Brexit leader and Donald Trump’s Infestation


UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage, left, talks with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker before a plenary session at the EU headquarters in Brussels on Tuesday, June 28. European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker called on Prime Minister David Cameron to clarify when Britain intends to leave the EU, saying there can be no negotiation on future ties before London formally applies to exit.

EU boss has tough words for Brexit leader – Brexit crash wiped out $3 trillion

Back in February 2013, when I first published my futuristic visions in 2016 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions,” I don’t think I was fully aware yet, of the true; deceptive powers, involving planet Neptune.

Dear readers;

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Important note! My work is NOT politically oriented but spiritual in nature. My cosmic work should not influence your choice and decision to vote for any politician!

This planet’s “nirvanic” powers does not only endorse all sorts of physical and psychical poisoning  but also seems to remove any form of critical thinking! Drugs, alcohol, greed, ego, power, deception medications rule the mind of so many lost souls trying o make sense to it all…

As much as those 2016 “nirvanic” cosmic winds blur the critical thinking of billions of people on planet earth, how many humans will be curious or smart enough to check the 2017 very different cosmic forces at work in a few months from today?  Predictions for 2017 Nostradamus Personal and Universal Forecast

America, like the US  is totally blind, manipulated by Neptunius deceptive winds they can not recognize nor comprehend. Indeed, the British people are the first to realize their error and will have to pay a serious price for listening and following a politician; that managed to destabilize not only Britain but the entire world!… UK Referendum Prediction: The Death of the UK! 

But the same deceptive cosmic winds are also cursing America with another very dangerous infected politician aiming for the White House! Will the American people make the same mistake  as the British by electing and falling for Donald Trump’s “dual UCI”  and  lies?  

Trump, Ryan tout unity? My other half over you casts a spell!

Once again, do not send any hatred emails to us. I am offering you with a free spiritual perspective, to what the cosmic code is imposing upon humanity! All human affairs are under the jurisdictions of the stars and because you may not be educated on the subject, does not mean it should be ridicule or ignored!

If you can make a good use of our serious warnings, so be it and if you can not because of your religious or atheist convictions, it is your right! Our work is spiritual in nature and NON political!

Becoming cosmic conscious and perceiving the undiluted truth as it is, is not for everyone and not everyone will agree with us! But at 66 I have learned to keep an open mind and show intelligence by being curious instead of assuming or letting my fears and the stars take over my judgement!

While everything UNDER the stars is ruled by the stars, STAND with us above so you can UNDERSTAND the depth of our cosmic messages.  The futuristic art and science of Astropsychology / Astroforensics does not lie when exploring and exposing the human character and its political affairs.

Anyone using false hopes and fears to get your votes should raise a red flag but the current Neptunius confusing cosmic winds makes it impossible for people to perceive the truth and keep their heads out of the water…  Omar Mateen, ISIS, Trump and an inefficient FBI.

My visions about water and poisoning is simply unarguable if you read the current news in all over the US!

“More than 5,300 water systems in America are in violation of the EPA’s lead and copper rule, a federal regulation in place to safeguard America’s drinking water from its aging infrastructure.”

Lead taints 5,300 water systems – Is CA sitting on drought solution?

Memo from 2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions “Here is my interpretation for this Grand Cross but the main cosmic energy is Neptunian, this mean be prepared for important and deadly news involving the Middle East, the Pope, churches, religions,  dams, water, inundations, fishes, sea, drownings, the ocean, ships, the Navy, submarines, Islands, chemicals, poisoning etc.

But the rational agnostics and atheists alike don’t seem to realize I made those predictions in February 2013, well before today’s EPS’ dramatic announcement nor has it have probably ever crossed their imperceptive minds!

While non cosmic conscious, famous idiots keep hurting and killing misinformed people, Tony Robbins hot coal walk idiocy!asking thousands of his followers to escape Neptune’s quick sands and start to perceive the facts I represent, will take a long time! Only those free cosmic code newsletters will help my readers to upgrade to a more refined spiritual state of mind!

But like the religious and scientific matrixes, the guru Neptunius matrix  is also after your time and money but in this occasion, “for entertainment purpose only” did not protect Tony Robbins against the judicial system used by his victims.

It is bad news for society to fall for the many “corporate” con men, who have access to millions of dollars; invested in all sorts of national TV advertisements at their disposal yet  a  true, gifted soul’s voice is muted!… British politician Jo Cox Howard Hughes and Dr. Turi’s predictions.

The physical or emotional price those consumers have to pay because of those famous charlatans will last a lifetime, all because they trusted someone to help them get a better life!

But the system is set to promote and endorse only those who can reward the fat Swiss bank accounts of those unconcerned, “new Age” corporations.  Those abusive groups have infiltrated all major networking websites, i.e. “Psychic Twins” offering the same gullible astrological and tarot readings that give people what they paid for, immediate gratification and nothing of any spiritual values!

Be sure, Tony Robbins fire “mishap” will never stop  him to perform again and he will be back on the road to deceive more mesmerized, unconscious seeking souls who may be killed next time.

Indeed Neptune blurs the mind of those who can not see past the end of their noses and will “forgive” much too easily any famous “talking head!”  Often just because they can take a picture on their cellphone and show their friends how smart and well known they think they are!

Indeed the human ego is a sure place to hit for any notoriety to tap on for a successful reward!

I personally think, for Tony Robbins to impose such painful experience upon some of his followers is exactly what they needed, because of where they are at! They needed a wake up call to start questioning the spiritual wisdom and values of their “teachers.”

But unless you are one of his unlucky victims, drawn to the wrong place at the wrong time, there is absolutely no chances for any of the thousands of his followers to change direction. Yet Mr. Robins does not know anything about his or your “2016 Personal Cosmic Biorhythms!” and this is what makes the difference between a true gifted Prophet and a famous charlatan!

Only our cosmic conscious students can and will agree with us because, some of my readers will assume anything.  Had the world granted me such acclamation, I know much too much to hurt any of my followers.  The same cosmic ignorance cursed the organizers responsible for thousands of people who died in religious stampedes!

While Tony will keep miles away from fire walking and will think twice ‘entertaining” without hurting his people, there are still a boundless amount of morons ready to follow, listen and “learn” from him! The same apply for a cosmic unconscious James Arthur Ray responsible for the death of his followers… Remembering the 2009 Arizona sweat-lodge deaths

David Koresh, Rev. Jones and so many other deceptive “New Age” Neptunians lured thousands of gullible people into their own deadly webs but some humans as a rule, even in death and drama, will never learn their lesson!  Its just the way it is because you can not fix human stupidity by writing or speaking about the truth, period!

Luckily for us, the world is not only loaded with desperate easily manipulated souls in need of spiritual regeneration! They are much safer, yet deceptive, religious New Age and cult groups such as Scientology,  designed by so called smarter people, to attract you and idiotic celebrities such as; John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Madonna to adhere and follow there too!

Asking anyone to decipher right from wrong, real from deception; is your choice alone, and the stories I heard from people escaping Neptune’s muggy, trapping waters are simply unbelievable, yet they are!

There is only a very fine line between divine information and pure imagination, and only those who dealt directly with us will make the difference. They are days when I feel blessed to look at the face of a trusting client on Skype asking for a service I know, only a true gifted soul can offer another human being!

There is no reason for me to ask for another endorsement because I stopped collecting them a long time ago!  The feeling of a job  well done is irreplaceable because this person’s  regenerated body, mind and soul is in agreement with the divine and this soul was lead to me by God!

While my accumulated predictions alone speak of my legitimate predictive expertise, only those perceptive enough will make the difference between me and other spiritualists. Its like everything you will invest in. Some will be good some will be bad and while there are plenty of good gifted people there are those deceptive people everywhere.

The fact is, you can only attract the experiences and the people you need to grow up with, just because you vibrate at their high or low cosmic speed!   Speaking and mesmerizing a group of people like any minister does will make you feel on top of the world but for a short time only!

Speaking to a person directly and recording the regenerative work, the guidance, the teachings of personal crucial universal laws and predictions will last a lifetime! But the majority of “indoctrinated” people have not be trained to make the difference between a fabricated “talking head” notoriety invigorating lectures and the true magical, spiritual work of a rare modern Prophet!

Its is only when the student is ready that; the blessings of a gifted teacher will appear! Ask and you shall receive must be meant from the bottom of your soul with good intentions only, to attract the wonderful light we own.

And unless you ask a person’s proofs of their legitimacy, you run the serious chance of suffering a “psychic accident.” Especially if the  supra – cosmic – consciousness is not understood or misused!

So to prove to you I am what I am and not another famous deceptive Neptunius guru we are offering a SUPER DEAL to celebrate the 4th of July and the liberation and independence of your mind, body and soul!

This super deal and the slashing of my prices will attract many and start today! It will end July 4th, so we are expecting TONS of requests between now and then and this is  on a first come first served basis!

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Dr. Turi back on air with Pat Fringe

Dr. Turi back on air with Pat Fringe (K-Talk) Fringe Radio,  July 23, 2016 from 7-9 PM PST. 

Louis will speak on the current universal dragon in Virgo / Pisces and it’s impact on the world, as well as how it will affect the upcoming 2017 axis in Leo / Aquarius. He will also speak further about E.T.’s both benevolent and reptilius as well as UFO’s and other metaphysical secrets. Email Pat or call during the show if you want to experience a mini reading on the air.

Dr. Turi on air with Chris Kehler September 22, 2016 from 6 pm to 7 pm

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Dr. Turi


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