Astrology and Sir Isaac Newton Unique Celestial Identity


“It is very easy to ridicule the science of Astrology when the gifted soul is muted or absent…” Dr. Turi

 Dear Readers;

If one single cop *Officer deaths up 50% this year *Police officer shot and killed in Florida  *Louisiana Motorcycle Officer Dies After Crash or a single civilian life can be saved, *Tot pulls mom’s gun, shoots her *Edmonton police: Man kills 8, commits suicide, is it worth to look into anything, even something you may consider taboo or ridicule?  

This cop or this person at the wrong place at the wrong time could be YOU or your child!  Have you ever thought you may be wrong about Astrology and fall into the mass of misinformed people? 

“In the case of Newton, the astrological literature presents a different view and even claims that Newton was in secret an ardent student of astrology. As evidence the following anecdote is often quoted: when the astronomer Edmond Halley (1656-1742), of comet fame, once spoke depreciatively on the subject of astrology, Newton is said to have berated him with the remark“Sir Halley, I have studied the matter, you have not!”

First let me tell you something weird… Back in 1988 I married Edmond Halley’ great, great granddaughter in San Diego California and the entire Halley’s family was  there… Imagine that, one of Edmond Halley descendance married an Astrologer!

Note the entire snobby, wealthy family were Mormons and hated me from day one! Imagine when they found out back in August 1991 we were abducted by Aliens? Aint funny how the stars works?

  “If we teach only the finding and products of Astrology, no matter how useful and inspiring they maybe – without communicating its critical methods, how can the average person possibly distinguish Astrology from pseudoscience? ” Dr. Turi

Chief on leave after wife is shot! POLICE news?

The main problem encountered with astrology today is that; misinformed people including Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse, skeptics and atheists alike never studied its dynamics. I spent my life doing Astrological researches and, since 1991,  I offered endless proofs of my claims on radio, hundreds of television shows, on social media  “Bring Back Astrology As a Science” and Dr. Turi Cosmic Code Universal Predictions on Google all the while challenging atheists organizations to prove me wrong!

I even proposed them with a talk to prove my claims, at no avail… Incidentally, those young souls truly believe they are more educated or less gullible than the extraordinary accomplished brilliant minds learning, using and endorsing my astrological work!

 The only Astrological “experiment” was conducted by the scientific matrix 50 years ago and was more of an act of sabotage to dismiss and ridicule Astrology than anything else.  Fifty years later there is much more that must come to light about the mother of all science I am dedicated to revive its integrity. If you support my work, please make a resolution in 2015 to help me in my mission to bring back its values readers. Start by joining and liking my Facebook page “Bring Back Astrology As a Science” – Thank you!

Sir Isaac Newton was a Capricorn born January 4, 1643

As I did with hundreds of celebrities (and Internet enemies) I will today expose the psyche of  the man that became one of the most influential scientists of all time and a key figure in the scientific revolution!

I will now translate Sir Isaac Newton “Cosmic Hieroglyphs” into very simple English terms needed to acknowledge the fact that this man was blessed with both, a rational and intuitive UCI (Inherited Spiritual DNA.)

A rational UCI will produce a mathematician, (engineer/politician/scientist/atheist) a spiritual UCI a metaphysician (astrologer/priest/psychic/artist) – Thus depending on your karmic cosmic legacy, you will become a scientists or an artist! Amazingly in 2015, the hard core scientific and deceived religious communities did not grasp this simple equation yet!  

And you wonder why Neil deGrasse educated idiocy keep spreading on twitter pissing off the Christians?

If you ever intend to own the golden keys to what it means to be human and truly understand the marvel of the human mind, join my “Cyber Cosmic Code University.” Now if you think science has all the answers, I can assure you they do not not, at least in the realm of the spirit and Astrology.

Because, like all atheists, agnostics and skeptics alike, those young souls are forbidden accessing extra sensorial worlds and supra cosmic consciousness!  All they have is their five limited, educated rational human senses and can not be blamed for any form of psychical limitations.


Be curious, start the New Year by doing something different for your spiritual wealth and health , I promise you to be on the right path to enlightenment and free your spirit from fear of the unknown. Ask and you shall receive is the only way to acknowledge and use God cosmic divinity at your advantage.

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.

~ Paracelsus

Sun 14Cap07 (1)
Moon 07Can44 (7) dignity
Mercury 21Sag27 (12) detriment
Venus 27Aqu30 (2)
Mars 07Tau38 (5) detriment (traditional)
Jupiter 14Pis12 (3) dignity (traditional)
Saturn 19Pis54 (3)
Uranus 15Sco41 (11) exalted
Neptune 00Sag58 (12)
Pluto 02Gem36 (6)
MNNode 09Lib20 (10)
MSNode 09Ari20 (4)
BlackMoon 17Leo32 (8)

IN MUTUAL RECEPTION: Jupiter in Pisces Neptune in Sagittarius

DISPOSITORS: Sun disposited by Saturn
Jupiter disposited by Neptune
Moon disposited by Moon
Saturn disposited by Neptune
Mercury disposited by Jupiter
Uranus disposited by Pluto
Venus disposited by Uranus
Neptune disposited by Jupiter
Mars disposited by Venus
Pluto disposited by Mercury

ASPECT PATTERNS: Mystic Rectangle Mars

Kite Uranus – focus
Mars – reaction

Kite Moon – focus
Sun – reaction

Grand Water Trine Moon

Talent Triangle, tight Uranus
Sun – focus

T-Square Neptune
Venus – focus

Talent Triangle Sun
Jupiter – focus

SIGN MODALITIES: Planet Points Percent
Cardinal 4 33 %
Fixed 3 25 %
Mutable 5 42 %

SIGN ELEMENTS: Planet Points Percent
Fire 2 17 %
Earth 3 25 %
Air 2 17 %
Water 5 42 %

IN CRITICAL DEGREES: (Mansions of the Moon):

MOON DISTANCE: 400968.9 km. Far Distance
MOON SPEED: 12.20798 deg/day Slow Speed


ODD LOWER-ORDER: 3 0.98700
9 0.99361

8 0.98895

ODD HIGHER-ORDER: 133 0.93985
143 0.94674

EVEN HIGHER-ORDER: 114 0.95476
174 0.96514

“I have a dream; that is to bring back God’s Cosmic Divinity to humanity for the sake of all children of the future.”  



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