Chill Out in Chili

Dear Readers;

Because of the latest Peru devastating news some changes took place in Jane and Carol tour schedules. Read why the “accident” took place after this announcement. Safety is priority number one for all and with the current deadly Scorpius Draconis lurking above in the heavens the Peru & Bolivia has been reported for next year under much safer stars. I am still working with Mystic Martini management to secure the safest dates for this new tour. In respect to all spiritual rites and cosmic moon ceremonies, you are introduced to this new tour during a protective waxing moon. Please stand by for more information on yet another incredible voyage in time visiting some of the most fascinating locations in Chili with highly spiritual tour guides.Once the positive dates are secure the full details on this magical tour will be offered on the Mystic Martini website. Stand by for more information on this tour soon. Remember your safety is the management first concern,  and like a pilot checking his instruments and navigational maps you can only experience a safe journey with Dr. Turi checking the heavens ahead of time. If you have any questions please contact Jane or Carol anytime.


Chill Out In Chile

Events, Tours in Peru and Deaths 

I think it is important for me to mention that Jane and Carol, *promoter of the 15 Day Spiritual Journey to Peru & Bolivia are not only my friends, but wise clients VIP cosmic coders and before bringing people together on foreign grounds from June 10 to June 24, 2013 they wanted to make sure they had FULL protection of the stars. And in case you do not know June 10th is the first day of the waxing, protective moon. I am sure many of you recall the sad results involving *cosmic unconscious James Arthur Ray, self-help guru whose sweat lodge ceremony killed 3 in Sedona AZ.Read my feedback on this sad story!

The sad reality is that; there are millions of people traveling the world following cosmic unconscious Neptunian Gurus hoping to learn something about the meaning of life or what it means to be human! And as mentioned so many times before in my newsletters, those who are supposed to be the experts in their field as the least knowledgeable of the laws of the divine. But when the unarguable is more than obvious only those who own cosmic consciousness or an awareness of the Universal Laws of the Moon can appreciate my rare wisdom. I read of the deaths of so many people visiting remote areas, including a 10 year old little girl who fell to her death in the Grand Canyon when her cosmic unconscious parents decided to visit the area after the Full Moon.

Remember readers, there are NO accidents, only cosmic circumstances unknown to science and the world at large thus with wise hosts like Jane and Carol painful experiences and deadly “accidents” can be avoided! Thus if you have a trip to take, a tour to attend and the events promoters are as spiritual as James Arthur Ray you are playing Russian roulette… So for your own sake, at least invest in my 2013 Moon Power and follow my daily guidance and predictions and if I warn you about something PAY ATTENTION!

The fact is death is around the corner with every move you make and you MUST sign up after the New protective Moon to get total protection. If you want to join do it BEFORE the next Full Moon of Thursday  25th April 2013 or do it Friday May 10th  2013 right after the New Moon. In fact a day after the New Moon guarantee total safety as to avoid tragic news like in  Peru today!

The bus was carrying 43 seated passengers, but there were many others standing in the aisle, state media reported.

Bus plunges off hillside; at least 33 dead

Thus I can not be more REAL by telling you that; unlike Jane and Carol, the organizers of this trip did not take in consideration the crucial timing of the moon in their planning and the penalty is an “accident” that could have been avoided had they know or owned a copy of my 2013 Moon Power.   The same applies for your airplane or sea travels, millions of shipwrecks were blamed on the weather and man’s errors but it is well above their educated or cosmic unconscious heads!

NO ONE should play the Russian roulette and die in the name of ignorance and humanity is, in a few years from now, about to uncover and respect God’s cosmic signs. Let the skeptics, atheists, agnostics, scientists moron alike and God fearing religious lost souls assume my work is only pseudo-science lose their lives or accept the fact that Dr. Turi’s wisdom is legit and fly with us with God and the angels’ protection.

“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that you may live a safer more productive life.”

While no one want to think about death and tragedies they are part of the human experience and always in the back of your head, now not only you are very safe with us but let me tell you a little more of what to expect when you join…

The more people join after the protective New Moon light the more protection as a whole, there are also Mercurial (Mercury rules traveling) rituals to do before taking a trip and I will do my part for this trip. You are also strongly advised to invest in a Hermes or St Christophe medallion (order it during a New Moon) and wear it all along your trip.

I can not wait to meet our Shamanic guide, Amaru and learn from him, together we will explore mystical and spiritual places where the Incas and pre-Incan civilizations performed rituals and made offerings to their gods. Note also that the Incas did not build pyramids where they felt like, they chose powerful vortexes that can be used  to better your health and stimulate your body, mind and soul! Thus if you suffer any ailment, I will use my dowsing gift, ask you to remove your shoes and walk with me on the powerful cosmic current.

Dowsing is a type of divination employed in attempts to locate water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, gravesites and many other objects and materials, as well as  healing vortexes coming from earth radiation (Ley lines), without the use of scientific apparatus. Now if you are interested in learning I will teach you how to dowse for yourself right there.

I dowsed this old pyramid foundations and was amazed by the power emanating from the earth and asked all the guests to join me to regenerate the body, mind and soul bare footed. Look at the white powerful aura around me, I am sure I will dowse more in Peru  and Bolivia magical sites and ask you to join me during those “unplanned” healing sessions.

Also I am offering a 60 mn taped full life readings for $400 and taped Astro-Tarot for $200 (30mn) to all the guests who will spend the 2 weeks with us. Terania will also provide psychic readings for anyone interested in her wisdom but this service will only be per request and on site. All consultations MUST be booked in advance so I can print and bring tapes and astrological charts. I will also answer any and all the questions you may have about anything from ET’s to the stars and psychic power.

Depending on your requests and environmental quietness I will also perform group hypnotherapy to stimulate your own Supra-conscious creative forces so emotional, financial and spiritual stability can become yours. If you have any question for me about this trip email me at and remember to BOOK NOW before the Full Moon of April 25th or after Friday May 10th. All I can guarantee you is our Shamanic guide, Amaru has so much to offer you in this trip and with both Carol and Joyce inner wisdom and safe planning, a trip that will not only change your entire life but your perception of reality.


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