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Dear readers;

There is a lot to learn about pets and how they behave. It’s not only connected to their anatomy, their character, or their race but also their life’s beginning, responsibility and their karmic reasons for living among humans.

There are reasons why dogs and cats live on earth and why some enjoy a life full of security and love and some suffer a terrible fate.

I will explain the hidden spiritual and moral reasons that influence many of us. Once upon a time, in a very distant time in space; dogs and cats enjoyed a very intelligent mind and lived a life comparable to that of humans on earth.

Unfortunately, this creation of “dog-humans” failed in all affairs of love, respect and peace; becoming along the way cold, dangerous, vindictive, and very destructive.

In fact, they refused to understand; use and promote the lesson of compassion, and develop feelings that bring forth love respect, and appreciation.  Thus, peace in the “ dog-world” was no more and became only an impossible dream.

Biter words and constant “barking” produced a very discordant unevolved fierce fighting population where chaos reigns supreme. Every street, every home, every business was a meeting place for millions of barking “mad-dogs”  to tear themselves apart!

Check this funny video!

Forgiveness,  respect, love, intelligence, and diplomacy meant nothing to no one anymore! All those barking “mad-dogs” did was to argue and fight to the death for no apparent reason…   This deplorable attitude leads to endless and bloody wars not even the young and helpless could escape. Hell reigned on earth…

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The God of all those “human/animals” was watching from the heavens and one day, the “dog world” self-destructed in a nuclear exchange that annihilated their kind in a few days. The cold ashes were binding and life was cast forth.

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At the final judgment, all vaporized souls had to face their creator. God imposed his will offering arduous possibilities for all these young souls to repent for choosing war over peace, hate over love and riots over order.

The animal kingdom God offered two choices, one was to return to their world for thousands of years and rebuild it all and relearn the painful lesson right from the beginning! Or save millions of years suffering by helping the new human race in progress living on planet earth to assimilate the tasks they all failed to master!

All the ferocious dogs and cats of an annihilated world realized their mistakes and decided that; the lessons of pain and atomic war; were too difficult to revive. The crucifying memories of unavoidable mass death, the horrific scenery of burning cities, and the horror of such dramatic times were to be avoided at all costs!

They immediately agreed to return to our world and help the new, earthly human race; to realize the importance of nurturing and developing the spirit of love and concentrate on building universal peace.

In an instant, God placed them all in their new world; inhabited by their human’s masters in the form of a cat for women and the shape of a dog for men.

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Achieving the successful lessons to where the “dog-world” had failed; became their most important responsibility to own their pardon and God’s forgiveness.

The creator put forth its painful karmic conditions for all, including humans in their new association with all cats and dogs.

I will make sure the cats (women) will be born more secretive, clean, and more independent and for the dogs (men) to be much bigger and much stronger to protect their new masters.

God’s message to all cats and dogs was “…regardless of how humans may treat you, you shall never stop loving and appreciating them.”Image result for animal paw in human hand

Doberman / Rotweiller killers – YouTube

If you fail and bite one of my human children, your actions will bring you back to me immediately and your next karmic lesson will be even worse. Unless humans request and train you to do so to serve and protect  their kind (police dogs.)

I give you a very limited vocal repertoire; your will only bark to express a somewhat irritating noise that resembles your endless discords and distresses, much like the persistent disputes; which once brought your planet and your kind to ashes.

Your duty is to protect and love your master’s humans; regardless of what they demand of you or how they treat you. You go bear their shortcomings and will only bark or cry to disagree!

You shall come immediately and show your endless love when your master returns home, no matter the duration.

A minute away from your masters will feel like an eternity and the fear and the sufferance in the separation, no matter how long, will never stop!

You whine when they depart, you feel very alone but you will always wait until their return.

To those of you that never loved or killed in your world… You will end up with a cold and cruel human heart where pain and suffering will be the dramatic load you brought to yourself and deserve!

Or in shelters somewhere out in the cold ice or extreme heat and with very little water, little food, and no nurturing or caring. The same pain, indifference, and despair you sow in your world; you will get back.

 My justice is fair and with no exception for both your masters and all faulty animals!

Despite your love, your courage, and your protection for humans; many of you will still not survive! You may be abandoned somewhere on treacherous roads or in the distant mountains. Death will always be close to you to make you realize how important, peace, security, comfort, care, and love truly is.

You may be poisoned or left in the trash and some crazy religion made by the same crazy unevolved evil men will destroy you. Cruelty against dogs (not for sensitive people or children)

You’ll be treated in the same way you treated others over time as either a “home–dog” or “cat” if the woman was angry, unfaithful cold to her loved ones, and verbally harmful to many.

The “God of Animals” says so!

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“Only then will your karma pays off and the good humans are well after the lesson of love, for every living thing; will save you from a terrible and certain death.”

God also said … “I give spiritual protection against any evil spirits, (reptilius) be it that any human who saves a cat or a dog in distress I guarantee the protection of their children sleeping close to them.”

Never forget that the mission I entrusted cats is to see at night as in the day and watch over all human actions, report to me, and prevent mischief.

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So never forget that cats are secret “SPIES;” effective “camera” souls working for God and nothing escapes them, even on dark moonless nights!

Humans who rescue helpless dogs of any age enter their protection, warnings, endless love, and safety at home. Dogs like cats, do not wear shoes; so our furry friends are living batteries designed by God-human desperately need to regenerate.

While many humans are disconnected from earth because we always wear shoes, we spend our days on floors, tiles, in our cars separating our bodies, mind, and souls from mother earth on rubber tires on concrete highways.

We have become adverse machines of habit. We are disconnected from nature, earth and forced to live a life of constant responsibility just to survive in a crazy world.

Your own personal animal totem mascot | CNN

One advantage to owning a cat or dog is to caress and be caressed after a painful day of work which becomes a necessity to reconnect with the earth and regenerate the mind.

So the domestic animal quest does not stop to fulfill love or fill loneliness but also one’s physical health and spiritual balance.

Anyone who fights to improve or protect the animals is a reflection of the guardian angels that protect and rules their own lives.

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All humans who abuse animals in any likeness; will in time face God and forced to return to earth to under the form of a cat or a dog and face the same karmic often deadly experiences imposed upon the animals they did not love nor respect! Until karma is fully repaid humans and animals alike will witness the endless destruction of their own kind.

It is only when true love and respect are re-established on planet earth that humans and animals will enjoy an existence of peace and harmony. Thus each time you help either a person or an animal in need you become a participant for love, respect, and happiness for all.

While Terania and I  help different people to build more cosmic consciousness towards using God’s cosmic designs in leading a life of happiness, my little sister is doing the same with all animals on the island of Corsica.

My Sis, President Per Elli

Because of distance, many may not be able to share inPer Elli (for them) nonprofit organization but words of support from America can only provide her and her volunteers the spiritual strength to carry on her mission to save as many stray cats and dogs as possible!

If you like animals please share this article widely and support cosmic wisdom in explaining why cats and dogs live with us.

Doberman / Rotweiller killers – YouTube


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Cats and dogs in time and space – Have you ever wonder why cats and dogs live with us? What is their purposes or even their karma with us on earth outside of giving unconditional protection and love to humans?…


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