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“It is very easy to ridicule the art and science of Astrology when the gifted soul Doctor is muted or absent…” Dr. Turi

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What 2017 has in store for you and your loved ones? 

2017 Nostradamus Neptunius Dragon Forecast

This is another sample of a new Cosmic Code newsletter designed to discuss a few of the most important news found on CNN. Those articles always come with warnings involving my SOS to the world deadly and shocking window, my usual quatrains and keywords used depicting my visions to what is to come next on CNN.

Note: “I am expecting earthquakes at or above 6.0 very soon and/or a volcanic eruption!

Update 8/24/2016  Earthquake in Italy:

6.0 in Miyako, Iwate, Japan –   7.4 in Grytviken, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and also today’s volcanoe activity confirm my visions!  Read and share please, there is no denying a real and rare Prophet!

Be warned read all about your 2017 personal and universal predictions! A true modern Prophet is very rare! 

But before covering those new and my feedback, as promised let me take you to Terania and mines week end trip to “Apache Lake.” Enjoy some of the revitalizing pictures and videos we took for your pleasure.

Apache Lake August 2016

In some parts of the 10 miles of unpaved, dusty road, pulling a boat can become quite dangerous…

Apache Lake August 2016

There is barely room for a single vehicle and you are only a few inches from the rocks and the precipice.

Apache Lake August 2016

But the view is SPECTACULAR!

Apache Lake August 2016

Arriving at the lake

Apache Lake August 2016

Nobody but us on the beach… Peaceful and gorgeous!

Apache Lake August 2016

You are supposed to keep your hands on the steering wheel Hun… lolol

Enjoy and sorry about the noisy video, Apache lake trip August 2016.

France is on high alert following a series of incidents including July’s truck attack in nearby Nice. Anyone caught flouting the new rule could face a fine of €38 (£33). They will first be asked to change into another swimming costume or leave the beach. Nobody has been apprehended for wearing a burkini in Cannes since the edict came into force at the end of July. 

And this is where the archaic Virgo puritanical religious poisoning from the Pisces/Middle East,conflict with  the sign of Leo, love, light, beauty ruling France.  A nation of artistic and freedom oriented lovers do find very hard to compromise its cosmic identity for the body of Islamic Sharia law!  The term means “way” or “path.” It is the legal framework within which the public and some private aspects of life are regulated for those, living in a legal system based on Islam.

The geographical location of your birth place dictate the religious traditions you were brainwashed with since childhood. Note also religions are the psychical cancer induced upon humanity by the reptilius through an indoctrinating, infected religious matrix.

Family: Son killed by neighbor who called him ‘dirty Arab’

While God is very real, the “cosmic ministry” induced by the 3 “wise men” who were actually cosmic conscious Astrologers following, reading and teaching the secret of the stars to Jesus…Was completley altered by nefarious reptilius ET’s.

Christianity Judaism Islam Astrology & The Dead Sea Scrolls | Dr. Turi

Be sure you will not be taught the truth about what happened then in your Sunday schools, or church but the “subconscious” religious legacy  imparted by the Middle East is plain to see in their flag embodying the moon and the stars where it all started 2000 years ago!

The Age of Pisces axis Virgo (deception/poisoning/drugs/manipulation/chastity) is coming to an end in order to be replaced by the humanitarian, rebellious, freedom oriented sign of Aquarius axis Leo (beauty/love/freedom/fame.) However, there is the genuine New Age of Aquarius and the falsified version; where the elites of the world would like to keep the masses intentionally dumbed down by promoting more drugs and medications, unifying religion… On a ‘hippie trail,’ head of full of zombie so to speak.

Note that the world is still under the last 2,000 years jurisdiction of Neptune (Pisces/Middle East/religions/ISIS)  and my well documented predictions are simple impossible to deny!  ZIKA AND Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions .

But not to forget that Pisces (the sole basis) of the world, will always be present in ones identity. Thus, keep in mind that this sign is ruled by that of planet Neptune (dreamy / imaginative / deceiving) and its location is what determines what can make one swim upstream or downstream, like that of a fish…Are you a Neptunian? Though be sure that THERE IS ONLY ONE THIN HAIR BETWEEN DIVINE INFORMATION AND PURE IMAGINATION!

Knowing the new “Dragon” change of guards will take place soon “Predictions for 2017 Nostradamus Personal and Universal Forecast” France and Japan are a direct target for those  upcoming shocking cosmic winds. And knowing HOW they will affect you or your loved ones will become a major contribution to make a good use of God cosmic will…

Our webmaster Tom is working on www.drturi.com to give the public the option to order and download the new and updated version of their forecast for 2017. 2017 Nostradamus Neptunius Dragon Forecast 

On to some tragic news…

Willow Short and her family in September 2014, four months after she was born.

DA: Father of heart-transplant toddler killed family, self

This is horrific and many people wonder how it is possible for any human being to kill his entire family. Looking at this picture I melt with love for those innocent children and can only imagine the crucifying pain experienced by all the friends and relatives of the victims left to cry and wonder!

Like many of my readers, I also experienced marital problems when I was a younger man and I experienced those deep disturbing psychological changes. While forgotten, the emotional roller coaster I was going through was extremely painful. I also knew that drugs and alcohol could only make the situation worse!

I know what it means to be cheated upon, to be forced out of a marriage and forced to live a child behind. But I also knew those dramatic times were imposed upon my life to repay a well deserved karma… Rejection how to deal with it!

But without cosmic consciousness, or the awareness of those recurring deadly cosmic winds, there is no way for any human being to apply his will and avoid a reptilius infestation. Once this is done, there is no return and your entire hijacked mind, body and soul is ordered to self destruct and take everyone you feel responsible with you .i.e ISIS!

Those entities are here and classified in biblical terms as the “fallen Angels” the “demons” and possession, is also real phenomenon. But all Ecclesiastics and Neptunius cosmic unconscious gurus could never offer you the answers on how to fight those invasions. And somehow, those you trust to better your life and follow will take you to the wrong place at the wrong timeTony Robbins, is fame wisdom?

While my claims are much too controversial and seemingly impossible to accept, the fact is ALL human beings (including myself) are “infected” to a certain degree. Especially if you are addicted to legal or illegal drugs, sports, technology, entertainment, sex,  food and religion!


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