Arizona sheriff and Dr. Turi Memorial Day Warning!


“If we use astrology for entertainment purposes only … how can the average person possibly distinguish the Divine science of Astrology from pseudoscience? ” Dr. Turi

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Arizona sheriff to Memorial Day travelers: Pack a gun and beware of cartel hitmen

Dear readers;

Deceptive Neptune, the Lord of Drugs and religions will be in charge of May 30th, Memorial day. Note also the moon will be waning (negative) this mean the nefarious ET’s will use the Cosmic Code and thousands of people will become reptilius infected (DUI) and end up in jail or dead.

If my May 27 shocking window spoke of the undeniable reality of my predictions involving earthquakes (above 6.0) Japan, nukes and a succession of shocking news, be ready to experience another different cosmic energy!

While I will never convince the traditionally “educated idiots,” the religious and atheist morons rejecting God’s real cosmic divinity, be sure ignoring the “signs” will become very costly if not fatal for many non cosmic conscious souls. Especially those cursed by their 2016 negative personal cosmic biorhythms. Those unaware souls will be at the wrong place at the wrong time and pay the ultimate price.

Dr. Turi M.D.U.S Psychic reading, street – level palm reader? For entertainment purpose only??? Be real, you will always get what you pay for! Divine Astrology is an art, stay with the master. Experience Dr. Turi’s Nostradamus 16 Th century rare methodology. Try Draco the ET’s mind-boggling universal and personal channeled predictions and be amazed. Test Dr. Turi’s cosmic gift with your FREE mini reading, E-mail for more information.

As far as Terania and I are concerned, we are staying home. We will not join the millions of unconscious people traveling all over the US because the roads will be deadly!  A movie and a dinner next door in our local theater is highly suggested, unless you are well aware of those upcoming deceptive, “nirvanic” cosmic winds.

This does not mean you can’t enjoy the holiday, just be very careful as you may be cursed by your 2016 negative personal cosmic biorhythms.

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As I did for the last few days of April 2016, if you are new to my work, you may return to this old article forecast to judge my claims, then heed my warnings for SUN., MON., TUE. — MAY 29, 30, 31 below…

Update – Neptune rule water, the oceans… Up to 4 major hurricanes forecast – Tropical storm warning issued for SC Join the cosmic code to read the full details…

“Let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code ceremonies for a cosmic God does not speak to fools…” Dr. Turi.

I am offering my world wide reading audience another FREE sample to what the last few days of May 2016 will bring to the world and the type of news you can expect soon after! May my predictions reflect on your critical judgement, your conscience and duty to help us saving human lives by sharing my cosmic gift to the world. Do not miss our 5 June 2016 forecasts!

Published 4/30/2016


Dear VIP’s;

Remember, New VIP’s joined us and read the following for the first time! As always, I may sound redundant to our older VIP’s who have been with us for years. Some newcomers may also post questions in the chat room and we ask our cosmic family; if you land on it before we do, to provide them with the help they need to navigate this website. So please bear with us, the proper introduction any of our forecasts is very important. 

If you ordered your 12 months “Cosmic Biorhythms,” do not expect those cosmic winds to be obvious in your life right away. Some people expect immediate gratification but, because of other cosmic code influences, some of those life changes are much more subtle while other will be very obvious. 

One need to practice patience and observations to make a good use of this service.  If you do not see anything unusual during those windows, it is mostly because you are not yet trained to perceive  the changes taking place during your 2016 given dates.

But for Terania and mines trained eyes, ALL our cosmic biorhythms, personal and universal never went unnoticed.   One must be patient, it may takes weeks even months before you realize how crucial it is to be aware of those Universal/Personal cosmic timings and how to use this work properly.  

All long lasting planets information and predictions such as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto  are incorporated in the new and improved “2016 Nostradamus Dragon forecast for all signs.”

This  eBook is now available and we can not emphasize enough how important it is for you to get it. You may notice some deep psychological changes taking place in yourself or on your loved ones and knowing where those cosmic winds affect you at a personal level is the option to control the outcome.

Sad enough, cosmic unconscious people will run to traditional psychologists who will prescribe dangerous antidepressants making the situation much worse. A natural chemical imbalance could be the result of both the effect of the 2016 Neptunius Dragon which will always fade away naturally after a few months if you know about it. And if you don’t, those depressions will turn into panic attacks and dementia. Thus my sad prediction of an upsurge of drugs, alcohol abuse, untimely deaths, and suicides. RIP Patty Duke another victim of medical prescriptions!

 And in the years to come if humanity makes it many of those  new laws will be retracted. It’s all about lobbyists corporate money and making you the docile zombies they need to dominate and survive.  

This Universal watery, nirvanic dragon is very deceptive and will lead to the legalization of weed all over the US because the greedy lawmakers can NOT think rationally! This dragon allows for many Americans, including women to be treated without respect publicly by an unruly, bully politician aiming for the white house. It doesn’t seem that the whole world will wake up before its too late.

Thank you again VIP’s. 

The invasive, aggressive 2014 /2015 Arian Draconis  devastating war like energy is now over but its legacy is still cursing the world each passing day with more wars, fires, more emigration disputes, more deaths, more racism and more human political stupidity suffering the power of the stars!  

And if you look at today’s CNN news, there is no doubting the spirit of Hitler’s Legacy (Trump) is quite obvious! Demonstrators storm California GOP convention to protest Trump – Protests rage outside Trump rally in Orange County; 17 arrested

People working for or wanting to elect Trump are fed-up and I can relate to that but change for the sake of change can be very dangerous.  Read more and share Pls

My work is NOT political, it is spiritual in nature and all I am doing is expose his stars to the world, like I did with many “Friends and Foes!”  I could not care less who you vote for or if you are for or against Trump! Remember that; it is not my purpose to stimulate your political choice one way or the other! 

And if you take my work personally, you may have a problem using objectivity… Many VIP’s left us because of Trump but those people were not smart enough or advanced to heed my teachings. We have some very close friends that are fanatic about Trump too but this does not mean we have to lose them because of their political choice. I can be quite direct, even abrasive at time in my delivery but maybe you should build a tougher skin to read and learn from me! 

Politics are a human thing.  There is no divinity in it. It is dirty, often rigged where lies, a thirst for power and control and manipulation override dignity and the truth.  

Most people are non cosmic conscious and can only see the stars and the moon as dead rocks! Read more about the Moon Universal Laws.  Doing so will assure you safety and promoting our work will always brings you good karma surprises. Indeed for any action (good or bad) you will create / collect a reaction, this is an unarguable karmic law and, in this case only if you try will you be able to test my claim.

If you did not do it yet, think of acknowledging and controlling the 2016 dragon and think of offering it to your loved ones. The Dragon is as real as can be and the new 2016 ebook version is highly recommended for real guidance and protection.  

The world of religion is changing fast and, victimized by the deceptive, depressive Neptunius Dragon a cosmic unconscious  Pope Francis is losing it! He sees a world where the evil of greed and power has no chance for survival and Christianity slowly disappearing.  His good heart and wise words can not be heard nor respected anymore and perceived as a waste of time by a growing atheist society! 

The mental stress Pope Francis is experiencing may lead you to suffer the same fate as Mother Theresa who finally gave in to the reptilius…  Depression, Dementia, Suicide and the Reptilius Universal Infestation” – “Who was Jesus?” and with more people passing security and entering the White House I hope my prediction of President Obama (and Pope Francis’ assassination) to never come to pass, but all we can do is pray and hope for their safety. 

The real option to have a true rewarding, exciting life is to be educated and respect the cosmic code jurisdictions and gain full cosmic consciousness.  If you are a newcomer please get to know about our work and by watching some of my YouTube videos posted on this page.

Tell your friends to join us in the Cosmic Code and work in harmony with the Universe and God’s celestial will. Because this is what will make the difference between being at the right time and/or at the right place or even possibly being killed by yet another “Act of God!”

Yes knowledge is power, ignorance is evil and I am glad we can blow this vital cosmic fluid to your spirit. Be smart, be wise. You are a child of the Universe and you need to learn how to hear, read and heed God’ signs.

 “If you are not happy or something is missing in your life it is simply because you do not live your destiny as intended by God through the Cosmic Code” ask and you shall receive!

May at a glance – Note this colorful calendar is not part of my “Divine Astrology” methodology work and used for rapid traditional dates/moon checking only.   The red dates should not be used as a part my SOS to the world 3 days windows (universal) or as your negative (personal) cosmic biorhythms days. 

The following is the current monthly modern astrology  calendar complete with universal astrological information, including planetary aspects, void of course Moon data, and Moon signs. Note: Time is Eastern Time (Daylight Savings Time is observed).

Astropsychology is very different and use no time, only for rising readings or Astro-Carto-Graphy relocation charts involving precise longitude and latitude. We always use the time you provide us with but Divine Astrology methodology is much more objective and undeniably accurate forecasting natural disasters and personal events.   

 Welcome to Your Day – to – Day Guidance For May 2016 

 The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are known; this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with happiness, peace and harmony. — Dr. Turi

SUN., MON., TUE., WED., THU. —  MAY 1, 2, 3, 4, 5:

RULERS — Neptune (Middle East) and Mars (Danger/ War).

Work, Career and Business: Make good use of the information you receive in the Cosmic Code website as I translates the cosmic energies ahead of us.  With the waning moon upon us it is time to slow down and do some clean up around the office.  Avoid signing important contracts, and postpone every important meeting until the approaching new moon.  Slow down, be patient; there won’t be much that you can do. Routine is best as you  prepare for your next move.  Anything else could be a waste of your time and money. 

Partnerships: Do not let anything bad happen to your psyche; avoid Neptune’s deceiving nature.  With Mars around, you’d better use a diplomatic attitude in all your endeavors and avoid any confrontation with co-workers or your supervisor. Time to rescue some depressed spirits without letting yourself be affected by their personal problems.  A good movie or a great video will do for tonight.

Family and Friends: Friends and family in trouble will call you. They might be experiencing anxiety in their relationships; provide them with your support. Talk about the moon’s impact upon their lives and psyches and mention my work.  Expect a difficult time where you should be prudent and patient with others. The depressing power of Neptune will affects us all; sadly enough some of them will abuse alcohol and may pay a heavy price.  DO NOT DRINK and drive and if you do drink, designate a safe driver or have a cab take you back home.  Neptune could seriously blind your vision and with Mars’ impatience you could visit the emergency room (or the cemetery!). Don’t take a chance on your life; stay clear of chemicals and use tons of patience on your family members.

Love Affairs: A secret love affair may be a temptation to some but it will bring deception to the unaware initiator. Time to give strong support to your mate especially if they are water signs, as the waning moon will make them “moody.”  If you are a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio do not expect much with love, romance or with your children.  Just be patient, control your imagination and do not nurture guilt from past endeavors.  A long walk to the mall or the sea will keep your mind away from Neptune’s depressing cries.

Travel and Communication: The majority of people is not yet aware of the power of Mars and Neptune upon their psyches and will become depressed or behave like aggressive robots. Drive slowly, be alert and most of all stay calm in any situation. Be very forthright and patient in your speech, as miscommunication now could have disastrous results.  Further love and understanding and all will be fine.

 Environment: This celestial duo has in the past produced oil spills, chemical plant explosions and will produce extremely high tides.  Avoid the sea if you can to be safe, as many vessels will go down to Poseidon’s world.  Stressing news about chemicals and flooding  and the Church (or the Pope) are to be expected soon.

Famous Personalities: An interesting but deceiving movie will be promoted.   Mohammed Ali or any famous Pisces/Virgo souls could make sad news.  The Pope and the church could give us sad news as abortion and religious groups will insist on their personal wars. Neptune rules news about the Navy, deception, jails, hospitals, the Middle East, oil, and all religions combined together. Be ready for Neptunian news.

Note that I am using “old” news to make you aware that the news REPEATS because the Universal Code (like the weather) has a solid regular mathematical pattern. Building “Cosmic Consciousness” can only help you to USE the “Cosmic Code” at your advantage and lead you to a very productive life in the process.

Memo from the past – Under his illusive power on May 3 1997, the Pope made an important announcement. VATICAN CITY — When Pope John Paul II makes a choice for sainthood; it’s often to make a point.  On Sunday, he draws attention to a long neglected and often despised group in Europe, beatifying a Gypsy for the first time in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.  Beatification is the last step before possible canonization or sainthood.  With Uranus (chocking news) in aggressive Aries expect war news or confrontation at sea soon to take place. The church authorities will find another way to probe into society to grasp more sinners (Gays/Gypsies) to pay for their enormous legal battle and failing abusive financial infrastructure. The age of ignorance, manipulation and religion MUST give room to the more advanced universal and brilliant Age of of Aquarius.

Events: Mars (the warrior) rules Germany and parts of Europe and the Middle East; disturbing news may come from there.  The weather could turn real nasty again and water and slides could be a serious threat to some regions of the US.

Shopping: News about gas prices is on the way but good deals could be found in a garage sale or your local flea market.  But anything related to chemicals to rid the house of pests or the garden of unwanted weeds.  Avoid buying any hard medicines and stay clear of heavy prescriptions.

New Moon —  May 6, 2016 in Taurus: Taurus is ruled by the peaceful planet Venus. The emphasis will be on ///////////////////////////

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries – //////////////////

Taurus – //////////////

Gemini – //////////////

Cancer – ////////////////////

Leo – //////////////////////

Virgo – //////////////////////

Libra – /////////////////

Scorpio – ////////////////////

Sagittarius – //////////////

Capricorn – /////////////////

Aquarius – ///////////////

Pisces – ////////////

 FRI., SAT SUN., MON., TUE. — MAY 6, 7, 8, 9:

RULERS — Mars (Hazard) Venus (Cherished) and Mercury (Traveling).

Work, Career and Business: Mars is still active, so emotional reactions in the office should be avoided, especially if you ask for a raise or any favor. Use patience and diplomacy with who ever is around, and good progress will be made.  Make plans for the future and act upon them while the moon is new.  Money and communication will play an important part of this trend.

Partnerships: Some interesting news may come your way. You have free will so don’t allow Mars to let anyone force his opinion on you. With Mercury’s sense of exaggeration, do not fall for all you hear, and don’t be afraid to challenge people’s information. You need to use your intuition, and sensitive Venus can help you in doing so.  Use words of love and be patient with everyone; the new moon will induce a new energy in them.   Time to proceed forward you are protected.

Family and Friends: In the anticipation of the upcoming weekend, Venus will bring an element of love and joy.   Mercury will make us very communicative, and Mars will further a desire for action.  This trend will be an interesting one where friends and family members will try to get in touch with you all at the same time.  Make the most of those beautiful stars and enjoy life.   Listen to a young person’s needs.

Love Affairs: If you use Venus’ “savoir faire” in any situation, you will win over Mars’ argumentative temperament.  A great time to show love and affection to those you care for. Avoid depressing conversations of your past, stay in the future, and look to the bright side of life.  If you were born under the fiery sign of Leo, keep a cool head with someone born in April or November.  An Aquarius may fall in love with you.  Get going and reach your wishes now.

Travel and Communication: Don’t let this trio drive you crazy, as you will have a million things to do at the same time. The strength of Mars combined with the speed of Mercury may bring trouble in your driving, so slow down.  Use precautions and take your time if you have to travel far; don’t let accident-prone Mars create obstacles.  Be alert and slow down and nothing wrong will happen. Make your future plans to travel now.

Environment: Keep in mind that impatient Mars is also with us and he doesn’t care for any of your plans; he may decide to create an earthquake or produce disturbing weather. If Mars wins over Venus and Mercury, his destructive power will be felt with explosions.  “Mars, the Lord of War will show is power, while none suspect, the surprise of lightning will strike”– Note: Under those cosmic winds, an Algeria train bombing kills 18- A bomb exploded under a passing train, killing 18 people and injuring 25, state radio reported. It was the latest in a new wave of attacks the government blamed on Muslim militants.

Famous Personalities: This powerful threesome may take the life of an important political person. Someone famous person may also meet a sad fate in the water or on the road.  Be aware and be prudent.

Events: Pluto (ultimate power/ life and death) is still in the sign of  Capricorn (politics). He will keep creating troubles with competitive groups.  Politics as they are known at present will be completely transformed.  The rebirth will result in  new and more aggressive political techniques and drama and death will, in time occur.  This celestial configuration bring animosity to the forefront where drama, sex, secret is becoming a “political” routine.

Shopping: Invest in tools or anything brand new, as great deals await you. Be confident in spending large amounts of money on clothes, jewelry or a talisman now, they will bring you luck or the magnetism you’re looking for. Get in touch with Terania if you need help  

TUE., WED., THU., FRI.. —  MAY 10, 11, 12, 13:

RULERS — The Moon (Result of Correcting) and the Sun (Spirit of Love).

Work, Career and Business: Do not try to hold on to your past; accept the upcoming changes with faith. The stars’ pattern and changes are imposed by God to continually promote experiences and a better life. This will be an interesting Universal trend full of changes and surprises for us all. With the waxing Moon, try anything new and take chances on new opportunities. Someone’s advice regarding an investment may be worthwhile. Examine all business propositions carefully and sign the paperwork now. With the Sun around, expect some surprising progress in the near future.

Partnerships: Be ready for the beginning or ending of an important part of your life.  It is a strong possibility to find a new business partner.  You may feel comfortable with the person involved and sense that you can succeed with his inborn talent.  Make a full commitment to succeed and work harder to get there.  If the people you are with do not fit your wishes, the new Moon will induce new ones, so go out now.

Family and Friends: The Sun will give tons of radiant energy to the children. Kids are everywhere… If you don’t take them out to the park, your hands will be full for a couple of days!  Let them get rid of their surplus solar energy, and be sure to keep your eyes on them.  Many kids get hurt under this energy. You may be requested to enjoy Mom’s great food at home in the security and safety of your own family. The family circle will be active these days and mother would be happy to hear about your progress.  Expect an element of surprise coming your way by a friends’ surprising arrival.  You may want to plan a special gathering for a person to whom you are close.  Great food, love and joy are on the agenda.  Make the most of these rare and beautiful stars.

Love Affairs: Use this new Moon fully. Romance is on your mind more than ever, and a meeting with some friends could lead to an exciting love affair with an interesting stranger.  Visit or call your friends; they need to share interesting news pertaining to love, romance and children.  During the night hours, enjoy the artistic intonations of the Sun with a great show.  If you are a Capricorn, Virgo, or a Taurus, a much younger or older person needs to know you.

Travel and Communication: Again, this is the time where anything you really want could happen if you ask hard enough. The Moon is waxing and your trips are protected if you take precautions on the road.  Flying is also under good auspices and planning for trips now will add more protection.

Environment: Some dramatic happenings related to nature will force the government to make decisions about a situation.  Many will be forced to relocate and start a new life due to the high possibility of  natural catastrophes. Let’s hope the new Moon will slow down any structural earthquakes damages. Food and clothing could also be needed and sent to some parts of the world. Japan could make sad news.

Famous Personalities: Many famous people will take part in charity events and many will donate money to alleviate the suffering of the world.  Great news pertaining to new arrivals will make the family happy involving famous people – Note that I am using “old” news to make you aware that the news REPEATS because the Universal Code (like the weather) has a solid regular mathematical pattern. Building “Cosmic Consciousness” can only help you to USE the “Cosmic Code” at your advantage and lead you to a very productive life in the process.

Memo from the past – NEW YORK (AP) – Nicole Dufresne – An aspiring actress and playwright whose work explored life’s darker sides was shot and killed as she confronted an armed robber during an early-morning street holdup.

Events: The Sun’s expansive power may affect a number of organizations.  Expect some conservative groups to make the news about the earth, abortion or religion. Children could also be affected, so watch over them. News from the past – Jan. 24 2005 – A Brazilian woman has given birth to a baby weighing nearly 17 pounds.

Shopping: Invest in gold; the stock market will take some by surprise. Anything charming and beautiful bought now will further fame or love.  Use the light of the Sun to further your creativity and invest in any form of healing art now.   Get in touch with Terania if you want us to sign up for our future live Astropsychology course.

SAT., SUN., MON. —  MAY, 14, 15, 16:

RULERS — The Sun (Children) Mercury (traveling) and Venus (love):

Work, Career and Business: This trio will make these days quire interesting in terms of action and news.  You will be occupied trying to cope with all the demands made upon you.  Local errands will keep you busy and bring you in contact with interesting people.  Don’t rush if you feel you won’t make progress or if things don’t go your way; all will change soon.  Use the waxing moon to your advantage and be patient.

Partnerships: Expect new partners to show you their talents, and be patient with them if they cannot follow your pace.  The deserving hard-working souls will benefit soon with well-deserved promotions or new opportunities for growth.  Your wishes could be granted if you mean business and become active on the social scenery.

Family and Friends: A family member or a friend in need may request your advice.  Be willing to consider the issues from their point of view, but try to avoid emotional outbursts and do not force your opinion on them.  You may receive an invitation to be part of a gathering; use this opportunity to get some of your wishes.  You miss some people you know well who have moved away.  You may decide to relocate soon yourself.

Love Affairs: Don’t be insecure or shy; go after the person you are attracted to.  Propose to dine out or offer flowers.  With the great Sun in charge your romanticism will be accepted.  Use positive words and further your life now.  With Mercury in the air, get on the phone; you will use a convincing approach to stimulate someone you care about.  Your words can make a difference with a person who has lost some of the feelings they had for you. If you were born in July, a curious foreigner born in March or November may be looking for your love.  Keep busy on the social scenery.

Travel and Communication: Some lucky people will decide to take a trip to Las Vegas and enjoy the nightlife.  The waxing Moon (positive) may bring you luck.  If you plan to travel, always make all your plans within the New Moon to protect yourself and further your wishes.  Enjoy the wilderness and enjoy the best of what life has to offer.  Use the growing new moon’s energy to your advantage.

Environment: Wind could be a problem and speedy Mercury could produce sudden tornadoes in some parts of the US.  Expect activity from environmentalists fighting for the survival of wildlife and the earth.

Famous Personalities: Much talk and gossip will be available from celebrity magazines.  A brother, a sister or a pair of twins may make the news.

Events: Hopefully Venus will stop any damage from explosions.  Interesting new developments in biology, science and research are to be expected soon.

Shopping: Gifts offered to those for whom you care will bring much luck to their happy owners. You can find a good deal on a big-ticket item by comparison shopping.  AS a VIP if its your birthday get a deal, talk to Terania and as a VIP  think of offering a session with me as a birthday gift, get a deal and bring the light of true predictions and guidance into someone’s life.

 The 2016  Second SUPERNOVA window – 04/22/2016 through 05/27/2016 is now in full effect! 


There will be three major negative SUPERNOVA windows in the year 2009. Each destructive “window” is operational for three to four weeks, thus caution is strongly advised during this period.   Heavy loss of lives due to nature’s devastating forces, aeronautical disasters and structural damage is to be expected. Once more realize that I do not use traditional dates found in popular ephemera. Years of practical observation lead me to extend the Mercury retrograde motion and period of time. 


There is a concentration of negative celestial energy approaching so be extremely prudent in driving, and expect chain-reaction accidents. Be prepared for delays, strikes, and nature producing awful weather, including hurricanes and tornadoes. The same energy that produced the Titanic disaster, the Asia tsunami the Northridge Los Angeles and Kobe Japan earthquakes and major other calamities is approaching again. Remember the thwarted terrorist attack of August 2006 in the UK where the BA canceled thousands of flights just because all passengers did not check ALL handbags before boarding their planes. Those people did not have a copy of Moon Power and paid the price of ignorance and suffered serious delays and frustrations that could easily been avoided had they travel before or after those dates.

Double-check all your appointments, and if you can postpone traveling and flying during this Supernova “window”. If you must fly like I do very often simply make sure to purchase your ticket and make your reservation during a waxing moon and the stars will not bother you. Remember the Universal Laws do not care for birthday or religious holidays or else, simply think of crossing the street while the light is red or ignore a stop sign, then see what will happen to you. Those laws are impartial and written by God not men and messing them up will bring about serious penalty. Note that; I flew only a few days before the Full Moon in August 2006 to Thailand during a “Supernova Window” to write this book and I traveled safely and avoided all trouble.  Remember knowledge is power ignorance is evil!

 Communication and electricity will be cut off, and a general loss of power is to be expected. Appliances, computers, telephones, planes, trains, cars, all of these “tools” will be affected by this energy. They will be stopped in one way or another. The people of the past will make the news and will reenter your life. Expect trouble “or news” from the post office, education, students, strikes, prisoner’s escape, newspapers, broadcasting industries and computer viruses may bother us again. Many a failed mission and expensive electronic equipment (Mars probe etc.) and our tax dollars have been wasted because of the scientist’s lack of knowledge of the stars. As usual NASA, which is not aware of the science of astrology, will waste our tax money with failed missions due to bad weather and electronic malfunctions.

In the name of ignorance a few years ago, in the Challenger explosion seven astronauts lost their lives when NASA launched the shuttle under a “Supernova Window”.  Note: Regardless of Dr. Turi’s expectations posted on his website for the second time and his desperate attempts over the years to make NASA officials aware of dangerous Super Nova Windows, the Columbia was also launched during this window and re-entered the last night of it producing the death of all courageous astronauts.

Marine life sharks, whales etc may also beach themselves due to Mercury retrograde affecting their natural inborn navigational systems. All these malevolent predictions and waste of lives and equipment do not have to occur. Those predictions do not have to affect you directly as they unfold. Instead, they are printed to prepare you for setbacks and frustrations, thus advising you to be patient and prudent during this trend. There is no room for ignorance, and those who are not aware of the celestial order, including the NASA space-program management team, will continue to pay a heavy price. In all mankind’s affairs, ignorance is true evil. Why any scientists who are against my research do not honor the word science, which is based upon solid investigation, is solid proof of mental snobbery. By omitting any physical or spiritual laws can only bring penalty; for science’s purpose is to explore all possibilities, even those laws written in light via the stars.

Mercury in Taurus:  It’s a perfect time to/////////////////////////////

Full Moon — May 21, 2016 in Scorpio:  Use extreme caution.  The next two weeks are going to be trying and dramatic for some. Be ready for a rough journey.  Disturbing news from foreign lands is to be expected.  Pluto (suicide/drama/death) will bring a dance of destruction to this world where fanatic religious young souls will impose their deadly, righteous, dogmatic views on others.  Powerful transformations in the world of faith and the church are ahead.  The previous wake-up call provided by Pluto’s impact on the WTC on 9/11 will induce a form of awareness, but also a death and rebirth for some people.  Pluto will bring to light the shameful manipulation, sexual and financial secrets of organized religions and some of their religious leaders.  As always with the Lord of hell in charge of this trend, better think twice before saying or acting on impulse.  Expect nature’s devastating forces to be active, and secrets, affairs of sex, and finances to be divulged.  The police and blackguards will make the news.  More than ever use diplomacy, as whatever you do now will have serious repercussions in your future.  Time to keep a cool head and be aware in all you do or say.  Pray for the souls of the poor victims and let’s hope my message gets out to the world at large this time.

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries – /////////////////////

Taurus – /////////////////

Gemini – ///////////////

Cancer – ///////////

Leo – /////////////

Virgo – ////////////////

Libra – /////////////////

Scorpio – //////////////

Sagittarius – //////////

Capricorn – ///////////////

Aquarius – ////////////

Pisces – ////////////




48 hours centering the given date
Dance of madness nature kill many 
Horror smell of death secrets surface
Wasted lives godly lost souls ignorance
Police money drama sex evil of man reign

Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Secrets / Scandals / Terrorism / Finances / Sex / Serial Killers / Wake up Call.

Note: Attention: Pluto is back with us — Be ready for dramatic happenings all over; control is a must.  Don’t be Pluto’s victims; be aware of its destructive power.  Anything you say or do under his power will follow you for the rest of your life.  Time to use extreme caution in all you do.  Killers, rapists, psychotics, and the worst of society will be active.  While Pluto reigns, you’d better stay home and let the ignorant get killed.  Make good use of my work and tell your friends and loved ones to join you here! Those you care need real and  solid guidance.   Expect sad news from the police force, secrets to surface and terrorist dramatic news soon.  A wake up call for some is on the way…

TUE., WED., THU.,  FRI., SAT., SUN., MON. — MAY 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23:

RULERS — Pluto (drama/death) Venus (forgiveness) and Jupiter (foreigners).

Work, Career and Business:  A long and dangerous cosmic trend! In time of a Full Moon, don’t let Pluto make you too direct or radical until you really know what you’re talking about.  Be cautious in all you say and do.  Pluto stimulates the animal nature in man and will make us behave accordingly.  Be aware that whatever you say or do now will have serious repercussions in your life.  Stay on the side of the law and make a good use of Venus’ diplomacy or you could end up sorry.   Money will play an important part of this trend; use your intuition and turn down a hazardous business proposition.

Partnerships: Pluto is very choleric, and nothing will stop him from inducing trouble in your life. Death, secrets, power, manipulation, sex and extra-marital affairs are his favorites.  Venus is no match for her powerful brother Pluto and this duo will change you into a walking sexual magnet to others.  Be aware and stay close to the one you trust.

Family and Friends: Be aware of everything and everybody around you.  Keep an eye on the children; Pluto takes their young lives swiftly.  Be patient with family and friends, avoid gossiping, and help by cooling things down. This is the perfect time to mention my work before this celestial trend; the skeptics will receive a full wake-up call pertaining to the stars’ impact in their lives.

Love Affairs: With Jupiter around, a foreigner you know will play an important part in the next dilemma of your life.  Pluto will also make you highly sensual and magnetic; you should take all the precautions needed to avoid sexually transmitted disease.  A love affair started now will have a profound, even dramatic impact on your life.  All water and earth signs, especially Scorpio and Taurus, will be affected by this plutonic impact; be aware, be prudent.  Better stay home and watch TV.

Travel and Communication: Not a time at all to plan a long-distance trip or even to travel to faraway places.  Use diplomacy in all your conversation and listen carefully; you will hear about secrets.  Understand the limits to your investigations, and let neither sarcasm nor the Scorpio’s stinger affect your self-esteem.  Stay clear of psychotic leaders and crowded places loaded with maniacs suggesting castration, suicide or drugs.

Environment: Nothing will stop Pluto from his tragic assaults to the earth.  Be ready for some serious messes from the worst of our society who will shock the media. Note that I am using “old” news to make you aware that the news REPEATS because the Universal Code (like the weather) has a solid regular mathematical pattern. Building “Cosmic Consciousness” can only help you to USE the “Cosmic Code” at your advantage and lead you to a very productive life in the process.

Memo from the past – NEW YORK (AP) — Two teenagers — one a 14-year-old girl — were charged Tuesday in the shooting death of Nicole DuFresne an aspiring actress who challenged a group of muggers on a Manhattan street.

Famous Personalities: Many financial or sexual secrets about a famous person will reach the media.  Some unlucky souls will get wake-up calls from the dramatic planet.  A public figure will make dramatic news or may be called to God. WASHINGTON (AP) — Rosemary Kennedy, the oldest sister of President John F. Kennedy and the inspiration for the Special Olympics died, she was 86.

Events: As usual, be aware of the power of Pluto, as dramatic news will plague the media. Expect news pertaining to the police force, sex, scandals, earthquakes, secrets, abortion and AIDS.  The police will be busy trying to catch the villains. Hopefully none of the brave public servants will die doing so.  The police force will make the news as they always do when their Plutonic ruler is in charge. In the past, I have sent certified letters to many prominent governmental figures and police chiefs, before and after dramatic happening unfolded. Copies were sent of both pages 87 and 36 of Starguide 1996/1997 where I predicted (over a year before) the “Rancho Santa Fe mass suicide” of March 26th 1997 and “Bill Cosby’s loss.” No reply ever came.  None of those “educated” high board of directors had the decency or the courage to answer my mail. Even with the plain facts in their face, none of those public executives ever acknowledged my work in predictive astrology.  Fear of ridicule kills your children and our police officers.  I hope and pray that someday they will train our valiant and courageous policemen on the incredible dangers they face when Pluto is in charge.  My research is unarguable and too many police officers have died in the name of their superiors’ ignorance and fear of ridicule.  In ignorance of Pluto’s laws, too many lives have been wasted in vain by the “Death Wish Generation” where children kill teachers and classmates (see my book, “The Power of the Dragon” and learn more about it).

Shopping: Avoid investing in dangerous tools, weapons or ammunition.  Pluto’s awful signature of death should not be stored in your home. Doing so could kill your own children or family members.  Beware of what cannot be seen or understood yet in terms of metaphysics could greatly cost you or your loved ones. You may invest in anything that can be used to kill nuisances.  If you buy dangerous substances, keep them well away from children.

 TUE., WED., THU., FRI., SAT. —  MAY 24, 25, 26, 27, 28:

RULERS — Saturn (Uncle Sam Decisions) and Uranus (Explosive News).

Work, Career and Business: With a waning Moon (negative) many of your wishes won’t be granted just yet.  Don’t invest in your future; you may regret it.  Do not turn down an invitation offered by friends that you know well; they may require your presence at a gathering.  Chatter from those you meet now should not be taken seriously.  Those of a certain age will offer valuable intellectual guidance.  Be patient until the next New Moon.

Partnerships: Expect the beginning or ending of important parts of your life and be ready for surprising developments. Your life at work may be unstable now but those changes will give you the opportunity to focus on plans for a better future.  Support your partner with words of courage.  Don’t let Saturn’s depressing thoughts get to you.

Family and Friends: The weekend could be spent with family members, good friends and Mom’s good food. Some will prefer to dine out with lovers or business partners, but the experience could be troublesome. This is the time to practice patience with everyone around, and avoid doing anything original.  Help a younger spirit in need.

Love Affairs: Absolutely anything great can happen if you are lucky enough to be involved with the right partner who really loves you.  Don’t gamble on anything or try to reach for your dreams just yet.  Throw a party, but avoid new faces; old friends have the best to offer.  Participate with life to avoid depression. If you are a Capricorn, then a Cancer or a Virgo may fall for you.  If the person is new in your life then don’t dream, use your head.

Travel and Communication: Make the best of  my work, use it wisely in your life by planning future trips and by being prudent on the road. Curiosity is the pathway to fulfillment and happiness and Saturn will reward you for your celestial planning.  Take care of the children and let them participate in all the great activities.  Be aware of eccentric Uranus affecting them; have a good time and enjoy it all.  Some may have to relocate to different residences; make sure you do your Astro-Carto-Graphy before then, as these “new” stars may affect you positively or negatively.

Read the section on Astro-Carto-Graphy and if you need more information don’t be afraid to call the office at 602-265-7667.  Being at the right place at the right time has a lot to do with your progress in terms of opportunities.  The knowledge found in Astro-Carto-Graphy would be a major contribution to your success (or your failure) in one of these new locations. Keep this opportunity in mind and give it a try — it works!

Environment: Stay clear of thunder and lightning; Uranus takes many lives without warning.  Expect him to throw a quake, a tornado or blow up a volcano soon.  Let’s just hope you won’t be in his way!   Explosions, large earthquakes  in Japan or in regular and unexpected areas in the US are to be expected soon. Under Uranus power – TOKYO — A bomb damaged the home of an official at Tokyo’s international airport, police suspected leftists, who have long opposed the airport.

Famous Personalities: Crazy behavior by some famous people in public is high on the list. Some will become engaged, or married in very large gatherings, and others will expose their strong desires for freedom.

 Events: Memo from the past – Under Uranus’ power in CONROE, Texas — A fire ignited a small oil tank causing several explosions outside an Exxon oil refinery and forcing the evacuation of 40 refinery workers and nearby residents.

 Shopping: Invest in Uranus now: if you are into UFO’s get a talisman and visit your astrologer or favorite psychic only if you know him/her well. Don’t bring a new spiritualist into your life at this time, especially if you have never dealt with him before. Unless you feel strongly or know otherwise about him, don’t do it., especially if you read the words “for entertainment purposes only!”  Any of those light workers are karmically attracted to you and the reading could be one of your best or your worst psychic experience.  Stay with the professionals, some of those psychics needs more help than you do!  Uranus rules astrology and if you are attracted to the stars there won’t be a better time for you to realize what the old science has to offer you. Perfect time to invest in my home course.

SUN., MON., TUE. — MAY 29, 30, 31:

RULERS — Neptune (Oil/Ocean/Pope) and Mars (Assault/War).

Work, Career and Business: As usual with Mars’ aggressive personality, expect all sorts of trouble with business partnerships.  You are strongly advised to use diplomacy to avoid serious complications, especially during a waning Moon. If you are experiencing some trouble in your career, a serious change may be ahead of you.  Neptune will make you absent-minded; try to concentrate.  A little walk by the water would do your spirit good.   Be patient, we are getting closer to the next New Moon.

Partnerships: The Lord of dreams may make your spiritual life busy and some of your dreams may come true in the near future. Learn to translate your subconscious impressions and write down your dreams first thing in the morning.  You or your partner may be responding to Neptune’s power, so you may want to reach your inner self asking for God’s help in your prayers.  Some may feel tuned into the universe and miraculously guided out of a bad situation.  Provide spiritual support to those in need.

Family and Friends: As usual with Neptune’s sad touch and combined with the waning moon, sensitive friends may get depressed.  Be there to help, but don’t let their problems get to you.  The lonely old ones will feel the impact of Neptune and its accompanying deception upon their lives.  Give a thought and pay them a visit or send them a little card.  This gesture will make them feel less lonely and will make their own world more exciting.  Be ready to offer a strong shoulder and realize the impact of Neptune upon your world.  If you are a Pisces or a Gemini a positive friend could help you.

Love Affairs: Keep your eyes on your possessions as things may “disappear” now.  Don’t let yourself into a deceiving business deal or worthless situation; learn to love with your head first and give your heart later.  Your intuition will be sharp; use it to your advantage.   A secret love affair may start for some earth signs and might last a while.

Travel and Communication: Travel and Communication: Remember, Neptune is also part of this trend and if you have to drive, you MUST stay clear of any alcohol.  Neptune leads many unaware people to jail, left with DUI’s to deal with. If you happen to be on one of your personal negative cosmic biorhythms you may end up killed by the police!   If you were born under a water sign stay clear of trouble if you feel depressed, don’t drink tonight.  Police bodycam footage shows moments before man’s death

Environment: Venus will try to stop her violent brother from stirring the earth’s innards, as Mars loves earthquakes, explosions, volcanoes and mass disasters.  Sad news may come from the ocean, the Middle East and oil spills.  Mother earth is alive, resourceful, and must heal.

Famous Personalities: Some prominent people may be caught in secret sexual or love affairs.  Their dependency on chemicals, drugs or alcohol will be made public.  The lucky ones will promote new movies. Under Neptune’s power — Memo from the past – WEST HOLLYWOOD, California — Sheriff’s deputies pulled over Eddie Murphy early Friday and arrested a transsexual prostitute who was riding in his car, authorities said. A spokesman for the actor maintained Murphy was just being a “good Samaritan” by offering the transsexual a ride.

Events: Under Neptune and Mars’ powers, CAIRO, Egypt — A powerful sandstorm tore through southern Egypt Saturday, killing at least four people. The storm comes a day after the worst sandstorm in 30 years blasted across the country. With Mars’ aggressive nature, expect this type of news again. Villains will be active during this trend; do not trust strangers and do not put yourself in any situation that could make you a potential victim.  Avoid dark streets and keep your personal alarm (intuition) on all the time.

Shopping: Try to participate in volunteer work to provide love and help to the needy.  Shop in places promoting good causes; they need your financial support.  Not a good time to invest in prescription drugs or decide to visit your spiritual adviser, unless you know him/her very well.

Lastly remember, if you are not happy it is because you do NOT live your destiny! As a VIP you can get a taped live Skype consultation with me for  $310 instead of $700…  Tell your loved ones and friends to trust you and to join the cosmic codeto get the same deal! Email


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