Brenda Heist – Missing woman and the Scorpius Draconis



 ”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

~ Dalai Lama and Dr. Turi

‘Nothing illegal about walking away’

Brenda Heist was last seen in February 2002 after dropping off her two kids at school. Then she vanished, leaving behind the kids, a job and a bad marriage. Where’s she been? FULL STORY

Dear Readers; As you know there are NO accidents, only cosmic circumstances 99.09% of a cosmic unconscious world population is unaware of. Yes she was born in 1959 with a Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Taurus (security.)

(CNN) — “A Pennsylvania woman who mysteriously disappeared 11 years ago has resurfaced in Florida, saying that she just walked out on her family, her life and her problems.”

Brenda is experiencing a “Dragon return” knowing the full cycle of the Scorpius Draconis is 12 years thus by the ultimate cosmic order (God celestial will) she was forced into a REBIRTH imposed by a mutual reception of her natal dragon.  Note also part of my prediction also dictate that nothing will be kept under the rug for long and secrets will come to light with this Scorpius dragon in charge of humanity. i.e. NBA Gay Player Comes Out

If you read section of my book “The Power of the Dragon” in  The Scorpius Draconis article souls born with a Taurus (money) Dragon’s Tail (karma) are somehow cursed to lose everything in their lives. This is indeed one of the most difficult position for the Dragon to be because the lesson  of humility and total destitution is a very karmic one. Note Bernie Madoff was also born with a negative Taurus Dragon’s Tail and we all know he lost everything including his son and he rotting in jail!

Key words for a positive Taurus Dragon’s Head

You have faith in your abilities to make million of dollars or launch any business

You are a genius with yours and other people’s money

You are willing to work harder than anyone to get there

You have plenty of great ideas to give away

You give with love and respect

You are creative and beautiful

You are financially secure

Key words for a negative Taurus Dragon’s Tail

You have a bad attitude with money, you would do anything against the law to get it

You loose all you possessions and credit cards a few times,

You are financially insecure and won’t do a thing about it

You do not want to work and expect others to provide

You want to marry an older wealthy person only

You can’t stop shopping no matter what

You will use sex for money

Thus it is through the Natal Dragon’s Head pull that the soul will be able to battle, survive and win back emotional, financial and spiritual stability but when the majority of people walking the earth are all cosmic unconscious and when a blind science classified the divine rare wisdom as “pseudo-science” only the chances of understanding people’s dramatic fate or incredible luck is not an option…Unless they land on my work of course and become more curious to find the answers to what it means to be a human experiencing life on this dense physical world.

It amazes me that in the name of imaginary fears, scientific scepticism or religious deceptive convictions the basic human being lack the curiosity and the drive to find out how, why and what produced the results of where and who they are at today!

Knowing life is a constant process of changes any road could lead you to the gold mine, yet the basic instinct of preservation, imaginary fears, scientific scepticism or religious deceptive convictions stop the soul to upgrade to a better future. Many Taurus Tail souls have already given up and are fated (in their mind) to struggle endlessly only to survive, often turning envious, jealous and resentful for the blessings and the wealth  others souls enjoy on a daily base.

They will blame others, God, bad spirits, bad luck classifying themselves as unlucky karmic souls born under “bad” stars… And yet they are right because in previous past-lives, they have misused power, used money and possessions to control, abuse and bend other’s will at their advantage… Exactly what the billions of well off karmic souls, born into riches are doing today/everyday to others they feel are born to serve them…

But the memories of those supremely wealthy past-lives  are long forgotten in the scheme of eternal re-incarnation where during those lives, on a click of a finger any of your wildest dreams came an immediate  reality without work, pain or suffering…  Now the painful lesson of deprivation, destitution, struggling even homelessness is your dues to endure…

All the while your lesson being a spirit stuck in a human body on this dense physical world is karmically self “induced” at birth imposed by the law of cosmic justice… All for one purpose only, to get you closer to yourself, to other human beings, to learn about feeling, sharing and mastering your own Godly powers to change your fate because you CAN!

But very rare is the cosmic conscious teacher able to lead you into the real possibility of altering the course of your destiny especially if you are not ready or willing to make the fist step in the right direction. Trust me you can pray God everyday to win the lottery or stop the next disaster but you already know inside your soul he will NOT ear or listen to you. Not that God is deaf or blind but because you do not speak his cosmic language  mostly because no one was there to teach it to you… There was no option available up to today, because you were not ready, you did not ask hard enough or did not put enough faith and feelings in your requests….

But this has changed because “there are no accidents” and reading my work is not an accident either… You made a very specific request, may be its about finding love? Making more money, getting a better job, a better health even your own mission in life and now here you are, in my world, a place you need to be because that’s where the answers, the directions, true hope and legitimate wisdom is for you. Thanks God he heard you finally!

See readers, Brenda does not know me, while her life story is certainly a true nightmare she will never know what and why the Scorpius/Taurus Draconus she was cursed with lead her to such a challenging distressful life… Yet now that she made it to CNN, its just a matter of time for her to read of the cosmic reasons for her misfortune. The fact is, if you share my work hard enough its just a matter of time before she or someone who knows her Google her name, her story and Dr. Turi. The CNN writer By Laura Ly, CNN even the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office could also be a good channel but does the article really reflect anything valuable of the true “mysterious” cosmic reasons for her to be back “alive?”

Will any of them able to relate to my work on the Cosmic Code? I doubt very much because born with a different Dragon their own karmic  lessons are so very different…

I will never forget for as long as I live my experience with John Steward when I first arrived in the US back in 1984… He was the true reflection of wealth and power, he had it all, money, position, career, education and was in charge of the Lemo Attorney Service in San Diego.  I was destitute, no money, no place to stay, no car, no job, no social security, no green card, I was homeless… And because of John I am today’s the very successful Dr. Turi you know, read all about my incredible journey from hell to heaven in “Beyond The Secret!”

But the same very powerful man years later knocked at my door, in my big house with ocean view, outside was my new Mercedes. John was homeless, dirty, smelly, the sun burned his face to non-recognition, he was skinny and weak. But while his teethe were yellow and his hair very long,  his smile was out of this world, bright as I never seen it before… I tried all I could to help him with money, clothing, shower, car, a place to stay in my house he refused everything and  said to me” Louis I came to say good bye to you because I know you will never judge me, I am on my way to Hawaii and I don’t think I will ever come back.” I replied, “John please just tell me why, tell me why you became homeless, so I can get a closure with my best friend “savior” ever.”

He said “Louis I did not know I was FREE!, the legal system is corrupted, everything is dirty, there are no rules and no freedom, so I decided to be free from it all and I love it!”

This answer made no sense to me then, but years later upon writing/channelling the power of the Dragon John was born like my deceased younger brother  Vincent in 1952 with a Dragon’s Head (luck/growth) in Aquarius (freedom/travelling/original.) Yes now it all make sense why he subconsciously followed his karmic dragon to find his TRUE freedom.

The fact is you have a natal and hidden dragons both are very powerful and karmically colour the essence of your aura UCI make up.  Knowing about these dragons will become a major contribution to understand your challenges, your missions, your gifts and shortcomings and by using your Dragons accordingly the rewards ahead of you are certain.

Real stories such as the one of Brenda Heist or my dear friend John are exposed so through my Astropsychology cosmic wisdom you may be driven to uncover more about your own life, your impending fate and my goal is is to offer you a much safer flight by putting you, where you belong on the driving seat of your dragon. All you have is your intuition and I would seriously recommend you to listen to it carefully because your dragon is like a wild animal that need a strong, smarter, wiser owner…

Any of my service is a life investment that will change your entire conception of life where you will become in charge of your destiny – Get any of my services or get the $15 book “2013 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast” to read all about your and all the people you know draconic fate.

Remember knowledge is power, ignorance is evil, if you are not happy its because you do not live your destiny! Take a chance you cannot lose with Dr. Turi…

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