Bernie Sanders For President?


I am a Virgo and I will clean the power in the White House

Cleansing impurities large and small
Don”t think yourself immune, for I see all
Attending to every chore and task
Perfection being all that I ask
I am VIRGO, child of Mercury.

Using the art and science of Astroforensics I translated the true character and fate of Bernie Sanders born September 8, 1941 in Brooklyn New York, as I did in Donald Trump President? I hope you will find valuable spiritual information only Dr. Turi can offer to all the curious people.

Knowing Sanders’ hopes, strengths and weaknesses is a must for anyone interested in this politician values, we also spoke about him last night on the Cosmic Code radio!  Download and listen to the show 

Remember I was banned from posting on Facebook for a few days, because in an article, some idiots assumed I wanted to join ISIS and complained to Facebook moderators! Indeed you can not fix stupidity, stop fears or insecurity! LinkedIn and Google also banned me from reaching thousands more of people with my cosmic teachings and unarguable predictions…

Maria Duval CNN and French Psychic Astrologer Dr. Turi
April 2016 Forecast & Predictions by Dr. Turi Part 2
ISIS Deadly explosions rock Brussels airport, subway PREDICTION!

Sad enough the forces of evil are working overtime to mute my voice wherever I try to  educate you on the reality of God cosmic Divinity. In fact after a few posts on another  quite insecure reptilius infected moderator simply removed all my educational posts and fired me from there for no real reason!  My last post there was titled “Rejection how to deal with it” and I made sure to REMOVE ALL my personal links. It is  only a matter of time before my religious Internets enemies evil souls finally manage to get me out of Facebook for good!

Incidentally, I have lost my main Facebook page, furthermore I can not edit nor post anymore on I am Alien, UFO reality  and  Psychic Nostradamus and can only edit or post here!

Meantime, each time Facebook “act behind the scene” I lose thousands of friends. This is the FIFTH time that; my main page has been removed and redirected to an older one with a very low numbers of followers.

In reality, my work is so progressive and so ahead of time that I became not only a challenge but a nuisance to the status quo! And this is why I am “technologically” muted by the forces of ignorance and Satan’s minions!

Thus before I disappear completly, may I suggest you to join the Cosmic Code website? Its FREE to join and you will get my posts directly in your mailbox! Why using or supporting Facebook when they muted me and stopped me reaching you all? Join today for FREE, then when you are ready for us, you may decide to become a VIP and get the real goodies!

Back to Bernie… One question many young supporters of Bernie Sanders are asking… Why did you wait so long to run for President?” The answer is very simple, everything in life is regulated and imposed by the Cosmic code and the world do not know that Universal Dragon resident in the Virgo/Pisces axis.

I announced the “Cosmic Change of guards” back in February 11, 2013 but I do not own the same platform as they do, and many of you may have missed the following! And this is why, as much as you are helping Mr. Sanders fighting, supporting and endorsing your financial freedom, you must fight with us because we are also fighting for your SPIRITUAL Freedom!


Another problem with Bernie Sanders is his age. He is 74 years old, but like Capricorn, Virgo is one of most active and one of the longest living sign of the Zodiac because of an inborn natural resistance and strong drive to use natural homeopathic remedies!  His Virgo, Mercurial vibrations easily magnetize the young “Millennials” generation of born OCD!

Lastly Sanders is Jew and America’s roots are the old conservative, racist god fearing Christians he will have to battle, but the young Millennials are not all gullible, and represent the progressive changes America need to progress into the next century.  While this mass of cosmic unconscious kids trust science and many aim towards higher education, affordability is their prime concern!

This is why I wrote intensively on their natural critical, health, scientific and dry approach to life, and why this particular article “Radical Extremist Atheism the world new deadly mental plague!” is receiving quite a lot of attention on the internet.

But like Virgo Bernie Sanders, as a Pisces, I am also directly touched by those new 2016 Neptunius cosmic winds of changes, all working in my favor.  And you do not have to be born in March or September to benefit (or suffer if you do not know) from the cosmic code because, all my readers own a Virgo or Pisces house in their UCI where those dramatic changes MUST and will take place.

If you can not afford one of my pricey consultations, I can only strongly suggest you to spend $15 to find out where those drastic changes will take place in your life and the ones you care.

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bernie sanders

I translated the following in very simple English terms for all my readers!


Sun 15Vir04 (house 1 – Self/soul’s purpose): Virgo is a dedicated, honest, hard working “servant” of the Zodiac. Bernie Sander’ soul purpose is to serve and clean all that he touches!  Spiritually advanced September souls are born mental leaders and masters in communications .i.e. Bernie Sanders, Bill O’reilly, Dr. Drew, Robert Shapiro and Marcia Clark (O.J. Simpson trial attorneys) were born Virgos, a serious indication of your fabulous intellectual potential pertaining to medicine, investigations, politics, finances and the law. Read more about Virgo traits!

Moon 12Ari36 (house 8 – Corporate money/death): Aries is ruled by Mars (the warrior) making Sanders very competitive in the affairs involving finances, the stock market and savings. He is a born fighter to impose justice and take the power away from manipulating interest groups and Lobbyists. While Virgo are set by the stars to live a long life, many end up suffering a dramatic violent death.   A Virgo very successful businessman and close friend of mine committed suicide, he was the CEO of a company called “The Servant” Read more on his dramatic death!

Mercury 01Lib49 (house 2 – Money, self esteem): The planet Mercury regulate critical thinking while Libra rules the law and  justice for all, especially in the world of finances. Sanders, unlike Trump is not making up stories to own your votes, he is honest at heart and will work hard to bring the scales of justice working for the good of all.

Venus 21Lib39 (house 2 – Dignify – Money, self esteem) Dignified mean Venus is at his best positive location, meaning he appreciate beauty, the art and will appeal to women in general.  Much of his resources will be used will be used to promote balance, harmony and justice for all. Women will play a significant part of helping and receiving large donations. While very smart, Sanders and his followers are not cosmic conscious and do not understand why he is able to amass such large resources.  This is why, if you are a Sanders’ supporter, you may want to share this newsletter to help his political campaign. Indeed the stars should not be ridicule by studied and used for success… Trump did not and paid the price of ignorance.

Mars 23Ari43 (house 8 – Dignify – Corporate money/death): dignified means Mars (the drive principle) resides in his own competitive sign and will fight to the death to support his convictions. This makes Sanders even more susceptible to suffer an untimely violent death, especially if he does not heed the moon fluctuations and all his personal cosmic biorhythms!   Sanders is extremely courageous taking on a group of reptilius infected billionaires elites who run the financial and political world! If he were to reach me, I could offer him one of  my protective talismans.  Read more on the power of talismans! 

Jupiter 19Gem48 (house 10 career/public standing) detriment – Jupiter means great international success and a traditional education, while Gemini represent curiosity.  Sanders religious convictions and rational education may not benefit his psychical progress. Little does he know that the old Jewish religion, once upon the time was teaching Astrology and much of Astrology was the universal understanding and respect of a unifying Cosmic God. Read more in “Christianity Judaism Islam Astrology & The Dead Sea Scrolls.” Note Gemini rules communications and all sorts of negative words and fears about his old age)  will be used by his competitors to stop you voting for him.

Saturn 28Tau33 (house 9 codification of thoughts/education) This is the house of general education and Taurus (the bull) is the symbol used by Merrill Lynch financial corporation to represent wealth and power. Saturn is also the great malefic and stimulate the inner deep fear principle. This astrological combination is a major contribution to what stimulated Bernie Sanders to fight the financial establishment.

Many of the people who endorse Sanders’ political career were born with the same financially insecure “cosmic winds.”  Much like Trump supporters fear foreigners and foreign affairs… Sad enough our modern society has lost the incredible values found in the old art and science of the stars; which divulge so much about the reality of what it means to be human…  Where is your Saturn by house and sign? What are your deepest fears and what can or will you do to turn them around? Indeed the majority of the world are not curious enough to benefit from my cosmic gift.

Uranus 00Gem21 (house 10 career/public standing) Uranus rules technology while Gemini rules active communications. Thus Bernie Sander older generation are offered, late in their life, to make a good use of a God cosmic blessings that can  and has been used efficiently to stimulate the public to make small by an incredible amount of donations.  Without Uranus (the Internet) location in Gemini, Sanders could never have achieved such an appeal and such a large amount of donations…

Many people are being paid by Trump to “spy” or duplicate their political opponents successful maneuvers but unless you own the right UCI (or the right planets in the right houses) there is no way to use the cosmic code at one’s advantage… This is why the old art and science of Astrology has been repressed by the Illuminati. The fact is if I had the same platform as they do to further such cosmic secrets to an indoctrinated, religious/atheist society, then I too would also share the same HIGH risks  as target for assassination like Bernie Sanders.

Neptune 26Vir58 ( house 1 – Self/soul’s purpose): detriment Neptune rules deception, religions, reptilius infestation through the use / abuses of legal or illegal drugs, the cartel, the pharmaceutical abusive corporations. Thus the elites of all those corporations will become Sanders worse enemies.  His own Jewish religion, much like LDS Mitt Romney could become an hindrance to his success because of the large Christian American popularity.

Pluto 05Leo04 (house 12 subconscious exalted) Exaltation mean the extreme power of Pluto (changes)  in Leo (teens/young adults) is exerted at a subconscious level and reach the younger generation. Again Sander, the voters and the public at large do not know about the power of the Supra – conscious in time and space and can only use it at a subconscious level.

I am offering and explaining those “subtle universal mechanics” in great details in my book “Beyond the secret.”  I also offered the public some evidences of this power in The Cosmic Code, January 27, 2016 radio show with a few factual stories I experienced in England in the seventies. I also posted a small video on Draco’s Facebook page  which is receiving some attention!

 Cosmic Consciousness is the liberation of your soul and the start to its infinite journey back to a cosmic God! Dr. Turi 

Ascendant 05Gem48 (house 10 career/public standing): Like Trump, Sanders share the gift of the gab, but his sincere, dedicated hard working Virgo makes him MUCH more trustworthy  less changeable, more respectful and more eloquent with well chosen progressive, positive words. Bernie Sanders’ Gemini rising makes him a true “Messenger of the Gods” communicating to the world his “puritanical” clean values.

Midheaven 10Aqu35 ( house 6 ruled by Virgo, work and health) Aquarius is a humanitarian sign dedicated to unifying the world. President Obama ( Terania and I) also  own  a very strong, peace oriented, progressive, weird, unusual, UFO’s UCI and, like Obama we would rather see him waste drones than more American lives in the Middle East fighting a reptilius infected ISIS! Aquarius rules the internet and in his 10th house Bernie Sander (like me) can reach millions using the technology with his cleansing/cleaning Virgo/Aquarius messages.

Dragon’s Head  22Vir43 (house 1 – Self/soul’s purpose): This is the “wheel of fortune) for Sanders (or any human being, including all politicians!) Virgo rules nature, the color green, the wildlife, the rain forest, purity, chastity, servicing others and the strong drive and focus of Sanders fighting the reality of global warming. Sheriff Arpaio share the same natal Pisces/Virgo as Sanders and who’s to deny the famous Sheriff for cleansing Phoenix from of its many criminals?

Who is Sheriff Joe Arpaio


In many of his past lives Sheriff Joe Arpaio (like Trump) was a woman, a nun to be precise where the puritanical legacy and cleanliness is quite obvious in his hidden celestial karmic make up and endeavors.  If you listen to KFYI radio and KIM Komando, syndicated technological radio show, I explained to her husband Barry Young in an email, the reason for his wife’s deep masculine voice!

She was a man in her previous past life, a German secret service agent using technology against the Russian KGB. But both rational radio hosts laughed at my explanations and never gave me a chance to be explain more on their show… Indeed you can not fix skeptical rational idiocy…

Virgo rules natural health and depict again Bernie Sanders famous quote ” I happen to believe that in a democratic, civilized society, all people should be entitled to health care as a right.

But the greedy corporations through the scientific matrixes keep developing and poisoning harmful medications the young, health, nature conscious,  “OCD generation”  who refuses to become their victims…  Read more in Astrology, Science, UFOs and the Moon or the plague of autism too many newborn suffers in the name of an irresponsible science!

Dragon’s Tail 22Pis43 (house 7 – partners, contracts, open enemies) Neptune “The Lord of the Seas) deception, poisoning, ALL religions, the wealthy pharmaceutical oil corporations,  and his own Jewish background is who and what will be used against against him. On a positive note, this Pisces dragon is unselfish, non egocentric, private, religious, also extremely dedicated to the betterment of the world and the oceans. Update.. I just found this on CNN Secret Service to protect Sanders

Read more about the dragon and get the book “Power of the Dragon” from Amazon!

P_Fortune 03Cap19 (house 5, creativity, children): More than any other politicians, Bernie Sanders is lucky with children, teens and young adults who will flock even more around his father figure. Capricorn rules old people, the political world, Grandpa and older wiser guys like me. Thus his “old age” will work in his favor (and mine), not against him but many kids have lost hopes and many suffered abandonment, religious or various misunderstandings from their parents. Those kids are looking for the truth, for hopes and for the opportunity to educate themselves traditionally with those like Sanders or more spiritually with those like Terania and I.

BlackMoon 20Tau31 (house 9, religions, money, traditional religious education): The black moon is a warning sign for Sanders to bypass his own religious convictions and the extreme danger he faces with those wealthy corporations running/controlling politics and wealth.  Danger could come from traveling on foreign ground without consulting the stars and especially his personal cosmic biorhythms. Something I have proven to work publicly many times and lately with Donald Trump Donald Trump lost the Iowa Caucus, is it over?

DISPOSITORS: Sun disposited by Mercury
Jupiter disposited by Mercury
Moon disposited by Mars
Saturn disposited by Venus
Mercury disposited by Venus
Uranus disposited by Mercury
Venus disposited by Venus
Neptune disposited by Mercury
Mars disposited by Mars
Pluto disposited by Sun

RULER OF CHART: Mercury Mercury rules both Gemini (his rising) and his Virgo “cleaning” Sun Sign (Soul purpose.) Bernie Sanders is indeed a “Messenger of a Cosmic God he knows nothing about! At least for now!

PLANETARY HOUR LORD: Venus The planet of love, the art, caring and women rules! Much help, love and care is coming from this beautiful gracious planet in his chart

SIGN MODALITIES: Planet Points Percent
Cardinal 5 – 42 % Determination to build and achieve
Fixed 2 – 17 % Fixity of purpose
Mutable 5 – 42 % Adaptability

SIGN ELEMENTS: Planet Points Percent
Fire 4 33 % Ego
Earth 4 33 % Logic
Air 4 33 % Adaptability
Water 0 0 % Imagination / Intuition – Is bernie Sanders even aware of the danger of religions?

Midheaven: Fixed Air – Much of the thoughts are geared towards his career and his mission. 

IN CRITICAL DEGREES: (Mansions of the Moon): BlackMoon

MOON PHASE: Waning – Serious caution advised for him to learn and heed the cosmic code and God Cosmic Divinity  speaking a cosmic language humanity has lost in the name of science and religions…

Knowing the Dragon’s Head is currently in Virgo in mutual reception to Sanders UCI, the old man may surprise many people in the race to the white house!  I can only hope you will find in this Cosmic Code educational newsletter the answers you may have about a man dedicated to help others and risk his life in the process…

Read more about the dynamics of the futuristic science of Astroforensic – The psychology and neuroscience of terrorism by Dr. Turi

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Dr. Turi

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