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Dear readers:

Jeffrey Gonzalez;  “Good morning DT … You hit it…. You want to back on my show this Sunday to validate your prediction?”  For a curious guy like Jeffery on Paranormal radio to ask this question is not something new to me, even George Noory was impressed enough with my work to give me a bit more national airtime. So thank you my friend, and listeners please, be there, do not miss this show, as I give more information and more predictions to the public!

But first enjoy this short encounter on FBI with another educated idiot. I am here to teach you and entertain you at the same time…As usual, this atheist did not pass the title of my article and assume he knows better! This is usually how those cretins behave with me and then complain to Facebook when their pitiful mind is challenged! Enjoy and share!

Dave Walker Is there something about this you wish to discuss? If not, it may be regarded as SPAM and deleted…

Louis Turi Can you read it first?

Dave Walker This is a science group. We don’t usually deal with the paranormal. “In an effort to keep the group from becoming too broad, or the subject matter too subjective, please keep subject matter within the realm of “physical” sciences.”

Louis Turi This not paranormal it is scientific but you must read it first and investigate…

Dave Walker A quick ‘skim’ is all I need to see it’s about, God, Spirit, all the usual fell-good non-sciency stuff. State your claim please. Dave Walker “Bring back Astrology as a Science” No.

Louis Turi this involve 50 years of my life experiences, all explained in my article if you read it …

Dave Walker You just wasted 50 years of your life. Learn science before it is too late.

Louis Turi You may not be ready for my teachings just yet…but I appreciate your curiosity,  exactly what I was expecting from a young soul… Have a good day my friend…

Louis Turi lastly SPAM mean Servicing Pathetic Atheist Mind…

Dave Walker I wish you well. But this isn’t the place for Woo, other than to reason it out.

Louis Turi Those smart people did reason it out with me too!

Continued… During this “shocking” window Terania and I decided to take a walk in the Camelback Mountain and regenerate our spirits in the wild. Something we do regularly in the few hours away from the office and red hot telephone.  We were also aware that; anything surprising could and would unfold!

We did this walk many time before, but this “cosmic” timing was quite different and this is why I always suggest my VIP’s to make sure not to forget their camera especially those involved with the UFO phenomenon. See the pictures  later on… I will explain more on this timing on Jefferey’s radio show on Sunday,  if he ever hope to see a UFO or Bigfoot.

Sad enough, those who should appreciate an expertise that could save their lives, are still rebuffing the obvious and will hate me for being a different gifted individual. I do not blame those people for their spiritual dryness and lack of curiosity because they are all, the victims of their natal UCI or worse, the religious and/or the scientific educational matrix.

This crowd need to realize they know nothing of the spiritual values of the cosmos and God cosmic divinity that’s all. But I wonder if for example, those atheist organizations or Neil DeGrasse himself would have the guts to invite me to prove them all wrong!

 Imagine him and I having a discussion like I had with so many great show and radio hosts, then when come the results on CNN a few days later, think how fast his popularity as another great astrophysicist would go down the drain.

And this is why NONE of them will ever take that chance with me, they know better! Meantime, regardless of my direct challenges on Degrasse’ personal and hundreds of others websites discussing his US tours and lectures no inviting call came my way yet!  With so much material navigating the Internet emphasizing his educated idiocy, be sure his own producers and gullible fans made sure he read one of my endless chain of articles.

Again, I must  confirm my position, I endorse science in all its glory and I do not endorse any deceptive religions.   And this could be quite confusing for both the atheists and the pious people.

If you are a newcomer to my work, simply Google “science Dr. Turi” or “Neil DeGrasse dr.turi” or anything you want to know about for that matter, and add Dr. Turi behind your request, and I will keep you reading on the “Soul of the Cosmos” for months…

While this is another glorious day for my Terania and I dedication to educate the public, the vast majority of society is under the control of both the religious and scientific matrix monopoly. And their fabricated, educated false geniuses unconscious puppets are hard at work convincing you Astrology is a pseudo-science only!

Indeed the conspiracy against the Mother of all wisdom is very real, and as solid as the  latest “predictions” that came to pass!  I may not have the national stage of those powerful manipulative evil wealthy corporations but one thing sure, they are willing the battle against the safe future of humanity by creating millions of new atheists everyday.

The OCD generation is on a destructive path blaspheming the cosmic spirit of God in the name of conventional science!

Indeed my warnings of the “Monsters of the Future” must be heeded as a serious threat to the free thinkers of tomorrow. And if you think I exaggerate, I am not because in case you do not know yet, my “visions”  always become as reality!

Science and atheism kill ingeniousness  and originality! If this evil is allowed to grow it will destroy the world and all spiritual people within 50 years!” Dr. Turi

Humanity is undergoing some incredible psychical changes and ISIS fanatical religious endeavors is not helping any atheist trying to discern all false Gods they have been trained to fear or believe. Being obnoxious about Astrology does not show refined intelligence,  but subordination and egocentrism and only my repetition will bring results!

I am always using the positive and negative quotes of  famous and erudite people, this force the atheists to think progressively while the irrecuperable morons will always adopt the stubborn acidic donkey attitude.

The world is mislead by a bunch of educated moronic idiots

But what atheists do not know is; I feel the same way about religions, but I know a bit more than they do on the subconscious mechanics and the soul of the cosmos… Because of their natural critical thinking, the majority of today’s atheists are recuperable, but some like Carl Sagan, Neil DisGrace, and  Richard Dawkins   are “cosmically” cursed to never enter the intuitional domain of my astrological work!

Indeed, you can take the horse to the water, this does not mean he will be willing or able to drink at the source of all wisdom… The God I know does not send his children to hell and can be used and measured logically and scientifically! And  I just proved my point with my latest success.

In Richard Dawkins Astroforensics of the future at work today I explained exactly his cosmically induced position with religions. As a child he was a victim of religious poisoning and a bit too smart to gulp this nonsesne! Every single atheist has a real good “subconscious” reason for hating a God they know nothing about as the painful experiences of their childhood is still hurting inside.

I am always using the quotes of recognized geniuses and mix them with my own, so the intelligence of those who refuse to accept my own ingeniosity do not feel threatened.

“We’re made of star-stuff. We are a way of the cosmos to know itself”  Carl Sagan

 “We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.”  (Carl Gustav Jung)

  “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”  (Albert Einstein)

If you are still skeptical, it’s simply because you did not listen to any of the radio shows and assume I am below your intellectual standards!  In some case, even the most proficient accomplished people endorsements and those learning from me, is not enough!

 And this is where the human animal attitude or the glorious spirit of curiosity will play it crucial part to discern and accept  the truth!  Go back to my previous article and click on the provided links! You will earn something very valuable in those shows!

And if you do so, the amount of  collected news reflecting my quatrain and keywords including the explanation of my methodology is overwhelming using my software! Here are the major news that were discussed in the radio shows.


These were my words on my last 2 radio shows  “Be ready for Cosmic news!” *Big asteroid to fly by Earth Monday Cosmic news? And NASA confirmed my prediction on January 21, 2015! 

Solar Dynamics Observatory captures 100 millionth image cosmos?

NOTE the same EXACT cosmic energy was in place when I made the same prediction on the Discovery channel national TV weeks ahead of time.  I mentioned in one of the radio shows that the Discovery show producers wanted full proof of my predictions before William Shatner could  endorse my work on national TV! Dr. Turi on William Shatner’s TV Show – Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s proof of prediction of the  Sunspot region 1402 producing a M8.7 flare on January 24, 2012.

January 22

Big asteroid to fly by Earth Monday Cosmic news?

Magnitude 6.8 84km NNE of Port-Vila, Vanuatu 2015-01-23 03:47:27 UTC218.5 km deep

The month and dates for the 2015 highest probability for a KILLER earthquake in California is posted on my cosmic code website. But in no way will I offer my wisdom to those unwilling to reward me for my gift! In fact, I am planning to completely disappear from the public when I feel the time has come… So make the most of those crucial articles while you can and save your own soul!  Be safe, be warned, be prepared, join us now.  

Now what you just witnessed was a negative UNIVERSAL Cosmic Biorhythm, and if you happen to be in one of those future disasters mentioned in the current January 2015 SOS To The World Deadly Windows or all 2015 future SOS to the world windows, you may not make it! That is if, you are not heeding or unaware of  your PERSONAL cosmic biorhythms.  I am amazed for human to function everyday without oil (wisdom) in its engine (the mind) and the obliviousness of the cosmic code jurisdictions!

If you are not happy or unsuccessful in life, its because you do not live your destiny! 

This is what those endless “Acts of God” produce awful man made *terrorism,  or natural *earthquakes accidents that can easily be foreseen and avoided if you plan in harmony with the Universal Mind.  Remember knowledge is power, ignorance is evil and unconscious scientists are oblivious of the cosmic rules!  I am here to make you aware of God’s cosmic Divinity and teach you how to decode and use the  signs; because this is how a real God speak to his children.

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

By becoming a VIP you can read the rational translation of those cosmic hieroglyphs every single day and expect the unusual on certain dates, even the UFO phenomenon.

UFO”s Are Very Real  –  And So Is The Legacy! – What Did They Do To Me?




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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Come and drink at the source of all wisdom


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