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Recovered/edited article published 1/24/2014


“There are specific Universal Laws designed by God – Consciousness – is the awareness of a divine cosmic  power and use it wisely to build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!” Read the future –  Watch the future!

Dear Readers;

Once the cancer prognostic has been established by your doctor, the psychological impact suffered by both the patient and their family is more than devastating!

Many desperate souls would rather end their lives than to face cancer… I can recall my own dramatic cancer experience right from the first to the last of tests result!  The awareness of an evil consuming me from the inside out was dreadful. I was reptilius infected and did not know yet how to beat them at their own psychical games…

I was  in Thailand, in a Bangkok hospital, thousands of miles away from the desperately needed mental support and love I needed from my family, my wife and close friends.

It all started in January 2010 and the memories of so many weeks spent alone thousands of miles away from home since Terania hadn’t yet received her pass port and I was enduring tests after tests and the pain from the surgery which was abominable.  But God wanted me to undergo the utmost difficult physical and mental time in my life, and  all alone.

Cancer is horrific because you are forced to acknowledge your own mortality and the emotional roller coaster is very hard to deal with. A series of very deep emotions is taking place from within. You hate yourself for allowing years of bad habits to develop into cancer to the depth of sorrow for letting everyone you love down so soon.

There is also glimpses of hopes even at the darkest hours and a lot of praying to survive the fear! Ultimately, they were times where the despair was much too much to handle and I had to face and accept my own death.

The pain experienced by  your friends and family alike varies depending of your own mental conception and reaction to the horrific news.

People have a different perception on how to handle such devastating news through their own natal  UCI. In their own mind, one can only assume on how others will react…

Everyone’s emotions runs very deep and very high at the same time and logic disappear when all we should do, is to help the cancer patient by being confident in his/her recovery… Often, those profound feelings override your logical mind and bring unneeded confusion into an already very sensitive situation.

Some people are very protective of their loved ones, others very secretive, especially with the family personal medical affairs. Sad enough not everyone is aware of the subtle supra-conscious healing forces involved and do not share nor spread the bad news or ask for the power of miraculous prayers.

With cancer, there is NO time to waste and making a good use of  the creative supra-conscious forces right away is a MUST!

The power of the thought is very real and thoughts  are things that DO heal! Knowing this fact I asked Terania’ to let all our readers knew about my deplorable health situation from afar.

Indeed, I could feel the “white healing light” pouring from all the people that truly cared and wanted me to stay alive working its magic.

My cosmic teachings, while controversial and far reached for some, can be life saving because traditionally educated oncologists do not deal with the supra-conscious or metaphysics. They can only see cancer cells through their physical microscopes.

This mean the pathologist prognostic is NOT written in stone! I am for ever grateful for the two Thai medical professors who took care of me on the operating room, but this does not mean I have to follow all their medical chemotherapy recommendations if my instincts tells me otherwise…

Miracles happens and do exist and I am the full product of such  a miracle and sharing my experience brings back faith in a God I did not know too well then…

Take the time to pray for your loved ones and pray also for all the souls you do not know suffering similar diseases… Extend your power to help your loved ones and a stranger, it does work!

Cancer cells are already in your body and will duplicate because of many logical and spiritual reasons.  Blame it all mostly on the reptilius cursing my mind first with depressions.

But   the probability changes with each patient UCI/cosmic nature affecting the 6th house of health, the 3rd house of mental power and the 12th house regulating the subconscious. The location of Saturn (The Great Malefic), Pluto (death) or the tail of the dragon must also be kept in consideration by signs and houses. And those nefarious cosmic winds were used by the reptilius to induce cancer…

The medical aspect of my work teaches all about those possibilities offering you natural remedy and valuable information to avoid contracting or healing from cancer.

Note: Smoking pot is totally wrong  for some and, in the long run, will damage the lungs and feed more cancer cells! There is no way around it, it is a chemical substance that affect the brain at a physical and spiritual level and a perfect opening for a reptilius infestation.

Do not believe all that you hear about weed but one thing is sure; the Nirvanic effect will tone down the pain and the fact that you are dying! Indeed famous doctors whoring around with the news-media WORKS for the medical matrixes (pharmaceutical corporations) and are themselves born pot heads Neptunian!  Thus given a choice between medications and pot, I would chose pot.

Sad enough born Neptunian kids are also seriously prone to addictions, their choice of escapism lead millions of them to become alcoholics or potheads. And if you ask me, a young and healthy kid should never need nor use weed. A older, sick and dying person is in a very different situation and should do all in his power to alleviate the pain.

Weed, the builder of future monsters

In general weed is bad for anyone in need to use critical thinking, especially when operating machinery and while it has some medical value there are still levels of the stuff which deteriorate brain cells! When billions of dollars are at stake, your government will make sure to benefit from your taxes, and the drugs Lords, do not pay taxes!

While beneficial on some subjects cursed with cancer, chemotherapy can have terrible consequences on some patients born with a Pisces natal or hidden dragons, and the procedure will kill them before the cancer does… Some people natal UCI are extremely vulnerable to any chemicals and the results can be deadly!   In fact nowadays, you are talking serious chances even for a simple medical procedures.  Joan Rivers Was Killed By Her Doctors!

In simple and plain English the medications producing the induced coma stopped her heart, much like the Miley Cyrus mishap ingesting the wrong medications, but she was a stronger much younger celebrity and survived!

Thus if you are a VIP and in the same situation as my good friend David, or know someone suffering lung cancer or respiratory problems, you must pay attention to all  I wrote about what to do or not do if you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Topic ‘How to beat cancer naturally and quit cigarette / pot smoking’

All information are  ready for your eyes on the cosmic code website.

This does not mean you have to eliminate your physicians care. I am only offering a better homeopathic perspective to what science could never endorse nor comprehend and, ultimately you will have to make the choice if you want to stop smoking like I did!

Quitting cold turkey has  ZERO – ZILCH – NONE – NADA chances of success! I know I quit smoking at least 100 times! Until I realized what I had to do to succeed and I did!

Remember I am a soul doctor, or a gifted person that learn to heal himself and others outside of conventional accepted medical disciplines. I did not spent 8 years in college to earn my Doctorate and serve the pharmaceutical corporations. Instead I spent a life time (and still) learning by observing the results of my prognostics and diagnostics using natural means and The Magical Power of Talismans!

Cancer cells will start developing in the weakest part of the human body and a few astrological auspices  must  be kept in consideration in the “cosmic” analysis. Thus every cancer has to be fought a specific way depending of its physical location and I can only “educate” the reader on a personal level privately.

Thus this article about smoking is mostly for lung cancer patients, for those who tried everything and could never stop smoking or those suffering any form of respiratory problems.

I am still talking to many people everyday explaining to them what the  “Jupiter omen” will produce in their lives by house and signs.  All the information to what to do if you want to use the current super deal is available to you at the bottom of this article! All you have to do is; first to become a VIP then jump in before the end of April!

I am willing to elaborate for you and offer you the warnings and probabilities to what is ahead of you, if you are interested. All you have to do is first to become a VIP, then email to set up a five minute phone conversation.

Just tell her if you want to know about the Jupiter omen/effect of if need my help with Nostradamus Natural Healing with the following. Again I understand not everyone can afford a $700 bill for my services and the price will not change nor increase, its ONLY $25 for a few minutes. This is a direct order from the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order for me to help everyone, not only the rich!

And remember I can not post nor edit anything on my most popular Facebook page I am Alien, UFO Reality  ANYMORE! Is this an accident?  For now, the only place I am allowed to post my regular bulletins is Louis Drturi so go there, show you support by liking my page.  But ultimately I may disappear completely from the public and available ONLY in the Cosmic Code private website.

Now if you are afraid of cancer or if you are a cancer patient, if you try to stop smoking or if you suffer respiratory problems I can help you too!

Never accept help about cancer from anyone who never suffered cancer! 

I can tell you where you are prone to develop cancer and what to do to AVOID it. Fear of cancer is offering the disease and the reptilius a red carpet to enter and poison your body!  This priceless wisdom is yours if you only ask and take a chance on me!

Fear of cancer can paralyze your body, mind and soul and destroy your life before any cancer does! The more you know about cancer and the more you confront your fears, the more power to you to beat or avoid cancer! Its a simple as that!

Trying to stop smoking with patches or using your will, IS a lost cause! I can tell you exactly what to do to get rid of the bad habit! And if you follow my advice, like I did, you will finally will be free of tobacco addiction! The few minutes you’ll spend with me on the telephone will offer you the answer you seek and avoid you contracting throat or lung cancer!

The same apply if you suffer  any respiratory problems I can help you too with safe  and natural ways! You will never HURT you because, unlike a traditional doctor, I do not use medications. This does not mean today’s medicine is not to be trusted and all your doctors are poisoning you with medications! Untrue, but you MUST also realize that ALL doctors became doctors because “subconsciously” they fear death and diseases…

Much like American neurosurgeon Ben Carson trying to look for the answers to what it mean to be human and himself! But he never did and never will because his connection to the mind is purely RATIONAL.  He was never taught to look above in the Universal Mind to uncover all the secrets of the human mind!

realize also, If it was not for two wonderful Thai doctors operating on my colon a few years ago, I would certainly be dead today! All I am saying, the scientific matrix is refuting the spiritual work of all the wise men of antiquity and the teachings of today’s medicine are incomplete!

But like USGS geologists’ inability to pin point earthquakes above 6.0, or the secret services refuting all my terrorists attacks predictions, or investigate The psychology and neuroscience of terrorism by Dr. Turi the US Department of Education moronic “educated” experts have also lost the spirit!

 “physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician” Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC/Father of modern medicine).

Its all written in your natal UCI for you to be happy or depressed and avoid diseases!  Only a Soul Doctor can and will help you!  Stay clear of medications! 

What Does The World Say About Dr. Turi?

I am not a medical doctor but I taught “Who is Who” in the cancer medical world and many are my students,  and I never killed a single human being since I started my practice back in 1991. In fact just the opposite and while people keep asking for my regenerative wisdom, I can only do so much for free!

Thus if you tried everything and everything failed I am here for you! If you spent a fortune trying to quit and still smoke, I am here for you! If you follow the information to the letter, like me, I can guarantee you will stop smoking…

 Again A VIP Skype session with Dr. Turi  is not cheap, but once you contract cancer, visiting your Oncologist regularly, surgery, medications, chemotherapy and hospitals bills will cost you hundreds of thousands… The question is, will you spend either $25 or can you afford $700 on me or hundreds of thousands and lose your life because of a terminal disease?


Lets now talk more about smoking and what to do to stop smoking!

I stopped smoking a few weeks before my ex-wife Brigitte decided to divorce me after 10 years of marriage. During those days, my book “Moon Power” and  my “Nostradamus Dragon Forecast for all signs” warned all Pisces and Virgo to be ready for a total restructure of their relationships with the challenging dragon’s tail directly cursing the 7th house of marriage.

Little did I know then I would become one of his victims that year, and she left me for a Virgo guy lolol – Indeed the stars do not lie. I am a very forgiving person knowing the stars are responsible for all unconscious human actions. I  have finally learned that; life is a constant process of the same changes…And nurturing hatred for ever, is asking for cancer! And this is the potential negative psychical  food the reptilius needed to get to me!

The most wonderful loving, dedicated, hard working wife in the world

But this was a blessing in disguise and  lead my to my beautiful soul mate Terania… However,  the many years of depression, loneliness, messing with girls in the world, partying, drinking etc. put a serious toll on my body, mind and soul and all of this became a perfect ground for the reptilius to induce cancer!

Knowing that I had contracted cancer and just found true love, I was not ready to die and let many years of happiness go pass me.  Now that the cancer is gone , I am going strong and steady, being emotionally, financially and spiritually stable, will assure me to live a long and healthy life with Terania!

My  ”Universal Natural Blood Transfusion”  and the good use of the supra-conscious regularly saved my life!

But Terania had also her share of bad luck with her own health, confirming the doctors incompetence and the thousands of dollars wasted trying to fix her face. She was  suffering horrific skin problems for MONTHS due to his lack of legitimacy in expertise.

None of the medications worked, only my natural blood and doctor from Texas helped worked the miracle, but NONE of the dozens of doctors I paid a fortune in CA, AZ  were able to help her and our social/public life was gone.

I lost my dad from tuberculosis at the age of 11 years old and the fear of contracting any lung disease haunted me for years. And the more scared you are about a disease the more open you become to it!

First you will work harder to correct any bad habits.

Second, your drive for life is a good signal of an healthy immune system.

Third make a good use of the Supra-conscious forces at your advantage! 

I made a full time job to quit smoking cigarettes and I must have done so countless times unsuccessfully. It was probably the hardest thing for me to do  knowing in France everyone smoke. I got hooked when I was about 12 years old thinking it was normal to smoke because everyone around me did so.

Meantime I was horrified when I saw so many people in my village with big holes in their throats sounding like robots, talking with the help of a microphone. Losing your voice is a great shock if you have had your larynx completely removed after a total laryngectomy.

This type of cancer can be stimulated by Saturn (great malefic) in Taurus (the throat/neck) or  by the nasty natal or hidden Dragon’s Tail in the communicative sign of Gemini.  This sign rules also the respiratory system and make its owner vulnerable to lung cancer.

For months, I fought on how to battle the bad habit of smoking and tried many times to apply my formidable will but never succeeded! I was determined to do so and I started reading everything I could on cigarettes.

By law, I had the right to write to those tobacco  manufacturers and they mailed me back all the crucial information  I needed to understand what I was consuming  and what did or did not do right!

I was horrified by what I was learning and realized why the UK and the US were banning the most cancer potent French brand of cigarettes (Celtic/Gauloises/Gitanes etc.) from their market.

Indeed hooking millions of uneducated French people to smoking bring billions in taxes revenue to the non considerate French Government. Pot brings tons of money and you will be lied to, then hooked for more powerful potent drugs later on…

Evil always always win if you are uneducated  or unwilling to change your bad habits! The little voice inside tell you its wrong but you refuses to listen to reason and enjoy escaping reality!

Its all about making money and you are a victim of the medical abusive matrixes! Regardless how much the idiotic pot head born doctors your trust tell you weed is good for your health and cure cancer, accepting you are in lala land is hard for anyone! So its either you stop with my help, or you contract lung cancer and spend your day smoking weed trying to forget you are dying!

In order for me to feel something close to what I was used to  smoke (or the amount of nicotine my body required everyday) I used to chain smoke Camel cigarettes and removed the filter.  I have learned so much in the process because patches and “cold turkey” will NEVER do it!

Again those life saving information are the results of my crazy life and my own accumulated repertoire of wisdom. Something today’s young doctors could never gather in their controlled medical and science educational matrixes.

The wisdom I own is very real, but if you would rather spend your money on your next pack of cigarettes instead of meeting me on the telephone for a few minutes for $25?

The question is; is your life or the life of a loved one worth your cigarettes or will you keep smoking until you develop cancer and experience a premature death?

  • Answer this one reader! how long can you live without food? a week two weeks?
  • Answer this one reader! how long can you live without water? a week two weeks?
  • Answer this one reader! how long can you live without breathing air? a week two weeks?

Your lungs are the most important organs filtering oxygen and while the human body is designed to take a long and heavy beating, be sure the evil of ignorance and cancer will win at the end.

Is it worth for you to save your health, your life and waste hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical fees you will have to pay? Or will you use common sense and make a good use of my proposition? Learn what to do from me by becoming a VIP first, and let’s talk or meet me in a taped Skype session if you can afford the full $700 shot!

Of course there is a HUGE difference between spending 5 minutes with me or an unlimited time on Skype with me! But I must offer all the options to all in need of my natural healing gift!

Your doctors do not know everything and while very committed to heal you they are far from owning Dr. Turi rare cosmic wisdom.  I see and hear God speaking his cosmic will clearly, my conception and wisdom of the human body, mind and soul is totally unique and the choice is yours to learn how to avoid cancer, heal cancer or quit smoking once and for all!

The information I have for you will stay with you for the rest of your life and God forbid you end up contracting cancer. I do not want you to feel the way I did when your doctor tells you, “you have only a year of two to live!”

I do not feed any pharmaceutical corporation with abusive insurance companies, I do not oblige, nor fully trust what medical science has accepted or the prognostic to be the end because they refute and ridicule my rare cosmic wisdom. And coming from a cancer survivor himself, you should trust me fully because what I have for you is your priceless health and your life!

Young educated souls who pretend to be the experts in their chosen fields are often the least knowledgeable on the subject, especially with topics and phenomenon they will never ever be able to relate.

 Join now then email do not miss anything about avoiding or healing cancer, quitting smoking or heal your respiratory system or if you or a loved one contracted cancer let me take care of you…

How to Beat Cancer regardless of Doctors prognostics!


Dr. Turi

Sharing Emails:

Reply by Peggy

My husband was told he had less than 5% chance to survive cancer for 5 years, even with medical treatment.  So that was the last time we went to a medical doctor.  He changed his diet, takes natural supplements and meditates.

He even went to Germany for stem cell treatment and a treatment where they raise your body temperature to kill the cancer cells.  My birthday this year on March 12th  will mark the FIFTH year since his cancer biopsy diagnosed advanced  prostate cancer.  He is healthy, completely whole and full of positive energy.  Doctors do NOT have the power to tell you that you will not survive.

 Reply by Brenda

I have no first hand experience, but to my understanding cancerous cells can only survive in the body if one’s blood is acidic. With diet change, to a more balanced and healthy diet (long term eating habits, not 4 weeks fasts) the blood returns to a base. Also the tumors, are your body’s way of containing the malign agent in the body.

Every time they are destroyed, they release the malign agents back into the body. Any doctor would call me crazy, but there are people who have survived and have been cured of cancer, who claim this is very much true. There’s also a Japanese doctor, whose name escapes me at the moment, who spoke of this on the radio. Very much hope your dear friend gets well Dr. Turi. I firmly believe cancer is reversible! And I have no doubt the cosmic energies can work wonders.

From Flore EUGENE

Dear Dr.Turi,

Please continue your journey and give us your book 2014 Moon power as a gift my friends and myself appreciate it very much during this tough economy. Merci, Flore….

 DT – I gave my books for free for years Flore, but you have no idea of the tremendous work, Ian our book maker, editor, Terania and  I have to do to produce it every year. So many hours writing, checking, double checking for weeks before it can be submitted to Ian.

Then the endless hours, the many week ends spent for this good man to give you a professional result that speak of an inconceivable price to read God’s cosmic will.  Would you be ready and able to offer so much sacrifices to the world?

Not to forget I still use my writing skills to keep so many of you afloat spiritually every single day of my life! Don’t you think I deserve $5 for such a life saver work so you can afford this book Flore?

 Indeed karma speaks for itself, one must give in order to receive and the question now is; what did you give the world since 1991 Flore?  Please learn to give more in your own journey Flore because God has always repaid me for my hard work!



 L’oeil Du Droit A La Force D’Airain

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9/20/2014 – Something extra from Terania.

☪3D Terania*Turi☪

Okay, I had to keep going back again and again, until this piece was really done…(lol)

It is now.

So, now here’s a little poetry for you to enjoy.

Mrs. Turi


Sounds among a flawless existence…

Imagine how less the resistance.

Perhaps an unexpected itch,
Or some divine reverence.

Who’s bound to go?

Not all have this fancy, 
I know.

But let’s say so…

who choose to humble themselves in its sight…

Avoiding the rainfall, 
of a trillion flames-
Running for the light.

I find myself alone in a forest…

Standing below the orange 
and white pumpkin above the sky.

and kneeling down, 
to the Great Mother-

With my hands risen, 
to the wild blue yonder…

I refuel my soul of its lost solar fire.

Come the night, 
I shall do it again…

As I take a bow, 
beneath the very pleasant moon light.

Yet, this is not a curse to die…

Nor am I the pious, 
religious type.

Too many broken thoughts- 
have had my neck, 
in a noose…

Once or twice already.

Leaning on another shoulder, 
would seem as though, 
I am too helpless…

I am pushing myself further, 
into the air each day

And that in itself, 
is enough of a task- 
Already anyway.

Left to pick up the pieces…

Within a fragile 
but never-ending universe.

But I don’t mind 
to reveal the truth…

Because there are people
Who will always ask?

For not too is such a bore.

Rich or poor-
Both can wear a secret mask,
But it’s such a daily chore

3, 4 lock your door…

Who can you really trust anymore?

it’s neither of those differences;
Which grant you the crown?

But I know the one, 
buried in my soul’s core…

Of which reflects back to the farthest star.
And it cries out a lions roar.

Blessed day-to-day,
With lots more.

I feel a bit like lying down right now…

I think I will go and soar some more,
Beyond the earth’s floor

What’s to lose?

Maybe your fears…

What’s to gain?

Hopefully some ease…

Is carnal knowledge on my mind now?

but it’s quite a fancy feast… 

As we all have a particular fetish, 
I’m sure.

I have long tamed my dragon.

to crucify myself- 
At the expense of any money whores…

Would be much worse, 
to say the least.

Too much crime, 
money and power
Of which are all related-

Not far away…
Eventually kills the beast.

for this reason… 
It is significant to know…

Now and for if it is your fate to return-

That by mastering that of heaven 
and earth…
Not sorcery…

Rather the true realty of nature.

Of which shows ones real ability
And represents supreme wisdom…

Of course, 
only if you can keep the right balance however.

And as it has already been granted 
by everything in creation…

The magic will always be closer than you may dream.
Blink, blink, blink…

And far easier
To catch all the happiness,
within your reach.

Because sometimes it isn’t how far you will seek
Or how deep you will look,
That makes you grow…

But that of your thoughts 
and former faith-
Which have chased you into this personification…

After all, 
you do reap what you sew.

for what lies beneath the flesh;
Is equal to that of a thousand men

You can’t always win 
but you don’t always lose…

What’s good for the goose, 
is good for the gander.

And as each gamma – ray class effect has forever called the shots-

In any situation…
Equal to all that had been shaped;

Since the earliest universal speech
And understanding…

Even though,
It has been unluckily too late;
For man’s realization.

The wicked lure, 
has caused plenty to weep
And wither.

On the other hand,
I can appreciatively say that;
I am glad I know-

And can pass on an admirable show.

But it’s a cold world…

So I just flash about, 
in my feline cloak-

Taking witness to all the fools 
and buffoon.

What else can I say?

What else can I do…?

But laugh 
and grab my broom…

Fleeing away into a cloud of smoke.


 DEPECHE MODE – Heaven [Official Video] HQ from DAS BUNKER RADIO on Vimeo.

P.S. My husband used to sing back in the day, upon graduating from the Royal School of Music.

And though he learned of the gives and takes of that reputation, he thought he would have wanted to become a fighter instead but has now mastered the craft of life’s battles without actually having to fight…I am glad because I sure wouldn’t have wanted to see him ever hurt.

I mean, I would have loved him either way; but still…

Though sometimes it’s fun to watch a boxing match to see who I think will win anyways and it beats seeing a ball fly across the field at 90 mph.

Yeah, Louis and I aren’t into sports…We’d much rather do mental gymnastics or go dancing or fishing. LOL

Besides, he realized  the risk and gamble of that kind of life as well and I think enjoys surprising people with his skilled insight on the beginning and conclusion of any event…That’s my lucky leprechaun.

Anyhow, when I listen to his tapes from that time, I always tell him that his voice reminds me of a mix between The Cure and Depeche Mode style…Still on that ’80’s – 90’s retro course.

However, Louis sure has accomplished singing in the divinity of the cosmic code and I’ll say that; “we together” complete the masterpiece, for what should be respected more by  many.


*Mrs. T*


About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.