Arizona Woman Wakes Up with British Accent the Good Draconis ET’s at work!

April 14, 2019

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Eric Lohman holds Rosie in the hospital in August, 2012 - within a week of her birth - while awaiting a diagnosis.

Rosie Lohman, left, poses with her brother in 2017. Rosie has been raised as a girl, but her parents refer to her as intersex and encourage gender fluidity.

Raising an intersex child: ‘This is your body. … There’s nothing to be ashamed of’

Rosie had atypical genitalia, and more tests were needed to determine whether she was genetically a girl or a boy and if she had a serious medical condition, Eric said the doctors told them. “It basically went from very celebratory, very exciting, to very scary,” Eric said.Intersex people are individuals born with any of several variations in sex characteristics including chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones, or genitals that, according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, “do not fit the typical definitions for male or female bodies”.
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Dear reader;
The scientific community will never be able to accept a group of nasty ET’s manipulating the genes of unruly young mothers who like to drink, party too much and use of abuses legal or illegal drugs. Their finding is correct yet they know nothing of what really stimulate future birth defects or create tumors in their wombs. 
Those birth defects also includes; Autism, infant sudden death, down syndrome and induces LGBT and endless chain of diseases not understood or explainable to science… This does not make any of those reptilius’ victims less than human or less intelligent because nothing ever started or finished in the human body… It is just a mean for the soul to experience life and burn his karma on this dense physical world! It is all in the spirit or the karmic human UCI, something so many people are oblivious of.
While certain mental or physical diseases do limit physical achievements, it is quite different with Gay and Lesbians, they may be different to the eyes of the “norm” but they are healthy and capable! The fact is; many of those souls reached a very high level of achievement in all walks of life. 
In no way will I ever be able to convince science or the general “pious, atheist or educated” public of a phenomenon much too far fetched for them to comprehend or accept…All I can do is to offer the answers channeled by Draco, the benevolent Draconis one of the most potent group of ET’s battling the malicious reptilius on our behalf in the heavens above.

US lottery winner sues son for mismanaging fortune

The fact is: there is no justice but only karma! After winning over $400 millions, this old stingy, greedy old Lady is suing her own son for mismanaging her money? This tells you how the reptilius use greed to corrupt a loving mother and turn her against her own blood!  Ego and greed are two of the most powerful negative emotions all humans suffer, particularly President Trump who can never have enough of power and wealth… And karma for not helping or sharing is unavoidable for us all…

After taxes she had more than 200 millions left and her son wasted 10 or so. Jesus, if I had that much money I would not try to make more but instead use it wisely to help others. But that’s me born with a good heart that was abused so many times by infected people all along my life!

At her advanced age, she would never have enough time left to use this fortune, unless she gives it all away to charities! But by the way she behaved with her own son, chances are she will want to be buried with that money! Indeed the reptilius will not make me or any of my dedicated supporters win this type of money because this world is set to make or waste large fortunes  with and through infected greedy people and corporations… 

Can you believe this? David Icke asked his fans to pitch to pay for his divorce with Pam? When I confronted him asking him to nut up like anyone of us who had to deal with separation and pay for it, this produced quite a lot of sparks between us…  Yet the reptilius got him hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch his career and he is still under the control of those entities who are using him to poison more minds with his insane conspiracies and hollow moon ridiculous theories…

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 10: Customers carry bags from Bed Bath & Beyond store on April 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. The home goods retailer is expected to release fourth-quarter earnings figures after the closing bell. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Bed Bath & Beyond expects to close more than 40 stores

Another one to eat the dust… nothing new to you, if you purchased my 2019 Nostradamus Personal, Universal predictions and read all the predictions… Indeed the reptilius are after the famous, the rich, the notorious, the wealthy and anyone, everyone who works at or for the government and all greedy corporations who must find a way to re-invent themselves to survive.The benevolent Draconis are on our side, on the side of the people, the workers and the banks can only oblige by the cosmic code jurisdictions they know nothing about!  

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Posted by Dr. Turi on February 28, 2019 at 11:49 am in Cosmic Coders Only

April 12th (48 hrs centering the dates)

Nature Men To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many


America / New Beginning / Ending of War / Real Estate / Families Tragedies / Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation/ Forced Actions/Destructive Actions/ Weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned life For Many.

Buttigieg officially launches White House bid New beginning?

Colorado becomes 15th state to enact 'red flag' law

Colorado becomes 15th state to enact ‘red flag’ law New beginning?

I wonder how difficult it is for anyone not to associate my keywords ” new Beginning/ending” and connect with the news and my cosmic work? 3 veterans die of suicide in 5 days at VA facilities in Georgia, Texas

Yet my serious warnings seems to benefit only a minority of curious readers I have to beg everyday to share my critical cosmic work! The fear of the ridicule or their indoctrinated religious nature paralyze so many people!

Many could have helped those infested souls by sharing my work, instead “the experts” stuffed them with medications accelerating their premature demises… Indirectly, those who do not participate in furthering God cosmic Divinity speaking through me via the sign I translate for you everyday, are working for darkness or the reptilius, its a simple as that! And karma is inevitable for not helping other human beings in distress… 

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How a woman in Arizona woke up with British accent

While this phenomenon has a rational medical explanation produced by medical “experts” this is an attempt by the  benevolent Draconis who operate at a psychical level from far away distances to give an hint to the doctors that past lives are real. But again those “young souls” are so scientifically indoctrinated and their mind so-codified that  it is impossible to accept even the obvious…

Remember the current SOS to the world deadly window does not only induce (predicted) earthquakes readers but also open the door to deadly tornadoes formation…

Remember earthquakes at or above 6.0 ALWAYS falls during those 48 hours windows!

Right on the given date of April 12 a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
 April 11: 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Miyako, Iwate, Japan

Deadly storms head east and put 90 million at risk
Be sure readers, by the time this SOS to the world deadly window is over, many people will die and many people will be forced into a NEW LIFE or a NEW beginning as mentioned in my quatrain and keywords… Those powerful destructive cosmic winds are used by the reptilius not only to influence natural forces, but also humans, birds and animals turning them into killers!


A rare bird attacks and kills Florida man, official says

The death was an accident, officials said. It appears the man fell, and the cassowary attacked him after the fall, Taylor said.

No readers, there are NO ACCIDENTS! Only subtle cosmic circumstances at work science and society are not aware just yet because cosmic conscious people like me (and my students) are not given the voice and position we need to save countless lives by teaching all about God cosmic Divinity and the signs… This unconscious man was victimized by his own PDD and the UDD were used against him by the reptilius! 

Don’t be the next person paying the price of ignorance! 2019 PDD and UDD deadly windows Dates

Check the unfolding news involving the current April 12th SOS to the world deadly window in March 28th, 2019 Special George Noory Dr. Turi Predictions on Coast To Coast am

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Join me there!

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