Charles the III the Last British King and the UK Fate


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The Stars and Fate of King Charles the II and the UK!

England Bloody Colonialism

Evil Empire Britain – YouTube

Mercury retrograde means the past comeback alive yet there is always a problem with communication/sound/conspiracies etc… Read this article then once you are done, check Astrologer Dr. Turi – 6 Dark Days Ahead  

Dear reader;

First the good news, it’s official I am now an OUPV boat Captain with a 100 tons Master and an STCW certification from SeaSchool. You may watch the videos, and pictures on my Facebook page of a trip to Alabama that changed my entire life! 

Explaining and exposing the idiosyncrasies of the new king of England using Astropsychology should not be interpreted by those who love and respect the Royals as an attack against them!

Much like the work I did pertaining to “The stars and fate of President Trump” those who vibrate at his cosmic speed (or share the same stars) will erroneously assume I hate the man or the British!

Nothing can be further from the truth, since I spend the most beautiful years of my life in the UK where I learned how to play piano and all the memorable experiences are crystalized forever and shared in my best-seller book “Beyond the Secret!”

Once again, DO NOT KILL THE MESSENGER, instead try to understand how God’s cosmic design has karmically cursed or blessed the human experience in this dense physical world.

Knowing all about your “Divinity” depend on your curiosity to investigate your soul’s purpose and your fate on earth, yet the majority of people do not have the drive to learn of their cosmic design and make good use of my critical cosmic work!

Those “Young, immature skeptical Souls” are not yet ready for me and would rather suffer ignorance and religious indoctrination than free themselves from darkness and fears… 

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As mentioned in my “2021/2022 Personal and Universal Nostradamus Dragon forecast for all signs” and for months on my YouTube channel, I clearly mentioned that “souls born in November and May, or those born with a moon, rising, the natal or hidden dragon in Scorpio or Taurus, will be FORCED to (die and rebirth) into a new life!

And King Charles III was born in November under the sign of (Scorpio) with his natal Dragon axis also in Scorpio/Taurus and his moon in Taurus!

The current Scorpius dragon is right into my 9th house of higher learnings and rebirthed me into a boat Captain! Thus moving in accordance with God’s cosmic will gave me both the mental and physical strengths I needed to succeed.  I never thought at 72 I was going to be able to do what I did, but I did it! 

The question remains will you be curious enough to find out where those cosmic winds will bless you this year? Read what this dragon is doing to the world and yourself at a personal level by joining the cosmic code for FREE. Simply email for the info!  

Sad enough people do not pay enough attention (this is why I repeat myself often!) or simply refuse to acknowledge my visions or, do not understand my own karmic purpose on planet earth.  Yet years later, we can all agree that (as predicted for Scorpio) ex-Prince Charles’s life has changed more than dramatically!

 Memo from 2019 Nostradamus personal Universal Predictions 2

A memo published in 2014 – A Very Worried Queen

The century’s old man made King/Queen status and its entire snobby privilege selected children will see the beginning of a crumble induced by the humanitarian “all equals” energetic pull of the New Age of Aquarius.” 

England is a Capricorn country and will experience dramatic changes where many of the members of the Royal family will undergo a total rebirth through dramatic experiences and many secrets will come to light. “The Royal family may also suffer a death by malady or accident.” 

 My prediction published in August 2021/2022 came to pass with the death of the Queen (RIP) during my shocking windows of September 8, 2022.

One can only wonder WHY, at such an advanced age (96) Queen Elizabeth II, “The Queen Mother” categorically refused to step down from her throne and give power to her son, Charles! 

‘Bound In Shackles’: Royal Aide Confesses Queen Elizabeth Put A Time Limit On King Charles’ Reign Months Before Her Death

And be sure the departed Queen and her son Charles could NEVER EVER agree or communicate since the nefarious Dragon’s Tail cursed both Royal’s 3rd house of communication.

Yet unless I train you to decipher God’s cosmic hieroglyphs, this priceless cosmic wisdom will make no sense to you or any traditionally educated mind experts! Indeed psychologists, psychiatrists, and neuroscientists from all walks of life should at least assimilate the words of the Father of modern medicine!

But this may be a bit too much to ask knowing as a rule all “educated idiots” truly believe they know better than such an erudite man! 

 She knew her son (like so many powerful dysfunctional political figures) is not fitted to handle such immense power over his subjects, since he is unable to take care of himself! 

“A former butler, well known for his 24 years of service to the crown recently weighed in on Prince Charles’s privileged lifestyle and the extent to which he is coddled by the Palace help. The aide got candid with Express and admitted the prince has “grown up with such a privileged lifestyle” that he “doesn’t have the mechanics to choose for himself anymore.”

He added, “Everything is done for him. His pajamas are pressed every morning so that they don’t have creases in them for the next day.”

“His shoelaces are pressed flat with an iron, his underwear is folded in a certain way, the bath towel has to be placed in a certain position, the bath plug has to be in a certain position. The water temperature [for a bath] has to be just tepid and only half full.”

“Prince Charles does have his valet squeeze one inch of toothpaste onto his toothbrush every morning. If anyone gets anything wrong, everybody is scolded.”

In the name of God, how can anyone lead a country and make critical decisions for millions of people’s lives when the man himself relies on his servants to brush his teethes and handle his underwear?

Charles is a spoiled, impatient, intolerant, egocentric brat who lives in a world of fantasy and demands his gold toilet seat to follow him all around the world!

His Royal ass can not operate in the real world and his mother knew better! This is why my prediction for the UK will in time take place since the most powerful man on the UK throne is a double Scorpio.  Remember the words I wrote for President Trump!

“When you elect a President, WE THE PEOPLE MUST experience his stars and fate! And electing a DUAL Gemini (Lord of the Thieves) did split the country in two!

Trump was impeached TWICE, and he has dozens of attorneys to delegate his endless legal battles. Yet he is not cosmic conscious and does not know that; his natal dragon’s tail (negative) in Sagittarius (the law) makes him extremely unlucky with the legal system!

Since I wrote intensively about another very powerful man I can only use the former President as a solid example of what King Charles stars will bring to the UK! Thus if you never watched or read anything I wrote last few years about Putin, Trump, and many others celebrities, you have the right to be skeptical!

Scorpio is a fateful extraordinary powerful sign that OWN both DEATH or LIFE! Trump’s stars and his effect/fate upon the US and the world are undeniable since the decent, honorable political world as we knew it in the past is now DEAD and replaced by anger, lies, lust for power, and rogue, disrespectful, abusive  politicians using any means to reach the top of the mountain (Capricorn!) 

Charles could be classified as suffering an extreme OCD case that can only get worse with age! His phobias, fear of diseases, dirt, and poisoning are cursing his life and it is all written in light through his natal UCI “Unique Celestial Identity” explained in the video above!  

Charles is dying mentally from the inside out, he is his worse enemy STINGING himself (Scorpius poisonous dart) endlessly wondering why he is so unhappy with himself, life, others, his country, and in such an imperfect world he tries to survive and knows he can not change! 

Scorpios are well known for being mentally their worse enemies and must try very hard to KILL the poisonous Scorpion and give birth to the majestuous EAGLE in themselves! 

There is no accident for King Charles III to be who is and to end up “killing/rebirthing” himself, England, and all his oblivious subjects. This is a higher order imposed by God’s karmic cosmic cycles making life an endless process of inevitable changes!

One must remember colonial England became so very powerful by killing, destroying, burning, and raping countless foreign countries like India and Africa (slaves trade) where every single South African diamond mine still belongs to the Royals today…

And those diamonds ended up on a priceless crown worn by so many British royalties and with it, the inevitable karma… Not only the head of a tribal Chief in Africa (war trophy) must be returned to the country but also all the stolen diamonds! 

Update 9/17/22 – People in India are calling on Britain to return the Koh-i-Noor diamond, a 105-carat jewel on the Queen Mother’s crown, after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

England Bloody Colonialism

Evil Empire Britain – YouTube

And this is why another cosmic unconscious karmic leader like King Charles III was born to do…

Karma is not avoidable even for all those privileged selected, supremely wealthy royal human beings. Remember England is a Capricorn country and the Queen herself an Aries (RIP) was born with the Dragon’s Tail in Capricorn right on her 8th house of corporate “stolen” money! 

Did you ever read about Capricorn the sign chosen by Christians to represent evil, manipulations, abuses, power, the rich, the snobs, the privileged select Royals, the Illuminati, greedy corporations, the government, and Evil Presidents reluctant to let go of power (Putin/Trump) the Vatican, planning, executing, engineering and Satan?

“The church of England knows that the purpose of religion is for the destitute subjects not to kill the rich!” Dr. Turi

Saturn “the Great Malefic” Governs the Power-Oriented, Structural Constellation of Capricorn

Builder of the greatest towers
Holding all the social powers
Striving to climb to the highest peak
For Honor has no place for the weak
I am CAPRICORN, cold, calculated child of Saturn.

Lastly, do you know that Hitler like the departed Queen was also born in April with the Dragon’s Tail in Capricorn?

“When you make people think they love you, but when you make them REALLY think the way I do, they will hate you!” Dr. Turi

There are NO accidents! Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil!

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“Let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code universal ceremonies for a cosmic God does not speak to fools.” Dr. Turi 


Sharing emails;

An excellent video and article on Putin Dr. Turi. Soon all the other so-called ASTROLOGERS on Coast to Coast am radio will steal your work as they always do. In the past few weeks, all the astrologers are suddenly talking about the danger the Supreme Court justices are in. Of course, you are the one who first predicted that. But they keep stealing your work and pretending they thought of it. How sad! Pete 

Dr, Turi

Thank you so much for such an incredible, mind-blowing, insightful, one of a kind experience. Your knowledge & wisdom is something I’ve never experienced and it was an honor to learn from you. I appreciate you and all you do. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. I am really looking forward to listening to our session. I ordered your book and will be receiving Beyond The Secret today. I also joined the VIP Cosmic Codes. So grateful to be connected.

Many blessings,

Dr. Turi

Your prediction about the Supreme Court justices is starting to come true. Check out what a Harvard professor told students.

Alejandra Caraballo @Esqueer_
The 6 justices who overturned Roe should never know peace again. It is our civic duty to accost them every time they are in public. They are pariahs. Since women don’t have their rights, these justices should never have a peaceful moment in public again.
Review from a special client, regarding my husband; Dr. Louis Turi’s work:
“Dr. Turi, a thousand thank you for doing my progressive reading follow-up as well as my husband’s reading, with the tarot reading at the end of the session…
A thousand thank you will never be enough to express how ONCE AGAIN I’m grateful beyond words for the precious guidance you continue to give us…
It’s the very first time my husband had a reading with you… I have shared with him all the books you published, he watched with me your movies on Amazon, and some of your Youtube videos, including the incredible documentary “Superconscious: the Power within” which he enjoyed, but he still has some thoughts of his own(he’s a Virgo/Scorpio rising )…
I recommend greatly everyone to watch this wonderful documentary…My husband never had a reading before and doesn’t have much knowledge of Astrology…
During his reading, he did listen to you very attentively describing what was going on in his actual twelve houses…He was flabbergasted by the information you provided to him (past/present/future), and the vital recommendation you offered him…
The tarot lecture we had at the end was just amazing…Some predictions were given to us for the future, treasurable guidance that is wonderful to be aware of…
All that I can say is that after having a reading with you, it’s impossible to not have your spirit boosted! Your physical & mental energy are contagious…
I believe in an approaching New Golden Age where peace can reside; “we are all here to evolve and grow to the highest possible frequency we can reach and together we can build a network of awareness about world peace around the globe” and that is why your real predictions and teaching are seriously worth being looked at …
Cosmic consciousness is necessary now more than ever and there are not out there soul teachers like you, humble, genuine, dedicated, and passionate about reintroducing this “lost/hidden teaching of the richer depths of Astrology that the very Ancients held” once…
We have so much evidence at all levels in front of us every minute that goes by, to continue to ignore for some, Jesus’ Cosmic Ministry and God’s Cosmic design as you mention so often…
I’m very honored and blessed to have been guided in knowing you for many years, for your incredible work, your newsletters that is time-consuming and full of valuable information, your teaching, and the sharing of your experiences without forgetting your revealing predictions making us aware of our surroundings…
There is so much Divine Power in your quote: “the Future is nothing else than the reincarnation of our thoughts” …





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