an incoming car!  How can I teach anyone anything if the underdeveloped soul is unable, forbidden or unwilling to hear and grow?  And that’s what’s going on with Dr. Turi and the logical hard headed egocentric scientific/atheist community.

Its much like asking a religiously poisoned Christian, Muslim or Mormon to discard the deceptive books or the codification of thoughts their soul sank in.   It took many years of conditioned information for a pious or a scientist to build a real or imaginative perception of the world they live in. Knowing the scientific and religious matrixes hate each others and battle for supremacy, monopolizing the information through the news-media matrix  (and politics) built so many groups of human where separatism reign supreme…

The good news is, I was not “grabbed” by any of those institutions, and I was a bit too much for the army of Mormons, Christians or Witness of Jehovah knocking my doors over the years. My formal education is “hands on” experience enriched by an exceptional life. Indeed being “neutral” or curious makes you prone to experience the incredible and attract the reality of UFO into your existence.

And from those “out of this world” episodes, came all the cosmic gifts I own today, and all are very real. Remember a magnet will not attract a piece of wood reader, if you are an atheist, agnostic, skeptic or a Christian the chances of attracting the unusual, the impossible and UFO is ZERO! Incidentally this “educated” crowd can not even assimilate this fact… Talk about being smart?

UFO”s Are Very Real  –  And So Is The Legacy! – What Did They Do To Me?

But only those who are ready, or curious enough to investigate my claims, HAVE in their own, through pain, suffering and deception LIBERATED themselves from those institutions and mind set… Indeed salvation or psychical liberation does not come free… At least, through my Cyber Cosmic University the option for you to learn more about those matrixes is a solid  reality!

 To attract luck  you must fully “magnetize” yourself in body, mind and soul, and there are a few ways to do so!

  • Second, realize that luck is all about vibrations and attraction generated from both the physical and spiritual planes. A young, hard core skeptical souls, especially atheists can never either give nor receive from the astral / metaphysical plane because the soul is dry and depraved of spiritual life itself.   Remember an atheist intuitive life resemble a colorless, lifeless empty cold world, much like the planet Mars they one day hope to visit and live on.  Atheism is like selling your soul to science only and refuse to accept what can not be seen, nor touched does not mean it is not a possibility.  Only lazy donkeys do not change their mind and with it, the size of their “psychical” brainless/intuitive nature…
  • Third remember anything you buy or own act as a magnet and this is why I make various “Talismans” designed to boost your vibrations. For example if you are lonely, I check your UCI, locate your Venus (love planet) location and either suggest you to invest in some articles I own (I have TONS for sale as we are moving out of the US) or if you can afford it, I can create a  love/health/money talisman under YOUR specific cosmic auspices.

The Talisman of Charlemagne

But this is VERY expensive and time consuming for me to produce because I use and melt various metals and colored crystal and stones that vibrates at your cosmic speed.  If you are interested email me for further information but I would strongly recommend you to WAIT because I may have it already and will post a lot of pictures and information that may resonate with you in all my future newsletters.

Remember ONLY VIP’S can own my luck and all my possessions, I can not mingle my energy with atheists or religious fanatics and expect my powers to grow. Indeed your energy will mingle with mine once you own something that belongs to me and somehow, your own energy will also reach me. This is where the Cabalistic Candle Ritual come in to play so you can protect your own soul from negative entities or your enemies thought forms…

Again, in their cosmic/spiritual ignorance, let the atheists suffer the consequences of the cosmic code eternal rites and universal cosmic ceremonies… 

If you need more luck, then I would suggest you to read this article about Jupiter (luck.growth), look at the pictures at the bottom of the article, and invest in the only Jupiter sphere  I own before someone else takes your luck away!

  • Third,  INVEST in your 2014 Personal Cosmic Biorhythms and realize there will be days in your life you wished you had stay in bed! Regardless of what other people think or say, you are in charge of your fate and all that encompass cosmic discoveries outside of science rigidness. 
Candidate. Hydrated minerals in the 4-billion-year-old bedrock of Northeast Syrtis Major make it an attractive site for a Mars sample return mission.

NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Candidate. Hydrated minerals in the 4-billion-year-old bedrock of Northeast Syrtis Major make it an attractive site for a Mars sample return mission.

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA—This time, U.S. Mars scientists not only want rocks made with water but also rocks born in fire. At a 3-day workshop that ended here today, planetary scientists advocated for igneous rock–bearing landing sites as high-priority targets for NASA’s next Mars rover mission, scheduled to launch in 2020. The $1.5 billion rover, a near-copy of the Curiosity rover, will collect about 30 samples of rock and soil for eventual return to Earth.

DT rebuttal; Here they go again… And, as with the collected moon rocks, what will Mars rocks do for your family, your bills, your lifestyle and your life in general? Will those rocks help you pay your bills, put the kids through college, help your mortgage payment or put food on the table?

$$$$$$$ – Indeed YES it will if you are a part of the BIG pie and this well oiled abusive corporate machines – $$$$$$$ 

 Like the pharmaceutical abusive matrix endlessly financing science to invent more nefarious drugs, this crowd of “educated” morons NEED your money to survive and pro-create.

Would you rather have fun building extraordinary expensive little robots for Mars missions during your entire life (and the future lives of your kids) sucking the money of all the morons or share their meaningless painful life working in under paid boring jobs?  

The scientific community  believe they are much too educated and much too smart to own a normal job like you do!  When will the world wake up and see the facts as they are with this crowd sucking our resources? Mars (The Lord of War)  was designed by a cosmic God to serve humanity spiritually ONLY!  Imagine the incredible psychical progress humanity would benefit if I had  $1.5 billion to spend on my Astropsychology schools?

Knowing we may have only 50 years to fix humanity’s psychical welfare, this waste of fortunes is not helping and time is running out. 

As much as I am warning you about the pharmaceutical corporations KILLING you and your children, NASA and Mars One missions are parts of the same scientific matrix abuses. 

NASA Jupiter’s Trademark ‘Great Red Spot’ Is Shrinking and WHO CARES?

Memo: The pharmaceutical corporations are CRIMINALS! They are forced during any of their endless advertisements on FOX and CNN to mention ALL the side effects of their products. Usually followed by attorneys asking you to call them if you suffered nasty side effects or if someone in your family died after ingesting the prescription drug.  

Incidentally EVERY YEARS the pharmaceutical corporations are paying MILLIONS in damage but who cares when they make BILLIONS every years? This is a fact and this mean you and your children are just collateral damage they can afford to live with! But after listening to all the warnings, the gullible trusting patients STILL place orders and this tells you the type of moronic God fearing world we are living in and why the smart ones” are a minority in this world.  

Thus, regardless of the OBVIOUS warnings, like the lazy morons who decide to ingest dangerous chemicals to lose weight instead of getting active physically and apply the will not to stuff themselves with fatty food, the vast majority of HUMANITY is still refusing to heed my warnings and help me…

Billions are wasted daily, invested and exchanged  in the same wrong hands and endeavors. Humanity is building more religious buildings, more sports buildings, more TV and radio stations ruled and censored by the news-media matrixes not to forget more schools and universities where there is NO room for Dr. Turi and his cosmic wisdom!

Nostradamus and I, warn humanity to pay attention to real prophets and to recognize God as a cosmic entity…

God is an eternal, universal cosmic energy referred appropriately as “Dark Matter” by science and faith by Christians!

“Nostradamus tells us that in the Last Days all his prophecies will finally be proven true.  Unfortunately it will be too late for them to benefit anyone in a highly skeptical and doubting modern world.  The Seventh Millenium of mankind’s civilized existence on this planet witnesses an age of high technology and amazing scientific achievements.  God and His prophets are soon relegated to a rather insignificant position in a world more concerned with following its own path to perfection. “



L’oeil Du Droit A La Force D’Airain

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A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order”

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