Cabalistic Healing/Universal Blood Transfusion


Please check this video about the FDA! and read  ” I killed The Flu Virus In One Night!

I do practice Cabalistic Healing and follow Nostradamus” natural health methods so first of all I want to say that the methodology I use is not to replace any conventional medication or therapy and any changes must be first discussed with your doctors.

My Cabalistic techniques involve healing you with my feet, performing pressure points, the use of powerful rocks and crystals to recharge your chakras, soothing music, ultra sounds, water, pendulums, colors, candles, red lights, alignment of the etheric and physical bodies, gong performances from Indian disciplines, and plants and natural juices. I always start by taking care of your psyche with a good dose of Astropsychology (all taped for your benefit as I channel tremendous amount of spiritual information, guidance and predictions for the next 2 years or so). No one is allowed in the healing room before the full cleansing is performed. This involves the use of 2 crystal balls (one white (positive – Sun) and one black (negative – Pluto) where the harmful energy (fears/phobias) is sucked permanently into the black crystal ball. Then the white crystal ball (recharged under specific sign of the zodiac in the hot AZ Sun) is used to recharge all your chakras with the Sun”s ray”s light and life cleansing energy adding prana in your body.

All this is done with your feet in the water to connect your body and separate it from any other wandering energy you may have picked up outside. So much more channeling is involved in the Healing Room and can not really be explained here but the experience is simply miraculous. I heal and educate you at the same time and all of my numerous trusting clients/patients experience the results almost immediately and this is reflected by their enlightened faces and super relaxed bodies following the session. None of those performances will harm anyone and will indisputably heal you or bring about serious relief.

The Tail of the Dragon in the dramatic sign of Scorpio has strongly impacted people”s psyches and lives often dramatically forcing a form of rebirth in so many departments of our lives. I was doing a Cabalistic Healing lecture presentation in Santa Fe New Mexico and I met a young mother and her teenage girl. I read her life and as I always do, I tried hard to bring relief to anyone I came across. She was totally amazed by my perceptive powers and asked me about her daughter” serious depression and lack of direction. I asked the mother for her date of birth and she was born in December… I immediately recognized the impact of the difficult Dragon”s Tail in her 12th house (subconscious) affecting her delicate psyche and imposing serious psychological changes. Without rich spiritual regeneration and proper nutrition the little girl”s poisoned spirit slowly deteriorated and led to chronic depression.

Note also that this affliction coming from the year”s location of the Dragon”s Tail in the chart effects people in different departments of their lives. For instance, the Dragon”s passage in the 7th house (marriage/contract/legality) would force a dramatic restructure of your partnership. The Dragon will cruise through any of the 12 houses involving human experience and could for instance, directly affect negatively your 6th house of work and health, or 2nd house of money and self esteem etc.

Her mother told me she had to seek help from a psychologist who as expected, had prescribed the deadly chemical Prozac. I strongly opposed this treatment because those educated imbeciles like the majority of traditionally schooled doctors have absolutely no cosmic consciousness. To me, these people are a bunch of educated nerds born with powerful memories; so like a parrot they cannot think for themselves or see the obvious but only repeat and practice the erroneous gathered information printed in the books. However, like all of us under the jurisdiction of the stars, they are victimized by their rational stars, so I cannot really fault them for their mental limitation and lack of intuition as it is part of their practical celestial makeup. There is a big difference between education and intelligence and most of them have simply lost their relationship with nature and the healing power of plants.

I promptly educated the young mother to the side effects produced by those chemicals and the lasting negative effects it would have on her daughter”s mind, joints and life in general. Many unlucky kids from dysfunctional families who cannot be helped by concerned parents have higher incidences of other narcotic use such as cannabis (pot) and alcohol for relief of depression. They have never been taught how to deal with the causes that lead to depression and it is their way (quick fix) to deal with stress.

I worked on both of them right there in the hotel lobby and both regenerated immediately. They both came to the Cabalistic healing presentation where; with my guidance, everyone participated using our natural healing tools. As usual, the long email of thanks I received from the very satisfied mother upon my return surely talks for itself.

Sadly enough, 99% of the regulating government and medical institutions are totally against any form of alternative medicine. General medical practitioners are totally unaware of the Moon”s fluctuations (lunatic/moody/crabby) affecting their patients and will “prescribe” anything proven safe by the FDA (what a joke!) to alleviate the roller coaster swing of emotions. None of them, because of ignorance or fear of ridicule, honor the word science and investigate anything other than that which is “officially” accepted by the scientific community. The same applies for the FBI, judging the response of a several agents I met during my last appearance on the Discovery channel who I tried to enlighten to the true powers of Astropsychology. Again what is accepted by the majority and taught in our colleges and Universities does not mean it is the truth. Luckily there are people like me out there strong and brave enough to breach the thick wall of ignorance and educate the masses.

Now and then you will hear a TV or radio announcement promising you special care from doctors and nurses, if you suffer any form of depression. What you do not know of course is that they need guinea pigs to test the dangerous mixture of chemicals and you or your children are the chosen ones. That way, when the product is finally sponsored by money-oriented pharmaceutical corporations and is packaged, all the symptoms are clearly written (in very small letters) on the back of the box. So this new quick-fix product will make you feel better but it did screw up some ladies” menstruations, some guys” sex life, other ignorant participants suffered terrible migraine headaches, or diarrhea, constipation, vomiting: all the time you being watched carefully by a bunch of doctors and clinical nurses carefully writing down all your nasty symptoms… Please never ever fall for this dangerous medical (research) practice be smart your doctors are not to trust and use your precious body and health as an expendable commodity.

The Tail of the Dragon in Scorpio this year also rules the medical field and seriously affects people”s consciousness to return to Alternative medicine. Thus there is a new growing interest in yoga, meditation, herbs and the Atkins diet, because of the dissatisfaction with conventional care. Of all my topics that are very interesting and educational, but Cabalistic Healing is very much in demand by the attendees especially when I offer audience participation to learn and practice on the spot.

Well the very sense of touch is healing in nature and Americans do not touch other enough…There is so much energy going through the human body, and pressure points and soft massage can only stimulate chakras, blood supply even elimination. The lymphatic system plays an important part in the distribution of blood, food and oxygen throughout the body. Your doctor will never touch (be careful he may heal you). Instead he uses a stethoscope.

Be sure none of your doctors will say so or promise you to do so! Why? Because they have all been trained and educated by a manipulating system that has lost the very essence of medicine. These are the scientists, the educated doctors and the mental snobs found in all branches of the government and educational systems that have challenged and replaced God”s natural tools found in his creation for men to uncover and use. There is nothing that you suffer that can not be fixed or healed with proper nutrition, exercise and spiritual regeneration, PERIOD! All diseases come from a blockage would it be physical or spiritual or both.

Know also that the average American consumes:

  • 300 soft drinks a year
  • 175 lbs of refined sugar
  • 400 candy bars
  • 500 donuts
  • 12 – 3000 lbs cows
  • 6 – 400 lbs pigs
  • 3000 chickens
  • 3000 assorted fishes
  • 30.000 quarts of milk
  • 2500 gallons of alcohol

This makes you wonder how our digestive tracks can handle all the animal fat and still digest food properly. The average American has between 2 and 4 bowel movements a week! This is 70.000 BM short in a life time!

The average American person suffers digestive and elimination diseases that usually turn into colon cancer. The average American gets little if any exercise at all, which increases the chance of Hypercholesterolemia or a cholesterol level of above 200 and with it high blood pressure.

The average American consumes over 30,000 aspirins and other painkillers not to feel pain in the body, and another 20,000 over the counter prescriptions. Now look around you and see a nation of obese people walking (I”d say driving) the city streets with a negative self-image loaded with depression and anxieties. The average person in this country is totally, physically, emotionally and spiritually sick!

I no longer drink, do not smoke, do not eat meat, do not drink coffee, I exercise, I create, I heal, I travel, I teach, I am very successful and I look 25 years younger than my age and bless every single day of my life. Well do you want to get there? Then you had better change your attitude, your habits and your life style and eating habits. But without a boost to your subconscious with a Full Life reading there is no way for you to get in the right direction and the mental support and faith you need to rebirth yourself into a powerful, intelligent, successful, magnetic and super healthy human being.

With so much junk going through your system all your arteries are plugged and stop your circulation so your need for oxygen and blood increases to eliminate toxins in your body. Your colon is your # one filter but with such a low nerve endings there is no pain coming from this vital organ until it”s too late and you develop colon cancer. When is the last time you cleaned your colon? When is the last time you had a colonic (Colema)? Well many people are shy talking about excrement and fecal matter, but this is your body”s natural function that needs serious attention. When is the last time you brushed your teeth? See the difference? If you intend to keep that nice smile and avoid pain and keep both areas healthy you better do both.

The 30 feet of intestinal fecal matter (oil/animal fat/toxins) stored over the years is glued on the intestinal walls and seriously alters the good functions of that very important organ. Instead of assimilating the nutrition from undigested food, we utilize only ten percent of its real value and the rest is wasted on down the eliminated drain. With the intestinal track so badly layered and clogged, your food simply cannot get through to the absorptive villi and functional tissues on the walls. The result is a weakened bowel that loses its elasticity and balloons out. Too many Americans male and female walking the street today are completely plugged up and asking for disaster because of improper eating habits.

Feeding your children pigs and eggs in the morning with a dead breakfast is the worst thing if you expect your child to live a healthy life. This habit was brought by the British working class but unlike the peasants who need fuel to work the land and the cold wet English weather, your child will sit all day long in school and won”t be able to burn out the fat. This deadly habit is a proliferation of ignorance or unaware parents who stuff their kids with unhealthy food. Look around you and see why a fat dysfunctional bully will try to hurt other kids in school or why another obese kid will commit suicide because of low self-esteem. You are what you eat, DO NOT EAT ANYTHING DEAD, get your juicer, get your mixer and start to undo the damage right away by ingesting the vital nutrients and minerals found in fruits and vegetables. Doing so will rebuilt your body, boost your immune system and keep all infections and a multitude of recurring diseases away from you. Use common sense and see my point of view, burning the candle both ends invite disaster and without good health nothing really matters anymore.

When is the last time you did a liver flush? Your liver like your spleen your kidneys are also filters that needs the right nutrition and periodic cleansing. Now if you suffer bad breath, skin problem or a myriad of other “unexplained” physical or spiritual ailments, chances are you are poisoned with so many toxins that need to be removed before a blockage sets in and cause serious damage to your body, mind and spirit. A car needs a regular tune up and oil change to perform as long as expected and your body is the same. Once those organs fails to filter properly then stress is imposed on the biggest of all your natural cleanser; your skin (which removes between 2 and 5 pounds of toxin a day!)

Well there are also specific brushing treatments for the skin because many of the skin products you are using like your eating habits make the situation worse. The same homeopathic disciplines are necessary for every part of your body including your eyes, your back, your lungs, your heart etc. Does your doctor educate you about your ailments? Does he tell you why you are in his office and what to do so you don”t come back and pay and exorbitant amount of money to be poisoned again? Certainly not, guess what; I will educate you and give you simplistic exercises that will fix years of back pain and improve your general health.

After all you are not a doctor, he is the one who knows it all and you are uneducated, thus he has all the answers. Try to challenge your doctor and see how sensitive the man really is; see his ego in action as his words and judgments is above God and nature and he must have the last word! This is what you have been led to believe but be sure, your doctor most of the time does not know but his books tells about the symptoms and what drugs or what type of expensive quick fix deadly pills he will use on you until you comeback to his office for more poisonous addictive prescriptions.

With so much abuse with French fries, burgers, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs one of the deadliest killers in this country is heart attack. Well do not worry, your doctor will get a vein behind your leg and replace the congested vein by a brand new one. However, this vein was not designed to take on the pressure of your heart and the bi-pass is again a quick fix giving you a lien on your life. What about the ramifications of the tiny veins that go into your brain? How are you going to clean off the fatty residue in those microscopic veins? Yes you can but not by liquefying your blood with more drugs… Stay natural because anyone born with a Dragon”s Tail in Aries or Pisces has a natural rejection to any and all chemicals and is seriously prone to develop a tumor of the brain. Famous actor Bruce Lee was born in November with a Tail in Aries (fight/war/danger/aggression) in his 6th house (health/work). This is why he served the world as a Kung Fu fighter and actor. But one day he complained of a bad headache and ended up dead in the hospital while all the “educated” wondered and still wonder what really happened to such a healthy man.

Are you scared yet? Well you can fix the damage but are you ready for me to do so? My new healing room is now ready for you and you may want to pay me a visit if you seriously consider losing weight, stopping depression and smoking or to be successful and lead a more productive healthy life. A few hours with me and your entire consciousness about health and your life will change drastically, I can promise you this because this is what all others who have dealt with me have said! A few hours in my healing room and I will give you a new perspective on your entire physical and spiritual being and your soul”s purpose. Call me at 602-265-7667 and when everything else you so desperately have tried and asked for has failed, I”ll be there for you to finally get you back on track.

This means you must be ready for me, my teachings and healings. Once I educate you on your relationship with the Divine, clean your subconscious and cleanse your body, mind and spirit you will leave my Healing Practice completely regenerated as a new person with a strong sense of direction. I am a busy person, so call ASAP so I can schedule you for your NEW LIFE THERAPY. All that we will do is audio and video taped so you can review Nostradamus” 16th Century rare Homeopathic methodology and teach others the blessings of natural healing.

More than a third of American adults used such natural remedies in 2002, according to the government survey of 31,000 people, the largest study on non-conventional medical approaches in the United States. If prayer is included, about 62 percent of U.S. adults used some form of alternative medicine. The results seem to indicate more people are turning to alternative medicine, though the 2002 survey could not be directly compared to previous studies because of differences in size and survey methods, health officials said.

Health officials said they were concerned that 13 percent of those surveyed said they turned to alternative medicine because regular medicine is too expensive. “It needs to be explored — we need to find out whether they were insured or not,” Nahin said. Health officials also were surprised that 6.6 percent of those surveyed used the supplement kava kava, which has been associated with liver disease. “People make the assumption that because something is natural that it”s safe,” Nahin said. “But a number of studies have shown that natural products can be unsafe when used inappropriately or with other drugs.” He said people considering using alternative medicine should consult their doctor first.

Note also that unless you undergo a Full Life Reading with me and let me cleanse and prepare you subconsciously; the changes and healthy habits needed to bring about a better and productive life could be hard to reach. However in can guarantee you that there is nothing you can not do with the right attitude and education and if you are ready for me, I will be for you. Call me at 602-265-7667 to start the process to a more successful healthy and happy life.



Remember you are what you eat and stuffing yourself with hamburgers daily will in time plug your arteries with fat and make you prone to heart diseases.  In order to “magnetize” yourself to others and turn your thoughts into a laser beam to reach the Supra-conscious in time and space your filters must be spotless.

The mechanics involving cleansing the body mind and soul are complex and difficult to perform and I will, once you become a Cosmic Coder elaborate much more. Meantime my BIG book “Beyond The Secret” is a must to read if you mean business to reach and use “The Force”to reach all your wishes. My TV show is also a good start to learn more about natural Health and cancer.

Time is a matter of conception dictated by pain or pleasure…if you go to the dentist to have a tooth removed, even a few minutes on that chair will feel like an eternity, while a 2 hours show with Dr. Turi seems to fly by…Why? because pleasure makes time go faster… George and I covered so many topics real fast and there is still quite a lot I discussed that needs further thoughts. I will now offer you the recipe and  the “Cabalistic Candle Cleansing Ritual”

First the Universal Blood Transfusion:

Do not feed your body or your mind with evil, use common sense listening to negative people is like feeding your spirit with pure fat.

Note you can not expect to live a long life without a juicer and a blinder.



Before reading this essay I would like to state that no one is to go off their medicines and must consult their doctors before undergoing any kinds of changes. The following information is meant to supplement health, not as a substitute. However the constant battle between people”s common sense, the doctors” interest and the wealthy greedy uncaring pharmaceutical corporations is not helping those in need for a better health.

In the past upsetting news came from the FDA involving the nasty side effects of the arthritis painkiller Celebrex and all other drugs currently on the market. Vioxx has just been removed and Aleve has been in question. How many times have you heard this type of news? It”s to be expected over again in the future. But who cares? You are paying an outrageous pricey insurance to feed wealthy doctors with this dangerous cocktail piracy. Someone has to maintain the DRUGLORDS outlandish lifestyle, never mind if it impoverish your family”s meager resources. You are just a commodity it seem. Some others are naive enough to become guinea pigs candidates by responding to deceptive radio and television advertisements for a better lifestyles free from pain if they “try” the new lethal product under the doctors or nurses “all knowing” supervision. The scientific community is well aware of the serious damage any new drug can and will inflict on the human body but who cares as long as the “victims” are not their own children.

Furthermore, you will never EVER see any of those scientists testing their own antidote on themselves! Someone like Marie Curie was a real scientist with genuine integrity. She injected herself with some of her vaccines and died in the process. The well-established, wealthy pharmaceutical corporations cleverly hide self-seeking financial motivations behind the word science and those dangerous experiments. New names are formulated daily to classify  deadly medicines and this carelessness add new “dis-eases” to the already long list.  The goal is making and selling medicine sought as efficient healing products to the uneducated trusting masses.

Very much like NASA in need of your taxes to amuse themselves building robots that will never bring human to Mars knowing well it is impossible to live happily outside of Mother Earth safe home. But hey, if you are gullible and it works why stopping the abuse?

The statistics are real and don”t lie. Licensed medical surgeons and doctors will kill over 1 million people each year in hospitals all over the US due to medical mistakes, wrong diagnosis involving blood transfusions, toxic drugs and surgical errors. That adds up to more losses in human lives than all the combined wars this great country ever suffered.

I really  there are more deaths by cancer and heart attacks nowadays then a decade ago. Over a million US citizens have and will die of those plagues each year. Your doctors will make you believe they can fix your disease or poison it out of your body with drugs or surgery. More must be known so that we stay healthy and do not contract these diseases in the first place. In reality you are far from healing yourself but receiving only a quick and financially exorbitant fix. I know I paid a fortune for my own fix when I could easily avoided this terrible experience had I practiced a bit more what I preach to others…Yes that”s the beauty of being me, honest and real I am not afraid of kicking my own butt for my stupidity. Spending 15 years in the UK and working as a breakfast Chef I must have ingested a dozen of pigs and you wonder why a good chunk of my colon is now gone? I did not know better, not one told me anything about the danger of cancer and ingesting fatty tissue daily…

WASHINGTON (CNN) -12/17/04 – Pfizer cites Celebrex heart attack risk. 

With a new study that indicates the nation”s leading arthritis painkiller could raise the risk of heart attacks, the Food and Drug Administration advised doctors to consider “alternative therapy” to Celebrex. “We need to fully understand the information that we got last night.” When the company learned of the study”s findings, Pfizer spokesman Paul Fitzhenry said, adding it has “no plans to take Celebrex off the market.” The new findings for Celebrex come 11 weeks after Merck & Co. recalled Vioxx, a similar arthritis drug. A Vioxx study found the drug doubled the incidence of heart attack and stroke among patients taking it to prevent colon polyps that cause cancer.

  More FDA advice came on today December 21, 2004 – ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN)

— The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to users of the over-the-counter pain reliever naproxen Monday after federal researchers found an increased number of heart attacks and strokes among users. The warning followed recent studies linking two prescription arthritis drugs to cardiovascular problems.

This is simply, dangerously ridiculous. There are already too many stock investments in pharmaceutical corporations that could really hurt the pockets of those CEOs who don”t really care about you and your health but your money. So the # 1 drug maker has NO PLANS to pull the nasty drug off the market. News of the drug”s problems sends the stocks tumbling, but the No.1 drug maker STILL HAS NO PLAN TO PULL THE DRUG OFF THE MARKET?

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – Pfizer Inc. said Friday it had no plans to pull the popular painkiller Celebrex off the market despite data showing that patients using the drug in a long-term cancer study had more than double the risk of a heart attack. They really don”t care about any one of us.

ALL DRUGS are lethal to your body PERIOD! Celebrex was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1998 for arthritis pain, and has been prescribed to 27 million Americans and is the world”s most widely prescribed arthritis drug. I can guarantee you that out of those 27 million people, many will suffer and die from the side effects. In the long run the drug may be worse than the arthritis itself and many have shortened their lives by many priceless years. New York-based Pfizer said in October that Bextra, another painkiller similar to Vioxx, might raise heart attack risk in some patients having heart bypass surgery. And doctors wrote in a medical journal Friday that physicians should stop prescribing Bextra, which like Celebrex and Vioxx is in the COX-2 inhibitor class of painkillers. How more stupid can it get?

If you suffer arthritis pain simply perform the hot and cold therapy in your shower for a few minutes each day and see the results after a while. Visit my healing room and if you really need help then let me perform full spiritual and physical cleansing on you with my Cabalist Healing methodology. Be sure I will also teach all sorts of natural healing secrets that will save you not only a lot of money but bring you a better health altogether. If you suffer back, neck, or joint problems I will certainly bring serious relief. And for sure there won”t be ANY side effects, because I DO NOT prescribe any dangerous drugs at all. Instead I will help you to recognize and tap on your own subconscious healing forces, and educate you with natural exercises and a natural diet.

All doctors in all hospital use the same book of diagnosis and prognosis. You do not need to be educated in medicinal terminology to name drugs and diseases. Its all-cerebral jargon designed to make you look inferior because, either you can”t read it or pronounce it correctly. Simplicity doesn”t work too well with those overly educated nerds born with great memories and too much straightforward common sense. This does not mean we do not need them for without my doctors I would not be free of cancer today but not all doctors are born greedy and irresponsible. What”s worse is that; you have been conditioned like them to accept and suffer a cold every winter season that becomes regularly an epidemic of enormous proportion. Before cleansing my all my filters and boosting my immune system I used to catch colds too, sometimes 2 to 3 times a year. Thus I know what I am referring to; been there done that!

I had enough of being a victim and I knew by listening to my little voice (intuition) that somewhere, somehow, I was not doing the right thing and I was determined to find out. Thus I put all my efforts to freeing myself from bad habits and “re-birthing” myself into a more educated person. I first quit the awful habit of cigarette smoking because the nicotine addiction added to my misery. I used to be one of those miserable patients, coughing, sneezing, with hot and cold fevers, a victim of influenza. I used to sit in the doctor”s office with others feeling terrible hoping for a miracle pill to bring about relief so I could go about my normal life. I also knew that my doctor would be incapable of healing me as no antibiotic can kill a mutating virus. But still millions rush to their offices each year and for what?

The diagnosis that you have a cold (the symptoms are obvious) you have a sore throat, fever, chills, body aches, coughs and you have no energy and you simply feel terrible. The prognosis is also simple. Again there is NOTHING your doctor can do! Simply, because a virus cannot be eradicated from your system with antibiotics, I made the choice to clean my lungs first then stop wasting my time and my money with whatever medicinal prescriptions my physician gave me. Some people are in such a denial that they will beg their doctor for anything to fight the flu and in the process ingest the dangerous chemicals that will somehow poison your system even more. There is no wonder why the cancer in my colon had problem to grow and spread all over my other vital organs because about ten years ago I decided to make a difference by taking new steps and making RADICAL changes in my diet and attitude and build a stronger immune system.

No cancer can grow happily in an over oxygenated body and the tumor was dormant in my colon. If I did not use that regiment for years it would have been found all over my body and I would have been given an expiration date… If you want to avoid the flu (if you are a smoker) STOP right away and if you do not smoke you may have inherited a dragon”s Tail natal or hidden in Gemini. This sign rules the respiratory system and makes you natural prone to lungs diseases including cancer. This is why it is important to KNOW where thedragon is in your chart or if any nefarious planet is karmically placed in your UCI, “Unique Celestial Identity.”  This is where you need to cast your fears aside and be smart so with my “detection” or a safer CT scan MRI you will know to do to avoid what happened to me. Order a 90 mn taped or VIP reading the information and direction will be much cheaper and safer than what it cost me. (602) 265-7667.

  • Americans get 1 billion colds and flu annually.
  • 40.000 Americans die every year because of the flu!
  • 200.000 more are hospitalized each year because of the flu!
  • Three out of five Americans get the flu every year!

The numbers are real and influenza kills more than breast or prostate Cancer.

Just a few months ago a vaccine shortage panicked America because 48 million doses were contaminated and declared unsafe and banned. What a good way to insert fears and make you run to get those shots. The FDA like the church (you are going to hell) are adept in using fear (the human survival instinct warped to their needs) and will use every trick in the book to get deeper into your pocket. As proof mounts against the true value of the flu vaccine loaded with toxic chemicals, I subconsciously always knew to NEVER get one shot of this deadly mixture. All experts in the field say it doesn”t work! DR. J. Anthony Morris, FDA”s former Chief Vaccine Control Officer said, “Those companies are aware of the danger and the worthlessness of their products but they sell them anyway.”

The fact is that throughout history no influenza virus blend has ever repeated itself, and NO virus is the same each year or will ever be the same. These viruses shift and mutate into completely different organisms each time, which induces serious doubts on the effectiveness of any influenza vaccine. The sad fact is that corporations and manufactures are making billions of dollars manufacturing the products. Nevertheless, over the years hospitalizations and deaths from influenza have increased 100% and it”s obvious that the flu shot did not, does not and will never work.

What are the ingredients making up the flu shots?

  • Carbolic Acid (poison) Ethylene Glycol (anti-freeze)
  • Carbolic Acid (poison)
  • Formaldehyde (causes Cancer)
  • Aluminum (associated with Alzheimer”s disease)
  • Mercury (destroys immune cells)

The answer is simple:

  • Don”t poison yourself with chemicals
  • Change your attitude, and trust the vision of a new you
  • Stop bad habits immediately and stop doing what kills you
  • Don”t eat anything dead and stay with nature
  • Be active and walk more to bring more circulation in your system

Use common sense – Put a sunflower seed in the ground and in a few months that small seed will produce a huge 10 feet tall plant full of life that will give you more seeds. Do the same with vegetables or fruits and eat those seeds or vegetables and fruits. Put a hot dog or a burger in the ground and don”t expect much life to come out of it. Chances are the animal fat will plug your arteries in the long run and kill you from a heart attack.

Many people fool themselves thinking they are eating healthy serving boiled vegetables. During the war the population was advised to drink only boiled water so all bacteria would be killed. Any time you bring water to a boil to high enough to kill germs; you are also destroying all healing properties found in vegetables. Thus clean all your vegetables thoroughly by adding some vinegar to the water, then rinse them and put them in your pot and never bring the water to boil. Steaming is an effective and healthy way to cook vegetables. You may also cook them without any water at all. Simply put them in your pan covered, on the lowest heat possible and let them cook slowly for an hour or two. The natural moisture in the vegetable will be drawn out to steam them.

Again listen to that little voice about your situation AND CHANGE COURSE, EDUCATE YOURSELF, stop doing what kills you, build a better healthy life style and free yourself from all diseases naturally. I did much more than anyone reading this yet FREE Cosmic Code newsletter sample and while sleeping in me I still became a cancer victim. Imagine if all the food you have ingested was walking beside you! This means how many cows, pigs, birds, fishes, eggs milk, beers, alcohol etc. you actually have eaten an drank so far? Now if you are 60 or older like me chances are a few and your body veins, from the biggest to the tiny ones in your brain, not to forget your colon is saturated with fatty cells ET VOILA what cancer needs to set in. Gee of course I like a big steak and a good glass of wine and even cutting all the fat away cancer got me. And they are people feeding their kids with bacon and sausages everyday?

Note that I had tons of bacon while living in the UK for fifteen years and I must have eaten a few pigs in the process. OMG this is indeed a death sentence for these kids one day in the future and much faster if they become obese. Common sense must apply and has someone educated told me what I have learned now after my terrible ordeal with cancer and my natal stars (or dragon) trust me I would never ever have attracted the disease. This is why it is crucial to know your options and check your UCI to prevent the damage because I have learned so much stuck in my hotel and hospital bedroom checking my own stars and all the people I know who had cancer. My findings are real and once you know where you are vulnerable then you can act accordingly. Yes indeed knowledge is power ignorance is evil. For your own sake, beat your fears and let me help you while you can get help. Take a chance on me you won”t regret it!             (602) 265-7667      .

For Smokers:

  • How long can you stay without food?
  • How long can you stay without water?
  • How long can you stay without air?

Your lungs are the most important organs in your body, why would you ruin them? You cannot order another set if they fail to function properly due to you butchering them with cigarettes. Your lungs transport oxygen to your heart, which is distributed to all vital parts of your body. Now if I ask you why you smoke you may say, “I like it or it makes me feel more relaxed”. The fact is that you are in denial and hooked to harmful chemicals that will induce cancer and kill you if you keep it up. Meantime if you listen to that little voice inside you (and it never lies to you) it would say, “I really should stop smoking and I know it kills me, I wonder what I could do to stop killing myself.

Well I was also a smoker and my voice used to say to me, “Hey moron when will you stop smoking…do it right now, you are killing yourself.” Don”t lie to YOURSELF and LISTEN to YOURSELF because you know (*the little voice) I am right”. So for your own sake, if you smoke, STOP NOW and do not negate the voice of reason and make the changes so your entire life can change as you raise your vibrations to attract all your wishes and a better health. As far as the most successful method to stop smoking, they have found that those who quit ”cold turkey” tend to be the ones who stay clean. And never give up. If you have tried and failed, keep trying. Sometimes it takes several tries but eventually you will make it. In my next newsletter I will talk about another powerful way to quit smoking and also introduce ONMT (Optical Nerve Muscle Trainer) a tool I invented involving a homeopathic way of healing your eyes.

Besides maintaining a healthy immune system, how do you avoid colds and the flu? Well believe it or not, the most effective means is to wash your hands frequently and don”t touch your face. The germs are spread through touch (unless you receive a direct cough from someone). When you go to the grocery store, wipe the shopping cart handles; carry wipes in your car so that you can clean your hands after being in a public place. They did an experiment in a public school with young children. They were taught to wash their hands for a full minute, at several intervals during the day. The rate of colds and flu with this group of children was reduced by half.

I have a full list of Cabalistic disciplines that can not be fully explained in this newsletter but will take care of your health, your body mind and spirit much better than any drugs or prescriptions made by those financially oriented medical corporations. Stay natural, use homeopathic medicine, and you can only heal and enjoy a healthier and longer life. Your doctors, overly-educated in diseases, have lost the very essence of the art of healing and wont spend much time in their busy office trying to connect with you from the heart and help you to be a participant in eliminating your disease. Why not? Because your doctor has no time to spare with a packed waiting room with sick people trusting his knowledge.

These doctors have their place and help many people, but they are not educated in preventative, natural medicines and we need both physical and spiritual doctors. The drug companies give them samples that they pass out to their patients so they can participate in noting the symptoms for the drug company. Accept the fact, this is a BUSINESS like religion, created and maintained to tap in your resources. You have been made in the image of God (the bible say so!) thus you have been created as a God, and have healing powers within yourself. Like the mighty creator, you own the power of creation, and healing naturally. But karmically you have also inherited physical weaknesses and if you do not know or act you will pay the penalty in time. Your challenge is to uncover it before it is too late and better yourself because I do not see God smoking or stuffing himself with burgers.

This is why your future is nothing more than the reincarnation of your thoughts. YOU HAVE A CHOICE,trust me to ascend towards wisdom, the light, power, total health, true happiness, success, security, love and free yourself from the forces of evil eating you alive every day.


1 – Your body needs natural food to function properly and fight any dormant or active diseases. 

2 – Your body needs natural food to restore proper functions following serious injury. 

3 – Your body needs natural food to regulate and maintain proper intestinal elimination functions. 

4 – Your body needs natural food to restore appropriate intestinal cleanliness. 

4 – Your body needs natural food to build and maintain a powerful immune system that will eliminate any chance of infection. 

5 – Your body needs cayenne pepper, fruits and garlic daily to maintain and stimulate your blood circulation and bring this natural food to all parts of your body.

Many readers have asked me what is “NATURAL BLOOD “TRANSFUSION”

Here it is and remember you need to juice all this.

  • Beet root
  • Celery
  • Cilantro
  • Parsley
  • Horse Radish
  • Carrots
  • Pineapple
  • Add a spoon of unsulphured molasses or honey if you don”t like Pineapple.

I can guarantee you that not only you will look much younger and healthier but also your magnetism will increase by 200% if you stay the course. The natural blood transfusion will upgrade both your physical and spiritual vibrations. I am a cancer survivor because of my methodology and the natural diet I am used to. This formula increases the attraction between human beings while losing unwanted pounds and fight cancer. Naturally without expensive dangerous surgery your stomach will restrict in size while your appetite will distinctly decrease.

All my friends are telling me how great, healthy and younger I look, never will anyone looking at me would believe I am 60 years old, I look barely 40 thus I am a full example and result of my own findings and natural healing.

When you order either a 90 mn taped Full Life or a live taped telephone VIP reading or, if you decide to visit my healing room –  I will also contribute other 90 mn tapes. One to heal you from distance with hypnotherapy to stimulate your subconscious to visualize the new you and recarve your subconscious properly with the right suggestion, the other a full 90 mn of incredible healing information on how to avoid cancer. It is a proven fact that a positive attitude boosts both your immune and lymphatic systems. Your brain generates neurons that directly affect the atomic structure of your entire being. Doctors are not bad people per say, some of my students who are surgeons, have accomplished physical miracles with their patients and they are mostly logical, rational traditionally educated humans. I am a doctor of doctors; a teacher of teachers and my inner wisdom is not restricted to the physical realm of consciousness.

This straight-thinking logical scientific attitude gave rise to traditional disciplines and brought about today”s health margins and serious limitations by revoking the power of the divine. Over the years, man”s “scholarly” ego took over by challenging natural laws dictated by nature, and blurred doctors” common sense. Your physician undoubtedly gives you his best, but “his best” may not be in your greatest interest and that”s where you and your doctor and me differ. That”s where I will make a powerful difference. You will be the sole judge of my claim when you are ready for me.

Dr. Turi

About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.