Baltimore “A very Bad Day! And more to come!


Over the years, the police has grown drastically with weaponry but not in spirit… There are reasons for them and their public victims to invite a premature death!  Astroforensics must be taught at the Police Academy.  POLICE REQUIEM

Dr. Turi on air with Michael Vara May 5, 2015 at 9:30pm 

Dear Readers;

The cosmic wind ahead of us is much too intense for me to stop just yet offering my next SOS to the world warnings. Charred cars litter Baltimore; police hospitalized. While idiots are blaming me for humanity cosmic ignorance creating an endless chain of negative news, others will assume I am using all those dramatic news to profit on the victim’s misfortune… And these are the lost souls we are trying so desperately to wake up?

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. Albert Einstein

All that is happening in Baltimore is a prelude of what is coming next with a police I have tried so hard to reach since 1991. I intensified my efforts lately, all in vain! I even offered them the option to investigate both my SOS police windows and my software, but like the rest of the world, the cops are behaving arrogantly, all cosmic unconscious and do not realize they are under the jurisdictions of the stars too!

If you Google “Dr.Turi police” you will realize the tremendous time and efforts I put trying to reach them and the public. Here are a few examples… 

I am me
I am Dr. Turi
I am more concerned for you than for myself
I am more concerned about humanity than humanity is for me
I am more concerned about the police than they are for themselves
I am more concerned about the fire department than they are for themselves
I am more concerned about pious souls and atheists than they are for themselves

Thus asking me to be decent with Mr. Ego and Mrs pride  police elites or to conform with their educated or religious attitude is well past my ability anymore. Those who are supposed to “Protect and Serve” society and should behave like real detectives with my work, are letting us down! The police administration elites never ever returned any of my personal emails and have done NOTHING whatsoever to better their own and serve the general public more efficiently. 

Here are the top Cops cowards executives names and many more will be exposed in time…

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What you see today in Baltimore is a replica of what took place with the predicted Rodney King dilemma.  Back in 1991 when I first started my career, I sent mail to LA police Chief Daryl Gates   predicting all the dramatic news with the police including the awful outcome with Los Angeles burning (I still have the proof) and I never got a response!  Is my commitment real or what? How many people would still try to reach USGS and the cops after 24 years of rejection?

Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person. Albert Einstein.

I am glad to see my Facebook pages are finally attracting more people,  it is still becoming impossible for people to grasp my cosmic work and the accuracy of my predictions. I am glad to see, that some like hard core atheists are wondering about the veracity and repetitiveness of my earthquakes predictions but in no way those numbers will be enough to make the changes.

While I have always said only “a revolution” like the ones of the past and the one going on in Baltimore today will get enough attention for the system (and the police) to change but it may take something much worse yet because Mother Nature is very upset and the infinite spirit is above anyone. 

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. Albert Einstein

A bunch of non cosmic conscious, ego maniacs, atheist, rationally minded, religious type of people are running the show and there are even those above the top of the Police Administration and the Illuminati; all allowing the same bunch of “educated” kids to keep scrutinizing gullible minds and they are the ones hiring people aiming for jobs they shouldn’t be in such as police work!  Those “millennial” are all part of the commonsensical “OCD Generation” and know NOTHING of the human psyche outside of their conventional education!

This is why “bad cops” are constantly  elected to join the police force, the same apply with any profession in this world; including the Army, the NAVY and all department of the human experience,  and many will end up killing others *Nidal Malik Hasan –  Breeding A Killer or eventually commit suicide.

Knowing of the current 2015 fiery Arian Draconis deadly power stimulating the psyche of thousands of unconscious human beings, I have real reasons to worry about legalizing weed and its impact upon the decaying hopeless human spirit!  God have Mercy on human and the years to come…

If this cosmic wisdom is not taught to your children soon, they will have NO future and will one day, exterminate themselves via religion (ISIS) or become the victims of science! Your concern and support is crucial for the hope of the planet.

Posted to the world June 12, 2013   “The Lord of War” will rule the world, danger, conflicts, large accidents  and will induce dramatic news of death and aggression. This dragon is also aiming for the children,  the soldiers, the Army and the Navy.” AND THE POLICE! 



German/Vikings Skin Alike
Black and White Red Blood 
Fire War Violence  Passions Rule
God No where To Stop Fires

  Hitler’s Evil spirit reborn

Germany to reprint Hitler’s manifesto for first time since end of WWII


Huge Fires Burn Downtown Baltimore – God No where To Stop Fires?

The human UCI should be evaluated through the science of Astroforensics astropsychology and taught at the police Academy to avoid hiring Plutonic souls who are motivated by power alone or those who are much too sensitive handling such demanding positions. 

The same idiotic, egocentric attitude plague also the scientific community who would rather die than to accept the fact they know less about earthquakes predictions than Dr. Turi!  

At this point I am much too responsible and honorable to let the world down when it need me the most, just to get to your commons sense and your subscription! Thus here is the full explanations and dates for the 1st of May 2015 SOS to the world window offered to all my VIP’s and I hope you will share it with all the people you know, especially if you are involved with the police or a cop!

These will be my last publicize windows because I had it beating a dead horse and forcing the police and people to become wiser! Join us and read ALL May forecast!

May 2015 SOS To The World Deadly Windows

May 2/3/4/5/ – 17

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign

Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Secrets / Scandals / Terrorism / Abduction / Finances / Super wealth / IRS / Sex / Rape / Serial Killers / wake up Call.


Update 5/3/2015

Riot engulfs Rabin Square as anti-police brutality protest spins out of control 

Raw power challenges police deadly villains?

Rugby star collapses on field, dies Death news?
Soccer player dies after collapse Death news?
Legendary ballerina dies Famous death?
‘Star Trek’ yeoman dead at 85 Famous death?

2 shot at Mohammed art event!  Terrorism?
Woman, baby killed when car crashes into apartment Death news?
ISIS kills hundreds of Yazidis Death news?
Group: U.S.-led coalition strike kills 52 civilians in Syria Death news?
DRAMATIC RESCUES Italy: 3,690 migrants saved, 10 found dead off Libya Drama/Death?
Australian police post stoner’s ‘to do’ list on Twitter Secret to light/police?
Who’s the world’s sexiest woman? Sex?
North Carolina mini-mart owner battles IRS over seizure of $107,000 IRS?



Officers hurt in Seattle clashes
Police news? Raw power challenges police deadly villains?

NYPD officer shot in head Police news?
30 graves, 1 survivor found in ‘camp’ Death news?
Crane collapses, kills 1 Death news?
‘Avengers’ nets $84.5 million on opening day Super wealth?
2 Russian nuclear bombers entered Alaska airspace, report says Russia?
Facebook exec’s husband dies Famous death?
On 150th anniversary, hundreds re-enact funeral in Lincoln’s hometown Famous death?
Before fatal crash, woman sent text: ‘driving drunk … I’ll be dead thanks to you’ Famous death?
George Soros reportedly could face up to $7B tax bill, after delaying payment for years  IRS?
Amid crumbling economy, Venezuela’s Maduro raises minimum wage 30 pct Finances?
7 killed on holiday weekend during Mexican anti-drug cartel operations Mob?




 Five of the six officers charged were in custody  Police news?

 Why do we ignore Mayweather’s abuse? Secret to light?
Why was this car hidden away for 30 years? Secret to light?
 Group: Soldiers made kids trade sex for food SEX?
Sanders raises $1.5 million in 24 hours Super Wealth?
‘Stand By Me’ singer dies Famous Death?
L.A. riots: 23 years later Police?
Additional stop the van made as it was traveling to a police precinct. Secret to light?
Whatever happens in Vegas gets blown to bits in Vegas? Secret to light?
SUV speeds through kids at bus stop Dramatic news?
Student accused of rape sues over accuser’s mattress  Rape?
FBI assisted Weinstein family with ransom payment FBI?
‘Islamist attack’ thwarted in Germany Terrorism?


The Do’s and Dont’s

Remember knowledge is power, ignorance is evil and if there an EVIL energy you must recognize and control it is indeed Pluto. Now do not fall for a bunch of unconscious astronomers who; depraved of cosmic wisdom Pluto, the moon and the stars as pretty rocks hanging above the earth for the sake of beauty alone.  What The Bleep Do They Know?

Once you acknowledge Pluto power “Carlsbad Caverns Home of Pluto” and its karmic influence upon humankind you will be ready to assimilate the DO’S and DON’TS – This long list of advices can make the difference between life and death or/and a very costly dramatic experience you and your loved ones certainly do not need.

The DO’s:

· Time for you to dig into deep secrets, Pluto loves bringing back dirt so you will meet the people or get the information you need.
· Time for you to dwell with magic and do some Cabalistic ritual to cleanse your home and spirit from low entities. My Cabalistic Cleansing ritual is a good start. Don’t ask for it unless your are a VIP.
· Time for you to dig into your bank account and see any fraud activity.
· Time for you to get rid of your current credit card and ask for another one
· Stay clear from doing or saying anything wrong to the police, remember the Rodney King dilemma?
· Stay clear from Sunday psychics, psychic accidents are very real.
· Stay clear from haunted houses; bad entities could succeed stealing your mind, body and spirit.
· Stay clear from prostitutes an STD or AIDS is lurking around.
· Time for you to visit your departed ones and ask them for guidance and protection.
· Time for you to take serious notice of all your dreams or learn all about a prophetic or imaginative dream.
· Time for you to for you to dig into my long list of newsletter to find what you really need or the answer of a question you may have.
· Time for you to think about your own mortality and write your will.
· Time for you to investigate any form of legal or corporate endeavor.
· Time for you to regenerate your spirit and learn more about witchcraft.
· Time for you to look for ghost’s manifestation.
· Time for you to enjoy a horror movie or sex movie, yes nothing wrong with porn if you are French or if you are normal. God made sex to feel good so we do it often.
· Time for you to tell the truth to anyone but be cautious doing so.
· Time for you to deal with the police if the moon is waxing.
· Time for you to join the Law Enforcement Agency if you UCI endorse such a dangerous job.
· Time for you to clarify your situation in court of a cop did you wrong.
· Time for you to visit or deal with an attorney to sue anyone who deserve karma.
· Time for you to look where your spirit is at in your life.
· Time for you to wake up to religious poisoning.
· Time for you to listen to your intuition about certain people.
· Time for you to realize your strengths and your weaknesses or be reminded soon.
· Time for you to do what you are the most scared and win.
· Time for you to realize you are actually on hell and fighting for survival.
· Time for you to tap on the Plutonic forces to stop smoking or drinking.
· Time for you to apply your will to do the impossible.
· Time for you to listen to your intuition.
· Time for you to learn the hard way why you went to jail and learn from your errors.
· Time for you to cry your eyes out and feel sorry for yourself.
· Time for you to realize you cannot hide any longer from the undiluted truth.
· Time for you to die and rebirth into a much better, wiser person.

The DON’TS: especially if the moon is waning or if you are under any of your personal native Dragon dates

· Stay clear from large public gathering, may religious lunatics died in stampedes.
· Stay clear from suspicious people, your intuition won’t let you down.
· Stay clear from an offer than sound too good to be true.
· Stay clear from fast money making schemes, jail or death is next.
· Stay clear from the low life, you could get hurt or killed for a dollar.
· Stay clear from gang’s activity or recruitment, your death is near.
· Stay clear from doing or saying anything wrong to the police, remember the Rodney King dilemma?
· Stay clear from Sunday psychics, psychic accidents are very real.
· Stay clear from haunted houses; bad entities could succeed stealing your mind, body and spirit.
· Stay clear from dark alleys and empty streets, chances are you have been followed and you are watched.
· Stay clear from gambling with loud people Vegas or not, your sense of security is very wrong.
· Stay clear from far away bathrooms and be very cautious of long dark corridors including elevators.
· Stay clear from practicing witchcraft with uneducated people.
· Stay clear from signing anything without a witness.
· Stay clear from anything that is dark.
· Stay clear from any and all animals, Pluto will turn them into killers.
· Stay clear from trusting anyone asking for money.
· Stay clear from using your heart it could cost your life.
· Stay clear from the Full Moon light wherever you are.
· Stay clear from ingesting anything you don’t trust
· Stay clear from accepting a stranger’s drink, Pluto is inside.
· Stay clear from wild lonely places.
· Stay clear from trusting anyone during any  of my future Plutonic windows.
· Stay clear from fighting with your loved ones.

Do not let your kids out without supervision. During one of my TV show in Tucson I mentioned the death of a kid by drowning trying to save his friend that fell into a canal in Phoenix. Had the mother read my Moon Power Book or read my VIP Cosmic Code newsletter forecasts, she would have been aware of Pluto.

Like millions of preventable deaths she did not and for the rest of her life she will cry her loss and never be the same mother ever again. Don’t be left behind, knowledge is power ignorance is evil. Join my 8000 VIP list ASAP.  Read Dr. Turi endless Cosmic Code Newsletter – As soon as you become a Cosmic Coder you will be with us for the next 12 months and enjoy more of my educational material. A real spiritual Master is a very rare thing join the world, be warned!

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

May God spare the cosmic unconscious soul for refusing to acknowledge his Eternal Presence and Universal Ceremonies… 



Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi on air with Michael Vara May 5, 2015 at 9:30pm 



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