Bullied teen kills herself in front of her family… predictions impossible to deny!


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“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to the dunces” Dr. Turi 

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do!” J.P. Morgan


04 teen suicide cyberbullying trnd
 Another victim of the failing US Educational System  

Bullied teen kills herself in front of her family

Predictions Published July 2016: “This dragon will produce unloved, insecure, mentally and physically sick kids because of many heartless reptilius infected souls abusing them. The world will uncover how degraded and ignored their children became and many will not survive this burning dragon.”

Update: 12/18/16 – Toddler killed in Arkansas road rage incident

Dear readers;

What is insane about idiocy is that; it can not be fixed! And instead of appreciating my warnings the unevolved souls can only exhibit their ignorance publicly as many are part of the dunces unable and unwilling to comprehend my predictions for 2017 or this deadly cosmic phenomenon. Indeed the reptilius reign supreme and the in the process, millions of children will pay the price of their ignorance and unwillingness to support or share my cosmic wisdom.

The following junk is from BIN’s website; hosting a few reptilius, infected Internet bullies…

The CluckerIsn’t it ironic that someone such as yourself, that makes your money by lying to people and taking advantage of them; would post an article of concern – about people being taken advantage of? It would be funny, if it weren’t so pathetic.

Air Quotes – Shill Air QuotesAre you still claiming to predict earthquakes by using the average provided by the USGS… So you’re always right; since there is always earthquakes? 

Indeed an “air brain” never investigated my work and truly believes, large earthquakes above 6.0 or 7.0 happen every 3 days or so.

Memo of the vexing post that triggered their obvious mental inferiority complex… “Be warned, the 2017 Universal Dragon is after all the children of the world, including yours;”

Read more and share please…

Dragon Forecast 2015
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The fact is, I can offer as much undeniable predictions as I want and offer the full explanation of the methodology used (Nostradamus 16th century Divine Astrology), my quatrains and obvious key words but a reptilius, infested; “bully dunce” will always be a nuisance…A bully and a for ever a dunce, period!

Learn more about bull ism outside of a lost, inefficient; powerless, modern science:

Enjoy this old article below too! Teaching science…What makes a bully a bully!



Teens bullying

Dear reader;

This is an update of a cosmic code newsletter titled, “What makes a bully a bully?”  published October 13, 2010 for our VIP’s and  it seems I was then, as usual; more ahead of time with my visions and explanations…Enjoy

The scientific accepted definition of a bully is;  “Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems.”

Astropsychology definition is  simple and blame the subtle impact, of the nefarious planet Pluto; called “The Lord of Hades in Greek mythology” and regulates power/sex/secrets/drama, the police, the mob,  the criminal element and all forms of violent deaths.” Little to nothing, does science know… of its subtle impact; upon the human psyche. One must also remember our infantile scientific community is far from able and not allowed to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness to perceive such  “mystical” manifesto.

In a world where the dense, physical world overrides the spirit in all forms of education; for the last 50 years, it became a  challenge for any student to free its curiosity in order to survive or challenge any accepted scientific studies.  The results dictates a growth where society became an unconscious, moronic crowd of  atheists, agnostics, skeptics; depraved of all worthwhile spiritual value.

And their reliance to science makes them obnoxious, combative, ridiculous, envious and will turn down  invitations to discuss the difference. The fact is, Mark Boyd  calladus@gmail.com is the ‘President of Ignorance”  and  Dr. Turi versus James Randi  will always turn me down. And this skeptical group are from all walks of life.

James Randi One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge

Check this:

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 2:27 PM, hal@krxa540.com  wrote:

Dr. Turi – I’m sorry you were stopped in doing your show on KRXA with Linda Johnston.  Is this a decision you would reconsider?

Then behind my back, he was showing his real deceptive personality and I caught him in the act! Gee, when I tell you the Plutonic Dragon  will be leading this world for the next few months, or nothing will be kept a secret for long, I must be right!

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 2:27 PM, hal@krxa540.com  wrote:

Mark – don’t you think you’re being unfair to horseshit?

A magnet will not attract a piece of wood and like attracts like. Hal is like Mark and James Randi to name a few. Hard core skeptics with no cosmic consciousness and a pea size brain and you wonder why Linda or even myself decided to move away from low energy. Then again, there was more behind that story but some things are better left private.

In fact, sometimes it’s not easy to always fix things, even with the right  cosmic education. Those who control the information in high places, would rather KILL you or your kids than to give it to you. Some for good reason and others not.

“Malala Yousufzai remains in a Rawalpindi hospital after being attacked for simply defending the right of girls to go to school

“Wait Dr. Turi, some of you may say… “This is America, not the Middle East!” Are you sure readers? Censure and the control of information is what built the world as you know it. Deceptive, dangerous, manipulative, dysfunctional and deadly; where the essence of God is omitted and where science,  politics, religions, pot and other ridiculousness control your mind! Your support counts and only those decent, willing, honorable, curious, dedicated people will be concerned. Maybe one day, the corrupt US department of education will incorporate divine astrology in it curriculum instead of using it selfishly or wasting it  on abusive “non profit/charitable organizations!”

 ‘Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.’

– Albert Einstein

We are witnessing once more, the destructive power of  Pluto upon the world as it snaps another innocent life. As much as you can count on the Sun to rise tomorrow morning, this type of news will return to hunt you and Pluto’s deadly children will dramatically, neurotically and robotically act out those heavy, criminal stars against their own innocent selves. As always, we can only watch its impact upon all.

As I have all the answers with Astropsychology, the rest of the morons like Mark Boyd, James Randi and the hard, core scientific traditionally “educated” community keep denying God’s cosmic manifestations more children will pay the  price of their humongous, stupidity and total lack lack of curiosity.

I have little hopes left  for the world, knowing the type of education and the egocentric attitude of today’s science, when its cancerous; growing crowd of skeptics, atheists, morons and agnostics thinks they know better than any current, past or future geniuses and can not even acknowledge the depth of Einstein’ spiritual, message mentioned above…

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While the news reflects the tip of the iceberg, every one of you will somehow feel “the energy” the sarcasm, the heaviness and worse suffer Pluto’s impact upon your own life. Meantime, back September 24th 2010 I wrote my usual SOS To The World (and visions) preparing the world with my quatrains and keywords for the news to be posted on CNN. I gathered some of today’s news as to offer the reader once more the opportunity to rise to cosmic consciousness and avoid future penalty (and/or losing your life.)

(CNN) – A gunman faces six counts of attempted murder after he opened fire at an elementary school in southern California and injured two students who were outside during lunch, authorities said.

Indeed Pluto is not only cold and calculated but deadly and if you watched the news lately (I wrote this back in 2010), much news media; talking heads discussed how to stop * Plutonic” kids bullying others.

Without cosmic consciousness, no one will never know how to fix the problem and like terrorists; they are there to STAY! Do not dream, do not hope; because ignorance plagues education all the way from the top to bottom and rest assured, like the police who ignore my warnings, the corrupt educational system will NEVER explore anything they do not understand and consider taboo. If you are a newcomer to my work you can catch up by reading a few of my Dragon newsletters, like “Race To Nowhere” published 09/04/2010.

The dilemma that science, the parents, the educational system, the police and humankind at large faces is simple, you are ALL unaware of God’s real design, deaf to his universal will and blind to the signs. Many simply born evil but  your intellectual, educational political leaders while loaded with so called PhD’s “Piling Higher and Deeper” inherited a  dose of spiritual pride *EGO and will never appreciate/acknowledge the difference between education and intelligence. It seem, in this life; there is no chance to reach  children’ spirit outside of the current latent educational / religious conventionality for progressive changes.

Some concerned yet pious parents believed otherwise but maybe  forced to wake up to reality because, even so called Christian schools are not spared or better or different than others; as Pluto’s deadly will resides in ALL of the children UCI and penetrates it all. Only to a certain level, I may add and the deadly/destructive Plutonic forces can be triggered anytime for good or worse.

While my 525 page book “The Power of The Dragon” explains what makes a bully,  a criminal a terrorist and offer deep insights about the most famous/infamous people that have made our human history, NONE of the teachers has ever read it and is not authorized/available to the kids in  accredited schools  libraries.

In my next cosmic code newsletter. I will divulge to our VIP’s ONLY what make a bully a bully and the reasons outside of accepted conventional psychology. Last night on CNN, while Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew makes sense to regular humans who thinks logically like them, there is not much more you can explain about the reasons producing the bullying phenomenon.

Dr. Drew A Born Nerd!

Dr. Drew Versus Dr. Turi

Meantime keep watching the news because it is just a matter of time when another little girl or a Gay kid will commit suicide or when another killing rampage takes place! Because I am usually right if you are reading and assimilating my work properly. (Again note this newsletter was written in 2010!)


Dr. Turi own the secret of this core

I was bullied as a kid and before I offer you the solution, you may  be able to grasp it.  I was about 12 years old and if you read my biography “Beyond The Secret” you know my upbringing was tough.

No food, no running water, no restrooms were available in the old house infested by cockroaches and rats, bigger than our army of cats. Looking daily in the trash for food on my way to school every day was as important as what pain my abusive *Plutonic teacher was going to inflict on my  body every day. Each Thursday Mr. Mesaoudi, a (Pied Noir) took his class to the very small “stadium” to play soccer. Just before the game, we were told to run around it for about half a mile to warm up before the game. I was first (what do you expect, Aries Dragon’s Head) and the toughest, older; most feared by all bully, was following me. I made it first at the end and he did not like this at all and surrounded by his friends he started bullying me. During the race, my short teared apart showing a bit of my butt and running behind me he saw it happening and was making bad dirty jokes about it.

Like me, this gypsy kid was tough and trained to deal with pain very early by losing a parent and because of his impressive size and meanness in words and actions no one dared to challenge him. I was surrounded by a bunch of laughing but dangerous  young hyenas ready to strike and I knew if I did not stand for myself then they would keep harassing me forever. The overconfident bully came very close to me and this is when I stroked his face as hard as I could breaking his nose with a butt head.

Shocked by my speedy, defensive reaction; he felt on the floor  holding is bloody face. Every mouth in the pack dropped, watching their leader kissing the floor on his ass. I came to him and pretended to kick him in the face but stopped short and said looking straight in his eyes, “You picked the wrong guy to mess with, you better leave me alone or I’ll kick your ass again.” Not only did the bully later on became my friend but I owned his respect and those of all his friends. This was the first and last time I had to deal with all other bullies at school because “the news” spread very fast (and we had no cellular phones then!)

But not all kids were born with a Martian Aries Head (warrior) spirit  like me and many reincarnated souls while lodged in a male body, feel, behave and act like little girls, especially at puberty when the  Moon (home/mother the way the child was smothered  attended, taking care of) is about to release the soul into manhood.

This is what or how God karmically made Gays and Lesbians, read more ” Are You Gay? Do You Want to Understand Why? published May 17th 2010.

Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew including “well read” psychologists /psychiatrists etc.  suggestion is to run away and tell an adult is the worth thing to do because you are dealing with a totally different Plutonic generation , the  teaching adults, can-not associate, relate or even understand.

In 1960 when parents were slapping (or in my case) abusing the kids was prohibited but tolerated and very often, secretively the teacher was happy that the bully found “his Maitre.”

But with my new found school popularity and respect I used my “bully” notoriety to help others that could not take care of themselves and saved many of them from serious repercussions later on in their lives.  All teachers and the elites of education are as informed as the kids, all you have is “Race to Nowhere” illusive teachings.

The image speaks for itself, this kid is going nowhere with his unconscious teachers…

As usual all is in vain. It seem they think they know better and very protective of their movement made of traditionally, “educated” teachers.. LET ME LAUGH  ALL THEY WANT IS THE FAME, THE ATTENTION AND THE MONEY from their productions and will never offer  the parents or the kids real  information.

The “experts” are usually the least knowledgeable of any of the topics they engage and probably none of those in “Race to Nowhere” experienced a painful episode with a bully like me.

Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew educated comments are not only laughable but also bring about dangerous repercussion (after school) and will never stop any bully. And they all laugh at Dr. Turi’s independent 62 years old  independent research. The problem your child is facing today is since the invention of the powder by the Chinese (GUNS) there is no winner and a true Plutonic child usually act on the spot (emotions always override reason) or worse will wait, plan his next move and comeback to kill more kids and  teachers in the process.

Note: This is an old newsletter printed in 2010…Let me remind you reader because; like those kids many of  you need to assimilate my work through repetition.  The new transiting Dragon (already in action) DEMANDS the world to cooperate and communicate in a Universal manner. This draconic energy will force a general restructure of ALL FORMS OF COMMUNICATIONS; this includes the printed spoken words, magazines, newspapers, radios the wood/paper industry forcing a new “Universal” electronic means of communication. This “Act Of God” will allow the world to reach a “liberal” type of education preparing humankind for greater changes in communication/education as we approach the year 2012.

Patti Stanger Millionaires Club

I am a spoiled bully brat and you will never know anything about it in my shows!

Astrology, Science and the Facts!

Unlike you, my 1% reading audience, 99.09% of the rest of world do not get the real explanations of what and why temper rise and transform these famous morons icons into ugly Plutonic people battling others for supremacy. The similar moronic mass is being entertained by the same freaking bullies performing on dysfunctional talk shows on a daily base.

The word reality show is a Plutonic manifestation of a society gone mad striving for more sex guts and glory, in fact you are BULLIED by the media into politics, religions, science and many are unconscious of it

Dr Turi Beyond 2012

Cosmic code – Part 1

Cosmic code – Part 2

Cosmic code – Part 3: Astro Tarot

Cosmic Code Magic By Terania*Turi

This type of Children and dysfunctional tv  junk is a form of mind control where the kids are being taught that being a bully pays off. Smacking someone’s face brings attention to satisfy an oversize ego. I did what I did as a kid because none of my  sadistic teachers knew better and I had to react like a wild animal and I had no access to guns, did not have time to get depressed because I did not spend my time watching television or playing video games. I was in nature all the time. Free and happy while close to Mother Earth;  fishing and hunting bats or discovering the past in old abandoned fortresses and castles built in the Dark Ages.

I have exciting memories of my youth and what do your kids have to remember? Nintendo games and vitriolic programs or watching Plutonic souls and their sexual power or control games on stage.

It seems the moronic mass watching the latest fight on the Kardashian’s could never  tune up to upgrade their spirit to  become better or a well informed human being. Yes, you have formulated your own right answer reader.


(CNN) – A police officer was arrested Friday in Will County, Illinois, in connection with a two-state rural shooting rampage south of Chicago that left one man dead and three others wounded earlier this week, authorities said.

Note: Remember this is an old  now updated newsletter printed in 2010… For years now I have proclaimed that Pluto rules the police force (and the criminals element )  and during his reign the bad Plutonic cops would become active, abusing  their power. I have blamed the ignorant , traditionally educated police executives and police psychologists who hire the wrong crowd of people to serve and protect us and the tax payers contribute to the total waste of time and money forced to deal with  this crazy cop and the “Rodney Kind” Plutonic cops dilemma. And even with proof after proof and an immense collection of “plutonic” events related directly to the police, collected and posted on all major websites, the Law Enforcement Agency administration as of today are silent and unwilling to deal with the truth. All I can do is to remind them of how truly deplorable they really are for ignoring the laws of the divine…



Mark Boyd's profile photo

Mark Boyd  calladus@gmail.com the ‘President of Ignorance

We were born with an inferior UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”

Only a few weeks ago I was fired from Face book and lost thousands of followers because I started posting “Bush was WRONG: We ARE at war with Islam!” Published September 14th 2010 These people needed more time to realize, acknowledge and assimilate the truth I guess. Meantime I have lost in the process because EVIL (or ignorance and fear) will always battle to silent the owners of truth. And as always, the future has been and will always be my most trusted witness and since then, CNN posted more and more distressing news about how Islam is perceived in the world.

If you take the time to listen to any Plutonic Christian minister addressing his congregation, SOMEONE MUST BE RIGHT! and judge for yourself if my 1995 prediction of a religious war and Clinton election  did/is taking place or not.

Yes, and if the US is not promoting its own Christian / religious war  agenda,  I must be my imagination. Of course the Muslims wants the same supremacy and you wonder why religious wars will never end until  politicians STOP controlling the flow of religious dirt, poisoning the minds of all in the world. The last two thousand years spent under the Age of Pisces’ deceiving religious agenda  poisoned billions of minds, trapping the scared uninformed spirit into illusions, fears and far from God’s true celestial purpose. The problem is; politicians tap on the God fearing mass to get elected while millions of others use it as a well profitable profession. Yes the means, tricks and words religious leaders uses daily are uncomplicated to assimilate by the majority dim born human being making the advanced spiritually freed souls a serious minority.

And here you are, a vital part to this minority of free thinkers exploring the essence of your creator and his celestial design.We all have a long way to go before the Age of Aquarius liberates humanity from spiritual oppression. In no way will this world change for the better  if humans are performing, learning and teaching at the same level of understanding two thousands years ago.

But this is too much to ask. Too much of an intellectual effort for the common human being to perform. So here is the same old deceiving results if you do not show your children God’s celestial divinity. See its real face, hear and heed the 12 signs or the 12 apostles, the 12 hours of the day, the 12 months of the year, the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 notes of music, the 12 sins, the 12 jury, the year 2012 etc.



One of the earliest examples of a steganogram is the early Christian symbol enslaving and challenging humanity to swim upstream into the stars, uncover God’s true identity, true manifestation, true signs where all immortal souls are coming from. But ALL souls have been and still are swimming downstream into man made deceiving deadly religions.

Secretive Christian Group of Conservative Lawmakers Building a ‘God-Led’ Government…The Family was founded in 1935 by Abraham Vereide, who believed that Christianity made a 2,000-year-old mistake by focusing on the poor. Vereide believed God told him to minister to the powerful; the modern-day “kings” chosen to enact divine will. Since then, these “key men” – powerful politicians, well-placed executives and influential global leaders – meet for Bible studies and “prayer cells.” Members of the family try to cultivate powerful leaders around the world – many of them despots – to enact their Christian agenda globally. The family has always operated in secret; for more than 70 years, the group has influenced policy and business deals in the U.S. and abroad almost entirely without the public’s notice.

I need counseling on the moon and God’s timing

Three dozen fall ill at Obama rally in Md. BOWIE, Md. – About three dozen people were treated for illness during a rally featuring President Barack Obama at Bowie State University. Prince George’s County Fire and EMS spokesman Mark Brady tells WTOP numerous ambulances were sent to the rally after people started fainting and became dizzy. The problems may have been related to warmer temperatures Thursday. Brady says crowds at the rally were outside and packed shoulder to shoulder.

Well your President (and advisers) are all depraved of cosmic consciousness and like Self-help guru James Arthur Ray KILLING PEOPLE the  news, the same type of story repeated itself with President Obama’s ignorance of the cosmic code rules and God’ signs.  Again bringing people together under a Plutonic Window and during a waning negative moon is seriously wrong. Luckily, no one died

I should have read Dr. Turi’s 2010 Moon Power, before killing my followers!

You may recall last June 18, 2010 … 2 Dead, 19 Hospitalized After Arizona Sweat Lodge did go Wrong. But these leaders don’t know any better. The fact is they don’t and like the Army Generals or the conquistadors of the past etc. the positive/negative outcome was already fully written in light and no one knew how to read and use this rare wisdom at their advantage.  The only knew how to learn and follow the stars PHYSICALLY omitting their spiritual cargo. However, only a minority of my world wide reading audience is or will be able to GRASP the rarity and supreme values of this wisdom. People readily sign up for mundane subjects based upon their fears of the government, losing control, entertainments, sports, religions or God knows what advocates of conspiracies offers. But not many has the will to grasp the essence of God, the cosmic code rules and  the stars, where everything and everyone on earth suffer their jurisdiction.

YES WHAT DO WE KNOW CHRISTINE? We are so gullible…Washington, Sep 20 (IANS) A Republican leader who is contesting the US Senate election scheduled in November this year, has admitted that she once dabbled in witchcraft.  Christine O’Donnell, the Republican nominee from Delaware, had confessed on a popular television show “Politically Incorrect” (that wasn’t aired) that she hung around people practicing witchcraft, the CBS News reported Monday.

I fall short of words trying to explain that it ALL STARTS and finish with the cosmic code rules and yet the majority of humans don’t get it. It’s like saying why bother working for others and be dependent of THEM to make a living?

Or why electing a politician that has changed his/her religions a dozen times or even tried witchcraft to reach a position of control? You should see the stars at work. Or that this young souls has NO solid grounding, no direction, no critical thinking enunciating a very young soul reflecting a very limited UCI *Unique Celestial identity. But if humanity does not wake up and learn to read the sign properly more and more morons will end leading you to many certain disasters. After all, the German people had NO cosmic consciousness when they elected the evil spirit of Hitler to run their future and humanity has learned nothing yet.

Because the divinity of ” our father in the Heavens” and the ministry of God true messages were altered, changed, manipulated to fit a multitude of PLUTONIC greedy, abusive souls that were born before you did. A Plutonic soul is relentless and will use any and all means to gain power over you, they are masters in disguise and will tell you anything, they are hypnotic in nature, well read in the needs of what the moronic, uneducated mass wants. World top conspiracy champion, David Icke perceived these power angry, greedy people as  transforming “LIZARDS” and all I can say to  his “awakening” a few years ago, is that; the  Dragon’s Tail poisoned his subconscious perception where reality and imagination battled for supremacy. But David is like any other human being, responding, acting, translating his own perception of reality through his own supremely inquisitive genius UCI he and others are enslaved to suffer, uncover, decode and control. Many souls undergo such drastic mental changes and some end up possessed, schizophrenics, crazy, lost, depressed victimized by serious panic attacks. And those are the lucky ones because many others ended up committing suicide to stop the nightmare.

Yes during our human evolution “saints” saw all sorts of things or suffered “REVELATIONS”, i.e. Joan of Arc or any Neptunian lost soul talking to God you may know or deal with… OMG! there is so much you do not know readers and you trust and trust, follow, read and listen. No wonder humans are totally sick in body, mind and spirit nowadays. Humanity needs a supreme upheaval of its mental capacity or commit mass suicide to exit this dance of evil consuming their spirits.

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking, religion, conspiracy and imagination does the rest.” There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot perceive.

Dr. Turi

Where ever Pluto is located in your chart, death, supreme power, supreme wealth and relentless drama can enter your life. Billions of people died just because they did not know this fact. The will of humans or the part of God in each one of you is stronger than Pluto or any star. Understanding and using your Plutonic nature positively can bring you to the top of your career. Nurturing and allowing the deadly Plutonic forced to manifest, attracts the bad elements of our society than will, in time kill you.

Where ever Neptune is located in your chart you have no grounding,  you are a fish  in the water, you are prone to be deceived and  this is where abusers will enter your life. Once you are vulnerable, guilty, lost any Neptunian leader can easily reach you ( Gurus, Scientology, Mormons, Witness of Jehovah or any of the 875 other religious denominations and counting. Neptunians can enter your life under the disguise of a dangerous gang member or committed Doctor who will prescribe/addict you with legal or illegal drugs. A Neptunian can poison your entire body under the disguise of a sexy, magnetic foreigner infecting you with a STD or AIDS.  Neptunian/ Plutonic souls or a guru will mesmerize you to join his group, his congregation and kill you at the end i.e. David Choresh, Rev Jones etc.

Now a Negative Martian spirit becomes a friend with Pluto and Neptune (astrological group/aspects) and will translate into your life by a fated trip on a lake where the intoxicated party meets with their accidental death. NO reader there are NO accident but celestial circumstances that humankind is slowly realizing as the eternal universal clock moves forwards imposing God’s will upon you all. But as much as those subtle stars above rules your thoughts, actions and destiny why not go UNDER those stars and realize once and for all how you STAND and understand that you must bring forth your own cosmic consciousness to lead a safer more productive life.

You are NOT reading me or landing here by accident, for your subconscious or all knowing God sent you here. You asked for answers you will never find anywhere else. Is $5 bucks to gain the golden keys to what it means to human is too much to ask? If you are ready to master the divine and perceive God in action you KNOW you made it to the right place. But don’t expect me to spare your psyche because spiritual pride has no room here. If you think you know better than God, someone else or me what are you doing here? Oops! NO accidents and if you listen to your intuition you will join our spiritual family to add pearls of wisdom to your repertoire.

Unlike Self-help guru James Arthur Ray, we wont charge your wallet and your spirit with BULL or meaningless super positive words of love, faith, trust where true wisdom and real magic is missing. Indeed you can sit on your couch and endlessly watch the movie “The Secret” but I can assure you while very well produced to boost your spirit a multitude of crucial universal laws and cosmic consciousness are missing. Do not expect to benefit from the Universal rules because since you watched that movie, nothing in your life has changed. Be prepared to hear the facts of life, the truth, the rules because I am only a translator of the God’s Divinity and the truth never intended to please anyone. Thus if you perceive my words as rough, rude and cold may be you need to realize your own insecurity and/or inferiority complexes and ELIMINATE this weakness so you can deal and accept the undiluted truth with me. If not, you are, at this point in time and space NOT ready for my own highly advanced spiritual vibrations and in need of different wasteful stuff.

Thus simply sign up for any conspiracy theory to feed more of your fears or stay where you are  lost in darkness. Now others may erroneously perceive me as an egocentric spiritual bully  who thinks he knows it all but I am only super confident in  my rare wisdom and as a leader of the mind I behave as such offering compassion and respect when due. May be you should investigate me deeper, because assuming is the worse thing anyone can do for himself!

Bullies were set and created by God to behave this particular awful way so they and their victims learn something. If you enjoyed my deep feelings and teachings found in my newsletter titled “Why You?”chances are you are in the right track to read and learn more about bullies, he human nature and  God expressing himself through the cosmic code rules.

Some call me a prophet and I am  a modern teacher with  guidance to offer those who trust and invested in me. I have to live it at that and for your own sake hope for you to realize I am me and gifted with a rare and real wisdom. Indeed God’s real ministry never brought the fruits he intended  and the fact is plain to see thousands years later right here, right now on this totally messed up earth.  I was cursed/gifted to help humans grow to see the light.  Against  science, religions, your infantile science and failing educational syndicated system, envy, jealousy, incomprehension and ridicule.

And the impact and support we receive gives me the strength to carry on in freeing your spirit from oppression  and revitalize you  with God’s mysterious universal secrets.


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Listen to a 17-year-old’s 911 call to report that he killed his mother and sister.

This kid was born in 1995…And Dr. Drew has no clue of this information! This mean Death Wish generation born with Pluto Death in Scorpio  *born killer…

THE ANSWER IS IN The Power of the Dragon

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” ~ Dalai Lama and Dr. Turi –


Learn about your dragon before it’s too late…

The fact is, Einstein quote is not only misunderstood but challenged by our infantile science who think they know better than the genius himself…Einstein / Religions – What makes a Genius?

“No problem can ever be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” If we are to put an end to the insanity that has a death grip on our collective sensibilities, then we all need to move to a higher level of consciousness before it is too late.”


  Rest assured the traditionally educated psychologists and psychiatrists will never in a million years be able to offer you, the victims and the criminals the true reasons for yet another dramatic killing that could easily been avoided had the educational system elites, teachers and students alike build cosmic consciousness and prepare the kids born into the “Death Wish Generation” to experience an overbearing “Scorpius/Plutonic” inner drive to kill others human beings.

While medication, love and respect is the utmost fuel needed to build a better, safer world the Dalai Lama’s wise compassion alone will never do the job.

The human spirit has been hijacked into archaic, deceptive religious and scientific hard core teachings which has been accepted by the majority as the only trusted facts. Little do the scientific community know how far they are from the true working of the human psyche and its direct relationship with the universal mind.  And mention the word Astro *psychology or the cosmic code and the immediate fear of the ridicule freezes curiosity and with it the priceless answers all the traditionally “educated” souls have been enslaved to uncover.

As mentioned so many times before my supremely advanced work on the working of the human psyche is the result of my 62 years of independent research into the design and impact produced upon human from our local solar system.

In the name of rigged education and lost spirit, all the stars are nothing else than dead rocks hanging above for the sake of a myriad of scientific studies. All the while, unaware of the divinity reflecting God’s celestial will hidden in the zodiac and all its priceless mystery.

While science, on a physical plane has accomplished  much  to better humanity last 50 years or so, the human spiritual growth is non existent and still stuck in the abyss of fears and ignorance. As much as science is trying hard to uncover  the fact of God, those representing the creator on this dense physical world are no clue of his celestial manifestation and begin to suffer a prediction I made countless time on George Noory’s “Coast To Coast” radio show, of The end of all religions.

Catholic leaders gather to counter decline of faith

Fastest-growing religion is no religion

Dalai Lama Religion

God who and where are you?

The Evil of Religions

In my visions and predictions, I saw the damage the “Scorpius Dragon” was about to inflict its innocent victims and shared it over and over again with George Noory and other radio and television hosts and this is just the beginning. So be ready tax payers to pay for this humongous scientific egotistical ignorance because the evil perpetrators, or all the current and future criminals will be “analysed”  then judged then send to rot in our over populated jails. No wonder this country is bankrupted when your tax dollars is being wasted in the building of more religious building and more jails.

Teachers are fired non stop by the elites of education who have to find  an excuse for their own moronic lack of spiritual education will also run to the Church Inc. to kill the guilt and feel better and by asking God for the right answers.

All the elites of all branches of  education, including political, religious and education groups are all RESPONSIBLE not only for  the dead children spirits but also for all the victims and the unconscious criminals acting out their natal  UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”

It seems Dr. Turi is much too controversial and much too real for them all where the first amendment  and the truth does not exist! …STOP The Epidemic of autism in the United States

Those “cold” killer children of the past and those of the future have no chances to apply their will against the karmic powerful deadly UCI troubling their psyches and NO ONE, not their parents or teachers are able to offer  them any answer or a remedy. All they can do is to surrender and act out their “stars” because like the adults in charge of their welfare and education they are unconscious.

Do schools kill creativity?

It is easy to blame a child killer and to report the news and convict him to spend the rest of his life in jail but what about the repetitive attitude and human welfare. Rest assured an army of well read “Piling Higher and Deeper” will suck more of your tax dollars to finally come to the same conclusion I foresaw in the case of  Why NFL Star Junior Seau Committed suicide? Part 2

NO you do not need a BA, MA, MBA, JD and PhD! to be rich or famous, all you need is to realize there is a big difference between education, a true gift and intelligence!

All the while. envious or born traditionally “educated” morons demand to exit my special list made of those scientists, FBI agents, teachers, governmental officials etc. All unable to answer one single answer so we grant their wishes to be removed.

The truth hurt and do not expect me to change for you and save your over emotional nature or traditionally “educated” egocentric well read persona who have a hell of a lot to learn from me. It takes a strong, curious and critical soul to deal with my undiluted true self  and you wonder why;  if you are still reading me you are part of the ridiculous 1% of smart human beings able to digest my pearls of wisdom?

Again all I have is YOU and all I can do is to keep forging forward by sharing my message for humanity’s future.

Keeping on the same track or doing nothing to change God’s divine cosmic manifestation you build a society of agnostics, atheists and scientists alike and in time the vision of all the prophets and religions of the past will become a reality.

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

All Truths evolve through 3 Stages of Consciousness…

First, they are Ridiculed,

Next, they are Violently Opposed, and 

Then, they are Accepted as Self-Evident!



Dr. Turi


About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BX3TzPUt08 Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.