Biblical Cancer Code and Sean Hyman Money Code Deception


“Universal Laws are written in light through the signs – Cosmic Consciousness is… the awareness of God’s celestial divinity and use it wisely to read the future and help others build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!” Read the future –  Watch the future!

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Cancer Cure, Health Revelation on the 859th page of an ancient Bible?

Oncologists stunned! “Untreatable” late-stage cancers disappear in weeks… ZERO painful side effects… [Verified by independent research from leading medical centers and university scientists…]

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Do you recall how many times I mentioned religions and science are battling for supremacy and are deadly enemies?  In this case they cleverly formed an association with some doctors to reach and convince you to subscribe for their delusive mixture of religion and science materials.

In “cancer cure” you can now experience a groups of religiously poisoned Christian scientists selling the bible in a very long  Internet “sermon.” This is where the deceptive religious matrix is openly fighting the scientific matrix to advertise their latest product.

Did you also heard of Sean Hyman and his deceptive  MONEY CODE? – Again the goal is to sell Christianity and the bible in any possible ways, but not all readers are gullible, thus using FEARS, Cancer and offering you rational medical explanations is the new trickery used to sell their Neptunian deceptive material “bible plan.”

The Christian matrix MUST spend your “donations” by making products they can not sell because religions do NOT pay taxes but independent authors DO! This is why you will receive !) free gifts if you are patient enough to listen to the full narration.

Those “Internet religious missionaries” are the bible sellers offering you FREE “bible tips” free natural healing therapies manuals asking you to join their “friends” newsletter where they can lead to subscribe and give more donations.  Like the money code, the bible cancer “code” is another very long and deceptive Neptunian sermon!

Incidentally would it be the narrator or the doctors used in this advertisement, none own cosmic consciousness or experienced cancer (and healed themselves) first hand like I did!

Thus the choice is now yours to use the supra-conscious psychical healing forces at your advantage and use my real experience, wisdom and solid health tips instead!

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September 21, 2012 Recuperated Article

Cosmic Code

 For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Being myself a cancer survivor all I can tell you is;  my own experience with the disease was quite dramatic. While I am so very thankful for all the doctors who saved my life in Thailand, I could not wait to escape the hospital and the tons of medications I had to ingest daily.

Following the surgery, the doctors also strongly recommended chemotherapy but I knew better and refused the treatment.  In fact I had to lie to them all in order to be discharged legally from Bangkok hospital.  After removing a good chunk of my gut a day after the surgery I was forced, with the help of three  nurses to walk short distances and the morphine in my blood stream did not eliminate the pain.

The idea was to use gravity to bring back life to my digestive track and after more than three weeks I still did not pass any gas or anything of the little food I ingested.  I was to tell the doctors immediately when this would take place in order to be released.  Amazing how we take for granted little things we do everyday naturally? I never thought I would one day pray God to make me fart, but I did!


I was thousands miles away from my my loved ones and my friends, the only support I had was through MSN, with my wife to be, Terania. She was there every morning offering her precious mental support because I did not want anyone of my family to know about my situation and for any of  them to come to Thailand to baby me.

But I also knew the more pain medications and the regiment of antibiotics I was ingesting under the watchful eyes of the nurses, the longer it would be for me to get my health back. Thanks to my training in hypnotherapy I was able to auto hypnotize myself out of my pain and fears instead of requesting more of Neptune’s dreamy goodies or all the readily available drugs at my disposition.  I hated the numbness, the lethargy, the dream state  and the restrain I was in and to this day I do not understand why people would smoke weed?

But one think I now know is; when you are forced to face your own mortality and, alone deeply into your own self for weeks,  away from everyone who cares for you,  you really get to “meditate” deeply.  Why and how the hell did I catch this disease was much in my mind!

I realized then, the main reason for me to develop cancer,  was because of many years of bad eating habits in the UK working as a breakfast Chef and a persistent state of depressions. Like all overworked young adults, drinking, smoking and partying all night long took a toll on my body, mind and soul, opening the door to more depressions. Now after such a crazy life I have it all and even found my soul mate and Terania, I may have to die?

I was so mad inside because I wanted to do more with my life and enjoy a well deserved retirement… For years I had it all, success, money, a great career, the fine jewelry, the very expansive cars, a bran new red Corvette, an AMG Mercedes, new Hummer, speed boat tons of friends and money to spare…but I had no true love!

The endless chain of girls I conquered were after my name, the security I could offer them, my money but not my heart. As a truth seeker, a man with such a deep cosmic wisdom and integrity I could not understand why  love was out of reach for me.

I drowned my secret pain drinking every night and escaped both death and DUI so many times, yes thanks to my lucky Sagittarius rising for saving me from costly legal expenses and  jail…  In many cases, at the end depressions lead to suicide!

How I learned to live after trying to end my life  

Christine O’Hagan says November 30, 2012, was worst day of her life!

There is no doubt in my mind, Christine was under one of her 2012 negative Personal Cosmic Biorhythms  and/or suffering the Tail of her natal/hidden Dragon in her 12th subconscious house. This produces horrific psychological changes leading to suicidal thoughts. Sad enough today science can only classify those negative cosmic energies as  generalized anxiety disorder, major depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

And the proof is right there when Christine said ““There are days when I wake up wondering if I will be OK today, and days I wish I hadn’t woken up at all. But still no days that are like that terrible, numb, bloody day back in November 2012.”

But in all, what I have learned about getting cancer is; if you lead a healthy life, if you are emotionally, financially and spiritually  stable, and truly loved, happy to be alive, regenerate your spirit in a great career and if you simply  avoid feeding evil, cancer has NO power over you.

Cancer needs your depression, your fears, your insecurity, your loneliness  and an  unhealthy lifestyle to grab and kill you!

In fact I know no cancer cell can survive in an very oxygenated body, mind and soul and my “Universal Blood Transfusion” is the first step to take if you suffer ANY disease.  In this radio show with Jerry I gave more information on cancer,take the time to listen to it  so you can immunize your body, mind and soul from it!

ALL disease comes from a physical and/or spiritual blockage that open the door to infectious organisms, including cancer. Shutting down the flux of happiness is simply shutting down life because there is so much more involving the thoughts power, the scientific community who lost the spirit is not aware of just yet!


Stress, depression may affect cancer survival

We all know what it mean to struggle, to be part of the minority and how challenging life can be working underpay in horrific situations away from loved ones, endlessly worrying if food will be always be on the table… thus does the latest findings of our  infantile science really surprise you now? 

Cancer now No. 1 killer of U.S. Hispanics

In fact four weeks  after my surgery, back home in the US, I was running with my dogs in the park and was cutting tree branches from the roof of my house. I had finally the  love, the attention and hopes I was craving for but most of all I had my daily “Universal Blood Transfusion”  and today I am cancer free.

There is so much more to learn in the Cosmic Code that will benefit your health and your life in general!

I have also noticed that where ever Saturn (the great malefic) is located in your chart becomes a wide invitation for career stress and with it cancer. Thus the location of this planet by house and sign become a sure SIGN where you are prone to develop cancer.

Battling your fears of the future and knowing about it will allow you to apply your will to correct the situation and avoid the health penalty or the cancer cell growth in this particular area of your body. Let’s say if you were born like me with malicious Saturn in Virgo (the digestive track) you better get regular colonoscopy after the age of 50 in this particular area.

Meantime in the medical aspect of my work, Saturn can be in any house and any sign and for you not to know about it makes you very vulnerable. Thus there was  no “accident” for me to suffer colon cancer but if you let both, your fears or ignorance take over curiosity, you may very well end up developing tumors in those areas.  In all my Skype live/taped consultations I always check the malefic planets locations and tell you exactly what you should do to avoid future health problems.


Added to Saturn health karmic location, where ever Pluto is located in your natal UCI/chart, real regeneration can only take place, I was born with Pluto in Leo (love) and the real thing or love was  missing for too long in my life and got to me!

The scientific community erroneously assumes my “pseudo-scientific” medical work is ridiculous instead of investigating the real possibilities of what lead me to contract cancer… Incidentally the moon location by sign and house is responsible for human emotions is also a  major contribution to attract diseases and lead to a variety of psychological problems, including depressions and even suicide.

Sad enough science knows nothing of the spiritual values emanating from the Moon and can only relate to our satellite logically through astronomy. All the while missing the subtle impact she exert upon the human psyche and with it, the crucial answers they are cursed to uncover…

“The Moon Shots Program signals our confidence that the path to curing cancer is in clearer sight than at any other time in history,” – DePinho. 

But the irony is  science is still refusing to give the right  “Shots at the Moon” with NASA Programs and “Those funds will come from institutional earnings, philanthropy, competitive research grants and commercialization of new discoveries.”  The cancer center is backing this project with a $3 billion investment over the next decade!

Imagine how many Astropsychology schools and regenerative, divulging God’s cosmic divinity, the moon power, the planets impacts upon humanity would reveal to the millions of children and their parents attending my students and I cosmic teachings  would be?

Yes but the scientific matrix will not get there readers, there is nothing for them to gain from homeopathic medicine, because its all natural! Both the scientists and the pharmaceutical corporations are not interested in my real and successful story.

Instead fortunes are wasted because those who lead us do not know better, and this MUST change!

Imagine if I had 3 billions dollars to spare how many people I would save with the safe medical Astropsychology teachings? Imagine the impact all the wise spiritually advanced  teachers would have upon those future generations leading all the children of tomorrow into the reality of a Cosmic God unifying the world. Indeed the Cosmic Code and its natural healing procedures would in time allows for an endless flow of spiritual regeneration, a better understanding of the variety making up the human race, bring more  health, happiness, love, respect for all and finally abolish all cancers.

This new cosmic conscious crowd will in turn teach their own kids all about their natal UCI,  know all about their own sins and virtues. A new vibrant, cosmic conscious  US Department of Education and all their teachers would fully understand the psyche of lost souls like Adam Lanza and offer all the mental help and guidance needed to allow only the positive aspect of the stars to manifest themselves.

Instead those fortunes are wasted and nothing else than another investment for more neuroscience and their scientific researches killing rats to create and sell more less lethal drugs and build more psychiatric hospitals, more prisons to accommodate all the over medicated victims…

From Prediction page 2 – Another prediction on the way…

23. Cancer will be conquered as we approach and pass August 2012.

Yes cancer will be conquered readers but not the way the Illuminati Lobbyists running those scientific and pharmaceutical corporations wants you to believe…One day there will be no need to cut, burn or cook cancer out of people and no need to poison their system with chemotherapy and dangerous chemicals. But we still have a long way to go before my Astropsychology schools takes off the ground and humanity finally wakes up to God cosmic reality.

The question now is will you trust a 30 or 40 year old traditionally educated  kid, fresh out of college practicing medicine, a 19 or 25 years old juvenile scientist experimenting new drugs on rats in a laboratory or a 64 year old man who’s been there and done that with cancer?

Simply assimilate this You Tube video and avoid cancer entirely before it can get to you…and if you need me to guide or heal you simply order any of my services because I am as real as can be and a proud cancer survivor…

STOP The Epidemic of autism in the United States
Dr. Drew, Dr. Gupta, PTSD, Bullying and Suicide Answers
NO you do not need a BA, MA, MBA, JD and PhD!
 Neuroscience long for answers on the human mind!
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Dr. Drew A Born Nerd! 



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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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