Astro-Cartography: Don’t Relocate Without It!


A Don’t relocate without it!

Astrocartography is a fascinating aspect of astrology. People are most familiar with astrology where the planets influence a person at the moment of birth. The planets move very slowly through the sky, the moon being the fastest and changing signs every few days. Other planets such as Jupiter and Saturn stay in the same sign for at least a year, and Pluto for around 15 years. That means people who are born within a few days will have many traits in common. However, their astrocartography charts will vary widely and with it the influences of their lives. Why is this? Well, even though the planets move slowly, the earth is moving at thousands of miles an hour. (Scary isn’t it? Why don’t I feel the wind in my hair?) Anyway just imagine the planets are more or less stationary but the earth is moving. At the exact moment of birth, those planets cast a “shadow” (their influence), upon the earth. And as the earth moves, those planetary energies which remain stationary, appear to move as those “shadow” lines shift across the face of the globe, creating new astrocartography patterns very quickly to those newborns. This is why it is so critical to have the time of birth for astrocartography. Perhaps that is why 2 people born close to the same time of day and having close astrological makeup, will experience such different things in life. One may be born near a favorable line, and one on a dramatic Pluto line, or no line at all, etc.

Back home in France I was under a nefarious Saturn line and the more I worked the less security or reward I had. Saturn rules hard work and I did work hard there! Then I relocated under the Sun (fame) to California, in the US and anything that I touched turned to pure gold! The same goes for your home. Don’t buy a house without checking out the lines you will be living under, as you might not be able to keep it for long. Avoid financial stress (Saturn lines): avoid locations where you are prone to lose your home because of nature’s devastating forces (Uranus lines). Avoid fires (Mars lines) instead let me explain those lines and guide you towards happiness (Jupiter) wealth (Venus) health power and fame (Sun).

People do experience incredible times traveling to some places while others learn to stay clear of a specific state or a city. Much depends on the type of experiences one must endure, suffer or enjoy and it is all based upon some of the lines you inherited on your Astro-Carto-Graphy map. Why would you take a chance or suffer years in a location while you could turn things around for you by relocating under a “good star?” Remember knowledge is power while ignorance is evil…Here is a letter from one of my clients whose astrocartography chart I did:

“Dear Dr. Turi,
You have no idea what that astrocartography map you made for me revealed about my life. I really do believe in the stars now! Can you believe I was born under a Pluto line? Imagine how miserable I was growing up. My family moved and life got better for me. But as you said, Pluto rules LIFE & DEATH (I was BORN there), LEGACY, INCORPORATED FUNDS. I had to return to my place of birth when a relative died. (DEATH) He left me and inheritance (LEGACY) all in stocks and bonds (INCORPORATED FUNDS) and they are still in a bank under in that very state under my Pluto line. Amazing isn’t it? And in the United States I have very few good lines but (without knowing) was attracted to move near my mercury, venus, and neptune lines. So here I am a creative writer and artist! Perhaps the subconscious is influenced by these lines too.
Now I would never move without first checking where my lines were.
Anyway, I am grateful to know where my lines are now, which ones to avoid and which countries not to visit, because you have made me a firm believer.

Find the best place in the US or anywhere in the world where the stars above will offer you Map your future. Don’t relocate without it! Find out where and what the best stars have to offer. You may be just a few hundred miles from a splendid Venus (love) Sun (fame) Jupiter (study) Mercury (writing) line. You might be, right now living and striving without any hope of success under a nefarious planet like Saturn (depression) or Neptune (drugs) or Mars (war). Give to yourself the gift of knowledge and make your own reality, learn where those wonderful lines are waiting for you. Astro-Carto-Graphy really works!

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