Bryan Kohnerger a born killer! Will the police and the FBI ever learn?


Over the years, the FBI and the police have grown drastically with weaponry but not in spirit… There are cosmic reasons for born killers victims to suffer premature death!  Astro forensics must be taught at the Police Academy.  Dr. Turi

Kaylee Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, and Madison Mogen were killed Sunday, November 13, 2022, off-campus at the University of Idaho. (Obtained by CNN)

Dear reader,

As always, a few emotional, oblivious souls will blame or accuse me of using death for my own selfish business purposes! Nothing can be false, since my cosmic work is free and designed to educate those able and willing to make good use of my work!

Friends and family of the victims will get closure through my work yet, very sensitive members of the general public do not know that; in the eternal battle between emotions and logic, their deep emotions about this case (or others) will always win and accuse me of insensitivity or lack of respect!

Creative genius was born to promote and help society, and negative oblivious people, since they do not read, nor investigate anything, can only assume and destroy and hurt others and anything I write! 


Bryan Kohberger was born in November under the deadly sign of Scorpio, he is the suspect and <criminology graduate student> who is accused of the stabbing deaths of four University of Idaho students, who were killed in Moscow, Idaho, on November 13, 2022.

FACT! Scorpio rules sex and the reproductive area making the negative born killer Scorpio (Lizard) extremely secretive, dangerous, and deadly! i.e. Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Bryan Kohnerger, and in the Gabby Petito’s murder case Brian Laundrie! 

I am not sure how many of you recall my words in one of my YouTube videos “He – Bryan Kohnerger, must be a Scorpio, born in November and he is someone who knows the victims, maybe a very jealous, lonely person!”

Update: 1/19/23Bryan Kohberger was likely motivated by sexual ‘arousal’ and ‘hatred’: experts say! Kohberger reportedly used Instagram to contact one of the victims, a report says!

I also mentioned to my VIPs that; “the FBI does not know yet but there is direct contact with one of the victims!”  and posted a picture of Madison Mogen!  Furthermore, I also mentioned to my VIP’s that; the FBI does not know yet that “Madison Mogen” was the innocent catalyst of this mass murder! 


“Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces” (Matthew 7:6 New King James Version).

But idiots don’t read only assume and some are unable to delegate the Divine or miss the forest for the tree! The mind of a “young soul” is so earthy, so rational and so consumed by the ego that the spirit is jailed into this dense physical world!

Diane Dawson – I don’t think being a Scorpio had anything to do with this case or why BK killed these kids. Wow, people are really out there.   

Indeed, I am very high in God’s cosmic sphere Diane in the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousness where your earthy young soul is forbidden by a God that has enslaved you and your unevolved kind to uncover the golden keys to what it means to be human! Indeed a cosmic God doesn’t speak to fools! 

Where ever Scorpio is in your chart by house and sign is where you must die and rebirth or KILL if the  “Lizards” takes over your body, mind, and soul!

I investigated the UCI of all the victims, Madison: May 25, 2001 Kaylee: June 8, 2001 Xana: July 5, 2002 Ethan: October 28, 2002, and there is a very negative energy between the killer and Madison!  Her stellium in Gemini is right on her 1st house (the self) in the killer’s 8th house of death receiving the moon (home/domestic scenery) where all the victims were killed!

Note also Madison’s Mars (violent death) and Pluto (death) are right on her 7th house (open enemies/public.)  RIP


Note also that; in the Brian Laundrie Gabby Petito murder case, on the very day Brian was back home in Florida, I said “He must be a Scorpio, born in November and he strangled her!

I also said “he went back home to get a gun and blew up his head, his remains are in the water” Weeks later I was proven right by the coroner!

Again, it is only if you take the time to locate, watch and listen to those YouTube videos that you will accept my obvious claims and my UFO’s predictive legacy!

Yet how many so-called “detectives” investigated my work and realized the critical values of my cosmic teachings?  ZERO – ZILT- NADA – NONE!

FBI visited Dr. Turi again, following Paris Terrorists Attack
 Read Psychic Detective Police Astro forensics
Read what the police families say about my work

Indeed, the FBI and the police force, profilers and criminologists have so much to gain from Astro- forensics but they do not know me, and the media will never allow nor give national exposure to a Soul Doctor! 

Hippocrates II was a Greek physician of the Age of Pericles and is considered the most outstanding figure in the history of medicine.

Join the cosmic code private website and read facts the FBI profilers could never offer you…  Bryan Kohnerger a born killer’s stars explained! Ready VIP’s Posted by Dr. Turi on December 31, 2022 


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Bryan Kohnerger was born on November 21, 1994, in theDeath Wish Generation!”

“Show me a reader, I’ll point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

The question remains, who’s curious enough to read how generations are blessed or cursed by “The Power of the Dragon”? 

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