President Obama, Area 51, CNN Matrix and UFO

August 16th 2013


”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

cost of raising kids

Average cost to raise a kid: $241,080

Dear Readers;

Beyond Belief Preview: Louis Turi

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Also I just finished a wonderful 2 hours radio show from the UK– “PLanet X”  Stand by for more information  or email the hosts if needed.

While the price of raising a child is set by the abusive educational matrix one must realize their real purpose and “accredited” signature.  Controllability offers the option to maintain their abusive positions and pricing and this is why traditional education produces monopolizing cosmic unconscious CNN media doctors “talking heads” endorsed and financially supported by  “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix”  

Having a child mean you should also be responsible of his education, I do not want any and I gave  Terania the reasons why. Unless I want to promote the Mormon religion or start an army in the Middle East by impregnating over 100 women there is no reasons for me to have a big family. Uneducated people tend to have very large families which will end up being supported by your taxes and bringing a child in this insane dangerous world  is feeding the matrix with his sweat and blood.

My mother had 8 children, all she did all her life was to bring life and my dad escaped his duty by dying on us when I was 11 years old. Becoming a mother is the most wonderful gift God can ever give a woman but the fact is, in no way during my tough upbringing could my mother give her attention to each one of us personally . She was much too busy cleaning and cooking wondering where the next day meal would come from than to kiss us good night before going to bed. And I though I had it hard? Compare to what the kids are facing today it was pure holiday for me! Sad enough  it seems the matrix need an endless amount of “flesh for canons” and I will not provide them with another little Turi to use and abuse.

The reason why Dr. Turi is not accepted by  the matrix to teach your children is not because my services and wisdom are not valuable but because the matrix can not make enough money from me. To enter the medical controlling matrix one must be very rich, “educated” brain washed rationally where the divine or the spirit have absolutely no voice.  Thus unless you get schooled by an “credited” organization, school or university a lifetime work based upon your personal experiences,  findings and values are nothing less than pseudo-science. 

Accredited mean you passed the test where we will offer you the option to make tons of money, get notoriety but you won’t escape the heavy taxes we will oblige you to pay to keep us  “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix”  alive and well.

For example in no way would I be endorsed or supported by any of the millions of Christian sponsored schools anywhere on the planet because I do not feed the  “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix” 

In no way will my supreme cosmic wisdom that would save police officers lives be recognised by the Police Academy and used by the elites of the Law Enforcement Agencies because because I do not feed the  “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix” .

In no way would NASA or the scientific community endorse my work openly while learning from Dr. Turi cosmic matrix because I do not feed the  “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix” 

The magic word the abusive matrix uses is “ACCREDITED” and their thick wall of protection can not be broken even with my undeniable ability to predict large earthquakes and the news before ending up on CNN!  Knowing that millions of people read my newsletters world wide, you are telling me that none of the scientists yet read this prediction published June 12, 2013 in “2014/2016 Arian Draconis Predictions?”


Prediction # 1 ////////////////////////////removed – non public but you can get an idea! ///////////// This dragon is all about IDENTITY and RACE will make many reform with emigrations, build walls between the US and America and revamp ALL that involve emigrations/foreigners in or moving to the US. 


Now can any of the millions of “accredited” scientists out there perform with such an obvious articulacy?  Where is their predictions? you certainly will not see CNN new kids on the block posting  on CNN but you will read yet, another cosmic unconscious “accredited”  young Talking Head named Laura Koran spreading her own ignorance to the media with “Don’t expect aliens.” Her very last comment “At least they still have Roswell, right?” speaks of such an educated ego, such a spiritual pride when she know NOTHING what’s so ever of the reality of extraterrestrials and the reality of UFO and their agenda on earth!

She was trained, brain washed about UFO but chances are she could also be waiting for Jesus to comeback to save her little butt! She is part of  “A Generation of Born OCD” and she has no idea she is spiritually constipated and yet, another victim of  “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix” 

So this traditionally educated, accredited little  tweet knows better than a 63 years old man and millions of other souls who experienced UFO’s and what the controlling matrix do not want you to know?    “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix”  is in for the MONEY, for the GREEN ONLY and could not care less about the truth and the facts! Jackson’s ex: Doctors were like vultures!

It is so obvious meantime, the reality is  99.09% of brainwashed God fearing morons would rather trust their accredited doctors while other invested for a future trip on Mars instead of my Astropsychology schools! How can you liberate and free humanity from fears and ignorance when  “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix”  already jailed their spirits?

There are as many matrixes as there is human endeavours, you are right now into Dr. Turi’s cosmic matrix and all spiritual doors are already open via the Internet.  Would you rather be in this prison jail system/matrix ruled by the evil I am trying so hard to warn you about?  Notice the alarm going off in the video as a serious omen for you to listen to me!

Inmates attack after all cell doors open?

Now this guy on his motorbike is also sharing is OWN matrix loaded with good intention and good acts…

GoPro, Go Good

So what is your personal PHYSICAL matrix about?

Are you jailed into someone else matrix?

Is that matrix influence good or bad in your life?

What part do you play in the matrix you belong?

Regardless you are jailed in  “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix”  because you have been educated, influenced, lead to believe UFO are only the product of Dr. Turi’s imagination and his cosmic work is only a wasteful “pseudo-science!”

On July 14, 2013 on the Gaiam TV show with George Noory I mentioned that President Obama would be at his lowest in August warning the NSA and the FBI  DIRECTLY for SHOCKING NEWS/EXPLOSIONS SURPRISES ETC. on a you tube video, will they take me seriously? The picture of our sad president above reflects both the powerful trustworthy wisdom I own and why you should take me seriously.

CNN Today August 16, 2013 –  Storm in Gulf ‘could explode’  – Explosions?

July 22/23/24 and August 20/21/22

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


Cosmos News / Nuke / Weird news / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / Stunning / lightning / Unusual Humanitarianism / Discovery / Science / Earthquakes (always above 6.0) / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Technology / Television / UFO.

Sakurajima Volcano Erupts in Japan: Largest Eruption in Decades Sends Ash Plume Thousands of Feet High

Well I have news outside of CNN for you my friend! its time for you to wake up or let the abusive matrix of education JAIL the entire world into a dance of evil you will never ever be able to exit!


“The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix”   as experienced with yet another CNN writer named  Laura Koran is slowly producing a society of agnostics, atheists, skeptics and accredited educated morons who will regiment a much stronger, stubborn, controlling DEADLY matrix in the future. Freeing your spirit will reveal the real you “The Man in the Mirror” others human beings and God’s cosmic face at work!



There can not be peace, nor respect nor security without knowing the part you play within all those matrixes!

dr. turi


LEARN ALL ABOUT YOUR OWN COSMIC MATRIX – Go UNDER your stars to see how you STAND then UNDERSTAND  how God designed you in the universal scheme of things. Acknowledge the part you play within your  (MPSI)  Matrix Personal Spiritual Identity,  so you can relate to others matrixes, all human beings UCI and God’s divinity as a whole!


My Background

Some of you have asked me and wondered what I am a doctor of, I generally just say, “Doctor of Metaphysics.” I use the name “Dr.” because I am a healer of the body, mind and soul!  I am not a physician nor do I have a doctorate from an accredited medical school thus since 1988, I killed no one. I got my metaphysical Mill Doctorate from the Light Church Institute In Sacramento, CA. it is accepted by the CA Board of Education, yes there are ways to legally beat the controlling educational  matrix! My good friends called me Dr. Turi because of my powerful healing gifts results and it stuck. I use that as my professional Stage Name but the irony is, I command more respect than any practising  physicians and taught many of them.

There is NO school that can produces an Einstein or a Mozart and no accredited University that would teach me what I had to learn the hard way the last 45 years of life, mostly because there is a huge difference between education and intelligence. Hiding behind a degree doesn’t mean a person ultimately “knows it all.” Very qualified doctors get sued everyday for malpractice because  Doctors kill 783,936 people each year, and ALL are from accredited colleges and respected Universities.

I never killed anyone, in fact just the opposite, I am a healer of the body, mind and soul and I used my own wisdom to win my own dramatic battle with cancer!  Because I am NOT a Medical Doctor, I do not prescribe dangerous drugs that will poison you in the long run and I also instinctively know they are all harmful to your health. I would rather prescribe you with my “Universal Blood Transfusion” any day than to undergo radiations. I have many students and some of them appeared in “Who’s Who in America” and various journals of medicine involving the latest cancer research surgery, doctors, practitioners, surgeons, who are very educated people from all walks of life. I have more doctors and college educated students, secretively and regularly following and learning from my work than you could imagine readers…

Once a psychiatrist student told me, “Dr. Turi I have learnt more about human nature in your Astropsychology crash course by mail than seven years spent in college.” He also honestly added that he had enough trying to solve people’s problems with drugs. My Astropsychology home course is quickly spreading all over the world as more intuitive students realize the true value of my “cosmic” work in its association with their rigid education. Many of them tell me they do spend hours regenerating their spirits learning and reading my newsletters and the results as their Universal/cosmic teacher is becoming more obvious with  the moon “scientific researches” I provide on the Internet.

Numerous people have devoted many years to getting degrees, “Piling Higher and Deeper” but this does not guarantee emotional, financial and spiritual stability. In fact because of “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix” many doctors have lost it all and are now rotting in jail!

If I had done that, I would have also wasted many years instead of pursuing the true cosmic wisdom that I now possess and share with the world. Remember there are no schools today, anywhere in the world teaching the cosmic code jurisdictions! I learned it all because no school will ever produce the next Einstein or the next Beethoven. A rigid traditional education, a degree and an accredited education does not make anyone better then you or me, it simply assure the survival of the controlling physical or spiritual matrix.

I have HANDS ON experience with such a rich unusual, extraordinary adventurous life.

Beyond the Secret is the fascinating autobiography of Dr. Louis Turi. It recounts his unusual life starting at birth in the Provence region of France, to his life in England and America. His experiences range from tragic to euphoric, mundane and miraculous, all of which have given him great compassion for his fellow humans. He explains metaphysical principles that apply to the different chapters of his life. There is much more in this life than the Law of Attraction. Other laws include metaphysical and cosmological aspects. It is an engaging read you will not be able to set down.

The incredible became my reality and that is priceless, this is why I am a teacher of teachers and a Universal cosmic teacher! There are no man made building that can accommodate the cosmic  glory of God and no school big enough to seat the millions of people in need to drink at the source of real cosmic education.

 I did it all my way in the school of life, where pain and suffering was a part of my life. This became a sure way to really learn faster anything and everything about human nature. Indeed “Incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share with the world.”

My findings on Astropsychology have been extremely useful to heal people and help them understand their cosmic identity, to auto analyse their gifts, shortcomings and virtues leading to a very specific fate, all written in light!  Judging by the thousands of letters of support I have received, (and keep receiving on a daily basis) I must be doing something right for the world – see Testimonials.

I do not have a PHD from an accredited school but I have other degrees. I have an ASME section 9 degree in welding engineering which I used on the San Diego and Pearl Harbor naval bases in the US. I also spent years of hard work getting my certification from the Royal School of Music in London and received the top Distinction Cup of Musicianship in a class of 400. I have studied many rational topics, and even learnt to fly helicopters and I am an expert in operating dangerous heavy machineries. Meantime my Internet enemies will deny all the solid proofs I have for them…

I am also an inventor of a new eye technology called ONMT or Optical Nerve Muscles Trainer. This research involves a very serious protocol designed for “accredited” eye surgeons wanting to investigate my new technology eye tool and its preventive therapeutic values. I am not a eye doctor yet I designed tools for those doctors and will train opthamologists to use the technology properly.

However, metaphysical pursuits have always been my passion and I became an Hypnotherapist first.  Uncovering and teaching the power of the Cosmic Universal Matrix and making unarguable predictions  became a reality for me.  My feelings, my stars pushed me in that direction from a young age and my well documented predictive work posted on my website is undeniable.

While I have nothing to do with Nostradamus per say, I found the astrological work of the Prophet to be most attractive to me. I decided to stay clear from ” Nostradamus’ curse” and instead spent the last 40 years of my life dedicating myself to revamp his rare 16th century methodology to fit into our modern society. With the help of a software company in Los Angeles, my Divine Astrology work has been incorporated into modern computer technology thus making Astropsychology available to all.

While working very hard on the US naval bases in San Diego and Pearl Harbor in Hawaii to make a living, I kept dedicating myself to incorporate the medieval practice of the great Seer into my own life and career. It is sad for me to endure the same fate as Nostradamus suffering religious fears and ignorance with small-minded people judging me, discrediting me because of my interest with the stars. And Nostradamus was also an accredited doctor and this is why I never bothered getting an “accredited” education knowing my rare wisdom surpasses the most educated man on earth!

If you stumble on this comment, when is the last time a geologist gave you the exact date for a quake above 6.0? Check August 20/21/22 2013 and see why you won’t doubt me for long!

There have been many other smart people interested in astrology wanting and becoming billionaires and the mother of all science will never die. In fact it growth and demands seriously scares the controlling educational and religious matrixes.

“Millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires so!

J.P. Morgan

Like me, many of those very successful men have suffered from the ignorance of closed-minded young souls born with a non curious, non perceptive, often destructive envious “cosmic matrix” but they all made history…

“The stars are the elixir of life” “All great spirits have encountered opposition from mediocre minds”
– A. Einstein

My legacy with books, CD’s, DVD’s radio and televised shows and my future schools will also make Dr. Turi name stand apart in my field of cosmic human endeavour and in all, my aim is to promote spiritual education that will benefit the children of tomorrow and the world at large. Without this cosmic spiritual fluid children are not allowed to regenerate and turn into monsters. 

Remember readers, once upon a time ALL criminals and killers alike were innocent, trustful loving children! What happened to them is; their cosmic umbilical cord was severed before puberty!  Who’s to blame, the parents or the teachers? “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix” is the sole responsible and this mean YOU ALL! if you still refuse to see the light and help me!


The majority of people judge me with their hearts and bring me to their cities to perform, to teach and even into their  home. They recognize the real me, my cosmic gifts, my services and trust me to work on and with their children. Many of them are extremely wealthy and successful and do trust me with their private lives, their business and finances. A magnet will not attract a piece of wood, and only when one’s vibration reaches mine can we “connect” and only when the student is ready will the right  teacher finally appear.

The young soul is not ready for the light and has not much to offer others. All they do is to feed the evil of fear and cosmic ignorance, stop the light and other advanced soul’s messages they are incapable of assimilating just yet. These tainted desperate souls will find no use for my wisdom; their own ignorance and hate becomes a blinding veil poisoning all. They are reflecting the darkest depths of an evil consuming they lost young souls… Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil, both forces are endlessly battling each others for ever and marks their poor lonely incomplete life of hatred where frustrations and limitations are their reward.

The reality is that many people don’t really care if I am a “doctor” or not, but will stop at nothing to hurt me and my integrity. They will use RIP OFF REPORT to make up all sorts of lies!

“For a start my name was spelled wrongly (Tynedale not Tinsdale) and my date of birth was also wrong (18 March 1992 – MY birth date is 23 September 1969) but regardless I popped the tape into my player and listened – I wish I had chucked the thing out of the window!!!!”


MRS. TIN HEAD  TALE – Another Successful Monkey Graduation

Mrs. Tinsdale, it is a normal occurrence for a Virgo young soul like you to be critical and lost into details and miss the tree for the forest. The way you wrote  “DR” Turi in bracket shows your inferiority complex while your  capitalized “ME” shows your humongous spiritual pride. I guess telling you all about your Aries Dragon’s Tail (past life as a guy, self centered manly obnoxious attitude and your failed endless relationships and warning you about your sarcasm; or the truth about your mental shortcomings is obviously something you can not handle too well! You certainly do not need me to tell you you are the best thing that could ever happen to this world because this is what you are thinking all the time while the rest of us are your pitiful servants!

Yes NO ONE is good enough or above you Mrs pinhead not even Dr. Turi and going public with your lies show your Scorpionic revengeful attitude cursing your 3rd house of communication and writing. But can you even recognize the nasty Scorpius Dragon afflicting your detrimental communication gifts?  Yes I am a bit too much for you and all point out I am a bit too real and too right for your liking! The good news is millions of my readers will see through your vile revengeful blind spirit and you’ve done nothing but arm your own self again… You will learn to accept the facts about yourself and correct them in time because you have only eternity for you to do so…

I know we are very busy but how stupid my wonderful soul mate wife Terania would have to be to make such an error on your DOB information when she is the most dedicated, conscious and details oriented person anyone could hope for to run a business! But souls sold to evil will stop at nothing and just love to lie.  Much like the other moron who wrote we never sent his his books! OMG! have mercy on your lost children and these are the ones I am trying to help with the undiluted truth about themselves?

Guess what Mrs. Pin head, if you want only good stuff to be said about your vile limited intellect why don’t you go back to church? They do attract a lot of morons with their sugar coloured religious Neptunian sermons where the true essence of God is inaccessibly .

Furthermore; she said;  “DR” LOUIS TURI is a fraud and a fake. I was drawn into his COSMIC CODE scam by falling for all the fake testimonials of his so called customers (most of who do not exist at all.)

I do not own nor run “The Phoenix Voyage” website, how could I make those comments up for myself?  Kerrie Wilson is the President not me! If fact I suggested her to give me access to it so I could remove the rare nasty comments but she told me it was not much for her  to do at all. Yes she is an angel of light attracting the essence of truth and as a Scorpio she sees through it all and this is why I am still enjoying/sharing her website wonderful mission and design.

Phoenix Voyage
“Inspiring Solutions for a Better World”

It is just the nature of their lower evil spirits and the ultimate fight between good and evil, intelligence and ignorance. However the fact is that; my accomplishment speaks for/by itself, and I suppose in some way that the price I have to pay that comes with fame.

Thus if you are a supporter of my work, please go to Ripoff report to tell the truth to the world and help me battle evil please. 

I am a true light teacher and I have taught traditionally educated physicians with accredited doctorates and I am proud of this fact (and their letters of support! scroll down to them) This is why I so desperately need your help to reinstate the mother of all science back into our colleges where it belongs and be accepted as a solid desperately needed discipline. So that in the future, well-educated doctors and teachers alike will make good use of my life’s research and pass it on to their children and the society at large through the Internet Universal University of Life.

Unless one knows and deals with the real Dr. Turi and not the one ruled by the forces of evil, you may never know the real me. That’s for me to know and you to find out that God indeed speak his cosmic will through me!

Love and light,

Dr. Turi

The Next 50 years Dr. Turi Predictions For The World



Supreme cosmic wisdom mean peace, respect, love and harmony for all!

ALL induced by the Universal Matrix,  the Scorpius Draconis or the Cosmic Code jurisdictions…

God And The Magic That is Us – The Declaration of Divine Cosmic Consciousness



Blessings to all my  world wide reading audience. Dr. Turi



About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.