Boy, 12, calls 911: Please come kill me. When will the world finally hear me?


If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Read the future –  Watch the future!

Dalai Lama & Dr. Turi

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He’s accused of killing boy, 9, on playground

“One of the children, for an unknown reason, pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed one of the other children,” police said. The two boys had just met on the playground.


“Jamarion  Lawhorn was charged Tuesday with murder. Though he’ll be tried in a juvenile court, it will be as an adult, according to Becker, who added that his office has not yet decided whether the murder charges will be first or second degree.”

Dear readers;

I guess “Town in shock after 9-year-old boy is stabbed to death on playground” speak of my indisputable quatrain and keywords reflecting the SHOCKING type of cosmic energy humanity is currently experiencing! 

Hawaii preps for back-to-back cyclones! Did anyone paid attention to my warnings? 

I truly feel like I am about to explode inside tonight, when I keep telling you the monster in all children MUST be acknowledged, repressed and controlled before, during or just after puberty! But there won’t be no progress made because 99.99% of the world do not understand my methodology and assume I am a psychic! 

I am a “Soul Doctor” and because my work is not yet understood nor accepted by the majority does not make it worthless! Is it too hard to ask the skeptics to keep an open mind for a change and investigate my claims instead of behaving like stubborn donkeys?

  Only donkeys do not change their mind, so where do you stand? 

The human spiritual DNA or UCI is unforgiving and in some cases, totally unbearable for the subject, especially during a “Personal Negative Cosmic Biorhythms!

Since December 17, 2012, only 2277 people took the time to watch the video dedicated to Adam Lanza, and all the young victims of all the civilized “adults” idiocy, all dedicated to never exit their religious or scientific comfortable zones.

Meantime, my dogs video received 121, 484 hits since May 17, 2013, so what’s going on with human? And you wonder why their children behave worse than wild animals? Being an adult means understanding a child but nowadays, there is not such a thing, only blame, ignorance and convictions!

  • How many children will have to die before the science of Astroforensics and Astropsychology are tested and accepted as solid therapeutic disciplines?
  • How can the adults behave in such idiocy and punish a child who could never get ANY help from them? Who is the adult and who is the child?
  • How can the adults, in the name of ignorance and religious convictions punish yet, another innocent lost child?

Jamarion took some “pills” before committing a desperate act I perceive as a loud cry for help!  His psyche was deteriorating at the speed of light and no “cosmic conscious” adults were there, at home or in school to help this kid get the spiritual grounding needed to function like any other kids! 

  • How can the pharmaceutical greedy corporations promoted and endorsed by born pot heads like Dr. Sanjay Gupta and company live with themselves watching this video posted on CNN?
  • How can all the parents and teachers alike, in the name of THEIR ignorance and religious fear keep punishing innocent lost children when all they have to do is investigate my claims and provide the cosmic awareness and spiritual regeneration those kids desperately need?
  • How can the judicial system, in the name of ignorance and ridicule keep prosecuting children like adults when they forgot what it means to be a child?
  • How can the “educated” legal hyaenas ruin the lives of so many kids when they think like atheists, agnostics and skeptics totally depraved of feeling and spirituality?

What is the point for me to repeat myself eternally when the scientific and religious matrixes jailed your mind into amnesia and perceive your children as profitable collateral damage? 

When will the mass of concerned intuitive parents finally decide to help me to get a wider voice and allow me to reach and teach this cosmic reality to all concerned families? 

Again readers, it is just a matter of time before another degenerated mind commit another atrocious act in a public place, a movie theater, a school or an university near you! If you are in Michigan, this article should be read by every member of your community and reach all schools boards! Do you agree? 

Will you participate and help me, because without your help I may as-well stop wasting my time and retire early!

My work and my voice is totally muted by a system that doe NOT care about you or your children, yet billions of dollars (your donations and taxes) went to the wrong religious or scientific organizations.

They are OBLIVIOUS to the “cosmic” phenomenon because, there is no room in traditional education for the spirit and the soul of the cosmos!

Obama waste $100M to unlock mysteries of the brain

 Those “educated” morons keep investigating in the rats depressed minds to find the illusive answer to why another depressed kid killed again! 

I am desperate to help because I own the keys to what it means to be human and I understand the human psyche outside of all accepted conventional beliefs and remedy!


I need your help, and with the millions of people reading my work daily, I know many of you are not in a position to provide me with that crucial help. But they are thousands of you with so much wealth which has or will be again going to the wrong people and wrong organizations!  

Lifestyles of the rich and religious abusers!

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

My dedication to provide the crucial, essential cosmic regenerative food missing in the education curriculum is unsurpassed, and at 2 am after writing ALL day long for you, (for free) isn’t it time you to realize I am real? BUT I can not do this alone and again since 1991 when I started my cosmic journey all my desperate pleas went unanswered!

Is it time for Dr. Turi to quit and abandon you and your children? After all I will soon be 65 and my time is running out…

 I am asking all my readers to be as committed as I am because, unlike me,  the scientific and religious matrixes do not have your best interests at heart! 

Please read those articles and pass them on, you may succeed in uplifting another human being towards the reality of a cosmic God speaking to me through the signs…


Dr. Turi

Note: I am currently working on the 2015 Nostradamus Personal Dragon Forecast For All Signs preparing the world on the Neptunius Draconis impact upon your life, the Middle East and the world at large. Indeed this work is your personal soul forecast to what will happen to you, your loved ones and humanity in 2015!

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